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Kazuma Satou (佐藤(さとう) 和真(かずま)) (given name Kazuma, family name Satou) is the main protagonist of the KonoSuba series. He was shut-in who spent the days playing for video games until he died in a pathetic way, reincarnated into the Parallel World alongside the Goddess of Water, Aqua, in order to defeat the Devil King.[1]


Kazuma is a young man of around 5'5" (165 cm), weighing 120 lb (54 kg) with slightly spiky chestnut-brown hair and green eyes (brown eyes in the light novel). His usual outfit initially was a green tracksuit, but later he started using an adventurer outfit consisting of a gold-trimmed green mantle, white shirt, pants, and leather boots. He wore a short sword on his belt, later replaced by his short katana, Chunchunmaru.


Before he died, Kazuma used to be a shut-in, who stopped attending school and spent the days locked in his bedroom, playing video games.[1] After he went to the Parallel World, Kazuma kept his laziness, as, while he works hard while he is on debt, once Kazuma has spare money, he stops working, lazing around at his mansion as a NEET. Kazuma is so experienced in the NEET lifestyle he even taught Bukkororii, another convicted NEET, ways to spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing.[2] Kazuma also enjoys partying and getting wasted.

Because of his laziness, Kazuma is also greedy, knowing he needs money in order to sustain himself without working daily. Because of his intelligence and luck, he has a great business sense, and is always after news ways to make easy money. However, Kazuma sometimes is carried away by the moment and wastes money partying in the Guild.[3]

Also, since Kazuma spent much of his young playing video games or reading manga, he sees his life in the Parallel World as a video game. Although Kazuma has common sense, he usually classifies people and elements around him as manga and video games tropes, even having a soft spot for sister archetypes.[4] For such reason Kazuma gets frustrated by both the Parallel World realism, or its lack of common sense or logic, as its bizarre monsters or rules.

Because Kazuma is basically a babysitter for this "troubled children" party members, he is a very stressed person too. Kazuma is always taking responsibility by and cleaning up the mess caused by Aqua, Megumin and Darkness, becoming a volatile person and having outbursts of anger, sadness and even joy. Also, as a babysitter to his party, he does not hesitate in punish his party members for their missteps.

After reincarnated in the Parallel World, Kazuma decided to abandon his inhibitions.[5] Although he is still caring deep down, Kazuma became a "too honest" person, who usually speaks whatever comes to his mind, no matter who it hurts. Because of such rudeness, mockery and sarcasm, he usually ill-treats or treats well those around him according to his humor, often using excuses, like his speeches about "true gender equality", to treat everyone "equally poorly", no matter the gender. Although Kazuma can be kind, particularly with children, he is also resentful, taking revenge on those who mess with him or his friends, and merciless, not pitying his friends.

Kazuma is a huge pervert as well, actually the most perverted man in Axel ever since its former Lord disappeared. Although his type are busty woman with long hair,[6] Kazuma is always trying to peep all women around him (except Aqua), as well as committing "minor" sexual harassments, like trying to feel Megumin's chest against his back while carrying her.[7] However, Kazuma actually goes after a kind and sensible girl (a typical novel heroine),[8] and for such reason his heart skips with any display of kindness, even with the person is Iris[9] or Aqua.[10]

Kazuma is a coward too. He is willing of turn away and run off his enemies, while apologizes almost in tears,[11] and even use his party members as shield,[12] although he can overcome his fears in order to help his friends. Also, because of his cowardice, Kazuma is afraid of both make a move on or kick out his party members. He, however, is bold-faced, as Kazuma often begs for forgiveness on his knees shamelessly.

Kazuma is also clever and artful, often formulating sneaky and pragmatic strategies during fights, thanks to his video games experience, as well as manipulating both his enemies as his allies in different situations. He is willing to trick party members in order to get what he wishes, as well as to keep secrets from them. However, Kazuma is still trustworthy in important moments, as life-threatening situations; and honest, as he never takes advantage of other people, nor the problems caused by his party members.

Furthermore, Kazuma is, according to Megumin, a weak-willed man[13] with, according to Aqua, the mental resilience of tofu.[14] Although he shows confidence and tries to look cool in suitable circumstances, Kazuma is very frivolous, getting carried away by fame, status and popularity, as well as acting without thinking, or falling into temptations of the fresh and the money, no matter how determined he was. His lack of determination is also viewable by how fast Kazuma gave up defeating the Devil King once he reincarnated in the Parallel World, and Kazuma usually only acts on self-interest.

However, while Kazuma usually complains about his party members and the harsh world he lives, Kazuma is a tsundere at heart, as while he pretends he doesn't care for his party, Kazuma grew attached to them, bending over backwards and sacrificing what is important for him, as opportunities, for his party's well-being,[12] aside of making their will and supporting their antics,[15] to his regret sometimes. Kazuma only admitted to himself he actually enjoys his party and that world in the end of the series.[16]


For Kazuma's history, see his History tab.


Whereas his party members are too specialized, Kazuma has the opposite problem: he does not excel in anything. Despite having amazing Luck and decent Intellect stats, the former is not directly applicable in combat and he cannot make full use of the latter due to his low Magic Power. Also, while his class levels up easily, because of his unbalanced party, he hardly gains XP. Kazuma actually works a lot better when accompanied by competent teammates, or even as a solo adventurer, making up for his low stats by using creatively his many different skills.

Stats: After becoming an adventurer and learning different skills, Kazuma had two high stats:

  • Luck: Kazuma has an extraordinarily high Luck stat, so high that even Luna was surprised. However, she claims that its numerical value isn't really essential to an adventurer. The only person he has ever lost to in a game of rock-paper-scissors is Eris, the Goddess of Luck. During his gambling streak in the nation of Elroad, Kazuma was able to win enough money to temporarily put a casino out of business. Though frustrating and unpredictable in the short run, most things end up turning out well for him, no matter how many times he makes the same mistakes.
  • Intellect: His Intellect is decently high, one of the highest out of his entire party, behind Megumin. In practical use, Kazuma is very cunning and sharp, often employing the usage of sneaky and pragmatic tactics. He also uses his intelligence to combine many different skills in order to create unexpected effects, as creating clouds of dust or trapping the target's feet on ice by using simple Basic Magic.

Skills and Magic: Kazuma belongs to the Adventurer class, and as an adventurer, Kazuma can learn and use skills and magic spells of any class. He can also level up easily. After venturing into the world's hardest dungeon, he learned many other skills on top of the ones he had prior due to having an insane amount of skill points:

  • Thief-Class:
    • Steal: Steal a target's item at random. The item value depends on the user's Luck. Due to Kazuma's perverted nature, he often unintentionally (or intentionally) steals his female opponent's underwear.
    • Bind: Binds a target in rope provided the user has a rope on them. Kazuma uses this skill with a special mithril wire.
    • Disarm Trap: This allows the user to disarm any traps in their path.
    • Trap Detection: This allows the user to detect any placed traps in the area.
    • Enemy Detection: Allows the user to sense hostiles using "Radar-like" pings.
    • Lurk: Reduces the visibility and scent of the user and anyone or anything they touch.
    • Flee: Allows user to make a quick getaway.
  • Warrior-Class:
    • One-Handed Sword: Raises proficiency with one-handed swords.
  • Wizard-Class:
    • Tinder: Creates a small flame too weak to directly harm enemies.
    • Create Earth: Produces sand or soil full of nutrients.
    • Create Water: Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture.
    • Wind Breath: Creates a gust of wind which can redirect small projectiles.
    • Freeze: Creates a chill able to freeze the surface of the target's body.
    • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target.
    • Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt.
    • Flash: Creates a intense light that blinds the opponent.
    • Unlock: Allows the user to open up any lock or unseal any object.
    • Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation. Kazuma marked the boss chamber of the World Largest Dungeon, the entrance of Axel Police Station and Eris' room in the Afterlife.
    • Explosion: Summons a single beam of light, that detonates at the target, creating a devastating blast of pure magical power.
  • Undead-Class:
    • Drain Touch: Absorbs MP and HP from a target, which in turn can be transferred to somebody else. It is more effective where the skin is thin and spots near the heart. This skill, however, isn't as effective for Kazuma on adversaries with high Vitality like Darkness and Mitsurugi. Also, undeads and monsters with low-quality MP can cause negative effects on Kazuma's health.
  • Archer-Class:
    • Bow: Raises proficiency with bow and arrows.
    • Snipe: Increases the distance and accuracy of an arrow. Damage is based on Dexterity while Accuracy is based on Luck.
    • Foresight: This allows him to see far into the distance and improve the user's vision overall.
  • Priest-Class:
    • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
  • Monk-Class:
    • Auto-evade: Allows the user to dodge any attack autonomously. Activation is dependent on the user's Luck.
  • Ranger-Class:
    • Set Trap: Increases the power and activation chance of any trap.
  • Creator-Class:
    • Create Earth Golem: Creates an earthen golem from the ground soil.
  • Assassin-Class:
    • Deadly Backstab: One-hit kills the target in their back if certain conditions are met, as being undetected. Success rate based on Luck.
  • Dark Stalker Class:
    • Eavesdrop: The ability to secretly listen to a conversation from a distance.
  • General Skills:
    • Lip Reading: Understand what someone is saying as long as the user can see their mouth. Kazuma usually uses this skill alongside Foresight.
  • Chef-Class:
    • Cook: Gets better at cooking. Kazuma used this in other to prepare dishes from his homeland, Japan.
  • Blacksmith-Class
    • Smithing: Ability to forge and fix weapons, armors and other objects. Kazuma uses his smithing ability to great effect by inventing products from Earth, such as dynamite, condoms, lighters, and kotatsu, as well as repair armor made out of adamantite.


  • Short Sword: A cheap short sword that he bought some weeks after being reincarnated with what little income he had made from his construction job.[17]
  • Chunchunmaru: A specially-ordered short katana, which has a weird name thanks to Megumin.[8]
  • Silver Arrows: Handmade arrows made of silver, effective against undead, demons and wolf-type monsters.[18]
  • Cursed Ring: A cursed ring that got stuck on Kazuma's finger after he put it on, and forced him to steal panties upon every full moon.[19]
  • Mass-Produced Vanir Mask: A mask that raises magic abilities, increases blood flow and gives the user's skin a healthy glow on full moon.[4]
  • Tinymite: An small item created by Kazuma, similar to the dynamite, that created an explosion as powerful as Blasting Magic.[20]
  • Bottle of Poison: Alongside the Deadly Backstab skill, Kazuma gained a bottle of poison from the assassin who taught him that skill.[21]


  • His birthday is on 7th June.
  • The game Kazuma bought before dying is called Myriad Swords 2.
  • Kazuma used to have chuunibyou, reason why he is so versatile in its subjects.[22]
  • Satou is the most common Japanese surname, analogous to the English "Smith". For that reason, some people in the Parallel World think he is the descendant of a legendary hero also named "Satou".[23]
  • Kazuma is a certified begginer blacksmith.[24]
  • The Axel police him classified him as the sixth most dangerous individual of the city.[25]
  • In the initial web novel, Kazuma started off as a 20 year-old NEET who was showing children his gaming skills at the park before being warned by a passing policeman, and subsequent to trying to save a girl from a tractor, he simply fainted while wetting himself, only to die in hospital when a clumsy nurse gave him a wrong infusion.
  • After defeating the Devil King, Kazuma's level grew so much Eris doubted any monster could kill him.[26]