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Early Life[]

Kazuma Satou was once a regular student who grew up in Japan, and despite asking his parents to divorce before marrying somebody else with a little daughter so that he can have a younger stepsister, a request which got him smacked as a result,[1] still went ahead with life like a regular student. Yet during the summer of his third year in junior high, he witnessed his childhood sweetheart, who had promised to marry him, riding away on the motorcycle of her uppperclassman boyfriend. This shocked Kazuma into becoming a shut-in hiki-NEET, and instead of going to school spent his days engrossed with online games, where through endless battles against monsters alongside the parties he led, he made himself a name among the gaming community.[2]

Journey to Axel Arc[]

Screenshot (1915)

Kazuma comes home from buying a game

One day, Kazuma following several days of gaming without rest decided to leave his house for once to buy a new game called Myraid Swords 2. Managing to snag a copy, on the way back Kazuma noticed a girl from his class who was about to be hit by a truck, so taking the initiative he jumped into the way.[3]

Kazuma death 1

Kazuma pushing the girl out of the way

He next found himself transported to a room, where an inhumanly beautiful girl who identified herself as Aqua the Goddess of Water informed him about his death by shock due to mistaking that he got run over by what turned out to be a slow tractor. After Aqua made fun of his embarrassing death to Kazuma's fury, she informed him of the 3 options before him: either start anew on Earth as a new person, go to heaven (which she doesn't recommend due to the lack of things to do there and the inability to have sex), or get reincarnated to a Parallel World currently ravaged by a Devil King.[3]

Kazuma opened mouth 1

Kazuma successfully bringing Aqua with him to the parallel world

After revealing that the fantasy world's language would be loaded into his brain despite a small chance of making his brain go "poof", much to Kazuma's concern, Aqua instructed him to pick a cheat item or special skill to be reincarnated with. Next called a geek by the impatient Aqua because he took his time trying to decide, the angered Kazuma eventually came up with a plan to get back at her, and made the decision to choose Aqua as his "special skill". An Angel who subsequently appeared next notified him that his choice was accepted by the gods, as well as how upon him defeating the Devil King, they will grant any one of his wishes. The jubilant Kazuma was then sent to the parallel world along with Aqua, much to the goddess' dismay.[3]

Arriving at Axel, known as the Town of Beginnings where new adventurers start their careers, Kazuma asked Aqua for any info regarding this world, only to be shaken around by the goddess, who panickedly told him that she couldn't go back to the Heavenly Realm unless he defeats the Devil King. Kazuma thus decided to find the Adventurer's Guild for getting more information, though when asked by Kazuma if she knew its location, Aqua confessed that she didn't know anything about it, leading Kazuma to call her "useless".[4]

Managing to reach the Guild, they got pointed by a Ruffian towards the reception counters to sign up as adventurers, yet find out from Luna that there is a guild registration fee.[5] Kazuma thus asked Aqua for some money, only to be told of her having none, which caused Kazuma to call her "useless" again. He next felt sorry for Aqua when she went to pressure a priest for money, citing herself as the goddess of the Axis Order, but instead found out that he served the rival Eris Order, who nonetheless gave her money out of pity which she accepted despite feeling slightly defeated.[4]

They pay the registration fee, and though their sorry states made Luna hesitate to look at them, she subsequently explained about the Adventurer Card and how it's used to show a person's level and skills, before telling Kazuma to hold his hand above a device looking like a card (or a crystal ball in the anime)[5] for determining his stats. With Kazuma's stats revealed to be average across the board except his high intelligence and extremely high luck, Luna explained that stats like these are more suited for merchants, but Kazuma still decided to be an adventurer. He was next piqued when Aqua's stats were revealed to be exceptionally high except for her low intelligence and extremely low luck, which qualified her to become an Arch Priest,[4] and further irrigated as the people in the entire Guild cheered for her. Calming himself down from the jealousy at Aqua stealing his thunder, Kazuma cheered up when Aqua approached him and told him that they will start a life of adventuring.[5]

Irregular of Axel Arc[]

The same night he arrived at this new world, Kazuma who at dinner regretted his selection[6] discovered to his dismay that because they had no money for equipment to start questing or even rent a room at the inn, Aqua could only borrow a stall at the stables for them to sleep in. The two of them next began working part-time jobs, first as servers at the Guild's banquet hall, where Kazuma berating the manager for asking him to harvest anchovies from the fields became a reason they got sacked, then later as banana sellers at a produce stand, where Aqua demonstrated making the merchandise disappear for good and got them both sacked again.[7]

With jobs in the service industry all blown, Kazuma talked the reluctant Aqua into working for the construction industry, which was hiring heavy labourers because the craters Megumin had been blowing in the grasslands just outside the city walls needed to be filled.[8] He however got sick of the backbreaking work on the first day, and instead had to be persuaded by Aqua into continuing this line of work.[9] Thus they began a life of hard and gritty work during daytime before being the first to bathe at dusk, followed by them merrily eating and drinking at dinner after nightfall, sometimes in the company of their fellow construction workers,[5] though the foreman had a tendency of slapping Kazuma on the butt as a way to "be friendly",[10] and Aqua's antics such as swindling an adventurer who made her drop her wages brought him to tears.[9]

Beginner Adventurer Arc[]

Following weeks of life as day labourers, Kazuma abruptly remembered how they needed to do some real adventuring.[4] Aqua thus suggested Kazuma to go on a kill quest, and at him hesitating due to them being only Level 1, she stated that if she is around he has nothing to worry about, so Kazuma decided to believe the goddess, even though Aqua tripped and fell into the fountain as they were about to go back to the stables.[5]

Waiting until the sleazy Aqua finally woke up late in the following day,[11] Kazuma armed with a cheap sword he had managed to buy took her on a quest to hunt 5 Giant Toads, and soon found himself running for his life from one of the oversized amphibians on the grasslands outside the city while Aqua laughed in amusement. He was thus forced to beg for her help despite the unreasonable demands she made, only to be shocked when Aqua was instead gobbled up by the Giant Toad, though its immobility when swallowing her allowed Kazuma to kill it. After freeing the slimy and smelly goddess who bawled about being defiled, he had to repeat the process because she foolishly charged another Giant Toad and ended up gobbled again.[4]

The pair soon returned to the city where they first washed the slime off at the public baths, then during dinner Kazuma suggested recruiting for new party members. However, nobody came applying on the following morning because the recruitment advertisement posted by Aqua only accepted advanced classes[4] (and in the anime was not only badly drawn as well as written, but contained many fake reviews)[11]. Just as Kazuma was about to go change the advertisement, they were approached by Megumin, who bewildered him with her weird name as well as a chuunibyou introduction. Told by Aqua about Megumin being a Crimson Demon whose tribe is known for being overpowered mages sporting chuunibyou personalities, Kazuma after feeding the starving Arch Wizard and getting over his initial annoyance regarding her antics, took Megumin along with them for continuing the quest against the Giant Toads.[4]

Exasperated when Aqua charged an approaching Giant Toad only to be gobbled up again, he became astounded by the sheer power of the Explosion cast by Megumin to completely obliterate another of the amphibians. His awe though turned to frustration upon seeing Megumin limply collapse from having exhausted all her magical powers before a newly emerging Giant Toad gobbled her up too, forcing him to rescue both her and Aqua, which ended up completing their quest. Carrying the limp Megumin on his back as he took the slimy girls back to the city, Kazuma heard the Crimson Demon explain how she had learned no spells except for Explosion which she could only cast once per day, the mechanics of which Aqua briefly elucidated for him. Naturally prompted to ditch the vehemently protesting Megumin, he ended up being blackmailed into keeping her around once Megumin began loudly deepening the misunderstandings of passersby, who had thought him to have sexually tormented the slimy girls.[4]

Sending the said slimy girls to wash themselves off at the public baths before his reputation gets further damaged, Kazuma who collected the meagre rewards from completing the quest contemplated on how hard it is to make a living through questing. But just as he was crossing out some impossible quests, Darkness approached him pressuring to joining his party because she was attracted by how he got some girls all slimy and wanted to share the same fate, prompting Kazuma to reject the beautiful but masochistic pervert.[4]

On the following day at the Guild, Kazuma was taught by Megumin how to learn skills using his Adventurer Card, before refusing to expend his skill points for learning Megumin's Explosion and Aqua's party tricks. He was then approached by Chris who came alongside Darkness, and accepted her offer of teaching him Thief skills. Accompanying the pair to the courtyard outside, Kazuma watched Chris demonstrate Enemy Detection and Lurk, subsequent to which she demonstrated Steal by taking his purse from him. Next offered to Steal something off Chris, he learned the Thief skills taught to him, before Stealing much to his excitement Chris' panties. Initially proclaiming to keep it as his family treasure, Kazama eventually returned Chris' panties after she returned his purse in addition to paying him all of her money.[12]

Kona Suba

Kazuma overjoyed at Stealing Chris' panties

Heading back to the Guild where Aqua was performing to a cheering crowd, Kazuma was shocked when Darkness blurted out the scummy acts he had just committed for everybody to hear. After Chris left for some adventuring work, though not before further damaging Kazuma's reputation as payback, he at Megumin's request demonstrated Steal, and was rewarded with Megumin's panties. Next continuing with his refusal of Darkness' attempts to join, he was cut off by an emergency quest that called for every adventurer in the city to participate, which turned out to be a harvest of flying Cabbages, to Kazuma's utter speechlessness. He anyhow Lurked close to clusters of Cabbages before Stealing them into his load, and during dinnertime with the three girls contemplated the vegetables' tastiness, before agreeing to have Darkness join his party.[12]

Kazuma a few days later asked some other adventurers to teach him Basic Magic in addition to some other skills, and used the money he earned for a new outfit. With Aqua and Megumin still traumatised by Giant Toads, he at Darkness' suggestion took a quest for hunting a Zombie Maker at the public cemetery to help Aqua level up. During a party barbecue at the cemetery that night, Kazuma detected unusually numerous Zombies crowding towards a ritual nearby performed by Wiz, whom Aqua identified as a Lich and immediately attacked. Kazuma however stopped Aqua from purifying Wiz and listened to her explain how she was simply sending the Ghosts of the buried dead who couldn't afford a proper burial to the afterlife, and accordingly made a deal to have Aqua send the lost souls in place of the Lich so that the buried corpses won't be animated into Zombies by Wiz's presence, even though this rendered their quest a failure.[12]

One day when drinking Neroid, Kazuma heard about one of the Devil King's Generals occupying a nearby castle, before finding his party's abilities hopelessly unbalanced. Some days later, his plans of using the rewards from the Cabbage harvest for buying a decent residence became moot when he had to pay off Aqua's debts. Finding no quests against low-levelled monsters because they all went into hiding as a result of the General's presence, during the following week Kazuma accompanied Megumin on daily Explosion exercises aimed at an abandoned castle, and as a result gained a sense of how to rate the Explosions.[13]

Like all of Axel, Kazuma too was shocked by the sudden arrival of Beldia, who turned out to be that Devil King's General residing in the abandoned castle, though it soon turned into perplexity when the Dullahan raged about him being irritated to madness by the daily Explosions. Subsequent to Darkness being cursed to die after a week in Megumin's place, he had to hold the Crusader back from following the surprised Beldia to his castle in order to fulfil her perverted fantasies. Kazuma and Megumin after the Dullahan's departure made up their mind to accept Beldia's invitation of raiding the castle and making him remove the curse, only to be dumbfounded when it was easily broken by Aqua.[13]

At some point during the period, Kazuma assisted Aqua with soliciting her holy water that ended up not selling, and had to restrain her from pestering a retired adventurer who provided water for free.[14] He also accompanied Megumin on a job at a quarry, where she surprised him by mercilessly blowing up a baby Wyvern.[15] In addition Kazuma was asked by Darkness to help look for a runaway Roper that she wanted to keep as pet, though to no avail.[16] Then as the girls vied for leadership, Kazuma sat back to watch in hopes that somebody else could take up his troublesome duty, only for the girls to point him out as the party leader once Luna approached asking for somebody to take responsibility for their misdeeds.[17] And when Kazuma took the party to hunt for a golden bamboo early one morning, he managed to dodge bamboo shoots attacking from below, only to be hit in the butt by the golden bamboo, which nobody wanted to eat afterwards.[18]
(In the audio drama, it was also during this period when Kazuma helped Megumin by pretending to date her in an attempt to make a stalker thought to be fancying the Crimson Demon give up)[19]

A week after Beldia's appearance, Kazuma stopped Aqua from taking some high-difficulty quests before letting her perform one that involved purifying the riverhead lake in order to get rid of the Brutal Alligators infesting it, then came up with the idea of locking Aqua within a cage borrowed from the Guild and dumping it into the shallows, so that she could purify the water without being harmed by the ferocious reptiles as they attacked her. Yet following the successful purification of the lake, he was forced to cart Aqua back within the cage on their return trip to the city because the traumatised goddess refused to leave it.[13]

Episode 5

Kazuma confronted by an angry Mitsurugi

Kazuma next found himself confronted by Mitsurugi Kyouya on the streets, who after breaking Aqua out of the cage and hearing about her circumstances, angrily accused Kazuma of mistreating his beloved goddess. Piqued by the ignorance of the Swordmaster over Aqua's lack of respectability as well as his arrogant attitude which was indicative of one who never had to scrape around for a living thanks to the cheat item gifted to him upon reincarnation, Kazuma made to leave once his companions refused Mitsurugi's offer for them to join his party, only to be challenged by the undaunted Mitsurugi to a duel. Kazuma immediately pulled a sneak attack on the Swordmaster upon accepting the challenge where the winner can take whatever he wanted from his opponent, before Stealing the Cursed Sword Gram out of Mitsurugi's hands and knocking him out with the flat of the blade. Deciding to take Gram for his own even though it cannot be wielded by somebody other than Mitsurugi, Kazuma through threatening to use Steal on Cremea and Fio, successfully scared Mitsurugi's companions from attempting to take the cursed sword back.[13]

With Gram still being dead weight, however, Kazuma decided to make good money off his prize by selling it to a general store on his way back to the Guild.[20] He was later confronted again by Mitsurugi, who came accusing him of various scummy deeds on girls, then following the Swordmaster's enthusiasm being punched out by Aqua, Kazuma sent him and his party scurrying away with the revelation of Gram being sold off.[13]

The party of Kazuma was accordingly summoned by the Guild alongside other adventurers to the city gate, where Beldia returned to rage about how the daily Explosions had been continuing since his previous visit, which in turn enraged Kazuma because he realised that Megumin along with Aqua had been persisting with casting Explosions at the abandoned castle behind his back, prompting him to pull the cheeks of the two idiots. Kazuma later instructed Megumin to blow up Beldia's army of Undead Knights, which were chasing after Aqua who in turn chased after him, as they lured the horde far outside the city gate[21] (and in the anime right up to Beldia's side)[22].

Carrying the limp Megumin further away, Kazuma looked on in horror as Beldia easily cut down all the adventurers attacking him, and became additionally terrified upon hearing the onlookers reveal that they were waiting for Mitsurugi to show up and defeat the Devil King's General with Gram. He was next left speechless by Darkness' inability to hit Beldia with her attacks despite her tanking his, and with the other mage adventurers frightened from casting magic because of the Dullahan's death curse, Kazuma took it upon himself to Create Water for dousing Darkness who fantasized perversely even when repeatedly wounded, only to notice Beldia jumping away from the stream of water. Proceeding to Freeze the water puddles so Beldia cannot dodge, Kazuma and other Thief adventurers tried to Steal the sword from the Devil King's General, yet failed because of their difference in levels.[21]

Just as Kazuma despaired his lack of competency while Beldia prepared to deal the killing blow on Darkness, he remembered from the games he had played that Undeads are susceptible to flowing water, thus teamed up with other magic-using adventurers to Create Water at the Dullahan. The streams they sent towards the Devil King's General though all got evaded, so Kazuma frantically told Aqua to summon water, but soon regretted it when the Goddess of Water summoned a flood that not only nearly drowned the adventurers, but caused huge damage to the nearby city walls and structures. Kazuma anyhow managed to Steal Beldia's head from the weakened Dullahan afterwards, which he gleefully used for soccer with some other adventurers, before Aqua purified the Devil King's General and revealed how she had Resurrected the slain adventurers.[21]


Kazuma Steals Beldia's head

A day following Beldia's demise, Kazuma made up his mind to abandon his mission of defeating the Devil King, but instead become a businessman in order to live safely and soundly. Heading to the Guild where his party members and other adventurers were heartedly celebrating, he heard from Luna how his party was awarded a special reward for defeating a Devil King's General. Yet before Kazuma could rejoice, Luna handed him a bill for the flood damages to the city caused by Aqua, which instead plunged them all into tens of millions in debt, spurring Kazuma's determination for defeating the Devil King so that he could get out of this ridiculous world.[23]

Some time afterwards, Kazuma stopped Aqua's attempt at swindling Chris of money for retrieving a purse forcibly taken from a beginner adventurer. He however was unable to prevent Megumin from getting away with a cursed gem she had taken from Chris because the Crimson Demon made a scene about being robbed, and instead had to flee alongside Chris from the pursuing policemen by using Lurk. Kazuma was later treated to drinks by Chris at the Guild, during which Aqua joined in much to his speechlessness.[24]

Deep Winter Arc[]

With the rewards from every one of his party's quests getting a substantial portion deducted for paying off his debts as the cold hard winter approached, Kazuma who one morning woke up to find his eyelashes frozen over became desperate for money so that they can get out of the stables fast. Rummaging around the Guild's bulletin board where mostly difficult quests were posted, he ignored one for scouting out the Destroyer before choosing the one for hunting Snow Sprites.[25]

At the snowfield forest where Snow Sprites gathered, Kazuma easily took out many of them before instructing Megumin to clear out the rest with an Explosion. He next became both terrified and exasperated once the Winter Shogun appeared, since the murderous spirit out to avenge the Snow Sprites took this form thanks to some Japanese reincarnate previously sent over by Aqua. Despite following Aqua's advice to dogeza at the generous spirit for mercy, Kazuma had to jump up and force the stubbornly prideful Darkness into lowering her head, which resulted in his own getting chopped off by the Winter Shogun.[25]

He soon found himself back in the familiar afterlife,[26] where he was greeted by the goddess Eris who truly empathised with him. Accordingly offered reincarnation as a baby in a rich family back in Japan, Kazuma who thought himself hating the Parallel World starting weeping once he thought about his companions. Next hearing the voice of Aqua calling for him to return to his body that she had Resurrected, Kazuma was allowed by Eris, whom he found to be a true goddess, into going back to the world of living. His first thought upon returning to life, however, was to switch Aqua for Eris, before finally accepting the fact about rookies like him being incapable of taking quests during the winter. Although the party managed to earn enough for staying at an inn for the time being, the recollection of Eris was enough to make Kazuma regret his choice of coming back to this world where he had nobody but insane companions.[25]

Deciding to find some simple porter jobs several days later at the Guild in order to let his recovering body take it easy, Kazuma found himself taunted by a drunken Dust over his weak Class, and finally lost it when the delinquent described his adventuring life in a party filled with beauties of advanced Classes as a breeze. He proceeded to agree with Dust's jest for them to switch parties for a day, and consequently accompanied Taylor, Rin, and Keith on a quest against Goblins as their porter.[25]

Finding adventures with an ordinary party quite enjoyable even if he was looked down upon, Kazuma impressed them when his Enemy Detection picked up an approaching Beginner's Bane before he hid them all from the dangerous monster through Lurk until it left. With his new companions carrying their own luggage out of newfound respect for him, they soon discovered the Goblins who unexpectedly numbered a full score and gave them a tough battle. Kazuma though applied a combination of Basic Magic for defending the party and hampering the Goblins, allowing them to easily eliminate all of the monsters. As he headed back with the others who repeatedly praised him, the Beginner's Bane from earlier came chasing after them, at which Kazuma blinded the beast with another combination of Basic Magic and allowed for everybody to flee, further impressing the other three. Eventually returning to the Guild late that night, where they were greeted by an apologetic Dust who had a disastrous day with the three pretty but incompetent troublemakers, Kazuma ended up complying with his plea of them going back to their previous parties.[25]

A week since Kazuma's decapitation, he having learned more Thief skills in addition to some Archer ones decided to go venturing into Keele's Dungeon alone for any leftover treasures, asking Megumin and Darkness for escort to its entrance. Using potions that masked his scent as well as Lurk to hide from monsters, Kazuma nevertheless had to let Aqua accompany him into the dungeon when reminded of Undeads that could still detect him. Soon contemplating ditching the goddess at the dungeon's depths after she laughed at how he freaked out at the sight of an adventurer's corpse, Kazuma tried unsuccessfully signalling for silence from the dimwitted Aqua prior to an enemy attack. Subsequent to cutting down the attacking monster that Aqua identified as a Gremlin, he realised to his shocking embarrassment how the goddess, who could see clearly in the dark, had witnessed him pleasuring himself when sleeping next to him in the stables.[27]

Accordingly impressed when Aqua purified hordes of Undeads coming their way, Kazuma stopped her from approaching a chest, which turned out to be a Dungeon Mimic. Finally reaching the deepest part of the dungeon where they found nothing but unusually numerous Undeads crowding towards them, the pair was met by Keele who was awakened by Aqua's aura. Following Keele's recounting of his life story and Aqua's purification of the Lich using a magic circle drawn in his chamber, Kazuma as they left with the treasure Keele had gifted them realised how it was Aqua's goddess aura that had been attracting the droves of Undead, and consequently ditched her in the middle of a monster attack.[27]

Seeking to compensate for his party's wildly unbalanced abilities, one day Kazuma made up his mind to visit the magic item shop owned by Wiz in hopes of learning Lich skills from its owner,[28] though due to Megumin's earlier warning about the powers Liches wield, as a precaution he brought Aqua along.[29] After clobbering the goddess because she against his instructions tried to attack Wiz, Kazuma who was surprised by the explosive potions Wiz put on sale in turn surprised Aqua once he expressed his goal. He next decided to spare the shopkeeper when she revealed her identity as a Devil King's General since she never hurt people, though Aqua's attempt at purifying Wiz while she demonstrated Drain Touch on her forced Kazuma to smack the goddess again. With the Lich reduced to a weakened state and incapable of taking on a request from a real estate broker to solve a Ghost infestation problem at one of his client's properties, Kazuma decided to have his party perform it in her place, especially when the owner allowed them to live there until it is no longer seen as haunted.[28]

Cursed Dolls Anime

Kazuma finds himself surrounded by possessed dolls

As Kazuma brought his party to settle at the villa mansion that had belonged to a noble, he ignored Aqua's ramblings about Anna's ghost that still haunted the mansion, and also disregarded the goddess' bawling about her treasured wine being drunk by Ghosts, instead going to bed while she ran around Turning Undead. Yet waking up hours later with a need for the toilet, Kazuma was shocked to find possessed dolls encroaching upon him, and so fled in panic to Aqua's room, where he only found Megumin who was in the same situation. They next had to flee when the dolls crowded in from outside the window, before the pair managed to make it to the toilet, only to be forced into barricading themselves when the dolls caught up and tried breaking in the door. Kazuma finally made up his mind to make a break for it because Megumin became terrified to the point of chanting for an Explosion, only to knock Aqua down as he burst outside to find that she and Darkness had already taken care of the Ghosts possessing the dolls.[28]

On the next day, Kazuma took Aqua to the Guild in order to collect rewards for the ghostbusting, yet once Luna informed him how the Ghosts began infesting the mansion because they were forced out of the nearby public cemetery by a powerful barrier somebody had erected around it, Kazuma made Aqua confess to him her deed of setting up that barrier, before refusing the rewards out of a guilty conscience. He next took the goddess with him while apologising to the real estate broker, though the party was generously allowed to continue living in the mansion, so Kazuma later tidied up Anna's grave in the mansion's yard.[28]

At some point during the period, Kazuma became surprised at Aqua proving herself as a muse of the arts.[30] He however became disgusted at the goddess trying to bribe a policeman into turning a blind eye to her unlicenced soap figurine business through sculptures of pretty women that can have their clothes melted off, thus reported them to a policewoman.[31] His attempts at testing out the sword of Shack the Ripper having ended in failure, Kazuma then had to rescue Megumin when she attacked Giant Toads with the magical sword which allowed her to cut up any object but couldn't harm living creatures.[32] Additionally taught by Megumin a boardgame looking like chess but encompasses all sorts of crazy magical rules, which resulted in his repeated overwhelming defeats,[33] Kazuma proceeded to dominate her in shogi matches during one rainy day, as well as win a gamble with her on guessing the gender of their mansion's next visitor who turned out to be Chris.[34]
(In the audio drama, Kazuma led his party on a simple delivery quest into the mountains, where he fell towards his death following a landslide and had flashbacks of several incidents concerning each of his party members. Initially accepting his death, he suddenly refused to die impoverished and disgraced, thus managed to spring back to life after Aqua's Resurrection repeatedly failed, only to hear about his body damaging somebody's rooftop when it fell and landed him into more debt)[35]

Told by Aqua one day how Anna was playing pranks using her ghostly abilities, he then accompanied her on a job requested by Abram to solve a Ghost problem at his mansion, then following the identification of the Ghost as their client's recently deceased father Pickles, had to go buy rare pink neroid claimed by Aqua to be required for letting the Ghost pass onto the afterlife. That night following a party at the mansion for the completion of the job, Kazuma witnessed Aqua sharing stories with Anna, to whom she confessed some of her misdeeds against him, before he jumped in to stop Anna from blurting out his secrets.[36]

Kazuma was interrupted from his job of sewing pouches in the mansion on one cold day when Darkness burst in goading the party on a scouting quest against a Powerful Messenger, and so teased the perverted Crusader for her apparent goal of going for the tentacles that the monster was rumoured to possess. Heading into the forest where the earth spirit was said to dwell, Kazuma became both disgusted and irated when the Powerful Messenger they had to flee from was revealed to have taken an appearance out of cosmic horror all thanks to some prior Japanese reincarnate. Later discovering Darkness being cursed into weakness by the monster and needing help with anything that required a little strength to perform, he began feeling protective of her. Taking her along when reporting the curse to the Guild, Kazuma warned the other adventurers taking advantage of the Crusader's weakness not to get carried away with it, before he began growing fond of the frail Darkness, up until the curse was eventually lifted.[37]

Kazuma also joined the party in accompanying Wiz on her request to eliminate Ghouls, where he demonstrated his ability to stomach gruesome sights such as a Goblin all munched up by the Undead. After the team ran into Wolfgang inside the Vampire's hideout cave, followed by Wiz getting riled into a contest with him to determine who is the "King of Undead", Kazuma upon Aqua suggesting Megumin cast an Explosion on the two Undeads quickly proposed that they compete with Drain Touch instead, before frantically instructing Darkness and Megumin to save Wiz from being opportunistically purified by Aqua.[38]

Kazuma despite his reluctance still took the party on a profitable quest suggested by Megumin against a White Tiger, which surprisingly used a Beginner's Bane to scout them out before handing Aqua its newborn cub requiring the goddess' aura for nourishment. Initially hoping to sell off the cub whom Aqua named Sieg, Kazuma eventually gave in to Aqua and agreed to keep it, then subsequently accompanied her on the trip to send it back to its mother.[39]

While working on his job of assembling artificial flowers in the living room one day, Kazuma to his bitter disappointment discovered that Aqua's intelligence would not improve no matter how much she levelled up, so he out of pity allowed the useless goddess back to the seat in front of the fireplace that he had just chased her out of. Later strolling around the city, he caught sight of Dust and Keith suspiciously loitering around an alleyway, and was accordingly let in to the secret among male adventurers about the Succubus Cafe.[33]

Venturing inside with the support of his two fellow adventurers, Kazuma was greeted by the Receptionist Succubus who led him to his seat (which was right next to the Ruffian in the anime)[40], and heard from her a detailed explanation of the dreams their staff offer, thus he wrote down on the request form a dream where an older but naïve girl with a glamourous body bashfully serves him. Excitedly returning to the mansion as the others prepared crab pot, he painstakingly refused Aqua's wine in order to prevent himself from drinking into a dreamless stupor, and instead went to bed early, though unable to sleep because of the anticipation, Kazuma decided to go take a bath, during which he fell asleep in the bathtub.[33]

He soon found himself faced with a naked Darkness coming in for a bath, so determining how this unnatural situation was simply his requested dream, Kazuma ordered the shocked Darkness into helping him bathe. Yet just as he was about escalate the orders given to the obedient Darkness, an alarm sounded by Aqua about an intruder sent him angrily dashing out into the hallway, where it turned out that the Loli Succubus sent to give him the requested dream got trapped within a holy magic circle laid by Aqua, who alongside Megumin was all bent on exorcising the Succubus. Doggedly shielding the Loli Succubus upon realising how the occurrences in the bathroom were the reality, Kazuma managed to cover for her escape, albeit getting beaten up by the three angry girls. Apologised at the following morning by Darkness who thought that he had been Charmed by the Succubus, he began rejoicing the living necessities now in his possession, only to have it broken by a Guild alarm signaling the approach of the Mobile Fortress Destroyer.[33]

Determined to protect his hard-earned mansion despite Aqua and Megumin calling for them to flee, Kazuma took his party to the emergency adventurer meeting held at the Guild. There he heard about the formidable abilities of the rampaging ancient weapon as well as other adventurers' suggestions for countering that had been proven ineffective, then when asked for ideas, came up with the strategy for Aqua to break the Destroyer's magic barrier for Megumin and Wiz to blow its legs off with Explosions. While simple barricades were set up outside the city gates later on, Kazuma heard from Darkness her duty to protect the city when trying unsuccessfully to talk her out of standing guard at the forefront.[41]

Endorsed to take command of the city's defence by Taylor and the Guild, upon the Destroyer coming into sight, Kazuma ordered Aqua to break the magic barrier, before spurring Wiz and the panicking Megumin to blow off the fortress' legs. Yet to his horror, Aqua who got carried away began uttering flag lines, following which the Destroyer broadcasted a warning about it accumulating heat. Kazuma anyhow dragged Aqua and Wiz into joining the rest of the adventurers storming the fortress in an attempt to prevent its imminent detonation, during which he wilily Stole the head off an attacking Golem, only to have his hand crushed by the heavy part's weight and requiring Aqua's Healing.[41]

Eventually coming across the remains of the Destroyer's Head Researcher, Kazuma became exasperated at the absurdity recorded in his diary, before discovering the coronatite core used for powering the fortress. He proceeded to Steal the unstable ore out of its containment chamber, albeit suffering serious burns that Aqua had to Heal, then allowed Wiz to Drain Touch some magical power from him in order to Randomly Teleport the coronatite to somewhere else as it was about to explode, proclaiming how he would take responsibility for the consequences. When subsequently faced with the fortress about to explode anyways from all the heated gas it accumulated, Kazuma Drain Touched the magical power from Aqua to recharge the spent Megumin, which allowed her to cast another Explosion that destroyed the Destroyer.[41]

Late Winter Arc[]

As he and his party were emphasising their exploits against the Destroyer while celebrating at the Guild, Kazuma was approached by Sena and her escorting knights, who instead of rewarding him announced his arrest on charges of treason.[42] Following Megumin and Darkness' "defence" of him revealing more of his scummy antics, he was told of how the coronatite ended up Teleported to the mansion of Alderp and resulted in its destruction, so despite no casualties caused, the prosecution was now suspecting him to be a terrorist or working for the Devil King's Army. Finding the other adventurers who had voiced their support of him changing their tune as soon as Sena threatened to arrest them too,[43] Kazuma failing to make a panicked break for it got apprehended by the knights.[44]

Thrown into the prison at the police station where he soon found himself joined by Dust, that night Kazuma was woken by an Explosion outside the city, following which Aqua came smuggling him a lock picker while the guards were distracted by the telltale spell, only for him to throw it back outside and go sleep once he discovered his jail cell using a combination lock. The following day at the interrogation room where Sena questioned him while utilising a lie-detecting magic bell, Kazuma was forced to truthfully answer all sorts of questions exposing his scumminess, until he blew up at the prosecutor inquiring him over topics unrelated to his charges. Turning cocky upon an apologetic Sena admitting how she suspected him to be a terrorist based on the bad rumours over town about him, he was accordingly cowed into submission once she became stern at him bringing up the topic of her having no boyfriend. But when giving a negative answer to the question of whether he was associated with the Devil King's Generals, the bell indicated him to be lying because he had forgotten all about Wiz. Thrown back into jail to await trial on the next day, Kazuma during another Explosion that night was visited again by Aqua, who smuggled him a hacksaw through the window for cutting the bars, though she then attempted unsuccessfully to deliver him crates for reaching the tall window through the police station's doorway, prompting him to throw the hacksaw back outside and await his fate instead.[43]

Kazuma appeared in court the following day (where all the unsubtle execution preparations brought him into a vomiting fit in the anime)[44], and became further pessimistic upon hearing how his party members, who acted as his defence attorneys, had only prepared for the task by practising how to shout "Objection".[45] Still feeling that he could manage as long as Aqua keeps her mouth shut, especially after she yelled "Objection" just for the heck of it, Kazuma was allowed to narrate his exploits against Beldia and the Destroyer in defence against the charges read against him. Subsequent to Sena summoning several witnesses to testify about Kazuma's scumminess as well as listing his party members' misdeeds in order to paint him as a terrorist, the protesting Kazuma found himself at a loss for words once Sena brought up sightings of him using Lich skills as well as him falsely denying connections with the Devil King's Generals during interrogation.[43]

Alderp cutting in to declare Kazuma a minion of the Devil King's Army who purposefully sent the coronatite to his mansion, though, gave Kazuma just the opportunity to declare himself having no ties to the Devil King's Army as well as not purposefully Teleporting the coronatite to the lord's mansion, a testimony that the court's lie-detecting bell proved to be true. Yet just as the judge and Sena made to dismiss the charges due to the lack of evidence, they suddenly changed their minds upon Alderp's insistence that Kazuma is guilty, much to the shock of the said defendant. He was eventually spared from immediate execution thanks to Darkness getting the trial postponed, though the court still ordered Kazuma to prove his innocence in addition to paying reparations to Alderp. Heading for Wiz's Shop in hopes of partnering with Wiz to sell Japanese goods as a way for earning the reparation fees, Kazuma gave the continuously interrupting Aqua a thrashing because she had been obstructing and vandalising Wiz's business,[43] following which he got his valued possessions at the mansion confiscated by knights as debt collateral for damages to Alderp's mansion.[44]

As Kazuma feared for the worst after the masochistic Darkness went to meet with Alderp but didn't come back, he got introduced to Chomusuke, and found the cat who was friendly to him a source of tranquility, though he then became shocked at witnessing Chomusuke breathing fire to cook the fish he gave her, something the girls didn't believe. Subsequent to Sena barging in and accusing Megumin's Explosions for making the Giant Toads hibernating underground just outside the city begin surfacing prematurely, Kazuma ordered Megumin and Aqua to take care of it, and shocked Sena by standing around to watch the pair get preyed on by the amphibians. His later offer to rescue a gobbled Megumin refused, he proceeded to Snipe the one chasing Aqua, yet the sheer numbers of the monsters newly emerging turned out to be more than they could handle.[46]

Following the party being saved by Yunyun, Kazuma heard her blurt out all sorts of scummy antics exhibited during their school days by Megumin, whom he had recharged so that he won't have to carry her slimy body back. Later handed a piece of high-quality manatite won from Yunyun by the slimy Megumin, during their return trip he proceeded to internally rank Yunyun as being much better than his resident Archwizard, only to have the perceptive Megumin irately grab onto him in order to make him slimy too. Making it back to their mansion while Aqua was still out, he and Megumin quarrelled over who gets to bathe first, before nonchalantly undressing while throwing taunts, yet to his surprise the Megumin whom he simply saw as a child went ahead to bathe with him. The two of them accordingly discussed Yunyun while in the bathtub, before Kazuma panicked at Aqua's return, fearing what she would say upon witnessing him bathing with a little girl. He frantically expended all his magical power for Freezing the bathroom door shut, yet after collapsing from exhaustion, Megumin who realised the reason for his franticness began attacking him, forcing Kazuma to call for Aqua's help, which resulted in him being branded a "loli-NEET" by the goddess.[46]

Turning more agitated the next day because of Darkness' continued absence, Kazuma went outside for breakfast, where he heard about the appearance of self-destructing monsters in addition to glimpsing Yunyun timidly buying kebabs. Subsequently seeing her timidly waiting for dating couples to finish playing at a shooting stall before challenging it herself, yet failing to hit the stuffed toy Winter Shogun that she wanted with her arrows, Kazuma stepped in to hit it with Snipe, only to have the stall owner charge him double price for violating the rules against using skills. Meeting Yunyun again at another stall where the owner offered a monetary prize for anybody who can break a lump of adamantite, Kazuma afterwards joined forces with nearby adventurers to stop Megumin upon her attempting to challenge with an Explosion. With Yunyun still trailing behind the two of them as they strolled around, Kazuma accompanied the Crimson Demons outside the city, where Megumin beat Yunyun in a contest of adultness by citing how she had already bathed with him.[46]
(In the anime, Kazuma brought his party to Wiz's Shop to discuss his debt-paying plan the day after he met Yunyun, and witnessed how she and Megumin used a Friendship Crystal, before Megumin beat Yunyun in a contest of adultness)[47]

Following a few days of worrying about Darkness who had not come back (a period in the anime that Kazuma and Aqua used to explore Keele's Dungeon, from which he returned with Keele's treasure only to spend it on partying at the Guild)[48], Kazuma became infuriated by Aqua's arrogant attitude, especially since her flood was responsible for a large portion of their debt, therefore he began Stealing her possessions to use for debt repayment. Then as Darkness returned to explain how she was the heiress of the Dustiness noble household and wanted them to help her ruin an arranged marriage with Walther, whose portrait Kazuma immediately ripped up upon it being shown to him, the Adventurer suddenly came up with the idea to play along with her, but in secret actually assist with sealing the marriage so that he can be rid of the incompetent Crusader, though in excitement he ripped up the portrait that Aqua had just repaired.[49]

Kazuma went on to suggest him and Aqua respectively dressing up as a butler and a maid of House Dustiness so they could accompany Darkness during the upcoming marriage interview with Walther, then after meeting Ignis at the Dustiness residence, secretly made a deal to support his endeavour of marrying off his daughter. He proceeded to stop Darkness from expressing her distaste at the whole affair during their wait for Walther, as well as smack the heiress when she attempted to act unladylike once the young nobleman arrived. Next feeling exasperated at hearing the perverted Crusader rant to him in private over her masochistic fantasies and preference of lecherous scum, Kazuma nevertheless persuaded Aqua into letting him secure the marriage.[49]

Although he managed to prevent Darkness from speaking out of line with discreet bursts of Freeze during the interview, once the interviewing couple went for a walk in the garden at Ignis' suggestion, where Kazuma was surprised by Aqua summoning a shoal of koi in the pond, his repeated babysitting of Darkness made Walther aware of their close relationship. Kazuma then leered at Darkness after she ripped up her skirt for challenging Walther to a duel in the dojo, before being ordered by the heiress to fight her with his scummy style. He thus drenched her with Created Water before Freezing it, then as she grabbed at him used Drain Touch on her, yet Darkness with her stamina was capable of enduring it while she twisted his hand in an armlock, until Kazuma talked her into capitulating through promises of unspeakable embarrassment. The soggy and half-naked Darkness whom he drained unto unconsciousness, however, was later witnessed by Ignis, who promptly ordered Kazuma and Walther executed, and only through the two young men's frantic explanations of what really happened were they eventually spared. Asked by the departing Walther to take good care of Darkness afterwards, the heiress' ensuing lie about her being impregnated by Kazuma forced him to spend the better part of the next hour clarifying the truth to the overjoyed Ignis.[49]

Later confronted again by Sena for suspicion of being connected to the peculiar monsters emerging from Keele's Dungeon, Kazuma denied the accusations and refused to go help tackle the problem, then further questioned his party members over the issue following the prosecutor's departure, and discovered to his fury that the magic circle drawn by Aqua for purifying Keele was still actively repelling monsters from the Lich's chamber, which may make Sena think him responsible for the monsters' emergence. He consequently took his party to Keele's Dungeon for erasing the evidence, claiming to Sena who had hired a group of adventurers how he heroically wanted to protect civilians from the self-detonating Vanir Dolls, and was handed a evil-sealing sticker capable of disabling magic in case he found the source responsible for summoning the little monsters. With Darkness being his only party member willing to enter the dungeon, Kazuma followed behind her as she charged straight through the swarms of Vanir Dolls that left other adventurers behind them reeling.[50]

The two of them finally ran into Vanir as he fashioned the dolls in front of Keele's chamber, and Kazuma upon discovering him to be an Archdemon in addition to a Devil King's General who was scaring all the Giant Toads into surfacing, managed to calm the agitated Darkness down from attacking, despite some of their recent embarrassing thoughts towards each other voiced out loud by the All-Seeing Demon. Following a conversation with Vanir, where they found out about his nasty plan for achieving his death wish with a perfect dungeon, Kazuma who wanted to avoid conflict asked to be allowed to clean up the magic circle behind Vanir, only to have the curious Archdemon look into his past, resulting in not just his otherworldly origins, but the true nature of Aqua also being discovered. Barely resisting the temptation from Vanir's demonic whispers that offered letting the pair enjoy themselves in the bedroom behind him while he went to kill Aqua, Kazuma unintentionally gave Darkness the opening to hack the All-Seeing Demon's body apart. Initially terrified when Vanir not only revealed his mask to be his true form, but furthermore forced it onto Darkness' face to possess her body, Kazuma soon became surprised when the masochistic Crusader unexpectedly retained some autonomy, so while she kept Vanir busy by repeatedly interrupting the Archdemon's dialogue, Kazuma seized the chance to clean up the magic circle.[50]

He next slapped the evil-sealing sticker onto Vanir's mask, so that he would be trapped within Darkness' body while she walked outside for Aqua to purify the Archdemon. Panicking as they neared the exit when Vanir fully took control of Darkness and charged outside to kill the goddess, he was somewhat relieved after Aqua dealt the Archdemon a serious blow with Sacred Exorcism, before warning everybody nearby about the Devil King's General possessing Darkness. Kazuma however soon found himself powerless to help as Vanir fully utilised Darkness' body to defeat all the adventurers hired by Sena and then prepare to kill Aqua, yet faced with the goddess and the prosecutor's pleas, he nevertheless stepped out to confront the Devil King's General. Advised by Megumin to remove the evil-sealing sticker so Vanir can be released from Darkness' body which was shielding him from the full power of Aqua's magic, Kazuma tricked the All-Seeing Demon into defending against his Steal, when in fact he cast Tinder instead to burn away the sticker, though because Vanir still refused to leave Darkness' body, at the Crusader's own suggestion Kazuma instructed Megumin to blow them both up with Explosion.[50]

A week following Aqua fully healing Darkness when the party found her, (a possible time interval for Kazuma to have put on a wish-granting choker from Wiz's Shop that slowly chokes him to death unless his wish is granted, spurring him to abuse the helpfulness of the five women on the scene into performing all sorts of debasing and humiliating deeds over the next few days, only to have the choker come off after his wish for having his feelings healed was inadvertently fulfilled, resulting in him being sent to Eris by the enraged women subsequent to his ensuing confession)[51], Kazuma spread word around the Guild about Darkness' real name and made her thoroughly embarrassed. Next having all treason charges against him dismissed by Sena, who was now convinced that he wasn't a minion of the Devil King's Army, Kazuma's party was handed their rewards for defeating the Destroyer and Vanir, which not only cleared them of debt but also made them rich.[52]

Kazuma and Darkness afterwards headed for Wiz's Shop in order to tell the shopkeeper of Vanir's demise, only to discover that the Duke of Hell had reincarnated into a second life that now works for the Lich. The otherworlder was next offered by the All-Seeing Demon a money-making business deal prophesied to be needed in the upcoming future by him and the heiress,[52] thus for the remainder of winter, Kazuma spent most of his time designing prototypes for all sorts of Japanese goods that Vanir will market and sell, with the kotatsu being one of the first products pushed out,[53] and in return he was paid one-tenth of the sales profit.[54]

At some point during the period, Kazuma supervised Megumin as well as Gilbert who commissioned her to show him an Explosion, and stopped them from targeting a church of Eris in addition to Wiz's Shop, yet distracted on the way by the argument between the construction foreman and a nobleman over the demolishment of a mansion, he ended up failing to prevent Megumin from casting Explosion at the mansion and causing collateral damage.[55] Kazuma also teased Darkness on her knitting when the heiress practised the art as part of her bridal training, before accompanying her on an errand to buy more yarn.[56] And hoping to attend a rock-paper-scissors contest at the Succubus Cafe for winning a prize, Kazuma instead got called into the forest by Darkness for smacking her awake if she got put to sleep by a lost Siren's song, yet he too ended up asleep before waking up long after the contest was over.[57] In addition, while out drinking with Dust one time, Kazuma blurted out all about his failed service with the Loli Succubus.[58]
(In the audio drama, it was also during this period when Kazuma flaunted his newfound wealth by buying an expensive vase he believed to be a masterpiece, following which he went to help Wiz with the quest against Ghouls, yet upon return not only did he discover Aqua having already broken the vase, but that according to Vanir the vase was actually a cheap counterfeit, so Kazuma in enraged embarrassment smashed the vase before descending into tears)[59]

Left alone to eat dinner by himself one day when his party members went on a girls night out, Kazuma dined on some delicious vegetables he had won from a vegetable shop's raffle. He however woke up the next day experiencing serious stomach pains that Aqua's detoxifying magic couldn't cure, so being told the possibility of him ingesting some parasitic monster, Kazuma agreed with going to the hospital, only to have doubts when the place turned out to be a Witch Doctor's shop outside town. Attempting to flee in panic when the Witch Doctor suggested cutting him open for diagnosis, he was held down by his party members before being put to sleep by the Witch Doctor. Eventually waking up in his bedroom, Kazuma who was initially angry at the girls later heard that the Witch Doctor had actually cured him of the watermelon seeds, which he had swallowed whole in the previous night, taking root in his belly, prompting Kazuma to go thank to skillful doctor afterwards, especially after discovering his foreskin problem also taken care of.[60]

Following a series of explosions around Axel which the police accused Megumin of, Kazuma who initially took the stance of suspecting Megumin for them changed his tune once she returned from questioning at the police station where the lie-detecting bell convinced Lolierina of her innocence. He was next seduced by the deputy police chief who heard of his exploits, and chose to accompany her observation of Megumin as the Crimson Demon headed out to catch the explosion culprit. Unable to come up with other apparent suspects at the Guild, Kazuma wondered if the culprit's goal was to frame Megumin, then suggested Lolierina to arrest Megumin anyways when she began accusing random adventurers and listing people whom she committed misdeeds against as possible suspects. Following Yunyun being accused before getting exonerated and Megumin having an Explosion ban slapped onto her, which then got lifted because an emergency quest against One-Punch Bears required that spell's power, Kazuma agreed that Megumin's powerful Explosion didn't cause the other explosions. His trust in Megumin, however, was accordingly betrayed when Darkness with her house guards (or Chris in the audio drama)[61] came to explain how the other explosions were caused when Mine Mushrooms growing around the countryside detonated in reaction to Megumin's Explosions, spurring him to admonish the explosive girl.[62]

The day after Sena led a raid on the Succubus Cafe, Kazuma at Dust's behest duped Darkness into working there for a day without telling the Crusader about the establishment's true nature.[63]

For the purposes of making the product prototypes, Kazuma asked a blacksmith to teach him the Smithing skill, and while there also put down an order for a custom-made sword designed like a katana as well as a suit of armour.[53] On the way back, he witnessed Aqua summoning koi to perform tricks alongside her in a spectacular display, before advising her of how this attempt at convincing Megumin and Darkness of her godliness wouldn't work, and later got attacked when he asked her to teach him the trick for summoning fishes.[64]

Early Spring Arc[]

As spring approached, Kazuma still shut himself into the warm kotatsu despite the others spurring him into taking quests, and respectively used Freeze and Drain Touch on Darkness and Megumin when they tried to drag him out. Suddenly feeling the need for relieving himself, he then petitioned the girls to carry the kotatsu with him inside to the toilet, only to hear them consider dumping him outside as they picked the whole load up[53] (which they actually did in the anime)[65].

He was saved when Sena came asking him to take care of the Lizard Runners causing trouble with their mating race in the surrounding countryside, and despite being reluctant to go out into the cold now that he was rich, Kazuma changed his tune once he heard his party members boasting about them attaining levels much higher than his. Taking Megumin to the blacksmith, he picked up the sword ordered earlier as well as a piece of magic branding paper for naming it, but had to abandon the armour because it was so heavy that he couldn't move, before discovering to his vexation how Megumin had without his permission branded the absurd name "Chunchunmaru" onto his new sword. Returning to the mansion where Darkness still couldn't persuade the goddess to head out, Kazuma managed to entice Aqua with the prospects of hot pot.[53]
(Kazuma in the anime brought his whole party with him to the blacksmith, then had to have his sword shortened because he couldn't wield it properly at its original length, and subsequent to Megumin later naming it at the Guild, he accepted the quest against Lizard Runners from Luna)[65]

Kazuma soon came up with a sound plan, which consisted of him Sniping the King Runner and Princess Runner from atop a tree on the grasslands, and in case he fails then Megumin can take out most of the Lizard Runners while Darkness stops any survivors from reaching them so that Kazuma can Snipe the leading reptiles again, and in the meantime Aqua will support them with her magic. Once Kazuma from his treetop vantage point spotted the horde, however, his plan fell apart because Aqua arbitrarily attracted all the Lizard Runners towards them, and Sniping the King Runner first only spurred other males into charging faster to replace him. Between Megumin unable to cast Explosion since he had Drain Touched her earlier on, Darkness being kicked by the reptiles, and Aqua getting stomped all over, Kazuma barely had time to Snipe the Princess Runner trying to fly-kick him, yet the impact from her body hitting the tree ended up jolting Kazuma off and making him break his neck in the fall.[53]

Feeling embarrassed for seeing Eris again because of such an ignominious death, Kazuma was relieved to hear of his party members making it out alive once the horde disbanded due to the Princess Runner's demise. Calmly striking a conversation with the goddess while waiting for Aqua to Resurrect him, he began finding her to be the "main heroine" of his otherworldly saga, before hearing Eris admit to having sometimes secretly sneaked into the mortal world. When Aqua started to hurry him into returning to his body, a suddenly piqued Kazuma decided to start life over from a baby instead. Yet just as he was listing some preferences for his next life to Eris, Aqua began alerting him about Megumin doing something sacrilegious to his body, which shocked Kazuma into returning to life. Next told to rest his body because of the nasty death suffered but nothing regarding what had been done to it, Kazuma when he later on undressed for bathing eventually discovered, to his utmost fury, that Megumin, who went to stay with her friend for a couple of days, had graffitied onto his crotch the words "Holy Sword Excalibur" with an arrow pointing downwards.[53]

Swearing on the following day how he would teach the absent loli girl a lesson once she returns to the mansion from her escapade, he received a visit from Vanir who immediately quarrelled and fought with Aqua. Subsequent to both parties calming down, Kazuma showed the Archdemon some new product prototypes, including some "balloons" which were actually failed samples of condoms he had tried to make, before being stunned by Vanir's offer to pay him 30 million eris upfront for the intellectual property of all the products he designs.[54] This notion of becoming so rich he doesn't have to work anymore prompted Kazuma into adopting the behaviour of an affluent entrepreneur, something Aqua helped with as she served him purified tea.[66]

Forgiving Megumin upon her return now that the imminent fortune had made him generous, Kazuma declared his intent of quitting adventuring, and instead hire adventurers to weaken or outright assassinate the Devil King. Next trying to differentiate himself from Darkness who got turned on by him getting trashier, he cited the need to heal from his fatal neck injury as an excuse to rest, only to excitedly agree with Megumin once she suggested him take a healing vacation to Arcanletia the City of Water and Hot Springs, since the latter attraction is synonymous with mixed bathing.[54]

With him and Aqua waking and packing up early the following morning in anticipation for the trip, Kazuma was told to head for the carriage terminal to buy good seat tickets while the goddess woke the others up. He however detoured to Wiz's Shop for telling Vanir that he wanted to postpone giving a reply to the Archdemon's offer because of the trip, and became surprised to find Wiz zapped unconscious by her employee because of wasting a fortune on purchasing faulty magical portable toilets. Kazuma consequently carried Wiz to join their vacation at Vanir's behest, and upon rendezvousing with his party members at the terminal, Drain Touched Darkness' life force for reviving the Lich. At Aqua's nagging, he went to purchase tickets for a carriage that turned out to have only four seats available because one of its seats was already occupied by a pet baby Red Dragon, but Kazuma's high Luck stats anyhow secured him a good seat in the rock-paper-scissors contest among the gang.[54]

Happily spending the initial part of his first trip far away from Axel, Kazuma as he looked around the highway towards Arcanletia suddenly detected with his Farsight a flock of Running Hawkites heading straight towards them, which he soon realised was the result of Darkness' hard body attracting the monsters. Choosing out of a guilty conscience to take a stand alongside the other adventurers hired to guard the caravan, he nevertheless could only inwardly apologise when they were impressed by Darkness "noblely" letting herself being Binded by one of their skills and drawing the attention of the Running Hawkites jumping over her. As the passing flock turned back for another run on them, Kazuma having heard of a cave nearby jumped alongside his companions aboard their carriage and rode it over there, though with Darkness he had no choice but to have her Binded form dragged behind them. Using Powered strength upon arrival, he dumped Darkness at the mouth of the cave so that the Running Hawkites would all jump over her before disappearing inside, at which he ordered Megumin to wipe out the whole flock with an Explosion.[54]

As the caravan made camp that night, Kazuma guiltily refused the rewards offered by the grateful caravan leader, before he made repairs to Darkness' battered armour. Hours later, he was waken from his slumber by attacking Zombies, a phenomenon he soon realised was caused by Aqua's characteristic of attracting Undeads, and so inwardly apologised to the other people as they were impressed by Aqua's purification of the Zombies, as well as refused the rewards offered by the caravan leader once more.[54] Allotted to sit on the carriage's luggage compartment when the caravan set out the following morning, Kazuma used Farsight to peek at Wiz's breasts, and later played magic tricks before punishing Aqua for flooding the carriage.[67]

Finally arriving at the beautiful city of Arcanletia, Kazuma despite explaining how his party was responsible for all the monster attacks, still got offered free lodging for him and his companions by the grateful caravan leader at an inn he owned. While carrying a Wiz still unconscious from being caught in Aqua's purifying powers, he was soon shocked to find crowds of Axis followers attempting to convert him to their order, and even more so when Aqua revealed that Arcanletia was the headquarters of the Axis Order. Managing to get away by pointing out Aqua as an Axis Archpriest, Kazuma and Darkness brought Wiz to rest at the inn, before the pair strolled around the city.[68]

As they passed through the business district, an arrogant Elf and a stubborn Dwarf quarrelled in front of them as the shopkeepers looking and acting just like their kind in storybooks tried to sell their wares to the two impressed tourists. When turning back to ask the shopkeepers about local attractions, however, Kazuma discovered to his disappointment that the Elf who actually had round ears and the Dwarf who was actually wearing a fake beard were simply putting on an act for tourists, before hearing them talk about some hot springs recently causing illness to those who bathed in them.[68]

Continuing to walk around with Darkness, Kazuma helped a young woman pick up the apples she dropped, yet immediately had her latch onto him while trying to convert him to the Axis faith, until Darkness revealed her talisman of the Eris Order to drive the irked woman off. Accordingly faced with a burly man pretending to be an Eris follower assaulting a woman, a shopkeeper offering him free gifts, and a young girl claiming to be his old schoolmate, Kazuma becoming sick of all the conversion attempts further got exasperated at Darkness being turned on by the insults thrown her way by the Axis followers. Refusing the pervert's request for them to move to Arcanletia, the sight of a little girl whom he helped to her feet after she tripped over on their way back to the inn made Kazuma feel relieved, only to be nearly tricked into signing a conversion form for the Axis Order, which at last made him lose it.[68]

Kazuma consequently marched up in anger to main cathedral of the Axis Order, then after being made fun of by a priestess informing him of their pontiff's absence, tried to demand Aqua who sat inside the confessional to restrain her followers. His initial requests deflected by Aqua through a number of holy advice, Kazuma finally got her attention and pulled into her compartment when he confessed a number of misdeeds he had secretly committed on her. He next became disgusted at an Axis follower coming to confess about being tempted by the big breasts of Eris on her portrait depictions, and more so at Aqua when she consoled her follower by spreading how Eris wears chest pads. Kazuma later collected Megumin and Darkness, before leaving Aqua to bathe at the cathedral's secret springs as he headed back.[68]

He returned to the inn to frustratedly discover Wiz, whom he had dreamed of bathing together with, already having bathed in the hot springs, so Kazuma decided to head for the mixed-bathing springs even though the others refrained from accompanying him. While stripping in the undressing room, however, Kazuma overheard Hans at the springs on the other side of the door boasting of him sabotaging the secret springs among others, so that he can over his long lifespan see to the destruction of the hated Axis Order. Realising how he had just listened in on a conspiracy by high-ranking members of the Devil King's Army, the spineless Kazuma, who also wanted the Axis Order gone, tried to avoid trouble by sneaking away, but changed his mind upon hearing Wolbach replying to Hans, and instead strode right into the springs to blatantly stare at her naked body. Left alone with her upon Hans' departure, Kazuma engaged in a conversation with Wolbach, who spoke of seeking her other half for restoring her full magic powers, as well as having taught a Crimson Demon girl magic, before hearing her warn him against bathing in the city's springs again as she left.[68]
(In the anime where Wolbach left the hot springs first because Kazuma's staring disturbed her, he and Hans were massaged by some masseurs who tried to convert them much to their rage)[69]

Remaining in the mixed baths when both members of the Devil King's Army were gone, Kazuma next heard Megumin and Darkness entering the neighbouring women baths. Pressing himself against the fence separating the baths, he eavesdropped on the girls discussing him, only to play right into their hands as Darkness punched the fence to hit him. This cumulated in Kazuma Creating Water to spray the girls, while they threw things including Chomusuke at him, before they returned to their suite to find Aqua weeping over her being scolded for purifying the secret springs into pure hot water.[68]

Despite knowing it to be the truth, Kazuma tried to ignore Aqua's declaration at breakfast the next morning about discovering a conspiracy by the Devil King's Army to bankrupt the Axis Order because the secret spring she had purified turned out to be poisoned. Unsure of what to do after Aqua dragged Darkness away, he agreed to bring Megumin outside the city for an Explosion, a trip which Wiz also accompanied them on. While strolling through the streets, Kazuma inquired Wiz of the reason she switched from and adventurer to a Lich as well as her age, though he didn't get a straight answer for either question. Then when Wiz noticed Hans in the distance, he quickly dragged her and Megumin to complete the daily Explosion, so that she won't notice her fellow colleague in the Devil King's Army and inevitably pull him into the mess.[70]
(Following breakfast in the anime, Kazuma brought Megumin out strolling in the streets, where they munched on Arcan Manjus before gettting harassed again, and later witnessed at the lakeside a maddened Hans venting his frustration towards the Axis Order, before Wiz ran up to join the two of them)[69]

Kazuma was reminded of Wiz's identity as a powerful Lich when as the three of them made their way into the forest outside Arcanletia, she scared away the weaker monsters and defeated a Beginner's Bane attracted by Megumin's Explosion simply by letting it pounce onto her so that her passive Lich skills could render it incapacitated. Recharging Megumin so she could follow them back, Kazuma next witnessed Aqua's failed attempt at preaching about the danger facing the city, and decided to leg it upon Aqua's proclamation as the Axis Order's goddess inviting nothing but anger from her followers, though later that night he agreed to help her find the culprit.[70]
(In the anime, he joined the others when the gang had to escape the inn because a mob of Axis followers came at night to lynch Aqua)[69]

Joining his party's efforts with distributing around the inns questionnaires that ended up identifying Hans as the prime poisoning suspect, Kazuma blurted out how he had already eavesdropped all about the conspiracy, and as a result had to fend off the furious girls trying to beat him up. Later at the local Adventurer Guild, he proceeded to use Darkness' noble status for persuading the employees into looking out for the culprit, subsequent to which they had a discussion of nobility and their relationship with her as they made their way back to the inn, where they were told by a Guild employee that widespread contamination were appearing in the hot springs all over the city.[70]

On the gang's way up the next day to the main spring situated in the mountains behind the main cathedral, Kazuma again used Darkness' noble status to get past the Eris followers guarding the gate leading there, before cajoling the Crusader into forgetting the embarrassment. Feeling uneasy when coming across the dissolved remains of a Beginner's Bane, he next got quipped at by Megumin over his low levels. Kazuma then had to use ice magic for cooling down Aqua's scalded hands when the goddess stuck them into steaming distribution ponds they came across in order to purify the poison contaminating them, with the gang accordingly running into Hans at the source reservoir which he was in the act of poisoning. Subsequently hearing Wiz identify Hans as a Deadly Poison Slime who like her was part of the Devil King's Army, the Japanese gamer who thought Slimes were but weak mooks surprised the others by confidently challenging Hans, only to be shocked upon discovering that not only was he a Devil King's General, but Slimes in this world are powerful adversaries capable of digesting people to the point they couldn't be Resurrected. Fleeing in panic down the mountain with his companions following, Kazuma was at length spared by the Hans chasing them when revealing how he was just a weak Adventurer. He nevertheless accompanied Aqua when she turned back to fight Hans, even though he believed that the world would be better off without the Axis Order.[71]
(In the anime, the gang headed towards the main spring at night while being pursued by the lynch mob, which blocked their escape path when Kazuma fled from Hans, and eventually forced him to turn back and fight)[72]

Kazuma consequently became astounded when Wiz got enraged by Hans devouring the old man maintaining the main spring and froze the Deadly Poison Slime in place, before Sniping with the help of Aqua's Blessing the globules of deadly poison Hans was tossing towards the uncontaminated springs until he ran out of arrows, which forced Aqua to purify the springs while Wiz cooled down her scalded hands. As the Devil King's General reverted to his true monstrous form, Kazuma could only run while Hans devoured everything around him, until noticing how the Deadly Poison Slime was just instinctively moving towards anything edible. He proceeded to divert Hans' attention from Aqua and Wiz by throwing out a pack of souvenir Arcan Manjus, then instructed Megumin to cast Explosion on Hans, before letting himself get Drain Touched by Wiz until he lost consciousness, so that she could freeze the reduced parts of the Deadly Poison Slime as they splattered all over for Aqua to purify.[71]
(In the anime where the Axis followers joined the fight, Kazuma after noticing the undissolved bones of the old man devoured by Hans, confirmed with Aqua that she could still Resurrect somebody in this state, so after instructing Megumin to reduce Hans' volume by blowing him smaller in order for Wiz to freeze solid, the Adventurer using himself as bait lured Hans away from Aqua and into a nearby gorge, and was consequently devoured before having all his flesh melted off his bones)[72]

Regaining consciousness afterwards only to discover the townsfolk furious at Aqua because while purifying Hans' pieces, she had turned the water gushing out of the main spring into pure hot water and thus ruined Arcanletia's hot springs industry, Kazuma pacified the incident by relinquishing their rewards from defeating another Devil King's General as reparations to the city.[71] Quickly taking his companions back to Axel, he returned to the mansion even more tired than before the trip while feeling unsatisfied from his mixed-bathing experience, and proceeded to sit down for a cup of tea before Yunyun came knocking.[73]
(In the anime, Kazuma appeared in front of Eris as a pile of bones preceding his Resurrection by Aqua, then upon to his return to Axel proceeded to spend a long period there before heading to the Crimson Demon Village)[72]

At some point during the period, Kazuma became impressed at Aqua employing her purification abilities at a broken water purification plant, until he discovered how she was the one who damaged it in the first place when showing off her water summoning powers.[74] He was also Blessed by her so that he could draw from a raffle the special prize described as a mysterious magic item from another world, which turned out to be a worn old style mobile phone.[75] On the days Megumin regularly visited a captured red-eyed Beginner's Bane, Kazuma too accompanied her.[76] When the town festival held a scaring contest, in which Wiz was set up by Aqua to dress as a Zombie, Kazuma went with Aqua for escorting her to the standby location.[77]
(In the audio drama, Kazuma bought a diary for writing down a glorious autobiography, but because trying to write at the fireplace couch, toilet, and bathroom all resulted in Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness respectively bothering him, he instead wrote vituperative accounts of several incidents concerning each of them. This depiction of the girls however wasn't taken kindly by his party members, who proceeded to rip up all his hard work, leaving him to bawl all about it in tears to the Ruffian)[78]

Yorimichi 2 3

Kazuma takes his party back to Japan

Solicited by Wiz a magic item that sends people to another world for 12 hours before forcing their return and wiping their memories of the trip, upon hearing the destination to be Japan, Kazuma quickly bought it in order to take his party back to his homeland, where he planned to visit his old home once night falls for erasing his computer's hard disk of anything he didn't want others to see. Handing the girls some Japanese yen he had been carrying around ever since his first death as pocket money, Kazuma hurriedly vetoed Aqua's idea for him to Steal from ATMs, and instead took them to enjoy some fast food, following which he took them by train to Akihabara where their outfits won't attract attention, though Aqua caused a fuss when her hagoromo got caught in the train door. After the girls bought some drinks and was approached by a pornography scout, Kazuma took them to a gaming centre he used to frequent, where he once more dominated a number of games to Megumin's awe, until he had to go settle some trouble with Darkness as well as help Aqua with getting a Pokachu keyholder from a claw machine. When night finally fell, Kazuma led his party back to his home at an hour when his family was asleep, and instructed the girls to stay outside while he sneaked inside alone. Back in his room which had remained unchanged ever since his death, he proceeded to erase his computer's hard disk just as the girls outside got into an argument with the police. Next discovering the effects of the magic item running out, Kazuma left behind for his family the eris coins he had brought along, and was accordingly transported back to the Parallel World, where the party had no recollection of the events that transpired.[79]
(In the audio drama, Kazuma started out with shutting himself in his mansion bedroom while the girls tried to goad him out, and upon Aqua threatening to reveal his secret stash of dirty material he had hidden inside, remembered how his embarrassing collection of pornography was still on his hard drive back in Japan, prompting him to readily accept Wiz's solicitation of the magic item that brought them back there for 6 hours. Arriving at Akihabara where Kazuma waited till nightfall as his party members had various misadventures, he led them back to his home and left them outside while he sneaked into his bedroom. Yet despite opening his passworded hard drive that nobody else had accessed, Kazuma hesitated from deleting the "treasures" that had accompanied him for many years. Accordingly rushing outside to rebuke the girls who got into an argument with the police, he realised to his horror that the party was being transported back because the effects of the magic item ran out, leaving the hard disk and its contents open for the world to see, though Kazuma didn't remember any of it upon return)[80]

Taking Megumin out for Explosion one day, Kazuma who wanted to feel a girl against his back but also found piggybacking tiring had his thoughts pointed out by Vanir who tailed them, and against Megumin's protests bought the baby sling offered by the Archdemon. Kazuma later accompanied Aqua who trailed the former Devil King's General for any excuse to exorcise him, then witnessed the vegetable selling contest between the two of them. Hearing Darkness talk about a number of male adventurers claiming to have screamed in their inn rooms at night because of nightmares, he helped Aqua sell some Axis talismans for warding off low-ranking Demons suspected to be the culprit, before realising that it didn't sell because the Succubi would be repelled too. He was next told by Dust and Keith about the Succubus Cafe offering a "special service" ticket available only through raffle, which he easily obtained with his high Luck stats. Yet as he excitedly waited in anticipation at an inn that night, the Succubus who showed up to seduce him turned out to be a shapeshifted Vanir aiming to taste bitter disappointment from male adventurers through this intricate setup. Screaming in frustration and getting scolded by the inn owner as a result, Kazuma furiously called for Aqua to exorcise the Duke of Hell once returning to the mansion, only to hear the goddess express her reluctance to do so for the time being.[81]

When Kazuma was munching on skewers along the streetside one day, he was intimidated by the approach of Zatu Ozuma who was looking for a "Satou Kazuma". Since Ozuma had travelled all the way to Axel for voicing protest at the Adventurer with a similar name but bad reputation, Kazuma upon meeting the veteran adventurer's party members, who had names similar to his own companions, decided to identify himself as "Tanaka". Invited to a meal at a restaurant, "Tanaka" brought Ozuma's party to tears with a touching account of how Kazuma repeatedly saved the city and overcame debt along with countless hardships to become a successful businessman, before telling his party members all about the encounter at his mansion. An angry Ozuma however came knocking with his party on the following morning, and called Kazuma out for the various scummy deeds he had subsequently discovered about him, though Kazuma in retaliation pointed out how his autobiography which they wept at didn't contain falsehood. Despite his refutation nearly convincing Megumi into apologising before Ozuma stopped her, Larkless' accusation of Darkness being an "imposter" brought Kazuma's party into a disadvantaged position, until Megumin challenged Ozuma's party to make themselves a name in Axel as adventurers.[82]

Kazuma proceeded to laze around during the ensuing fortnight, only deigning to craft a silver arrow out of boredom. Yet upon finally bringing his party to the Guild, he discovered in shock that Ozuma's party had became the star for defeating various powerful monsters including many One-Punch Bears. Now described by Ozuma to be the party of "imposters", Kazuma was saved from his predicament when an adventurer was carried in sporting serious wounds inflicted by White Wolves that appeared closer than ever to the city. Going with the flow of Ozuma and his party being astonished by Aqua easily healing the mortal wounds, he made up a theory about Ozuma's party disrupting the local ecology through overhunting One-Punch Bears, resulting in White Wolves flourishing so much they spilled out into the city's vicinity. When the two parties found the pack sporting numbers that alarmed Ozuma's party, Kazuma having identified the pack's alpha with Farsight Sniped it under Aqua's Blessing using the silver arrow, much to Akua and Ozuma's amazement. Further instructing Darkness and Megumin to respectively assemble and annihilate the attacking pack with Decoy and Explosion, Kazuma's party reconciled with the apologetic Ozuma's party, whose past experiences made Kazuma reckon them to appear more like fantasy protagonists. Accordingly told by Ozuma's party their other goal of thanking Kazuma's party for defeating Hans, and hearing them list a number of misdeeds they now thought were slander against Kazuma's party, the very much guilty Kazuma along with his party members apologised for causing trouble to the similarly named party.[82]

When storm season approached, Kazuma got ridiculed for not knowing that storms were caused by the agitated Great Spirit of the Storm, then suggested the Guild and other adventurers look to Yunyun for fighting the spirit off as a ploy to make Megumin agree to fight too. Heading to the lake where the raging spirit manifested as the only adventurer other than Aqua who wasn't dressed for swimming, he enjoyed the sight of Wiz and various other female adventurers dressed in swimsuits, and became excited when some male adventurers spoke of the Great Spirit of the Storm possibly releasing a powerful gust of wind capable of blowing the bikinis off the female adventurers. Joining the male adventurers swimming into the lake for defending the magic-users casting a barrage at the spirit, he talked Megumin into making preparations ashore and rescued the non-aquatic Darkness, before dragging Aqua back from the maelstrom caused by the Great Spirit of the Storm she was arguing with, while having her provoke it into chasing them towards the shore. Under his instructions, Yunyun, Wiz, and Megumin consecutively blasted the spirit with their spells, releasing it of its pent-up magical power. The relieved Great Spirit of the Storm proceeded to reward the adventurers with an exceptionally powerful gust, only to have it Broken by Aqua, much to the grave disappointment of Kazuma and all other male adventurers.[83]

Trying to pose as a veteran adventurer by ordering a glass of whiskey at the Guild's bar one day, Kazuma was approached by a new adventurer named Ran who called herself a fan of him, so he disposed of the whiskey that he actually couldn't stomach by having Ran drink it up. Luna accordingly approached Kazuma with a quest for purging a strange Golem guarding some mysterious ruins, one which he couldn't refuse in front of his fan. Forcing the reluctant Aqua into going with the party to the ancient ruins by taking her staff, Kazuma became exasperated upon discovering the Titan Golem standing sentry to be a robot clearly created by some Japanese reincarnate. Barely making it out from the self-detonation of the Titan Golem following its defeat, Kazuma returned to the Guild to give Ran a romanticised account of the quest, and when she became enamoured by Mitsurugi's presence, jealously reiterated the Swordmaster's prior loss at his hands as well as the fact of him vanquishing three of the Devil King's Generals.[84]

Kazuma was subsequently approached by Luna once more, and under Ran's watching eyes had to accept another quest for exploring the tunnels beneath those ruins. Bringing his party into the underground facility, where they only found all sorts of broken Japanese commodities and some little Golems possessed by Ghosts, Kazuma in the living quarters of the facility's creator listened to Aqua recite the diary of his fellow reincarnate. Shamed by the predecessor's initial determination for defeating the Devil King, Kazuma soon became incensed at that NEET's descent into the worthless depravity of creating Golem girls, before realising his identity as the Head Researcher who created the Destroyer. Kazuma nevertheless unsealed a completed Pretty Girl Golem created by the NEET scientist, only to find out that it possessed a sadistic personality for servicing its perverted creator's masochism. Managing to make it out albeit with a pain in the butt, Kazuma gave Ran a glorified version of the story back at the Guild. He later walked in on an argument between Ran and Luna, and discovered how the latter was paying the former to pose as his fan so that he will be forced to take quests instead of lazing around, so in retaliation the gravely upset Kazuma Stole the two women's panties.[84]

Cursed Ring Arc[]

Cursed Ring Game

Kazuma picks up the cursed ring

While bickering with the Megumin he was carrying back from her Explosion routine out on the grasslands one day, Kazuma picked up along the way a ring which he planned to sell, but at Megumin's advice took it to Wiz's Shop for assessment in case it was cursed. Following Megumin and Yunyun's scuffle at the shop where Vanir was absent, he was told by Wiz about the ring possessing some effect that she couldn't ascertain. Back at the mansion where Aqua treated the party to a sukiyaki feast, Kazuma while drunk accepted her dare to slip the ring on. He became shocked when waking up the following morning to find a girl's panties in his hand as well as the ring becoming stuck onto his finger, and subsequent to running out for help over the ring only to have his disgusted party members see him holding the panties, Kazuma trying to find out who its owner was guessed that all three girls were pantyless, which as a result got him punched by Aqua.[85]

Later hurrying with his party to Wiz's Shop where Vanir had returned to, Kazuma listened to him explain the history of the cursed ring and its effects of forcing wearers to steal panties upon every full moon, before turning flabbergasted by the 30 million eris fee charged by the Archdemon for removing the ring. Overhearing the girls discussing chopping his finger off instead, the horrified Kazuma vehemently refused even when Aqua offered to flawlessly reattach it, and chose to work for earning the humongous fee. On the way back to the mansion, Kazuma came up with a policy of publicly returning the Stolen panties to its owners like a gentleman should, before holding meetings with the girls in addition to Wiz, Chris, and Yunyun for discussing plans to earn money.[85]

On the night of the subsequent full moon, Kazuma despite the girls spending the night elsewhere in addition to taking all panties in the mansion with them, still woke up to find himself having Stolen somebody's panties, a phenomenon Wiz discovered to have resulted from the ring enhancing Kazuma's abilities. Talking his party members out of cutting off or destroying any part of him, he headed for the Guild, where everyone including Dust and Keith had thanks to Aqua's big mouth heard about him stealing panties. Kazuma was next offered by Luna a spot at the Guild's hall for running a business, then when served tea afterwards at Wiz's Shop by the shopkeeper who took out a maid uniform, came up with the idea of opening a maid café. Buying all the maid uniforms, Kazuma managed to persuade the six women helping him into working as the maid waitresses, in addition to receiving permission from Luna into opening the café at the Guild.[86]

Kazuma soon got the women to change into the maid uniforms while dressing up as a butler himself, and began training them on how they should act and speak, then had them go advertising the maid café in their maid outfits. When the day of opening finally came, just as Kazuma had planned the adventurer customers got a pleasant surprise as the six maids acting differently from their usual selves came to serve them. Yet despite high earnings on the first day, Kazuma discovered that they still need to make more money in order to quickly earn the ring removal fee, so he began coming up with adding extra paid services. Soon hearing of some customers becoming discontent as well as the café earning the ire of Luna because the Guild's own dining hall was losing business, Kazuma suggested milking the customers with a hefty point system that rewards them by the option of dating a maid, even though he planned to close the café by the time they gather all the points. His scamming scheme however got overheard by Luna, who used it as leverage for forcing him to immediately close the maid café as well as charging space usage fees, leaving Kazuma with little gain that he then had to share with the others.[86]

Waking up from a full moon's nightmare where his party members chopped his finger off, Kazuma still feeling groggy found himself holding two panties, so escaping a pursuing Megumin by jumping out the window, he headed for Wiz's Shop where Vanir had returned to subsequent to his long trip. There Kazuma heard from the Archdemon of how the ring had enhanced his abilities again, and subsequent to Wiz being zapped unconscious, was further told that he could be drained to death someday should this keep up. Leaving the shop in melancholy, Kazuma expressed at the Guild his woes to Dust and Keith, though the two warned him to take more heed at the danger of the girls in his party killing him instead. Kazuma was next informed by them and Luna about a Sports Festival that offers tens of millions in prizes for the winning team, so he afterwards discussed about it with his party and Wiz, before persuading Chris and Yunyun to join them so they could make a team meeting the required number of members.[87]

He proceeded to take his team on swimming training at the lake, where the sight of them in swimsuits dazzled him. Next Kazuma separated his team into various training regimens where some members instructed others depending on their swimming levels, though there were some incidents on the first day of training, such as Chris and Darkness' swimsuits mysteriously coming off as well as Aqua detecting the presence of Brutal Alligators. Kazuma anyhow geared his team up by the day of the Sports Festivals, which they all managed to attend on time despite some mishaps, then after a Giant Toad attack during the adventurers' race across the grasslands, Kazuma got kicked at by a jealous Dust before Chris and Wiz stopped him. Noticing other male adventurers dawdling at the lakeside waiting for female adventurers to show up in swimsuits, Kazuma talked his teammates into speaking seductive lines as they changed in order to delay as many rivals as possible. He soon discovered while in the lake how Aqua was simply manipulating water instead of actually swimming, and proceeded to have an argument with her over how to split the prize, only to be nearly suffocated when the goddess panickedly clambered over his face because Brutal Alligator hatchlings were found snapping at the swimsuits of competitors. Despite managing to make it ashore, Kazuma's hopes of winning the prize went up in smoke because the Explosion consequently let loose by Megumin resulted in the festival cancelled.[87]

With another full moon's night seeing Kazuma wake up holding three panties, he found the girls having breakfast at the Guild while proposing various ways to dispose of the ring that are also awfully painful and/or fatal to him. Racking his brains for ways to earn the ring removal fee, Kazuma proposed selling light novels, yet the theme ideas that the girls came up with didn't ring well with him, and an ensuing consultation with Vanir ended with Kazuma scrapping the project. A suggestion from Aqua about singing, however, gave Kazuma the idea of starting an idol unit. He accordingly called on his knowledge gleaned from television shows and anime for explaining the concept to the otherworlder girls, and managed to talk them into becoming idol members, following which he as their producer led everybody in working overnight to fabricate the idol costumes.[88]

Kazuma afterwards started putting the unit members through voice and physical training, in addition to maintaining their diet and lifestyle. He then had them practise not only their singing and dancing, but also prepare for handshaking events with the help of Dust and Keith, before teaching the members how to draw signatures and hold an idol graduation ceremony. Furthermore busying himself with the necessary administrative work, Kazuma finally was able to get a live performance held for the idol unit that he named "Shiny Blue", which debuted with astounding success. Proceeding to hold repeated days of performances, he soon found illegal sales of tickets and goods cutting into their revenue, so he tried to hold paid special events. Yet at some point the number of audience abruptly dropped to his befuddlement, until Luna came to tell him how Aqua had been attempting to convert people into the Axis Order during the unit's handshaking events. Although the thoroughly furious Kazuma later confronted Aqua over it, at that point there was nothing he could do but cut their losses by holding an idol graduation ceremony to disband the unit.[88]

After contemplating his upcoming ludicrous death from overdraining, much like the one he suffered before arriving to this world, upon waking up to discover four panties in his hand, Kazuma was approached by his concerned party members, who told him about something powerful attempting to break into the mansion during the night before being repelled by Aqua's magic barrier around it. With a search around the mansion revealing no traces of the intruder, which Kazuma fearfully deduced to wield power similar to the Devil King's Generals, he and the others followed Aqua who charged into Wiz's Shop to accuse Vanir for the attempted break-in, where he told Darkness to restrain the rabid goddess as well as a piqued Megumin. Accordingly grilled at the Guild by his party over the stolen panties, Kazuma was unexpectedly offered by Luna in secret a rewarding quest entailing the scouting of a cave used as a hideout by a band of thieves where they hid stolen antiques. His party members though declined from accompanying him, so through some persuasion, Kazuma eventually got Chris and Yunyun to reluctantly go with him instead.[89]

Following an awkward trip to the riverhead lake and having a picnic there, Kazuma led the girls through the forest towards the cave, on the way to which he became delighted looking up at them when a hunting net trap dangled the distressed pair above him. Finally entering the cave, he led them crawling through a narrow passageway that turned out to be rigged with a trapdoor. Accordingly dropped into a deeper part of the cave system, Kazuma and the girls defeated a horde of attacking monsters before seeking another way out of the cave, only to be shocked when the trio later found a Skull Dragon sleeping close to the exit. Retreating the way they came, they ran into Aqua who trailed Kazuma alongside Megumin, Darkness, and Wiz, and together repelled an ensuing Undead attack. Unable to find another way out, Kazuma had the girls huddle around him so he could cover them all with Lurk as they sneaked past the Skull Dragon, yet a sudden flashing of the cursed ring as he neared it woke the undead monstrosity up. Managing to lead the others outside before the cave was brought down onto its head, he was shocked to discover the Skull Dragon having broke its way out, then subsequent to it leaving after noticing him, heard from Luna as he reported about the Skull Dragon how the quest was deemed a failure.[89]

Exasperatedly waking up from a full moon night to hold five panties, Kazuma thwarted an attempt by his party members to sneak into his room and retrieve them. He afterwards held a meeting with the trio for discussing other ways to earn money, yet well-paying quests were too difficult for their caliber, so following a talk with Dust and Keith, Kazuma took his party on an attempt to negotiate a lower ring removal fee with Vanir, though to no avail. Next running into Chris and Yunyun whom he persuaded into assisting, Kazuma went around looking for odd jobs around town that the members could split up and work on. But despite the initial promising prospects of the jobs, he calculated several days later how at the rate they were going, it will take several years before the required amount of money can be gathered. The emergency meeting Kazuma held with the five girls for discussing the matter, however, was interrupted by an emergency assembly broadcast by the Guild that specifically required their presence. Arriving at the Guild to find all the other adventurers including Wiz there, they heard Luna announce the gradual approach of the Skull Dragon towards Axel and the emergency quest declared upon it, before the cursed ring began flashing again.[90]

Kazuma with his companions thus excused themselves and headed for Wiz's Shop, where Vanir explained to them the Skull Dragon's history as well as its connection to the cursed ring. His hopes of conversing with the mage's soul inside the Skull Dragon dashed because it was busy battling with the dragon's soul, Kazuma and his companions came up with a strategy similar to how they fought the Destroyer, which comprises of the other adventurers holding the Skull Dragon in place for Explosions to weaken it before Aqua purifies the monster. Accordingly returning to the Guild and reciting what they discovered, albeit leaving out the part about the cursed ring's connection to it all, Kazuma joined in a toast prior to the battle, which proceeded just as he had planned. Although the Skull Dragon surprisingly survived, the damage wrought upon it finally allowed the mage's soul to gain supremacy over the body, so Kazuma and his companions had a private talk with him. After hearing the mage lament about the unfairness of the world towards his panty-stealing brother, Kazuma managed to persuade him from enacting vengeance by citing how there won't be any more panties if humans were all killed. He furthermore handed over the five panties he had stolen so that the mage could share them with his brother in the afterlife, at which the satisfied mage let Aqua purify him and the Skull Dragon's body. Kazuma next became overjoyed at the cursed ring crumbling, only to have the panties' enraged owners send him to Eris. Later Resurrected by Aqua, his fate thereafter depended on the series of possible rewards and penalties contingent upon on his performance in the "Panty Judgments" as well as his conversational responses to the heroines.[90]

He might notice Aqua making frequent outings lately, and following nightfall on a day he returned with Megumin from an unsatisfactory Explosion routine to hear Dust and Keith talk about an enigmatic mob settling on the edge of town, Kazuma found it strange that Aqua returned with "donations" of expensive crab for dinner, which were then joined by other pricey goods whenever she returned from excursions in the middle of the night. With the other girls also concerned about the source of the goods, Kazuma trailed Aqua some nights later when she sneaked out of the mansion towards the residence of the said mob, where he witnessed the goddess worshipped by what appeared to be Axis cultists, but according to the teary Aqua on the next day, were actually a gang of con artists, who tricked her into borrowing millions of eris at loanshark rates using the mansion as collateral. Determined to avoid sleeping in stables again, he agreed to help Aqua earn money for repayment. Making in the ensuing days little progress towards earning money through odd jobs and easy quests, the party was notified by Aqua about a beauty pageant held by the Eris Order with a prize of millions of eris. Kazuma accordingly instructed Megumin to secretly post a quest at the Guild for taking out the con artists, while putting Aqua through intense pageant training so that she could act goddess-ly enough to appeal to the Eris followers on the pageant's judge panel. After having Aqua dress-up, jog through toad country (and occasionally being gobbled up), discuss with Dust and Keith, as well as take dialogue sessions for personality rectification from Wiz, he became exasperated upon the goddess managing to be declared the winner but blow it at the last minute. However, because at that point some Eris followers had already performed his quest against the con artists for free, Kazuma no longer having a need for quick money simply kept the fact hidden so Aqua could be made to continuously work.[91]

He might while bickering with the Megumin he was carrying back from her Explosion routine out on the grasslands one day pick up another ring, which he took to Wiz's Shop for assessment. Despite refusing Vanir's services in fear of being charged, the Archdemon still slapped a huge assessment fee upon answering Megumin's question about the ring which contained a weak curse originating from regrets, so Kazuma agreed on the offered deal to pay by breaking a curse at a church of Eris in his stead. Advised to bring the ring with him, he took Megumin to check out the empty church, yet subsequent to scaring her, discovered both of them trapped within the structure by the curse. Unable to break out, he suggested abiding by the bloody words appearing on a wall that instructed them to hold a wedding ceremony so the curse could be lifted, yet Megumin's refusal to perform even a pretend one forced him to wait for aid. Discussing the curse as they looked around for food, Kazuma in the end chose to dine on the hand-baked cookies Megumin had brought along instead. When resting on the chapel pews after nightfall as Megumin went for a shower, however, Kazuma became spooked by the appearance of a ghost that sent him seeking refuge by the Crimson Demon while she was naked. Trying to sleep after failing to find the bride ghost, he eventually witnessed it again when accompanying Megumin to the toilet, thus went to bed with her in the church's bedroom. Hours later, Kazuma was woken by Megumin whom the bride ghost cursed into donning a wedding dress she couldn't remove, allowing him to convince her of the wedding ceremony's necessity. Through some trial and error with the ceremonial procedures at the chapel, they ended the ceremony with Kazuma slipping the ring onto Megumin as well as both swearing fealty to the other, following which the curse lifted in a peal of bells and let them go home.[92] Aqua and Darkness went along to investigate the cursed church to find out of curiosity after Kazuma and Megumin returns late the day before. After Aqua did a little bit questioning with the ghosts inside the church. It turns out that the church are filled with a lot of Female Ghosts with regret of not marrying before they die. Soon after Aqua , Megumin and Darkness got their clothes swapped to wedding gowns. Each Heroines got their own reaction as Megumin immediately went flustered where as Darkness ponders into her S&M fantasy while Aqua got amused that the Ghosts mischief able to affect the goddess like herself

He might hear Darkness report during dinner about the rewards from the emergency quest still being calculated, and consequently sighed repeatedly upon thinking of the party's financial situation, making Darkness visit his room to ask about what was troubling him. Playing down his worries so that she won't be concerned after all the previous messes, Kazuma woke up the next day to miss breakfast, before sighing when he found the girls secretly discussing him. He was next surprised when Darkness earnestly accompanied him on his walk, then upon eavesdropping on her conversation with the other girls after returning to the mansion, realised that she was in love with him, though his anticipation was replaced during dinner by doubt about her simply playing a prank. Kazuma thus began testing it out by having Darkness perform more intimate actions like dressing and feeding him despite the other girls' quips, then accompanied her on a walk through the city and out into the grasslands, though the other girls trailing them attracted some Giant Toads, one of which went for him before gobbling up Darkness who pushed him out of the way. Wallowing in disappointment over how the date turned out while he bathed, Kazuma instinctively Lurked once the girls entered the bathroom, yet the girls' frolicking eventually broke his concentration to reveal his presence for Aqua to punch him. Later apologising over the incident at Darkness' behest, he began sighing again as soon as thoughts about their financial woes resurfaced, though during dinner he still feigned drunkenness in order to cozy up with Darkness. Yet on the following morning, Kazuma discovered, much to his embarrassment, that Darkness was simply trying to cheer him up because he kept sighing. Accordingly apologised at by Darkness, he nevertheless joined her and the other girls on another quest.[93]

He might go find Wiz to apologise for the trouble he caused after doing so with Chris, then offered to help around her shop for free. First reordering the merchandise on the shelves, Kazuma discovered how unattractive their labelling and defects were, before joining Wiz on inventory purchasing because no customers were expected. Witnessing Aqua elatedly selling croquettes on their way to the marketplace, he next became flabbergasted at how the benevolent Wiz kept getting conned by crafty stall owners into buying suspicious junk at outrageous prices, and returned home to hear Aqua talk about purifying many Ghosts that attacked her on the way back. Unable to get any good ideas about magic items from his party members, Kazuma going to help at Wiz's Shop again heard about the shopkeeper getting lots of purification requests against rampaging Ghosts, then after having tea with her, pointed out some flaws with her business methods. Next he took her asking around for what kinds of magic items do people want, though she ended up looking after some children, whose mothers too talked about Ghosts causing a disturbance on the previous night. Running into Aqua as he and Wiz talked about the Ghosts, Kazuma suspecting the goddess to be somehow involved agreed to help Wiz with the purification requests later that night. He first helped her carry a sack of holy water to the Guild, where Luna told them Aqua had already purified the Ghosts there, before Wiz spread holy water around the structure and throughout town for free to keep Ghosts from congregating. Despite telling her off for the rewardless work, Kazuma still became impressed at Wiz directing some children's souls to the afterlife, and expressed concern at her feeling uncomfortable when heading to work on a church of Eris. Kazuma then restrained Aqua, who chose to leave the Ghosts in the church alone, when she confronted Wiz, and as they walked back along the riverside, found that the goddess' divine aura had agitated the Ghosts due to elation from getting a pay raise and free croquettes at her job. Angered by Aqua subsequently showing off to people her ghostbusting in hopes of getting paid, Kazuma tried making the debt-ridden goddess split her earnings with Wiz, yet in the scuffle splashed holy water all over the Lich. Kazuma proceeded to shove Wiz into the river lest she gets burned away, following which he accompanied her back to the shop.[94]

He might go find Chris to apologise for the trouble he caused after doing so with Wiz, though the Thief teasingly requested him to pay her 1 million eris before leaving without requesting him do anything. Hoping to do something for Chris anyways, Kazuma trailed behind her all over town and out in order to find out what she may like, in the process running into each of his party members, to whom he summarised how he wanted to find Chris as well as grumbled about him better off paying 1 million eris than get led around in circles. Going back home after losing her, he was woken the following morning by signal guns fired by the Guild, and heading there to investigate, became perplexed by Dust and Keith thanking him for his generosity, before turning horrified when Darkness informed him that somebody had posted a quest in his name, which entailed him paying 1 million eris to whoever captures Chris within six hours. Since it was already too late to cancel the quest, at Luna's advice Kazuma went looking around for Chris so he could keep her from capture, and eventually found her at Wiz's Shop, though between its shopkeeper trying to serve them drugged tea and some adventurers led by Keith discovering them, Kazuma had to take Chris fleeing through tight alleyways towards his mansion. Explaining to Megumin who had been waiting in ambush there how he didn't post the quest, he and Chris got her aid with escaping again when some adventurers came barging in, though both of them were at length cornered on the streets. Kazuma thus tried Stealing some wizard's rod only to end up with Chris' panties, which he threw towards the adventurers as a distraction while he took Chris out of the encirclement. Later talking the enraged Chris into continuing the escape instead of letting herself be caught, Kazuma and her sought refuge in a church of Eris, but had to creep through the rooms when pursuers began closing in. Next climbing across the roof, during which Kazuma slipped and nearly pulled Chris' shorts down too, they made it outside only to be surrounded. Kazuma thus made a show of preparing to strip Chris naked as a means of distracting the other adventurers so that the Thief can escape, yet unfortunately she didn't get his meaning and became infuriated instead. Barely saved by the Guild signaling the time limit of the quest reached, Kazuma promising to buy Chris more panties afterwards accompanied her outside the city to find Aqua laying in wait, from whom he squeezed a confession about her posting the quest because she misunderstood his grumblings on the previous day. This made Kazuma wish to have Eris join his party in Aqua's place, despite Chris saying that it won't happen.[95]

He might find Yunyun laying in wait at Wiz's Shop when taking his party there, thus talked Megumin into accepting her rival's challenge, before watching over the Crimson Demons' fishing contest by the riverside. Engaging in a water fight with his party members, Kazuma helped Yunyun and Megumin out after they fell into the river, and later called a contest a draw. He proceeded to invite Yunyun back to their mansion for roasting the fish and sleeping over, though her having studied the ways for serving dinner just in case as well as Megumin's recollection of Yunyun's lonesome past pained him. At Yunyun's pleading during the night, Kazuma on the following morning declared letting her stay at the mansion, something his party members eventually agreed with. Accordingly forced from his dissolute lazing into accompanying Megumin's Explosion routine alongside Yunyun a few days afterwards, he became impressed by Yunyun saving them from a Giant Toad on the way back, but then pitied her for diligently picking up the mess left around the mansion by the lazing Aqua. Further impressed a week later by Yunyun's performance on a quest against flying Salad, Kazuma in response to the jealous Megumin's threat of leaving the party if Yunyun joined it suggested three rounds of contests between the Crimson Demons that Wiz and Chris would judge. After Yunyun won the first two, Kazuma who decided the context of the third made it a two-pointer which involved taking care of Aqua, resulting in Megumin's method of carrot-and-stick beating Yunyun's sheer pampering, and so Yunyun left the mansion to train more for her next contest with Megumin.[96]

At some point during the period, Kazuma in the middle of a quest ran off a cliff when chased by Undeads attracted by Aqua, following which he heard complaints from Eris about him always dying. Therefore subsequent to being Resurrected by Aqua, Kazuma made up his mind not to take quests again. He proceeded to announce his decision after the party's return to the mansion, and crawled into the kotatsu for emphasising his point. Refusing the girls' pleas for coming out a few days later when they were failing quests, Kazuma only agreed to poke his upper body outside for hot pot, then lured the girls into the kotatsu one after the other, making them as much of a captive of the device as he was. Yet despite initially overjoyed at nobody obstructing his shut-in lifestyle, he suddenly realised how there will be no one to earn money or food if this keeps up. Making a 180 degree turn, Kazuma chased his party members out of the kotatsu which he then confiscated so they will go out to work, though during a subsequent quest where Aqua attracted a horde of monsters, he found himself killed once again.[97]

Magical Stones Arc[]

Piqued by Megumin and Darkness criticising him for lazing around the mansion and teased for being bad at the "imitation chess" they were playing, Kazuma overturned their match with an "Explosion" that to his surprise was a legitimate game move, before having to stop Megumin from chanting for a real Explosion and call Darkness out for fantasizing the loss of their mansion. They were then shown by the returning Aqua a piece of glassic shard of stone which she had picked up during her walk, though with her unwilling to take the shard for assessment at Wiz's Shop, Kazuma proceeded to trick her into tossing away the shard before catching it and making off with the other girls. Eventually letting Aqua hold the shard on their way there, Kazuma heard from Vanir how it was a part of a larger magical stone that he was willing to pay millions of eris to buy, prompting the party to rush out in search.[98]

Devil-Sealing Magical Stone Game

Kazuma finding a magical stone

Arriving at the neighbourhood ruins where Aqua found the shard, Kazuma persuaded Megumin to accept the challenge from Yunyun who was laying in wait for them. Later defeating the Muncher-Muncher growing in the deepest part of the ruins, he with Darkness' help unearthed the magical stone. Kazuma next fitted Aqua's shard into a depression on its surface, and became surprised when the stone at Aqua's touch began glowing with more magical power as well as display a kanji number until the shard was gouged back out. Taking the magical stone back to Vanir who offered to buy it anytime, Kazuma because of Aqua and Megumin's objections agreed with Darkness to talk it out at the Guild, where Chris informed them that these Devil-Sealing Magical Stones had other specimens hidden elsewhere, making Kazuma and his companions celebrate in anticipation for their imminent low-risk-high-return fortune.[99]

While asking around for clues to the magical stones at the Guild the next day, Kazuma was approached by Luna who offered a quest against a recent wave of undead spawning in Keele's Dungeon, though he ignored her because of the embarrassment suffered during the debacle with Ran. Wiz next came presenting the party with a magical stone detecting device commissioned by Vanir that pointed out Keele's Dungeon as the location where the next stone was located, so Kazuma changed his mind and accepted Luna's quest. Yet subsequent to arriving, his teasing of Megumin about her wanting to stay outside again because she cannot use Explosion inside ended up making her lose it and blow up the dungeon entrance. Angrily berating and threatening to use Steal on the explosion loli, Kazuma turned astounded when the magic from the stone permeating the dungeon restored the entrance to normal, although soon after proceeding inside, he became forced to rescue Aqua from a pit trap because she was holding the detection device. As the party made their way towards the lower level, he turned exasperated because they ran into Mitsurugi and his party members who had overheard their conversation about the magical stones last night, before the Swordmaster offered to join in their search. They went on to fight unnaturally numerous waves of Undead after advancing into a secret passageway beyond Keele's chamber, where they were then faced by the Devil Giger leading the Undead attracted to the dungeon by the magical stone, which the party retrieved following the utter defeat of the four-armed swordsman. Kazuma and party accordingly returned from their not-so-low-risk endeavour to the Guild for a toast, and heard from Chris about seven of these magical stones existing, before she offered to join their search.[100]

After waking from a night's dream provided by the Succubus Cafe to hear Aqua already headed out to do shopping, Kazuma himself led Darkness and Megumin to Wiz's Shop for purchasing equipment needed in their upcoming desert trip to the Temple of Everlasting Summer, yet had his patronage of the Cafe used as blackmail by Vanir, and had to agree with allowing him and Wiz to accompany the party's trip. Kazuma was afterwards surprised by the scorching heat of the area upon being Teleported to the temple's entrance, prompting him to pick up his pace so that he could quickly leave. Reaching the deepest part of the temple just as the heat was getting to his head, Kazuma and his party managed to defeat the fiery Bildnibis, before retrieving the magical stone and starting a dispute over how to split them amongst one another.[101]

When Kazuma lead his companions to the ancient ruins where the underground research facility was located, he was surprised to see Ran adventuring there, though following his initial outrage at seeing her again, ended up forgiving the aspiring adventurer and allowed her to join his party's search. Battling their way through the facility now filled with various Golems and small variations of the Destroyer, the party pushed into the deepest floor where they fought Gun Falcon DX, before having to fight Gun Falcon BX without the luxury of resting. Subsequent to their victory, Kazuma and his party members stayed behind to search the inner chamber that rampaging Golems had smashed to ruins, and successfully uncovered from the debris another magical stone. Then during the party's crab pot dinner that night, he once more forbade Megumin from drinking bubbly.[102]

Trudging through the snowfield forest where the next magical stone was hidden, Kazuma became exasperated at Megumin using Chomusuke as a makeshift heater as well as Aqua quarrelling with the cat again. After the party reached a clearing at the end of a snowy dungeon filled with falling pits and spike traps, a Dera Mammo appeared when Darkness against Kazuma's advice uttered a flag line, forcing him to follow the charging Crusader and defeat the monster. Unable to find the magical stone with all the snow and ice around them, Kazuma Drain Touched Darkness to recharge Megumin so that she could cast an Explosion, which in addition to the stone also dug out a hot spring, something all their companions at Axel were accordingly invited to.[103]

The following day, Kazuma brought his party to the Guild to inquire about the nearby dungeon put on lockdown, in which the next magical stone was located, and ended up hearing from Dust the strikingly familiar rumour about the magical stones being able to grant any wish when all seven of them are gathered, making him suspect the stone to be some Japanese reincarnate's cheat item. Next restraining Aqua when she began pestering Luna, he heard from the receptionist scary stories about that dungeon which even veteran adventurers became horrified by. Although Kazuma initially chickened out, at the goading of his party members, he had to agree on accepting Luna's quest of exploring the Mystery Tower. Kicking Aqua forward as bait against the horde of Undeads surrounding the tower so the party could enter, Kazuma became surprised to find that roaming the entrance level were Axis followers, whom he quickly walked away from. He proceeded to make his way up the tower alongside his party and Wiz, all the while fighting monsters similar to those they had previously fought, as the others also realised by the time they reached the midway point. An ensuing battle with a Giant Toad Ghost that made Aqua and Megumin's trauma resurface finally made Kazuma grasp how all the monsters were actually spawned by the tower based on their traumatic memories, a fact he explained to the others when they faced the physical illusions of Beldia and Hans on the top floor. During the fight against the vengeful copies of the Devil King's Generals, Kazuma upon discovering that one illusion would upon defeat be immediately resurrected by the other, directed Aqua to purify the Dullahan at the same time he and Wiz froze the Slime, which successfully took out both illusions. Following Hans and Beldia's dissipation after some futile final struggles against Aqua and the girls, he after Aqua picked up the magical stone they discovered nearby realised how the magic powering the tower's existence had been cut, and so grabbed her hagoromo to use as a parachute for everyone until Wiz Teleported them all to safety back in Axel. Accordingly hearing Chris tell him about the seven magical stones rumoured to have come from Japan, Kazuma had his hopes of using them for defeating the Devil King shot down when Aqua reminded him regarding cheat items being exclusively usable by their original owners.[104]

Notified by Megumin on the next day about the Mystery Tower reappearing overnight, Kazuma rebuffed the Guilds requests for investigating it again. He nevertheless headed over to the Guild hall, where Aqua was arguing with Vanir over the detection device showing the last magical stone moving about, and subsequent to elucidating the question in the goddess' place, became shocked when told that it was the dungeon containing the stone that was moving. Accordingly hearing Sena announce the existence of a moving dungeon looking like a town that reduced the knights investigating it to the mentality of naughty children, Kazuma like other adventurers refused to volunteer for the royal prosecutor's multi-million eris request to go investigate it, though his tune flipped once Vanir offered a higher price if all stones were gathered. Reaching the place following a long carriage ride, Kazuma described the dungeon to look like a Shangri-La where celestians roam, before having to wait for his three party members after they ran off. Rejoining with them afterwards, he found something wrong with the unnaturally placid and serious trio, so upon reaching the innermost chamber Stole their panties, something the girls uncharacteristically expressed none of the expected hysterics towards. Kazuma thus unmasked the girls as imposters, only to have them be joined by a fake copy of him, before the four of them revealed their true forms as the doll copies of Kazuma's party. Barely holding back the onslaught while outnumbered, Kazuma became thankful once his party members returned, and successfully defeated the dolls, which other than his were actually more competent than the real one. The Doll Master who created the dungeon and carried the magical stone then showed up, so Kazuma listened to it recount its sad story of being discarded because of its disgusting appearance. Upon the Doll Master offering to let them safely leave in exchange for warning other people not to enter the dungeon, he wanted to accept the deal because of how fatigued his party was, though Aqua enraging the Doll Master into waging war against humans forced him to fight it and the party's doll copies, a battle Kazuma and his companions managed to win before retrieving the magical stone. Later presenting all seven stones to Vanir and offered 300 million eris for them, Kazuma took his party to celebrations at the Guild, when Chris approached to tell them about the rumour saying that the magical stones need to be brought to an altar on the Island in the Sky for them to grant wishes.[105]

Feeling excited the next day over being able to perform a proper adventure on a floating island, Kazuma after being reminded by Darkness about them having to find a way up there first took the others to Wiz's Shop for help, though he had to take Aqua's shard as leverage for forcing her to accompany them. Subsequent to explaining his need, he agreed to the terms of renting the Magical Giant Vanir Mask at a discount rate, which encompassed bringing Vanir and Wiz along with them, though the terrifying trip through the sky convinced him to use Wiz's Teleportation for travelling to and fro in future. Nevertheless enjoying the breathtaking view of the land below with Darkness during a break in their trek, Kazuma expressed vexation at Aqua trying to use him as a windshield as they climbed to a higher and windier level. After the party reached the centre of the island, where the altar on which Aqua was instructed by Vanir to place the stones was located, he dragged Aqua away from it once the stones started glowing unnaturally. Kazuma accordingly heard Vanir boast of setting them up through enticing the party into gathering all the Devil-Sealing Magical Stones that were actually used for sealing a powerful monster, in addition to directing them into believing the tall tale about the stones being able to grant wishes once all seven of them were place upon the island's altar where the monster would instead be released, just so that the Archdemon could taste the exquisite disappointment they were presently emitting. Surprised by how much of a mish-mash the released Imitation Dragon looked like, Kazuma next listened to Vanir recite how the Head Researcher created and sealed the failure of a beast, and became exasperated at the ensuing quarrel between Vanir and Aqua. The hostility displayed by the Imitation Dragon towards the party, however, forced Kazuma to desperately do battle, followed by leading the escape when the monster was frozen in place by Wiz. Fleeing back to the grasslands outside Axel, Kazuma with Megumin's help uncovered the shard of magical stone that Aqua had smuggled back with her, following which the shard attracted the Imitation Dragon right to their location.[106]

With the Imitation Dragon rampaging at the gates of Axel, Kazuma got his wish of having somebody help them when the commotion attracted the gathering of adventurers who accompanied them on their search of the magical stones, so preventing Aqua from fleeing, he grudgingly agreed to take the lead in this final fight. During the ensuing fierce battle, Kazuma noticed the shard transferring power to the Imitation Dragon that allowed it to regenerate from its wounds, so subsequent to Megumin and Darkness persuading Aqua into letting it go, he smash the shard and caused the Imitation Dragon to weaken. Kazuma in the battle's final stages proceeded with giving various instructions to the others as part of his plan for taking out the monster, while himself Sniping one of the Imitation Dragon's heads in order to allow the killing blows be made. Later with Vanir being unapologetic over starting the whole ordeal, the exhausted Kazuma trudged back to the city as his party members went after the Archdemon.[107]

Kazuma at the Guild later became dejected because their exploit of defeating the Imitation Dragon was cancelled out by Sena in exchange for the damages caused by the rampaging monster that they attracted to the city in the first place, as well as them having to leave the magical stones on the Island in the Sky, resulting in all that effort being spent for no gain. He was anyhow cheered up by Chris and Luna, after which Kazuma joined the other adventurers in celebrating their victory.[108]

Black Slab Arc[]

Infuriated by his party ruining another quest against monsters, Kazuma on their way back ignored Aqua who was trying to tell them something that happened last night, before Megumin picked up from the roadside a black stone slab while Aqua picked up a gem. Reminded by Darkness what happened the last time with the cursed ring, he agreed to have Wiz assess the Black Slab at her shop, which turned out to be capable of generating clothing when provided with ingredients and magical power. Despite Kazuma voicing against testing it out, Aqua still went ahead to provide the gem and some of Wiz's sleeping perfume as ingredients while Darkness was fantasizing, which created a set of high-quality sleepwear for young girls. Subsequent to Wiz passing along a cryptic message from Vanir signalling for him to keep the "lost property", Kazuma allowed Aqua to bring the slab back home. Yet the next morning, he got wakened by a panicked Megumin, who showed her Darkness now with her personality turning into that of a domineering sadist. Kazuma proceeded to take another look at the Black Slab, and ended up discovering fine print etched upon it, explaining the nature of the curse that upon the slab's usage will reverse the personality of one person who displayed desire, an effect which unless broken by fulfilling the reversed desire in body and heart will eventually become permanent. But just as he was vehemently refusing the idea of letting Darkness sadistically beat him up until she becomes satisfied, Sena marched in declaring the party banished from Axel.[109]

Subsequently told by Sena that their party was accused of theft by a nobleman who offered to pardon them from banishment if they could generate within the deadline a set of clothing that makes the wearer envious, Kazuma chose to generate the clothes, only to hear how the party now faced the death penalty should they fail the task. After subduing the panicked Aqua and Megumin as well as remembering about Darkness still being affected by the curse, Kazuma was suggested to use the Black Slab for generating the requested clothes, then got timely handed some clothing recipes from Vanir that were concocted by a man in black robes as well as the Archdemon himself. Realising how they can break the curse and fulfill the request if they gather the ingredients required by the recipes, he spent the ensuing weeks in a cycle of the whole party working several days on odd jobs and quests for ingredients and money to buy ingredients followed by rest and clothing generation.[110]

Treating the exhausted Aqua and Megumin for a drink at the Guild one day, the trio was joined by Chris to whom they explained Darkness' curse, something Kazuma found may not be too bad because despite the scary penalties she was giving, the Crusader was now learning how to attack, until Chris told them about her friend shopping for whips. They returned to the mansion that night where Kazuma asked Darkness what did she want, only to wither when Darkness turned all sadistic and forced the party into survival training in case they needed to flee into the wild. Eventually generating Leather Lest right before a training session that involved running laps around the riverhead lake, Kazuma pretending to be docilely tamed pleads for her to put the bondage dress on, and got repeatedly whipped after she did, which as a result broke the curse.[110]

Later as the party generated the School Invidia for the nobleman, a conversation about the party's future drifted to Kazuma meanly teasing Megumin over her flat-chested body, before Kazuma asked one of the girls to test out the envious clothes that slapped him on its own volition. Yet following the delivery of the requested school uniform, Sena came to the mansion telling about the set of clothes getting stolen as well as the nobleman again requesting them to make another set of clothes for earning his pardon, the recipes for which had also been delivered to Wiz's Shop. While Kazuma discussed with Aqua and Darkness how this cycle would continue as long as the thief who probably concocted the recipes too isn't caught, he chose generating the clothes over trying to catch that possibly dangerous thief.[110]

He was accordingly told by an alarmed Yunyun about Megumin unthinkably declaring how flat-chested bodies are better, so Kazuma upon Megumin's return called her a loli girl which she beamed at, confirming his suspicion about her being cursed. Unsure of how to break Megumin's curse, Kazuma refused her petition to help spread lolism, before the party discussed the clothing request they began gathering ingredients for. Running into Dust and Keith some days later, he heard them reiterate how that nobleman had years ago forcibly taken a slab and forced its owner into execution, then on the way back got pestered by Megumin to join her Lolita Alliance, something Kazuma refrained from doing, though he still agreed to help her with a speech promoting lolism because it may help break her curse.[111]

Enlisting Dust and Keith's help through tickets for the Succubus Cafe to gather a big audience, Kazuma organised a speech event for Megumin outside the city gate soon after he generated Pure Doll, which he presented for her to wear when she got stage fright, allowing the curse to be broken during mid-speech, though Kazuma had to restrain Megumin from casting Explosion before they returned to the mansion for celebrations. Soon afterwards, the party used the Black Slab for generating the requested Idol Superbia, in the meantime of which Aqua expressed a desire to have her feelings healed by drinking bubbly, lazing around the mansion, and getting a relaxing massage. Kazuma who then got forced by the prideful clothes to seiza again asked one of the girl to try it out, and was accordingly given confirmation of how the outfit electrified its wearer upon resistance against its will. But several days since it was sent out, Kazuma found Aqua returning with bottle of extra rare bubbly as payment for a job, right before Sena came to tell the party of the outfit's theft alongside a bottle of extra rare bubbly, which occurred at the same time the outside mercenaries hired to boost security were attacked on the road by summoned monsters. Subsequent to Sena dropping off another clothing request from the nobleman before leaving, the infuriated Kazuma made Aqua confess how she helped a man in black robes attract monsters that delayed the mercenaries on the road, an act the others realised had made them accomplices to the theft.[111]

Forcing Aqua to seiza with Chomusuke weighing down on her lap, Kazuma started out the next day laying flat in despair, but next heard the useless goddess reveal that the thief and the one who concocted the requested clothes' recipes were the same robed man, who had also hired her to break a magic barrier around some mansion the night prior to them picking up the Black Slab. He thus brought to party to Wiz's Shop where he had to stop Aqua from attacking, before finding more recipes that were dropped off for them. Kazuma was accordingly told by Wiz how the slab curses the one expressing the most desire during clothing generation, making the party reckoned how it was Aqua's turn to be cursed with feeling no desire. Having to go work for ingredients all over again, on one day when the party returned to the mansion exhausted, Kazuma heard Megumin complain about wanting to heal her feelings with sleep instead of cleaning the bathroom, therefore he volunteered to do the chore in her place. Next rebuking Aqua who wanted to take advantage of his generosity, he agreed with Megumin's idea of pretending to lose the recipes before ambushing the man in black robes at Wiz's Shop when he brings replacements.[112]

Waking a dozing Megumin during the night ambush, Kazuma bickered with Aqua over the curse she was supposedly afflicted with, then had her put on Sexy Formal. With the man in black robes accordingly showing up, he against Wiz's protests about collateral damage tackled and Binded their peculiarly silent target, who was next purified by Aqua because he turned out to be a doll possessed by an Undead, much to Kazuma's shock. Now really descending into despair because the proof of their innocence had been destroyed, he nevertheless followed Darkness' advice to continue working for ingredients as a way to buy more time. After generating Sexy Luxuria which wrapped itself around him and having one of the girls try out the outfit that again electrified them upon resistance, Kazuma a few days later found it funny that Aqua didn't appear cursed, before Sena told the party about the nobleman coming up with more excuses to make them generate an additional set of clothes. Seeing the girls distraught at their imminent execution because they don't have any more recipes to generate new clothes, Kazuma proceeded to comfort them in order to heal their feelings.[112]

While the despairing Kazuma was shutting himself inside his room on the next day, he received a visit from the girls, and readily agreed to the unreasonable requests from Megumin and Darkness about buying an expensive rod and giving lewd gazes once they expressed how doing so could heal their feelings, but promptly refused those demands coming from Aqua. Next noticing Wiz outside their mansion, Kazuma going out to greet her was handed recipes including that for the nobleman's latest clothing request, much to his puzzlement since the culprit should already have been vanquished. Anyhow becoming reluctant to continue working for the ingredients, he changes his mind once Megumin told him how working will heal her feelings.[113]

Tailed by his party members on the streets following a tiring day of work, Kazuma ran into Dust and Keith, with whom he had a private conversation about the Succubus Cafe and dreams involving changing clothes. He then heard Keith talk about a nobleman patron of the cafe who was obsessed with clothes requesting dreams through a messenger dressed in black robes, and the Succubus being sent for the service unable to enter the nobleman's mansion until the barrier around it was later broken, even though the dreams requested by somebody else would only accumulate desire. Kazuma thus figured out how the thief had used the Succubus Cafe for stressing out the nobleman into forcing his party to generate clothes, then after hearing Keith point out the robed thief daily confirming the status of the dreams at the Cafe, invited him and Dust to bubbly in exchange for them looking out for that man. Later blurting out about what he had heard while managing to keep the Cafe a secret to the girls once they told him how doing so will heal their feelings, Kazuma listened to Darkness' inference of the man in black robes who was still alive having sent an Undead decoy to their ambush, before he agreed to more of Megumin's requests.[113]

Many days since then, the party still found no signs of the man in black robes because he had stopped showing up at the Cafe, while in the meantime the girls asked Kazuma to massage them, only to show defenciveness once he did so. Then on a day he made tea to heal the girls' feelings, it occurred to Kazuma that they should stop looking for the thief because generating clothes may heal the nobleman's feelings too. Accordingly asked to massage Megumin and Darkness again, he insisted on them wearing Charming Roomwear while being massaged because the suitably revealing set of clothes could help liberate people from the suppression of daily life and heal their feelings, therefore he was willing to spend more days generating another set that fits Megumin. Spared the trouble because Aqua brought out the sleepwear for young girls that she had generated in the Black Slab's test run for Megumin to wear, Kazuma proceeded to give both Darkness and Megumin a relaxing massage for truly healing their feelings.[113]

Abruptly hit by the surprise of realising how the girls were letting him touch them, Kazuma nervously went on to continue massaging them only to cause pain and discomfort, and as he excitedly got the hang of it, agreed to heal Aqua's feelings too. He was next confronted by the piqued girls, who explained about the curse of the Black Slab originally aimed for Aqua being deflected onto him instead, causing him to desire healing the feelings of other people except for Aqua through treating to bubbly, doing work in their place, and giving relaxing massages, something the three of them had tried many ways before finally breaking. After apologising for his antics, Kazuma called for the party to continue working for ingredients listed on the recipe of Berserk Ira which the nobleman requested, while also asking Sena to boost security at the nobleman's mansion, all as part of his plan to catch the thief.[113]

One night right before the deadline, he had his party and Sena wait in ambush at the mansion, which the man in black robes just as predicted sneaked into for stealing the rare and expensive ingredients he had manipulated the party into gathering, now that the security at the nobleman's mansion was so tight he couldn't sneak in there to steal clothes again. With the fleeing man distracted by Chomusuke, Kazuma was able to Bind him before handing the man to Sena and advising Aqua to own up her involvement in the crime. Yet when trying to generate the Berserk Ira at Sena's recommendation, it turned out that the recipe was actually for generating the self-autonomous Armour of Wrath, which broke out of Kazuma's Bind as it moved to wreck havoc on the world. Kazuma thus directed Darkness into putting on the Armour and walking it out to the uninhabited grasslands where the party trailed her to, before having Megumin cast an Explosion on the Armour of Wrath to render it inert.[114]

Right after chastising Aqua for uttering a flag line, Kazuma was told by a frantic Sena how the man in black robes she had been watching managed to escape. Next seeing the said man show up with the Black Slab he had swiped from the mansion alongside the requested clothes he had stolen from the nobleman, and hearing him reveal his scheme that involved using the party for generating those clothes in addition to the pacified Armour of Wrath, so that he can utilise them as ingredients for generating a powerful set of clothes capable of killing the nobleman in order to avenge his fiancé, Kazuma felt something off upon being told that the nobleman had forgotten all about the slab he should have been obsessed with. Once the man in black robes divulged himself learning how to use the Black Slab through observing the party, though, Kazuma realised that just like the nobleman, the man hadn't discovered the fine print etched onto the slab detailing the usage instructions and the curse. Finally reminded by Megumin of the man who wasn't even an adventurer knowing none of the adventurer skills, against his party members' protests Kazuma let the man in black robes pour magic into the Black Slab before Stealing it out of his hands. Uttering some final instruction for his party to hold him down no matter what, Kazuma put on the powerful clothes newly generated by the slab, and was sent by the unbearable pain to Eris, who later informed him of the clothes he put on being neutralised once the girls tore them off his body. Soon after Kazuma was Resurrected by Aqua, he pointed out how the man in black robes was now cursed into readily admitting his guilt, and led the party off for a drink to celebrate while leaving Sena to arrest the culprit, whose testimony eventually proved the party's innocence.[114]

Kazuma should he get intimate enough with one of heroines, would later tell his party while lazing at the mansion how he speculated the fiancé of the man in black robes, who was the Black Slab's original owner, had placed the curse onto the slab before warning all about it in the fine print as a means to deter the nobleman from using the Black Slab, despite being fine with him actually cursed into becoming a good person. The party then pondered how should they use the spent Black Slab for one last time before returning it to the fiance's family, following which Kazuma's fate depended on the series of clothing he had asked the heroines or sub-heroines to try out as well as his conversational responses with them.[115]

He might refuse Aqua's pestering for paying back her drinking tabs until making her seiza for naming him as her guarantor, before reaching a consensus with Megumin and Darkness over making Aqua work until she learns to take responsibility. Heading to Wiz's Shop in hopes of them giving Aqua work only to change his mind once realising how bloodshed will result, Kazuma was handed a clothing recipe Wiz had purchased for a set of clothes that he can sell to pay off the debt, yet Kazuma insisted on having Aqua perform construction work. Carrying an exhausted Aqua to bed that night, he informed the other girls of his intent to gather ingredients for her, though witnessing Aqua drinking after bathing reminded him of his inability to find her attractive. He and the other girls then had to split up the following morning in search of the missing Aqua, whom Kazuma found sprouting lies about him to Luna at the Guild. Subsequent to Kazuma frantically clarifying things, Luna offered them a quest to seek treasure hidden in a cave by a thief, but Aqua insisted on only her and Kazuma going so they'll get a bigger share of reward. Once inside the said cave, however, Kazuma after bickering with Aqua over flags fell into a pit trap because the stupid goddess pressed a switch on the wall. Following some contemplation about his long acquaintance with Aqua, he awoke to find her Healing his caved-in skull while preaching. Later discovering the treasure having been already taken, Kazuma generated a waitress dress for the despairing Aqua to work in. He proceeded to take Megumin and Darkness to the Guild after a deal with Aqua's creditors to extend the payment deadline if she would work at the Guild's dining hall, then told the whining Aqua who delivered their food how this was her punishment for indulging in her desires and breaking the trust between party members. But just as Kazuma was planning for their next quest, he was told by Luna how Aqua's clumsiness may actually increasing her debt. Kazuma later either collected Aqua back from her work, or paid off her debt while making Aqua play games.[116]

He might take Megumin out for an Explosion while discussing Chomusuke being attracted to them despite her always clawing out at Aqua, but some days later was told by a frantic Megumin about the cat going missing. As the party split up to search around the city, Kazuma went to Wiz's Shop though without results. He next found Darkness in distress outside the church because Megumin had chased all the occupants out and barricaded herself within, so Lurking inside with Darkness in tow, Kazuma questioned Megumin who was in the process of ransacking the place for her cat, then uncovered a cowering cat whose meowing Megumin had mistook for Chomusuke's. Accordingly accompanying Megumin on checking every gap between the city's buildings, Kazuma teased her by saying how her lack of breasts will come in handy, before having to pull Megumin out of the narrow gap that she had in temper squeezed herself into only to get stuck. Continuing their search while they discussed about understanding cats' feelings, he then had to save Megumin from drowning when she leapt into the river after a floating box she mistook Chomusuke to be in, and subsequently cheered her up as she dried off at the Guild. After the party returned to the mansion without results, Kazuma at Megumin's request happily generated with the Black Slab a nekomata costume for helping her understand how it is like to be a cat, before making her meow like one. Next surprised by Yunyun walking in with Chomusuke, he stopped the enraged and embarrassed Megumin from attacking her, then having deduced from Aqua's reaction how she was behind it, forced the goddess into apologising over tricking Yunyun into keeping Chomusuke for many days. Kazuma later either witnessed Megumin trying to speak in cat as she groomed Chomusuke, or ran into her coming out of the bath while Chomusuke dangled on Megumin's bath towel and threatened to tear it off.[117]

He might get dragged to the Guild by Darkness for her long-awaited quest against Slimes, which he eventually accepted because she began talking of how perverted he was within earshot of Luna. Unconfident over the prospects of his party, Kazuma decided to invite Yunyun along for the quest on the next day, though after she recounted previous encounters with clothing-dissolving Slimes, he had to stop Darkness' perverted tirade from tainting the Crimson Demon's ears. At the riverhead lake where the mutated Slime they sought had been sighted, despite initially trying to stop Darkness from charging out as soon as they spotted a Slime, Kazuma eventually gave up and stood by with the others to let Darkness enjoy herself being enveloped by the Slime. Watching her futilely wait for the Slime too low-levelled to dissolve the Crusader's armour, he finally ordered the monster dispatched once it started melting her underwear. Next realising how Darkness will continue signing up for quests against Slimes until she felt humiliated, Kazuma used the Black Slab to generate a set of bikini armour while lashing out at the other girls making insulting comments about him, only to discover that wasn't what Darkness wanted according to her convoluted shame standards. Kazuma was accordingly attacked by the mutated Slime which only goes after men and had his clothes humiliatingly dissolved before his companions' eyes, prompting him to consequently shut himself up inside his room in shame. He eventually cheered up when Darkness visited his room wearing the bikini armour, a sight he lewdly looked all over. Kazuma later either found Darkness enjoying the rumour about him forcing her to wear the bikini armour, or discovered her dieting so much she collapsed in hunger while wearing only a bath towel.[118]

He might run into Chris on the streets while she was tailing Dust who was suspected of underwear theft, and had to help her out of guilt because he repeatedly stole her panties. Kazuma's sexual harassment on Chris during their tailing though made her yell out and alert Dust, forcing them to squeeze inside a tight alleyway for evading discovery with more embarrassment ensuing. Since Dust did nothing but failed attempts to hit on girls, at the end of the day Kazuma agreed to Chris' request about staying over in his mansion, though this got his character attacked by his party members, before feigning sleeping when Chris made a visit to his room later on. Hearing Chris speak sweet words to him on the following day, her deciding to spend the day with him after Luna's underwear was reported stolen even though Dust was out questing made Kazuma think that he was in popular mode, so he tried various date approaches but to no success. Anyhow smugly boasting to his party members over how he and Chris were dating before they fed one another back at the mansion, Kazuma asked Chris to visit his room that night, and upon her arriving in her regular outfit, suggested generating a negligee with the Black Slab until she changed into her pajamas. With her falling asleep in his room, the jittery Kazuma instead spent the night in the living room, where Darkness woke him up the next morning as well as assured the panicked Chris that he didn't do anything to her. Accompanying Chris when she accordingly went to the Guild, they were told that the underwear thief had already been caught, though Kazuma found it strange how Chris was rewarded for tailing two people. He eventually heard from Dust about both of them being suspects for the underwear theft whom Chris was commissioned to investigate, so upon Chris confessing to have approached him simply for keeping an eye on both suspects, the upset Kazuma Stole her panties, and later made her date him wearing a short dress he had generated with the Black Slab.[119]

He might see Eris again because of his party members' incompetence during a quest before Resurrection, then seeing them expressing neither concern over his death nor motivation to rectify their faults, wished for his feelings to be healed when they tried to cheer him up with food and drink. Running into Wiz on the next day and driven to tears by her concern for him, Kazuma later went to her shop for discussing his woes, which increased once Vanir blurted out his secret desires. While discussing their troubles with goddesses and demons, however, they were interrupted when Vanir who was furious with the shopkeeper purchasing some faulty potions zapped Wiz, whose unconscious form Kazuma was asked to remove. Happily carrying Wiz out until she regained consciousness, he suggested training for the repentant shopkeeper so she can look out for sellable products. Next coming up with the idea of generating a set of clothes with the Black Slab for the shop to sell, Kazuma received the support from Megumin and Darkness followed by Aqua, who he enticed with overstated sales projections. Discussing the plan with Vanir afterwards, he was instructed to look at Wiz while the All-Seeing Demon looked into his thoughts, then brought his party and Wiz out for gathering the ingredients needed by Vanir's recipe, during which Kazuma was impressed by Wiz following his directions when fighting monsters but not with his party members who did the opposite. As their search brought them into a cave where Aqua tactlessly purified any Undead she attracted without concern of Wiz's well-being, the other girls expressed discomfort upon discovering how the recipe they were working for was concocted by Vanir through looking at Kazuma's thoughts, so once Aqua began purifying Undead again, Kazuma took Wiz into another cavern. Next embracing her as she fell, Kazuma felt elated from the situation until more Undead came attacking, causing him to trip into Wiz's suffocating breasts and lose consciousness, something the other girls chided him over afterwards. They anyhow gathered enough ingredients for generating a school uniform from a gal-game on the following day, prompting Kazuma to ask Wiz who tried it on to speak a love confession. Disappointed when Vanir accordingly burst in explaining how this outfit will only be profitable if sold to maniacs in small quantities, Kazuma who then got pestered by his party members was several days later treated to pastry by Wiz.[120]

He might receive a visit at the mansion from Yunyun and accept her presents while refusing Megumin's pestering for quests, before finding himself followed on the streets the next day by Yunyun who asked for advice on how to become more egoistic. Initially taking her back to his mansion for asking the egoistic Aqua only to discover her absent, Kazuma subsequent to Darkness fantasizing about servicing a debauched boyfriend while pregnant took Yunyun into his room, where they discussed practising with egoistic words heard in daily life. After Yunyun repeated the words spoken by Darkness while she fantasized and Megumin when she pestered, a noise outside the door was heard by Kazuma, which he learned was Aqua when seeing Yunyun off at dusk. Teasing Megumin on the following day over his time together with Yunyun, he received another visit from her, and had the Crimson Demons practise saying the most egoistic thing to him in the yard, a contest he soon declared Yunyun the winner of while inviting discontent from Megumin. Catching sight of Aqua witnessing the scene before running off, Kazuma took Yunyun into town looking for the goddess, but instead discovered Aqua to have spread rumours about him getting Yunyun pregnant as well as two-timing with both her and Megumin, all based on the snippets of conversations and sights that Aqua had overheard and glimpsed during the egoism training. He was then taken back to the police station by Sena for questioning over the rumours, during which he got forced by the lie-detecting magical bell to admit many of his lewd behaviours until Sena believed that he didn't do anything. Kazuma accordingly became heartbroken by Yunyun, who burst into the interrogation room dressed in a wedding dress created through the Black Slab and declared her love and praise of him, all of which were proved to be lies by the bell, but anyhow thanked her from trying to save him from execution. Back at the mansion, Kazuma made Aqua seiza for spreading the rumours and planned to work for clearing them, then got invited on an enjoyable date by Yunyun some days later, something he enjoyed despite having to buy things wanted by Megumin.[121]

He might be confronted by a stressed Sena on the streets because he blurted out how he had been peaking under Megumin's skirt during the Explosion routines, and only escaped arrest thanks to Megumin vouching for him. Refusing to pay for Aqua's drinking debts on the following day, Kazuma found Sena going to the Guild where she had to report to Luna about an incident, and heard her confess to the receptionist how much stress her investigation work and Kazuma's troblemaking party were giving her. In hopes of improving his party's impression to the prosecutor, Kazuma became inspired by Chomusuke into generating a set of cute clothes that can make people feel like hugging animals with the Black Slab, so Sena can have her feelings healed when wearing it. The party though had no idea how should they make Sena put the clothes on, thus after vetoing some plans to make the prosecutor take off her clothes, Kazuma tried Darkness' idea of presenting the clothes as a gift, only to be refused due to it being seen as bribery. With Megumin's attempt also failing, he on the following day distracted Sena at the Guild by inviting her to lunch while Megumin spilled water on her, yet this approach also failed. With Aqua's plan of inciting pity through telling Sena of Kazuma's scummy antics failing also, Kazuma scolded her over worsening his reputation, before the whole party tried handing her the clothes similar to how the Axis Order convert people, yet to no avail too. Kazuma therefore came up with a scheme where he pretending to be possessed held Megumin hostage in town and demanded Sena put on the cute clothes once she was led over, so even though the charade was soon unmasked, the rumours around the city regarding the prosecutor wearing cute clothes eventually drove her into submitting after a week. Promising to clear the rumours if Sena puts on the cute animal clothes, he and the others applauded her appearance after she did, though Kazuma tripped a mine by commenting about her attracting a boyfriend. Later burning the clothes as the relaxed Sena requested, Kazuma a few days afterwards got invited by the prosecutor for a break at the riverhead lake, where he apologised over all the trouble he caused her.[122]

Mid Spring Arc[]

Kazuma was sipping tea in his mansion when Yunyun burst in thunderously declaring her wish to bear his child,[123] (a request that in the anime he was asked while dining in the Guild following his party's failure at catching flying tuna and him being called names by other female adventurers)[124] so thinking that his popular mode had finally arrived, he shamelessly agreed to indulge her despite the vehement opposition from Megumin and Darkness. Next hearing Yunyun scream of the Crimson Demon Village about to be destroyed, Kazuma listened to Megumin recite a letter Yunyun had received from Hiropon, which on the first page spoke of the chief's imminent death because the village was under attack by overwhelming forces of the Devil King's Army that was led by a Devil King's General, and the second page writing about the clan's fortune teller Soketto foretelling the inevitable destruction of the village and all Crimson Demons except for Yunyun, who will marry an unremarkable and weak man she had met at the Town of Beginnings before bearing a child destined to defeat the Devil King. Despite Kazuma feeling displeased at him being regarded as weak and unremarkable, he nevertheless eagerly proceeded to help Yunyun with making their child while lashing out against the other girls' protests, only to be gravely disappointed when it turned out that the second page was actually the first chapter of Heroic Tales of the Crimson Demons penned by Arue and sent along in the same envelope of Hiropon's letter.[123]

Letting Yunyun return to the village alone because he didn't want to go up against another Devil King's General,[123] Kazuma who gave Megumin a mediocre rating during that day's Explosion session[125] was asked to have the whole party accompany her back to the village too. He thus on the following day went to acquire from the Guild a map detailing the way to the Crimson Demon Village, before telling the other girls of his plan to flee from all encounters with the Devil King's Army. Unwilling to take a carriage ride again, Kazuma took his party members to Wiz's Shop for the shopkeeper's Teleportation and business negotiations with Vanir, the latter of whom sold him an expensive magic item for repelling Undeads, prompting Kazuma to make up his mind on selling off all his intellectual property in one go. Next receiving some cryptic advice from Vanir about his future decision determining the path of his companion at the moment of her uncertainty, the party was eventually Teleported to Arcanletia.[123]

Brushing off Aqua's idea of staying at the city for a night and meeting Megumin's opposition against waiting for Yunyun, Kazuma led his party on the trek along the trail to the Crimson Demon Village. They before long ran into a Tranquility Girl, against which Kazuma's Enemy Detection flared up so much that he unlike his party members didn't fall for its docile appearance. But when attempting to cut it down as the Guild's guide map had advised, the allured girls vehemently stood in his way, followed by he himself being turned away from killing the monster after it began stuttering innocently while weeping about them being the first humans it met. Deciding to spare the Tranquility Girl as his party continued on their journey, Kazuma remembered Yunyun who was trailing behind them being vulnerable to the Tranquility Girl's lures, thus he turned back alone hoping to persuade the plant monster into sparing the loner. But approaching the site only to find the Tranquility Girl speaking the same lines to a woodcutter and sending him running off in tears, the befuddled Kazuma upon Lurking closer overheard the plant fluently grumble its nasty frustration over no prey being ensnared. Hurt and furious, Kazuma once getting spotted responded to the insidious monster's pleas with a chop from his katana, before rejoining his party members and proudly showing them how he had levelled up, only to be admonish for being cruel and uncompassionate, forcing him to spend the next hour explaining.[123]

As the party made camp that night, having decided against lighting a fire and using the magic item for repelling Undeads, Kazuma volunteered to take the first watch alongside Megumin, then described using glorified vocabulary his past exploits at sleeplessly besieging fortresses and hunting big bosses with awed companions in online games. After the other girls went to sleep, Kazuma told Megumin how he couldn't return to his homeland, and became surprised by her holding onto his hand before expressing her wish for them all continuing to live together. Rendered both excited and nervous at the prospect of his popular period arriving while recalling how his childhood girlfriend had cheated on him, subsequent to some contemplating, Kazuma finally mustered enough courage for a response, only to discover her already having dozed off, prompting him to later wake her up in a way that made her weep.[2]

When the party reached a clearing through which the trail traverses on the following day, Kazuma walked ahead while using Farsight to spot powerful enemies in the distance, at which case he signaled to his party members to detour. Yet upon spotting an Orc he remembered to be weaker monsters notorious for forcibly breeding with female humanoids, Kazuma ignoring his party members' signal for him to flee challenged the Orc in order to keep the girls safe, only to discover in shock that it was a female one having the hots for him. After Drain Touching her into unconsciousness as she advanced, he was informed by his party members the horrible fact about surviving Orcs in this world being all females who lust after male humanoids for breeding. He was accordingly pursued by the recovered Orc and her kin for his strong seed, before eventually caught and molested by Swatinaze. Narrowly saved from rape when Yunyun scared away the Orcs with Bottomless Swamp, the traumatised Kazuma tearfully hugged and expressed unending gratitude to her.[2]

He was comforted by Aqua after the girls he found to be beautiful all moved ahead into wooded areas, then became invigorated upon hearing Megumin blurt out how the Crimson Demons' signature birthmark was located somewhere embarrassing on Yunyun, to the point he still loudly probed for the answer when Onis[2] (or Goblins in the anime)[124] from the Devil King's Army approached their location, and ended up giving away their presence to the minions of the Devil King, whose numbers exceeded Kazuma's expectations. Accordingly giving Megumin minus points for the Explosion she cast at close range to blow away the nearby Onis but also buffeting her companions, Kazuma tried evacuating her as enemy reinforcements arrived, before they were all saved by Bukkororii and his vigilantes. After noticing their saviours perplexed by the idea of the village supposedly being in danger, he made a Crimson Demon style introduction through imitating the one enacted by Bukkororii, following which the vigilantes Teleported everyone back to the village.[2]

After becoming impressed by the vigilantes Teleporting back to battle, only to be corrected about the village NEETs making themselves invisible in order to leave coolly, Kazuma having heard some more absurd facts regarding the village stopped Aqua from reverting a petrified Griffin to normal. He next accompanied Yunyun back to her home, where Hiropon explained to his exasperation how the letter was actually misleadingly exaggerated, something that Kazuma found out was true when shown how the outnumbered but overpowered villagers fought off another attack from the Devil King's Army led by Sylvia, making him all impressed by how true Crimson Demons fight.[126]

Eventually brought to Megumin's home where the party was greeted by Komekko, Kazuma was shocked to hear the little girl scream about her older sister seducing a man back home. He was next faced with Hyoizaburoo and Yuiyui, who grilled him over his relationship with their sleeping daughter. Managing to curb the couple's displeasure by gifting them a box of Arcan Manjus but becoming irritated at Aqua and Darkness trying to protect Komekko from him, Kazuma after getting told of his sexual harassments on Megumin being listed in the letters she sent home let slip about the 300 million eris he was due to receive in addition to him living in a mansion, prompting Megumin's parents to hurriedly welcome him to the family.[126]

Kazuma proceeded to treat everybody to a sukiyaki dinner, yet after taking a bath, he witnessed Yuiyui put Hyoizaburoo and Darkness to Sleep for protesting her decision to let Kazuma sleep with Megumin, before she Locked him into her daughter's room where Megumin was still sleeping in the sole futon. Following some contemplating about the consequences, he ended up crawling in beside Megumin due to the cold weather, and briefly explained how their current situation resulted after Megumin woke up horrified. When she accordingly asked in a bashful manner if he really wasn't going to do anything, however, Kazuma mistaking it to be him being in popular mode confessed his intent of doing things to her, which resulted in Megumin angrily escaping out the window to spend the night at Yunyun's home.[126]

Called derogatory names by his disgusted party members as they discussed their plans for the day during breakfast on the following morning, Kazuma had to cheer Megumin up by treating her for a meal at the village's cafe. He and Aqua were subsequently taken by Megumin to several tourist attractions around the village, though the figure of a cat-eared girl worshipped at a Japanese shrine, a paid sacred sword in a stone challenge that was recently planted by the village blacksmith who also spread rumours to entice throwing metal objects into a wishing pond, a concrete underground storehouse where a weapon said to be capable of destroying the world was sealed, as well as the tomb for sealing a Dark God and the place for sealing a nameless goddess that ended up failing, made him exasperated at the villagers' craziness.[127]

Accordingly brought to Chekera's clothing shop where he borrowed money to Megumin for her to buy new cloaks, Kazuma was astonished when he and Aqua were shown a rifle used as a drying rod. Later taken to the Hill of the Demon God, the vantage point allowed Kazuma to discover a sneak attack by the Devil King's Army coming from the direction of Megumin's home[127] (while in the anime he did so on their return trek from Red Prison which he and Aqua were instead shown)[124]. He quickly led the girls to raise the alarm in the village, then backed by a number of overpowered villagers, returned to Megumin's home where Darkness was holding off the forces under Sylvia. Seeing how the Devil King's General began overestimating Darkness' abilities, Kazuma proceeded to bluff how powerful his party is by listing the other Generals whom they had defeated, though upon being asked his name, he falsely identified himself as Mitsurugi in a cowardy attempt to avoid attracting the Devil King's attention.[127]

With his ploy anyhow successfully scaring Sylvia and her troops off, that night Kazuma declared his intent of fleeing the village first thing next morning much to his party members' disgust. But after taking a bath, he found himself once more Locked into the sleeping Megumin's room courtesy of Yuiyui's machinations, and thus Froze the window to create an excuse for sleeping with Megumin in addition to preventing her escape. Accordingly calming Megumin down once she woke up, Kazuma suddenly discovered her especially attractive when she started thanking him for picking up after her messes. Nervously snuggling in the futon with the consenting Megumin, he upon her discovering him having Frozen the window tried to make lame excuses before admitting his intentions. Megumin though surprisingly conceded and snuggled closer to Kazuma, making him jubilant over his entry into popular mode.[127]

Untimely interrupted by a sudden alert sounding about a night raid by the Devil King's Army, Kazuma who was enraged beyond his wits charged outside as soon as Yuiyui Unlocked the bedroom door, and happened to run into a wounded Sylvia on her retreat. Telling her off for disrupting his happy time, he tried hacking at the Devil King's General whose race he could not identify, only to have her effortlessly block Chunchunmaru. With Megumin inopportunely spilling the beans about the common katana, Kazuma had no choice but to admit his true identity, before she grabbed him in between her huge breasts as hostage and Binded him to herself[127] (while in the anime she did this by generating tentacles)[124].


Kazuma enjoying being held hostage by Sylvia

After Aqua dealt damage to Sylvia with Sacred Exorcism, he got tied onto the Devil King's General in a fashion where his head rested onto her breasts. This prompted Kazuma to enjoy his situation so much that when Sylvia, who became fond of him, responded to Darkness' demands for his release by tempting him to defect to the Devil King's Army, he started praising Sylvia's treatment of him while demanding Darkness to apologise for her regular bad conduct by dressing up in a sexy maid costume and lewdly serving him. Yet Kazuma's whole outlook was overturned once Sylvia revealed herself to be a Growth Chimera who was initially male but later added female bits onto herself, before the feeling of Sylvia's erection sticking into his butt shocked him into unconsciousness.[127]

Waking up to find himself kidnapped to the underground storehouse, Kazuma was told by Sylvia about her goal to pillage the weapon capable of destroying the world. After her failed attempt to open the door with a Barrier Breaker, he blurted out how the Japanese writing on the lock indicated that it required entering a gamer code to open. Accordingly threatened with being pleasured by the Chimera if he doesn't open the door, the cowardy gamer without hesitation keyed in the code. Next sensing an opportunity when Sylvia struggled to find her way down the pitch black staircase, Kazuma shoved the Devil King's General into the underground storage before re-entering the code to shut the door. Later discovered by his party members, Yunyun, and Bukkororii's vigilantes, he explained how Sylvia was now trapped and could only starve, only to feel horrified at the other Crimson Demons sprouting flag lines. His fears proved true when Sylvia now merged with the Mage-Killer broke out and began razing the village, forcing his team and the villagers to flee for the Hill of the Demon God. Wracked by guilt over allowing Sylvia to obtain the weapon that negates the villagers' magic after witnessing Arue mutter about the village burning, Kazuma having heard Megumin mention a weapon capable of countering the Mage-Killer despite nobody being able to read its instructions, agreed to let Darkness and the villagers draw Sylvia's attention, so he and Aqua could in the meantime go back to the underground storehouse to look for the weapon[128] (while in the anime, Kazuma took Aqua and Megumin to some nearby ancient ruins that Arue suggested may contain clues about the weapon)[124].

Witnessing some heart-stopping moments when casualties nearly appeared amongst the Crimson Demons, such as Soketto expressing a harrowing parting to Bukkororii, before the endangered chuunibyous all Teleported to safety, Kazuma after talking Megumin into staying in reserves so the villagers won't know about her learning Explosion Magic, successfully sneaked into the underground storage with Aqua. Subsequent to discovering many old Japanese games and consoles, he listened to Aqua reading through an uncovered Japanese diary written by the Head Researcher, which summarised how he used the neighbouring research facility to create games for his entertainment, before grudgingly creating the Mage-Killer, the Crimson Demons, and the "Railgun (TBD)" looking like a drying rod that was designed for countering the Mage-Killer. Accordingly chastising Aqua for sending weirdoes to this world, Kazuma proceeded to inquire about her age, and concluded her to be an old hag when the enraged goddess refused to answer.[128]
(In the anime, Kazuma at the ancient ruins discovered a slab on which the Head Researcher engraved in Japanese how he had created the Mage-Killer, the Crimson Demons, and the "Railgun (TBD)", though throughout the recitation he had to plug Megumin's ears to stop her from hearing about the preposterity surrounding her origins)[124]

Realising that the drying rod seen at Chekera's shop was the Railgun, Kazuma threw aside the Game Girl Aqua had wanted the play, before dragging her off the retrieve the weapon. Yet as they headed towards Sylvia and on the way rendezvoused with their other party members in addition to Komekko, he became horrified to see Yunyun facing off against Sylvia alone, though Megumin held him back from interfering before Bukkororii and Soketto Teleported Yunyun from danger after the loner also succumbed to her clan's chuunibyouness with a cool introduction. Seizing Sylvia's moment of distraction, Kazuma set up the Railgun loaded with Aqua's magical power to Snipe the Chimera, only to find nothing happening. Next having to lug the heavy weapon around as Sylvia noticed and pursued them, he was secretly told by Megumin when she stopped to challenge the Chimera how she had figured out that it was him who unlocked the seal in the underground storehouse. Initially panicking because the Explosion unleashed by Megumin was instead absorbed by the Railgun, Kazuma soon realised how the weapon was now fully charged to allow for a shot, thus he promptly set its sights on the Sylvia, yet at the last moment had his kill shot stolen by Komekko who jumped in to pull the trigger first.[128]
(In the anime, he was next forced to flee alongside the others because the Chimera returned to life merged with the dead Beldia and Hans. Momentarily saved from a flood of corrosive slime by the arrival of Wiz and Vanir, Kazuma had his role in causing the calamity read through by the All-Seeing Demon. Despairing when even the attacks by the Archdemon and Lich didn't work on the amalgam Chimera, he then remembered Sylvia being fond of him, and decided to use it to his advantage. Therefore after instructing Aqua to repeatedly Bless him, Darkness and Vanir to distract the amalgam, and Wiz to draw all the magical powers from the villagers for empowering Megumin and Yunyun's final attack, Kazuma went up to Sylvia professing his love for her, followed by letting himself be absorbed into the Chimera's body. Upon Megumin and Yunyun launching a powerful Explosion of Saber at them, he sweet-talked Sylvia into lowering her guard, allowing the attack to pierce him before obliterating them both. Thanks to Aqua's repeated Blessings, enough gory bits of Kazuma's body still remained to enable his ensuing Resurrection)[124]

Kazuma was on the following day rendered speechless by the speed at which the villagers speedily rebuilt their ruined village through the use of summoned Golems and Demons on top of other magics, then when Arue came showing Megumin the second chapter of Heroic Tales of the Crimson Demons inspired by the village's razing, angrily tore up the manuscript for all the embarrassment her first chapter caused him as well as the unnecessary guilt from witnessing the village burn.[128]

Accompanying Megumin to the hills outside the village on the next day while commenting on how Sylvia had rampaged for nothing, he saw Aqua engaging in conversation with Pekonyan, who kept going on and on about a jinx over the village. Despite wanting to ignore the crazy old man's rantings, at Aqua's insistence Kazuma had to agree on helping Pekonyan break the jinx, though unconfident in his party's abilities, he asked Yunyun to join them on the following day. Heading deep into the forest where the boulder causing the jinx was located, Kazuma's attempt to Lurk the gang past a Greater Panda was foiled by Aqua's sneezing, and her attempting to keep the monster as a pet after Yunyun froze it as well as blaming her sneezing on the jinx made him all the madder. Later trying to take advantage of Yunyun when Lurking the gang from an approaching monster that turned out to be a Knee-kick Runner, he against Aqua's advice tried to cut down the small lizard, only to be nearly killed by its killer knee-kick if not for Darkness shielding him. Following a series of monster encounters that ignored his Lurk, the gang eventually made it to the cursed boulder where its jinx got Broken and the witnessing Pekonyan was revealed to be a Ghost, whose Tornado and Control of Weather cast in his final challenge to Megumin and Yunyun let Kazuma enjoy the view of the girls with their skirts up and clothes wet.[129] He alongside his companions afterwards munched on the watermelons Pekonyan had left behind.[130]

On the day prior to leaving the village, Kazuma made a visit to a facility named "Mixed Bath", which to his disappointment was neither a hot spring nor allowed for bathing between genders. Allowed by Megumin to sleep with her that night despite him having lost the motivation to do anything on her, he spewed out all his jealous dissatisfaction about Valentine's Day traditions, but was surprised when Megumin accordingly expressed fondness of him, before being asked if he wants a competent wizard.[128]

Kazuma proceeded to head outside with Megumin on the final day of her homecoming trip, where he witnessed Yunyun being referred to by names derived from her introduction to Sylvia, and later got introduced to Funifura and Dodonko, whom Megumin shocked into tears by informing them of Kazuma being her boyfriend. He was afterwards brought to a field outside the village where Megumin handed him her Adventurer Card and asked to expend her skill points for learning Advanced Magic, but remembering Vanir's advice regarding the enormity of his decision, Kazuma deciding that he wants the strongest wizard instead selected to power up her Explosion Magic, then picking her up subsequent to the overjoyed Megumin releasing a spectacular Explosion, gave her 120 points for it.[131]

Upon return to their mansion, Kazuma made up his mind not to get himself into any more trouble by shutting himself at home, before the party was notified about the princess' request[132] (while in the anime, he joined the party on a picnic after their carriage trip back to Axel, where instead of making Megumin learn Advanced Magic he powered up her Explosion Magic, and subsequent to that spent a long period on other things before the princess' arrival)[124]

At some point during the period, Kazuma carrying some apples squeezed Aqua in disgust over her complaining about the Eris followers offering free food and Healing as well as trying to take his apples, before turning exasperated at the goddess asking those same followers of her rival for food and Healing.[133] He was also asked by Megumin to go out for a pretend date in order to discourage a boy from stalking her, but after performing some dating activities lacking the mood followed by an Explosion session, they discovered that the boy didn't like Megumin at all and was simply hoping to learn Explosion Magic.[134]

Kazuma burst into Aqua's room one night when he heard her grumbling about a Game Girl Color game she was playing, where he noticed that she had hidden an intricate miniature of the Destroyer contained in a glass case inside.[135] Forcing the goddess to truthfully explain or else he will drink all her wine, Kazuma was told how she had smuggled the super rare original model made by the Head Researcher himself from the underground storehouse at the Crimson Demon Village, hoping to sell the premier product for a fortune. He thus suggested to have the two of them split the sale money and ordered Aqua to polish it, only to have the miniature activate and run around once she took it out of the glass case. With Megumin and Darkness also alerted of the miniature's existence, Kazuma had no choice but to agree for the whole party equally splitting the money, though the self-detonation of the miniature after he chased it into Aqua's hands rendered their money-making scheme moot.[136]

Attempting to ignore an assembly broadcast by the Guild so he could laze around at the mansion, Kazuma eventually abided when his party's presence was specifically requested, yet instead of being asked to fight some powerful enemy, it turned out that a high-ranking official of the Guild Headquarters was going to come inspect Axel on the following day. Initially elated at his fame finally reaching the higher-ups at the royal capital, the warning expressed by Luna about troublemaking adventurers possibly getting disqualified by the official irritated Kazuma, though a glare from the receptionist silenced his protests regarding him being labelled as one. Although he suggested for his party to shut themselves inside their mansion for a month, the four of them being notable only for their fame was nevertheless ordered to perform normal quests during the official's visit.[137]

Exasperated because the way his party members tidied up their act on the day of the inspection was by dressing up neater than usual, Kazuma and some other adventurers noticed the official with whom Luna was conversing intently scrutinising them, so he suggested for everybody to perform the simple quests against Giant Toads without making mistakes in order not to be penalised, even though the amphibians were known to be his party's natural enemy. Proceeding to ignore Aqua, who brought along a basket of little snakes for scaring the oversized frogs only to be gobbled up anyways, Kazuma perceiving the official's gaze became further unsettled at Megumin trying not to be eaten and Darkness unsuccessfully trying the opposite, since it made them the only party faring badly against the weak monsters.[137]

Surprised when the official accordingly revealed his intent of recruiting powerful adventurers to fill up vacancies at the royal capital's Guild and asked to see them fight stronger monsters, contrary to the thrilled female adventurers, Kazuma like other male adventurers expressed his intent to remain at Axel where there is a Succubus Cafe. Next taken aback by the appearance of a Frog Killer, which to his fury was coming after the adventurers because the little snakes brought along by Aqua were in fact its young, Kazuma warned the Archpriest how she could be disqualified for this. Following the oversized snake's defeat at the hands of Megumin, he contemplated cancelling their responsibility for the incident with the exploit as well as making the official forget about the whole affair through Darkness' noble status, though in the end it wasn't needed.[137]

Sometime around that period, Kazuma was pushed by people at the Guild into stopping Megumin from goading a veteran adventurer into a brawl to the death, and chided her over a testament letter asking for her family to avenge her killer should she lose, though that veteran adventurer revealing his intent of bullying the beginner adventurers in Axel prompted Kazuma into betting on the rabid wizard beating him up.[138] He also teased Darkness over her lack of nobility for craving Aqua's sweet potato chips, and was surprised when the heiress prepared breakfast the next morning in the manner of a noble.[139] In addition, he got pestered by Aqua into financing her shopping of vegetables from the market, and became further incensed to hear that the herbicides used were actually for tranquilising the aggressive vegetables when taking them from their cages, though after being ridiculed for not knowing about turnips also being used as weapons, he Stole a whole bunch of escaped vegetables that granted him a level-up.[140]

Cursed Relic Arc[]

Kazuma and party was one day summoned to the Guild, where Luna told them of a nobleman named Lundberg requesting them to help investigate an ancient relic found in a dungeon beneath his mansion. Accepting the job because of the multi-million eris rewards but still uneasy with performing it just by themselves, Kazuma invited Yunyun, Chris, and Mitsurugi to tag along. After a brief meeting with the nobleman, he led his companions down into the dungeon that looked like a research facility, and soon beheld the relic resembling a high-technology vat, the purpose of which he couldn't fathom. Despite stopping Aqua from arbitrarily pressing the buttons on the relic, Kazuma was too late to stop her from punching it and setting off a defence response in the form of Level Drain, which reduced everybody to Level 1 rookies with no Skills. Managing to escape being buried alive as a result of Megumin's Explosion, he was soon apprehended by knights and charged with treason by Sena again while his exasperating party members unhelpfully looked on, though thanks to a plea deal suggested by the prosecutor, Kazuma was given the chance to have Lundberg pardon him if he helps repair the damaged relic.[141]

He accordingly led the rookiefied gang to see Lundberg again, and had to snatch the hagoromo off Aqua when the nobleman demanded it confiscated for collateral as part of his bail terms. Next taken to Rav's room, Kazuma who like Megumin had no confidence in him listened to the researcher explain how he needed some replacement parts only found in dungeons in order to repair the relic, before being advised to start with a length of pipe stored in the underground sewers running underneath the neighbourhood ruins because the monsters there are weak enough for the rookiefied party. Later reiterating what Rav had said to the members who left the conversation midway, he was approached by Lundberg demanding them repay him for the damages wrought on his estate by Megumin's Explosion, forcing Kazuma and his companions to give up all their life savings as well as pawn off their advanced equipment and items. Left with the most basic equipment donated to them by the Guild, Kazuma nevertheless vowed to take back everything they had lost.[141]

Taking the old road to the ruins where even monsters roaming there now proved a challenge,[142] the party reached the neighbourhood ruins, at the entrance to which they recalled how their adventures with the magical stones began when Aqua picked up a shard of them there. Unable to dissuade Megumin from accompanying, Kazuma was soon shown by Darkness a passageway leading underground that was barred by a locked door, so listening to her advice, he decided on going back to Axel, where Luna's help was sought for obtaining the lock's key from the noble in charge of sewer maintenance.[143]

Upon the party entering the underground sewers running beneath the ruins, Kazuma was rewarded with the nice upskirt view of Yunyun after she tripped over, before threatening to leave Aqua behind when she expressed reluctance to entering. Soon reaching a junction blocked by masses of Giant Toads, he had to rescue Megumin when she was being eaten by one of the amphibians, then subsequent to defeating it had to do the same with Aqua who was being swallowed by another one. After the party's slimy retreat back to Axel, Kazuma was forced to wash himself up in the yard because Aqua and the girls hogged the bathroom. Next heading to Wiz's Shop for anything that could help, he was presented with the powerful but impractically expensive Frog Killer, before purchasing the cheaper but less effective Frogicide that simply weakens the amphibians. Returning to the underground sewers to position the Frogicide, Kazuma had to fight the Giant Toads trying to obstruct them. Later at the storeroom where the pipe for repairing the relic was stored, he reluctantly fought a Giant King Toad while it was still weakened by the Frogicide, before following Yunyun to searching for their objective. Subsequent to bringing a piece of pipe back to the excited Rav and heading to the Guild for celebrating the completion of their first mission, Kazuma was baffled when he returned the next day with his party and heard the researcher asking them to search for a Magical Stone of Water from an unheard of dungeon near Arcanletia.[144]

Opting to walked along the highway to the city of water for the sake of saving money, Kazuma assumed that people at Arcanletia, where they need to rendezvous with Chris at, would not attack Aqua for ruining their hot springs, then upon arrival went into a local product shop to look at items not sold at Axel.[145]

Following the party's reunion with Chris, the concern of Kazuma over the said dungeon nowhere to be found was answered when Chris who joined in with them showed an Axis follower calling on the "power of Aqua" to split the waters of the lake in half and reveal an underwater temple, even though the said goddess whom Kazuma stared at denied doing anything, before they heard other Axis followers gossip how the phenomenon was one that occurs automatically ever since several days earlier. As the party in their search for the replacement part entered the temple clearly built for worshipping Aqua, Kazuma found his face hugged by Lake Squids in a courtyard, and nearly had his hair ripped out when Darkness pulled the monster off. Soon gifted a short sword that Chris had fished out of a pond in the west wing, he inserted it into an altar in the courtyard for opening up a hidden passageway into the inner sanctum. Later when the party reached a flooded hall from which the detection device got a reading, he oversaw the girls diving in to search for the magical stone, and upon a Kraken which hugged a statue of Aqua surfacing to capture Darkness and Chris in its tentacles, instructed Aqua to distract the boss of the lake so he could cut the captured girls free. Next he directed Darkness with clearing the debris trapping the water inside the hall, before fighting to defeat the Kraken that got weakened once the water was emptied. Then after pulling Aqua who found the magical stone out from under the fallen Kraken squashing her, Kazuma heard the useless goddess reiterate the history behind the temple. He proceeded to take the magical stone back to Rav as well as report to Lundberg, before heading to celebrate with the others at the Guild where he listened to Chris' theory about the lake splitting, yet the whole time Kazuma couldn't shake the feeling that the courteous nobleman was conspiring something. Receiving a message from Rav on the following morning to bring the Crimson Demon girls with him, Kazuma who was only able to find Yunyun brought her along with Aqua to the meeting, and was briefed about the next replacement part looking like a metallic controller slate possibly located at the Crimson Demon Village.[146]

Kazuma like before decided to walk through the trail to the Crimson Demon Village, and might also help the others cheer up Megumin. Reuniting with Yunyun when the party reached the village afterwards and explaining their situation to Arue who offered to tag along their journey as well as Funifura and Dodonko, Kazuma joined the others in asking around about the controller slate. Unable to glean anything useful by nightfall, the party planning to try searching the mysterious facility tomorrow retired to Megumin's home, where Hyoizaburoo adapted a stern attitude towards Kazuma once hearing of him being charged with treason in addition to losing all his wealth. Subsequent to Megumin convincing her father to help with his endeavour, Kazuma inquired about the controller slate, which turned out to be in the possession of Komekko. The little girl, however, vehemently refused to part with her prized treasure that she had picked up first, while Kazuma's suggestion of taking the slate by force was opposed by Darkness.[147]

With Komekko settling for seeing again how cool Megumin is with her Explosions in exchange for the slate, on the following day outside the village, Kazuma might arrange for Darkness, Aqua, Yunyun, and Arue to help generate simulated Explosions, or simply take his party for Explosion sessions, though either way Komekko still found the "fireworks" not cool enough. He was accordingly told by Megumin about noises coming from the direction of a decayed fort close to the village, then leading his party over to investigate, Kazuma was faced with a Mecha Owl Monster that he tried pretending he hadn't seen, before being forced to fight and destroy the attacking construct. After the party reported to Hyoizaburoo about their encounter with another one of the pests recently plaguing the village, he dragged Megumin outside to scold her for wasting their time because she had bragged to Komekko about destroying all of the Mecha Owl Monsters, but changed his mind once Darkness proposed showing the little girl how cool Megumin is by taking out the constructs. As the party returned to the fort the next day with Komekko in tow so she could see how cool Megumin is, Kazuma expressed misgivings about the little girl encumbering her older sister who had to carry her around and left unable to fight. Soon attacked by several of the Mecha Owl Monsters, he forced Aqua to continue wearing her headpiece which was attracting the constructs. Pushing into the fort's inner passageways where they sent another Mecha Owl Monster fleeing without a leg, Kazuma pursued it to a secured building in the middle of a fort, and witnessed how it opened a high-technology door by sticking its remaining leg into the lock. He thus took the party back to retrieve the construct's severed leg, and successfully entered the building, which was empty except for a ladder leading down.[148]

Surprised by the sight of the the facility ruins beneath the fort that they climbed down into, Kazuma leading his party on had to fight a Titan Golem guarding the console for a door locked by a gamer code, which reminded him of how he allowed Sylvia to obtain the Mage-Killer. Proceeding deeper into the facility storage where they discovered functioning repair bays for the Mecha Owl Monsters, he was notified of an inactive construct looking like the Mage-Killer, and became exasperated at Megumin's lack of babysitting when Komekko kicked the machine in hopes of activating it. Next called to a control terminal by Aqua who was too lazy to read through the records herself, Kazuma uncovered how the facility was stirred into activation ever since Sylvia activated the Mage-Killer. Yet before he could find a way of shutting the Mecha Owl Monsters down, Megumin and Aqua both vying to press a big red button on the wall forced Kazuma to hold them back, resulting in him unable to prevent Komekko from sneaking up to press the panic button. Subsequent to the facility's security system activating the Mage-Killer Prototype to eliminate them, Kazuma took Aqua's advice to flee from the construct, whose long flailing body they could do nothing about in the facility's tight confines. Fully acknowledging the fact that it will eventually wreck havoc on the village, however, he instructed Darkness to briefly hinder the Mage-Killer Prototype so the party could make it out of the storage area, before keying in the gamer code to shut the door upon the construct as it slithered its head out of the doorway. With the tail section trapped behind the door, Kazuma persuaded his companions into fighting the construct before it manages to break free. Yet the Mage-Killer Prototype they smashed into inactivity accordingly reactivated again managed pull itself free of the door despite the damage suffered, forcing the exhausted Kazuma to call for a retreat into the forest outside. Just as he was fearing that the construct would follow them all the way back to the village, Kazuma became relieved upon Megumin casting her relearned Explosion to destroy the Mage-Killer Prototype. With the impressed Komekko consequently handing over the controller slate, he and his companions who now included Funifura made their way back to Axel. Having handed Rav the replacement part to the researcher's elation and briefly meeting with Lundberg, the worried Kazuma asked Chris to go investigating the relic and the nobleman prior to the ensuing celebration at the Guild, though she could only uncover a clean record regarding Lundberg that stank of a cover-up. Kazuma therefore told Sena about his concerns on the following day after asking her about his employer, and convinced the prosecutor to accompany him when he brings to Lundberg the final replacement part, which according to Rav in their meeting afterwards was the Eternal Ice Crystal formed by Snow Sprites in the depths of the snowfield forest.[149]

Like the rest of his party when they headed over to search for the next replacement part, Kazuma found out the hard way that Luna's warning about the snowfield forest turning lethally cold due to the overabundance of Snow Sprites was true after seeing the Spirits saturating the air in numbers too much to cull. Forced to turn back, he at Megumin's suggestion took her to Wiz's Shop for purchasing Heat Rings, only to hear from Vanir that the item was out of stock. Kazuma proceeded to tell the visiting Dust of their plight, and after hearing him propose the preposterous idea of using a Salamander for warmth instead, was presented by Vanir the less effective Hot Rings which the Archdemon was holding back. Subsequent to purchasing the Hot Rings, Kazuma brought his party back to the snowfield forest, where Megumin proudly showed the others how she tamed a Salamander to become a portable heater, so the exasperated Kazuma had to force her into putting on the Hot Ring. Later discovering the path leading up to a mountain of ice, which either required pushing through a passageway packed with Snow Sprites that were hiding a Winter Shogun or taking a long detour around, Kazuma was given a shock when Mitsurugi who had been scouting the area appeared. After exchanging tidings only to be yelled at by the Swordmaster for supposedly mistreating Aqua because he only gave her an inferior Hot Ring, upon seeing Mitsurugi offering his Heat Ring to the useless goddess, the jealous Kazuma tried to prevent him from spoiling her, and in the tussle Aqua was sent slipping and sliding deeper into the ice cavern. Subsequent to them finding Aqua and Mitsurugi joining in with the party, Kazuma took his suggestion and headed back to Axel for preparations.[150]

Returning afterwards to the ice mountain with Mitsurugi being the guide and Aqua sliding out of the party to end up further ahead where the others had to go collect her, Kazuma despite Mitsurugi's protests dug through the luggage from the remains of an adventurer Aqua came across. Next learning from a notebook detailing how that adventurer's companion had who was carrying ice dissolvent had fallen into a crevice, he at Mitsurugi's direction had to search several crevices in the area, before descending down the right one in order to reclaim the ice dissolvent from its owner's remains. When Kazuma dissolved some ice in their way to reach the end of the dungeon, only find the way back blocked by a gigantic Big Snow Sprite, he and Mitsurugi had to drag a delighted Darkness who got squashed under its enormous bulk free. Unsure of what to do after forbidding Megumin from moving it with an Explosion, Kazuma witnessed Aqua burning the Snow Sprites out of the Big Snow Sprite with the Salamander's flames, and accordingly spurred her on so that the conglomerate of Spirits would be reduced to a more manageable size. He proceeded to lead the attack that defeated the Big Snow Sprite and allowed them to claim the Eternal Ice Crystal, though the party consequently had to flee from the wrathful Winter Shogun. Back at Axel, Kazuma bringing his party members and Sena along went to hand the final replacement part to the elated Rav, and was accordingly declared pardoned by Lundberg. Accepting the nobleman's subsequent invitation for his party and the prosecutor to enjoy dinner, the pleasure of eating cuisines they usually couldn't enjoy was marred by Megumin repeatedly snatching away the foods he had wanted to eat.[151]

Unable to get a straight answer from Lundberg over why he held the celebratory dinner in the first place, Kazuma accepted his offer to go look at the relic that Rav had completed repairs on. Yet after everybody descended into the research facility beneath the mansion, he was shocked by Lundberg revealing his true goal of setting up Kazuma's party so they could trip the defence response in his place and be blackmailed into seeking the replacement parts needed for activating the relic, within which sleeps the ultimate magical creature he plans to use for overthrowing the royalty and claiming the throne. Accordingly surprised because the released magical creature known as Wallavy ignored Lundberg's commands to eradicate the party, Kazuma was thanked for his efforts by Rav who confessed having lied to his employer before teleporting away. He next heard from Sena how they have to arrest the treasonous nobleman, then following a temper tantrum by Lundberg, fought Manatite Golem sent to silence them all, which they defeated thanks to the all levelling up the nobleman had forced them into.[152]

The next day, Kazuma and Darkness gave Sena their testimonies over Lundberg's treason case before returning to their mansion, where shortly after Aqua panickedly ran off to Sena about her missing hagoromo, he was convinced by Megumin and Darkness to go after Wallavy, since they might be charged with treason again if the magical creature wasn't caught. As the trio discussed how to look for news of its whereabouts, Kazuma was surprised by Vanir bursting in to declare their target at the Temple of Everlasting Summer, before explaining to Wiz whom the Archdemon brought along what had happened last night. He next had Vanir force Wiz into his party as an insurance against the threat of Wallavy, though the All-Seeing Demon Level Draining Wiz in order to make the journey more amusing frustrated Kazuma. Accordingly forcing the agitated Aqua into accepting Wiz, he led the party to the baking temple, and expressed more trust in the ice magic of Wiz than the water magic of Aqua when faced with attacking Green Lizard Runners. As the heat began getting into everybody's heads, though, Kazuma had to stop Megumin from her crazy ideas involving Explosion.[153]

When the party reached the oasis adjacent to the temple, at Aqua's insistence they all took a break, during which Kazuma enjoyed the sight of the girls splashing around in the water wearing new swimsuits, before coming up with an excuse for Wiz when Aqua questioned why wasn't the Lich swimming in the water filled with her holy powers. Soon afterwards the party located Rav, who was observing an evolved Wallavy regurgitating the monsters it had drained of magical powers to grow. Turning exasperated because Darkness revealed their presence with her perverted squeals and wished to be swallowed too, Kazuma led his party into beating the attacking Wallavy down, yet had to flee when Wallavy regenerated. Several days later as the Guild discussed the mysterious Wallavy and asked for more information on it, Kazuma stopped Aqua from speaking out because it could get them who had helped release Wallavy into trouble. Subsequent to Sena giving them permission to enter Lundberg's mansion, Kazuma followed Aqua as she anxiously looked around for her hagoromo. He was next shown by Megumin a diary written in Japanese, which recorded how the Head Researcher created Wallavy simply because the idiot wanted to eat warabi mochi, infuriating the Japanese reincarnate so much he refused to recite what he learned to the local girls. Deciding to ask for ideas at Wiz's Shop, Kazuma was advised by Vanir to head for the Great Tree Labyrinth, before getting exasperated at the Archdemon who also tagged along after Draining his own levels.[154]

After reaffirming their need for going to the Great Tree Labyrinth, Kazuma expressed his awe at the vastness of the tree the labyrinth was situated in, before making lewd remarks upon encountering different breeds of Alraunes. Soon finding their way being blocked by a cluster of thick branches, he stopped Megumin from casting an Explosion in fear they will subsequently get squashed, then skeptically following Aqua's suggestion, they asked Wiz for a specially formulated weedkiller. With the actual product being out of stock, they took Vanir's advice and brought Wiz the ingredients for formulating it instead, though the act of wilting away the branches also enraged the Ironwood Treant that marked out its turf with them. The party accordingly defeated the monster and headed to the deepest part of the labyrinth, where they discovered another relic that Wallavy now evolved to its second form got directed there by Rav to absorb. Although they managed to fight off the attacking Wallavy, it still managed to absorb the relic and flee, while Kazuma and his party had to fight off the awakened Guardian of the Great Tree. With no leads on Rav, Kazuma had to take his party back to Axel, where they were told of a giant Wallavy on the attack, and had to help with the city's defence preparations.[155]

As the party later worried about their future back at the Guild in face of Wallavy's unstoppable growth, Aqua while scouring the diary of the Head Researcher, discovered a hidden page talking about a counter weapon against Wallavy being hidden in the Magic-Sealer Cave. Kazuma was next told by Megumin about the cave nullifying the magics of Archwizards and Archpriests as well as the need to bring two or more Crimson Demons along, so claiming to the impressed Luna that they were trying to save the city, he led the party towards the deepest part of the cave. After fighting the Giant Spiders blocking them from the mechanisms needed to open up the way ahead, Kazuma at the lowest level enjoyed the view from below when Megumin and her other accompanying kin was ensnared up into the web of an Arachne, which subsequent to cutting the Crimson Demons free he helped defeat. He accordingly became impressed by the Big Crystal in the innermost room, but wasn't so much when Darkness recklessly touched the safe containing the counter weapon and activated the defence mechanism of the nexus.[156]

Quickly grabbing the counter weapon following them smashing the Big Crystal, Kazuma led his party back to Axel in time to witness the giant Wallavy advancing upon the city, before discovering to his upmost fury how the Widespread Foodstuffs Destruction Agent he had brought back will cause so much collateral damage that it is in practice unusable. He consequently had his hopes restored once told by Megumin that Wallavy's body could be melted by intense heat, yet as soon as the other mages' fire magic blasted Wallavy into collapsing, Kazuma's hopes were dashed upon Rav appearing to point out how the lowered temperature caused by the sun setting allowed Wallavy to regenerate. Forced to flee alongside Aqua while cursing the troublesome warabi mochi, he suddenly remembered how that confection could be frozen stiff when put into the fridge. Kazuma therefore led his party to battle Wallavy, and upon weakening it enough, instructed Wiz to freeze it to the point it could not regenerate, which allowed the party to eventually defeat the warabi mochi. Although he was afterwards unable to stop the shocked Rav from fleeing, Kazuma was still rewarded with free bubbly by the Guild.[156]

Lazing around the mansion for the subsequent several days, Kazuma late one morning woke up to see Aqua being continuously beaten at a Young Grandchild game by Megumin, then heard from Darkness how Sena was petitioning the kingdom to reward him for defeating Wallavy. He was abruptly approached by a panicked Sena who screamed about Slimes looking like small clones of Wallavy appearing all over the land, so Kazuma who unlike the knights actually understood the threat of that warabi mochi immediately took his party member to the Guild. Hearing from Luna that those clones were sighted at neighbourhood ruins, the underwater temple, the decayed fort, the snowfield forest, the Temple of Everlasting Summer, and the Great Tree Labyrinth, Kazuma let the Guild spread his advice of freezing the small monsters through ice magic, before eliminating every of the clones at the aforementioned locations. Yet when they go reporting to Sena, the party was informed that while they were gone, scores of additional Wallavy sightings came in, so the Guild was finally taking Kazuma's advice and mobilising all adventurers into using ice magic for eliminating the small clones. And since there were reports of the small Wallavies all emerging from the Bottomless Labyrinth, Kazuma and his party were asked to go investigate.[157]

Making their way into the Bottomless Labyrinth, Kazuma goaded Megumin into blowing the whole place up upon discovering a mocking sign left by Rav, but at Darkness' persuasion changed to capture the mad scientist instead. During the middle of their trek where Darkness read another mocking sign, the party sans Aqua who got captured by Guardian Sword had to fight the Golem when it activated, and Kazuma subsequent to victory discovered Gram from the destroyed Golem. Eventually finding at his hideout Rav who explained how Wallavy had survived the prior battle before it began evolving, the party was shocked upon seeing a Wallavy bigger than ever on the move outside, then fought Guardian Cross which the mad scientist had left behind while he made his escape. With no choice but returning to Axel where the party exchanged tidings with Sena and Luna, Kazuma became frustrated to learn that the knights were still underestimating Wallavy's threat and wouldn't send adequate reinforcements, before agreeing to help take care of the warabi mochi. Due to no clues on Wallavy and Rav's whereabouts being found over the next several days, he surprised the others by asking to have Lundberg brought to the Guild for inquiries on Rav's possible locations. Through reminding the uncooperative former nobleman how his downfall was caused by Rav's betrayal, Kazuma successfully persuaded him into divulging about Rav setting up residence in a secret location within the underground research facility.[158]

Exasperated upon arrival to the ruins above the ground because Aqua got chased about by a Titan Golem Type 2 before Darkness enjoyed being stomped on by it, he stopped Megumin from casting Explosion until the Crusader managed to crawl out at allowed the whole party to destroy the Golem. Next advancing into the facility itself, Kazuma became surprised when they were attacked by Golems that actually look like pretty maids. Still making it down to the deepest part of the facility where the magical stone had previously been found, the party followed a hidden door discovered by Aqua that led to a secret section.[159]

Soothing Aqua who was hurt when falling down the hidden ladder, Kazuma led the party into the laboratory Rav was busing working in. He like Aqua later discovered something wrong when the mad scientist told them a misinterpreted understanding of the Head Researcher's diary, so subsequent to defeating the small bits of Wallavy that Rav had modified to grow spines, Kazuma explained how the Head Researcher's Japanese diary actually revealed Wallavy to be nothing but warabi mochi that the idiot had created for eating, though Aqua's demonstration of the fact by eating the defeated modified Wallavies rendered him speechless. Anyhow capturing Rav who was shocked into stupor, Kazuma interrogated him for Wallavy's whereabouts, which according to a nearby observation device turned out to be en route to Axel after growing to supergiant proportions. Frustrated at the supposed Town of Beginners always being attacked by overpowered enemies and concerned that its destruction will land him multiple death penalties, he grabbing Rav called for everyone to race back to Axel, and managed to discover a flying relic magic item in the mad scientist's possession, which they all rode on before making it to the city just in time. Rendezvousing with Sena and Luna who were busy with evacuations, Kazuma came up with a plan involving the remaining magic users in Axel casting spells for luring Wallavy away from the city, so that they can unleash a powerful attack to destroy its core.[160]

At some points during the period, Kazuma might find himself invited to various outings alongside companions whom he frequently went adventuring with.[161]
He might go on an emergency collection quest with only Aqua, during which they get lost in the forest and had to eat a Giant Rat before managing to find their way back. Discovering how the monster tasted surprisingly good, the pair secretly went hunting for more, and eventually opened a food stand called "Goddess Canteen" for selling grilled Giant Rat meat on skewers, a venture that proved profitable despite them keeping the nature of the meat a secret. But one day as they went hunting, the alpha of the Giant Rats showed up to avenge its kin, and pursued the fleeing pair back to their food stand which it smashed. With Aqua later blurting out where the meat came from to the customers' disgust, Kazuma decided to close shop, only to discover that Aqua had already signed contracts for expanding the business, forcing him to use their earnings to pay off the bills.
He might be asked by Megumin to help her capture a Phoenix, so despite being exasperated at her plans of becoming legendarily cool, agreed to accompany her whenever she hears news of its whereabouts. Some time afterwards, Kazuma followed Megumin's lead to the decayed fort only to find a Chimera fighting with a Fire Drake, then later to the Oasis of Everlasting Summer where nothing but assurance that the sightings were results of hallucinations. Yet when trying to listen for the Phoenix's fluttering to no avail, he heard a merchant talk of an old man who claimed of seeing the Phoenix, and met with him near the neighbourhood ruins, in the vicinity of which the Phoenix had reportedly hatched in an explosion 94 years ago. They however found in a cave an aggressive Black Griffin instead, and Megumin defeating it with an Explosion ended with them finding out that the old man had been mistaking Explosion Magic to be the birth of the Phoenix, though Kazuma as he carried Megumin back heard her express contentment at being the stuff of legends.
He might agree to accompany Darkness in her martial training so she wouldn't do anything crazy during her attempt to prepare herself against more dangerous foes, and sure enough had to apologise when the Crusader charged into the hideout of a bandit duo who recently moved to the forests near Axel and freaked them out by tanking all their attacks. Heading out with Darkness to ask of the bandits to leave some time later, Kazuma felt exasperation at her chasing the terrified duo into the forest where a Werebear attacked them, as well as the Crusader's inability to hit the monster which the bandits eventually defeated. Going back there once more after a while, he became relieved to see the duo having switched to woodcutting and Darkness deciding to put off her martial training for the time being.
He might be asked by Yunyun to accompany her as she carried out her crazy plan of making a hundred friends with monsters, which Kazuma agreed to because he wanted to keep her out of trouble when things inevitably go wrong. Sure enough, he had to save Yunyun from Giant Toads that gobbled her up before she even finished introducing herself. Next tagging along to the territory of Wererats, Kazuma had to drag Yunyun escaping back to the city when the monsters began fighting over the bento she had presented before attacking the pair, and was eventually saved when Luna announced an emergency quest against the pursuing Wererats known for biting up buildings and food as well as spreading contagions. Kazuma was later brought to the Magic-Sealer Cave, where he too had to help express introductions to the Arachnes whom Yunyun was trying to befriend. Yet when staying for the night there, he woke up to find himself tightly bound by the thread of the monsters who planned to eat him, until Yunyun managed to fight off the Arachnes and drag him outside to safety, following which Kazuma became relieved because she finally gave up on befriending monsters.
He might be persuaded by Chris into raiding a large thief band's hideout in the Bottomless Labyrinth after hearing about them hoarding a lot of stolen goods too unusual to be sold, yet when sneaking in during a time the thieves were out thieving, Kazuma grabbed so much loot that his sack encumbered him upon some thieves returning early. Managing to escape thanks to Chris defeating the thieves, he had to hand the stolen goods to the Guild, before agreeing to return to the hideout in search of the controller for a handheld gaming console discovered by Chris. Despite them managing to find the part needed to fix that newest gaming console, Kazuma to his disappointment had to let Chris seal the device because Aqua verified the existence of a curse on it. He anyhow was taken by Chris to a storeroom in the hideout sometime after the thieves were caught, and spent a whole day playing with the gaming consoles stashed inside, since those goods were to be confiscated by the Guild and sent to the royal vaults.
He might take Arue around Axel when she expressed her intent of writing a tourist guidebook for the city, starting with his own mansion which she thought to be old and worn. Kazuma next took her to the Guild where an interview with Luna made her think the focal point of the city as unremarkable, and a subsequent trip to Wiz's Shop only showed her the unreliability of the city's businesses. Leaving the shop with a floating lamp prone to exploding that was gifted by Vanir, Kazuma upon a purse snatcher bumping into Arue threw the lamp at the fleeing criminal, and successfully stopped him with the improvised explosive. Later as Arue commented on Axel lacking historical sites for attracting tourists, he had to stop Megumin from creating one by blowing a hole in the middle of the city, before agreeing with Arue's idea of writing the guidebook for appealing to adventurers instead.
He might agree to help Funifura look for people who could give her advice on how to become more older sister-esqe, though his first candidate who was Wiz didn't turn out to be somebody reliable. Kazuma next took Funifura to see Luna, but the diligent plus overworked receptionist's grumblings didn't work out either. With Darkness not fitting the role of an older sister despite her being the eldest of his party, he brought Funifura to the Guild where they listened to Aqua's useless bragging about how she treated mortals as little brothers. Initially ignoring Megumin when she finally approached them as an actual older sister to somebody, Kazuma chided the explosive girl for being less decent than Komekko. His situation though gave Funifura the idea of being an older sister whom the little brother has to take care of, before she declared her intent of observing him in order to becoming the ideal older sister.
He might reluctantly accompany Mitsurugi on mentoring rookie adventurers under the request of Sena, in which he tried to let the Swordmaster do all the work. During an ensuing lecture at the neighbourhood ruins following a tiring quest, Kazuma strung up a hammock for a nap, then upon Mitsurugi angrily asking him what to do when running into Beginner's Banes, groggily gave the correct answer entailing hiding from confrontation, which the Swordmaster afterwards admitted made an impression on the class, something Kazuma was glad for since there'll be less rookies falling victim to those monsters. Later forced to join the final mentoring session which involved field training at the neighbourhood ruins, he was overseeing the rookies hunting Goblins in pairs, when one pair ran back with a Veteran's Bane hot on their heels. Subsequent to helping Mitsurugi defeat the monster before dismissing the class, Kazuma was judged worthy by the Swordmaster to stay by Aqua's side.
He might agree to help Wiz collect ingredients for her new product, though their first trek into the Great Tree Labyrinth failed to secure what they needed. Anyhow heading to Wiz's Shop again prior to their second expedition, Kazuma was advised by Vanir to make preparations for camping out overnight as well as more bags for collection. This time finding an abundance of the herbs needed, they put the additional bags to good use, yet in the process Kazuma stepped onto the tail of a Jungle Tiger. Losing their way after being chased for a while, the pair was forced to make camp as prophesied by Vanir, during which Kazuma nervously enjoyed the feeling of Wiz hugging him from behind as she slept, before they found the way back after sunrise.
He might be hired by Vanir for the feeling-healing job at a childcare centre opened by the Archdemon, and despite being exasperated at Vanir enjoying the children developing skills of deceit as they cheat on games, still found the job much more healing than adventuring. When Kazuma and Vanir headed to the childcare centre after questing, however, they found out that some children had gone for hide-and-seek at the neighbourhood ruins. Frantically rushing to the place, Kazuma upon seeing one of the children trapped by a Beginner's Bane quickly cut down the monster. Later deemed to be popular with children, he was suggested by Vanir to open a childcare centre after retiring from adventuring.
He might be talked by Dust into helping the Succubus Cafe collect herbs for a "special potion" in exchange for a special service ticket, which they headed to the neighbour ruins early in the morning to gather. Later agreeing to have the ticket further upgraded if they gather herbs for another "special potion" Dust said could dissolve clothes, Kazuma worked to gather more in hopes of being gifted extra portions of that potion, only to drop the extra herbs after fleeing from monsters whose turf they intruded into. Next offered an additional upgrade to their ticket if they helped the Cafe with an essential task, he began finding the deal suspicious, though at Dust's insistence Kazuma agreed to the deal, which turned out to be tiring janitorial work using the "special potions" that were actually cleaning formula and bleach.
He might be asked by the reliable Rin to a quest at the snowfield forest, where the Wizard discovered an injured White Wolf cub. Kazuma accordingly voiced his protests against Rin taking care of the cub until it healed, on the grounds that it would interfere with her job, which indeed happened when Rin began hesitating on quests against White Wolves. Later as he was talking Rin into leaving the cub at places where it could rejoin its pack, the pair was attacked by Winter Running Hawkites that thanks to the cub they were able to defeat. Then days after the cub returned to the wild, Kazuma heard from Rin about her receiving gifts from it.

As the supergiant Wallavy approached Axel, Kazuma incorporated into his plan Megumin's ideas of having her former classmates and other mages left in the city to bog down the supergiant warabi mochi through Bottomless Swamp while it was still on the road, in which he assigned Darkness, Mitsurugi, and Aqua to lure Wallavy towards the trap location, and in the meantime Chris was to scout out the exact whereabouts of the Slime's core. Exchanging some last minute words with Megumin at the high ground she positioned herself atop, Kazuma ran to rejoin the baiting team upon Wiz declaring Wallavy's hastened approach. Satisfied with the other adventurers buying time with their attacks, he regrouped his remaining companions before getting stuck in too, though soon they found themselves hard pressed since Wallavy wasn't suffering enough damage. Kazuma at that moment was notified by Chris about the core's location, therefore immediately signaled Megumin to cast her Explosion, only to discover that Wallavy managed to survive because Rav had inserted its core into the sturdy relic for protection.[162]

Further horrified upon witnessing Wallavy absorbing the power of the Explosion to fuel its final evolution into a mutated form, Kazuma was finally reaching his wits end, when Sena approached to tell him of Rav revealing how Megumin's initial Explosion on the relic had already damaged Wallavy's core and rendered it unable to sustain prolonged battle. Thus as all of his companions with gathered together, he gave one last inspiring speech, before leading an attack on the demonic warabi mochi now on its last legs. Managing to damage the mutated Wallavy around its core and forcing it to split out many small clones, Kazuma alongside Aqua ran straight towards the main Wallavy collapsed by the mages' magics while the others swept away the small Wallavies in their path. After instructing the goddess to smash the relic open with God Blow, he either stabbed or Sniped the vulnerable core that resulted in its detonative destruction and Wallavy's ultimate demise, though performing the killing blow through the former method would also spell his own death until Aqua Resurrected him from Eris' embrace. Despite being tired out subsequent to all these ordeals, Kazuma still carried the limp Megumin along as he rejoined the others who busily congratulated him.[162]

Several days later at the Guild, Kazuma was handed the tens of millions in rewards from defeating Wallavy that Sena had petitioned for him, before hearing of her taking Lundberg and Rav to stand trial at the royal capital. Accordingly grumbling about him repeatedly suspected of crimes despite his exploits, he led the toast in celebration with all the adventurers who had fought in the battle. Kazuma was soon surprised by Aqua bringing out the loads of warabi mochi she had cut out from Wallavy's lifeless body, and in spite of his initial misgivings, he too quickly began enjoying the tasty confection.[163]

Late Spring Arc[]

In the anime, Kazuma still found himself traumatised by memories of Sylvia's erection sticking into his butt, causing him to frequently make handsome poses before screaming in terror, as well as freak out whenever other men come up to him from behind. Realising how he had been mistaken about being in popular mode, the crestfallen Adventurer announced to his party members during lunch at the Guild that he was going to become a monk, to which end he asked Luna for a guidebook to a monastery before leaving with the Ruffian's encouragement. Followed by his party members on the way, Kazuma annoyed at Aqua expecting him to give up declared his resolve to be as firm as a nearby mountain, which subsequent to him calling Megumin a loli-girl got blown up (and after this the campout where he recalled his past and the Tranquility Girl encounter occurred). Later burying the unearthed remains of the Tranquility Girl's latest victim, from whom he took a small mallet, Kazuma having changed his mind decided to go back home upon rendezvousing with his party, before being overjoyed to discover that the mallet was a Uchide no Kozuchi capable of conjuring out gold coins. Happily returning to Axel, Kazuma who was no longer traumatised by Sylvia ran into Chris, only to accordingly find the mallet missing, causing him to throw a tantrum about not stepping outside again once the party arrived at their mansion.[164]

Initially trying to chase off Hagen when he came delivering a letter to the mansion in fear of him heralding more trouble, the suspicious manner Darkness tried to hide the letter prompted Kazuma to Steal it out of her hands. He accordingly discovered it to be from Princess Iris who asked for a dinner meeting with him in order to hear recounts of his exploits, making Kazuma elated at his time for ascension finally arriving.[132] Spending the next few days playing with the gaming consoles, Kazuma voiced his wish of having a little sister, a role he hoped the princess would be able to take on unlike other women he was acquainted with. Since Darkness accordingly protested his idea of wearing a kimono and hakama to the meeting with the princess, he in exchange for complying had the Crusader spend a day serving him in a sexy maid outfit, though the faultless way she performed her duties gave him no excuses for sexually harassing her, and attempting to cross the line ended up with his head painfully clenched.[1]

Kazuma later took her to Wiz's Shop where the products he had designed with Megumin's advice and marketed with Darkness' connections were to be pushed out, though when Wiz offered his party members a free lighter, he prohibited Aqua from taking one because she didn't help him at all with the production, before finding himself in a tight spot because the vindictive goddess blurted out how he had secretly sniffed the girls' clothing. It anyhow turned out well when crowds of customers began lining up at the shop to sweep for his popular products, following which Vanir who teased Kazuma over his relationship with Megumin gifted him a special mask modelled after the Archdemon's own[1] (which was black in the anime)[165]. He and Wiz some time afterwards tried to make the warring Aqua and Vanir reconcile, though to no avail.[166]

Subsequent to Kazuma practicing how to pretend dropping his Adventurer Card before Aqua or Megumin picks it up and yells out his exploits for all to hear, he and the others got chided by Darkness for their idiocy, though they then managed to cajole her with flattery. Later taking his party to the Guild where he proclaimed himself to be an "S Class Adventurer" similar to what Aqua and Megumin did, Kazuma noticed other adventurers all out to hunt the mid-tier monsters that were left because weak monsters began disappearing from the vicinity, an endeavour he refrained from joining. He on the following day took Megumin to a small hill for her daily Explosions that were now powerful enough to gradually demolish it at a faster pace, yet as Kazuma was piggybacking the limp Megumin, they were approached by an Ogre persistently trying to ask them something, before Kazuma Froze the ground between both sides and managed to scare the monster away. Yet when reporting about the encounter at the Guild, Kazuma was instead coerced by Luna into fighting Shuten and her tribe of Ogres due to the receptionist citing his "S Class" and giving him a busty hug.[167]

He thus led his party and other adventurers into ambushing near the Ogres' mountain camp that night, and Lurked inside planning to seek out Shuten's location for eliminating her, only to be captured and brought before the chief. Spinelessly blurting out everything he knew while bluffing about his exploits when the Ogres who outnumbered the adventurers contemplated eating him, Kazuma was instead offered a chance at life and opportunity to have Shuten do anything, if the adventurers could beat her once out of three contests. Bound and brought back to the adventurers in failure during the ensuing parley, he was gang-grilled by all, though thanks to Megumin the adventurers agreed to the contest challenge. The unexpected losses on the first two rounds by Aqua and Darkness all thanks to their insane antics, despite him advising them how to utilise their advantages, however, drove Kazuma into despair. He thus desperately went against Shuten himself on the third round involving gambling, where the chief let him choose the form of contest, and proceeded to select strip rock-paper-scissors. Accordingly going on a winning streak that saw Shuten embarrassingly strip until near-nakedness, Kazuma won the support of the male adventurers and the Ogres who made friends, then upon the chief giving up requested her to take her tribe out of the area. Shuten though accordingly explained how she had been planning to migrate because the mysterious Explosions demolishing a nearby hill daily were scaring away their game monsters and possibly threatening the Ogres' camp, prompting Kazuma to contemplate gifting the chief some wine as amends while stripping the unrepentant Megumin till she apologised to the Ogres.[168]

On the day of the meeting with Iris at the Dustiness manor, Kazuma vetoed Aqua and Megumin's crazy proposals for entertaining the princess, before changing into a tuxedo and sprouting unfamiliar formal words that got the girls laughing at him. He next voiced the possibility of him staying beside the princess should she request it, and subsequently enjoyed watching Darkness strip searching Megumin. Upon seeing Iris in person at the dining room, Kazuma became captivated by her appearance matching that of a classic cute princess, only to become disillusioned when she had Claire tell him off in her place for disrespectfully looking at the royalty. Promptly requesting a change of princess, he accordingly bickered with the infuriated Darkness until Aqua cheered Iris up and the dinner began.[1]

Abiding by the princess' request to hear his adventure stories, Kazuma proceeded to tell her blown-up accounts of his exploits as an adventurer that greatly impressed Iris and her escorts, and upon questioned about his daily life as well as what he did before becoming an adventurer, managed to phrase lazing around and being a "home security guard" into selfless acts of protection. Yet he couldn't think of a way out when Claire, who felt skeptical over him defeating Mitsurugi, asked to see his Adventurer Card which displays Lich skills, a fix that Darkness had to step in and get him out of. Once Iris and Claire began praising Mitsurugi for his handsomeness, however, Kazuma blew up on them, which resulted in Claire drawing her sword on him and Iris calling him a liar. Accordingly moved by Darkness stepping in to defend him and his honour, he proceeded to challenge Claire in order to re-enact how he defeated Mitsurugi, only to have his Steal take the female knight's panties instead. With both sides later reconciling, Kazuma agreed to tell more adventure stories to Iris who no longer acted haughty. But just as his party bid farewell to the princess and her retinue, he was abruptly pulled by Iris into Rain's Teleportation, and consequently found himself at the entrance to the royal castle, where he could continue telling adventure stories to the audacious princess.[1]

Following Iris and Rain to a bedroom he was assigned, the dazed Kazuma was "assured" by Rain that he was simply "invited" and not kidnapped, before agreeing to indulge in the princess' first reckless action by serving as her playmate. Kazuma thus continued telling adventure stories to Iris in the bedroom until he ran out of them, so he changed to speaking about the other party members, though his account of the time he was washed by a naked Darkness got cut off by an infuriated Claire. As the storytelling rolled late into the night, Kazuma began talking of his school life including the school festivals, then suggested the impressed princess to open schools around Belzerg too, yet a sudden alarm warning of a night attack by the Devil King's Army that Claire led an attack to repulse reminded him about how dangerous this world actually was. No longer feeling safe in the royal capital, he prepared to accept Iris' offer of sending him back to Axel. But when the princess began comparing him to her big brother Jatice, Kazuma coerced her into calling him "big brother", and promptly decided to remain at the royal castle. Proceeding to sleep without wearing trousers because he didn't have pajamas with him but forgetting about it upon getting up the next morning, however, Kazuma's inappropriate attire ended up appalling Iris when she came looking for him.[169]

He went on to spend several days playing various games with Iris while telling her about the incredibleness of the outside world, though he kept losing at their boardgame matches, and continuously hounded the princess into additional rounds.[169] Having settled into the posh lifestyle, Kazuma also began enjoying the servitude of Heidel and Mary, all the while misnaming the former and sexually harassing the latter.[170] On a day Iris had to take lessons from Rain, Kazuma distracted his "little sister" from outside the window through flying a bamboo dragonfly[169] followed by blowing bubbles,[171] and later with the bamboo dragonfly tricked the princess into losing a boardgame match to him, before his trickery was revealed by Rain.[169]

A week into his luxurious stay which saw him disliked by Claire and Rain, Kazuma soon after waking up heard somebody whom he thought to be Mary entering, and so began uttering sexual harassment lines like a self-respecting noble should according to Darkness, only to be shocked when his said party member walked in alongside Megumin and Aqua. Accordingly shamed viciously by the unamused heiress, he began throwing a tantrum over his "holy sanctuary" being intruded upon. Refusing to return even when hearing of Megumin being worried sleepless by his absence, Kazuma in an attempt to resist being taken out of the castle threatened to Steal all the clothes off Darkness as she wrestled him down until Iris arrived, who contrary to his wishes agreed to Darkness' behest of letting Kazuma go back to Axel.[169]

At the farewell banquet the princess threw for him that night, Kazuma despite being the supposed spotlight found himself ignored by all the noble guests invited, while Darkness on the other hand attracted the attention of many young noblemen seeking her hand in marriage. Jealous of her popularity, he proceeded to tease the heiress by calling out her real name, though Alderp's subsequent intrusion into the conversation took him by surprise. Kazuma though still didn't relent from teasing Darkness, and proceeded to blurt out their "intimate relationship", which ended with his arms twisted by the enraged Crusader. Later forlornly moping out on the balcony, he cheered up when Iris approached and discussed the happy week they spent together, with the princess listing out his shortcomings as the points about him that she liked mellowing out the Adventurer. As their conversation drifted to the lonely Iris' envy over Darkness being able to work as an adventurer, Kazuma scraping for ideas to continue staying at the royal castle heard her speak about a noble thief who recently targeted a string of residences belonging to crooked nobles throughout the royal capital. Thrilled at discovering the perfect excuse, he ran back into the crowded ballroom and loudly proclaimed to Darkness and Claire his intention of catching that noble thief. Yet even though Kazuma's proposal gathered the support of multiple unscrupulous nobles within earshot, his scheme of pretending to catch the thief while prolonging his stay at the royal castle was thrown off the rails by Claire, who instead charged him with staking out at the residence of the noble most likely targeted next.[169]

The glum Kazuma proceeded to select the capital manor of the notoriously crooked Alderp as his location for the stake out, and upon arrival alongside his party, not only received a cold welcome from the displeased governor, but also had to endure the shameless accusations of him being a "troublemaker" from the frequently troublemaking Aqua and Megumin. He anyhow went ahead to take over the biggest bedroom as per Alderp's offer to let them stay as long as they want, then at the subsequent party meeting, Kazuma after pointing out how Alderp had leered at the girls, expressed his dislike of the noble thief being a handsome guy, only to be comforted by his party members over the self-pitying sprouting from his underwhelming appearance.[172]

Kazuma went to work on the following day by taking a stroll around the manor's exterior while putting himself in the thief's shoes, and identified a window of the first floor's kitchen that Alderp had allowed to fall into disrepair as the preferred entry point. Mimicking the thief's potential creeping advance along the hallways, he chanced upon a small nondescript room in which Alderp had just finished polishing a magic mirror that displays the women's bathroom. Armed with this secret regarding the governor who had been peeking on the maids bathing now trying to peek at Darkness as well, Kazuma proceeded to chase Alderp out while intending to move into that room himself. This cumulated in an argument between the two, until Alderp realising Kazuma to be as perverted as he offered to share the magic mirror with him. Yet just as the perverts were about to shake hands in agreement, Darkness barged in on their conversation and prompted them to accuse the other of peeking, before the enraged Crusader smashed the mirror, much to the misery of Kazuma[172] (who in the anime repeatedly headed towards the room afterwards despite Darkness having sealed it off)[173].

He spent the next few days sleeping and waking late, then having woken up in time for a late lunch one day, was surprised by Megumin bashfully expressing concern over his well-being, and became further thrilled when she asked him out of a date, only for it turning out to be another Explosion routine outside the city. During the ensuing days, Kazuma apart from accompanying the daily Explosions took his liberty at ordering Alderp's maids into pampering him, until Darkness at the end of the week declared their party moving out the following day.[172]

Disappointedly heading to the kitchen that night for a midnight snack, the energised NEET became elated when the noble thief he had been waiting for the whole week finally emerged, and accordingly Lurked close before grabbing her by her breasts, before finding out that she was Chris. Advising Darkness' friend to turn herself in only to notice her preparing to explain the important reason she had been raiding the nobles' residences, Kazuma fearing the impending trouble refused to listen. He managed to scare Chris away by citing Alderp's perverseness, though not before asking her to Bind him so that he would have an excuse for letting the noble thief escape. Kazuma was soon found by his party members, and claimed how he was defeated by the masked thief who was as strong as the Devil King's Generals. Subsequently asking for Aqua's help to free him from the bonds rendering him immobile, he was instead forced to declare the misdeeds that the goddess had committed on him in secret and now opportunistically confessed to be forgiven while inwardly fuming. This though prompted the other girls into exploiting his moment of weakness, such as Megumin pressuring him into repeating his 120 point evaluation of her Explosion after powering it up[172] (and Darkness force-feeding him pudding in the anime)[173], which eventually left Kazuma with no choice but pleading for rescue from the approaching Alderp.[172]

Taking his party into the royal castle on the next day for reporting the incident to Iris' court, Kazuma was shamed by Claire over his failure to catch the thief, and despite the princess praising him for preventing the theft, her retainer still declared him kicked out of the castle. Finally agreeing on going back to Axel, he still had to accompany Aqua with buying souvenirs, and in the process confessed how he and Darkness had one time secretly ate up a cut of meat gifted to Aqua by her butcher friend. Next approached by Mitsurugi, the identity of whom Kazuma had to remind Aqua of by citing the cursed sword despite getting the Sword Master's name wrong himself, he refused his fellow reincarnate's challenge for a rematch. Anyhow accepting Mitsurugi's invitation to a talk at a coffee shop, Kazuma first witnessed Aqua making the ring gifted to her by the Sword Master disappear for good, then listened to him speak of his recent tidings. He then received a warning from Mitsurugi about how the Devil King himself had taken interest in his party because they were responsible for the defeat of several Generals, and was subsequently impressed by the model of Eris that Aqua had folded out of napkins. Petitioned by Mitsurugi to protect the goddess when they later parted ways, Kazuma on the way back to the party's inn nevertheless beat Aqua in a rock-paper-scissors contest for determining what dinner would be.[172]

Woken at his inn room that night by Chris, Kazuma purposefully pretended not to recognise her so that he could have an excuse to grope the breasts of the "intruder". Despite accordingly trying to block his ears, he still heard Chris explain how she committed the string of thefts in an attempt to retrieve two Divine Items that were gifted by Aqua to Japanese reincarnates but were now purchased by some unknown noble. Dismissing Chris' detection of a powerful treasure in Alderp's manor as her detecting Aqua's hagoromo, Kazuma refused to help the Thief steal the Divine Item which she had detected to be located in the royal castle, and by threatening to Bind her successfully drove Chris away. Going back to bed, Kazuma prayed to Eris for a peaceful life, only to be disturbed by an alarm siren going off.[172]

As the local Guild broadcasted about a large-scale attack by the Devil King's Army, Kazuma still remaining in bed ignored Darkness' calls for them to help the defenders, since there were many more adventurers stronger than they in the royal capital while he was rich enough not to yearn for the rewards from fighting. A sudden insight about him possibly earning his way back into the royal castle as a hero if he is able to show off his prowess during the battle that Belzerg is set to win anyways, though, prompted Kazuma to quickly don his full gear before heading to the girls' room where they were still mucking around, and led them to the gate of the royal castle where the army and adventurers were mustering for a defence response.[174]

Initially dismayed because the Guild employee managing the adventurers disqualified him from joining in due to his low level, Kazuma was nevertheless granted permission thanks to Claire, and despite Aqua ruining the scene with her pessimism, he under the cheers of adventurers who had heard of his exploits as well as the gaze of the observing Iris marched to battle. Later avoiding strong opponents while tagging behind the charging Darkness, he under the buffs cast by Aqua claimed many kills by Sniping weak enemies that the other powerful defenders had ignored, such as a Kobold biting onto the bawling goddess.[174] After taunting her for being beaten by the weak monster,[175] Kazuma spying a lone Kobold chased after it attempting to cut it down, only to run into an ambush by a mob of its kind, who promptly gang-bashed him to death.[174]

Awkwardly facing a speechless Eris, he attempted to explain his dying from an especially humiliating fashion, then when the goddess clarified that she was mad at him committing sexual harassment, Kazuma tried justifying his groping of Chris by saying how he mistook Eris' devout Thief follower to be a man due to the small breasts, only to make her even angrier. Later teased over his new little sister as the goddess' ire ebbed, she repeated Chris' behest for him to aid with retrieving the two lost Divine Items, one of which can randomly summon monsters that may be commanded through paying a price, and the other being able to temporarily switch bodies after speaking out a keyword, since their powers may possibly cause disasters even when not in the hands of the original owner. Subsequently Resurrected by Aqua, to whom Eris asked him to hand the Divine Items so the senior goddess can seal their powers, only to discover the battle already ended in a decisive victory while his body got tied down by weights to prevent monsters from taking it, Kazuma could do nothing but watch as the useless goddess, the perverted Crusader, and the crazy Archwizard were praised by the astounded plus grateful defenders over their surprising exploits during the battle. Next having to carry the limp Megumin himself because people began asking for her to demonstrate Advanced Magic, he despite feeling hesitant over his lack of performance still followed the victory procession back into the royal castle.[174]

While being nagged by the fatigued Megumin who wanted to leave the royal capital on the following day, Kazuma was approached by the concerned Iris, and subsequent to vaguely revealing how he had died during the battle, was offered to rest at his assigned bedroom, though his relationship with the princess got him strangled by the jealous Megumin. Later letting the loli character recuperate in his bedroom, he tried to affirm how he simply saw Iris as his little sister, especially after the ensuing interaction he had with the princess when she told of Claire refusing to let him stay at the castle. Next hearing her explain how the powerful magic necklace gifted to Jatice that she was now wearing in his absence was said to activate when the indecipherable keywords etched onto it are uttered, Kazuma noticing the script to be Japanese spoke them aloud, at which the necklace gave off a bright light before they could do anything, followed by Kazuma's shocked revelation that he and Iris had switched bodies.[174]

Initially excited at being inside a pretty girl's body, Kazuma attempting to inspect it to Iris' distress decided to stop when Claire questioned about the commotion from outside the bedroom door. Subsequent to diverting her away, he repeated the keywords of the necklace, but was still unable to switch their bodies back, though thinking of seeking Aqua's help made him realise that the magic necklace was the Divine Item gifted by her that temporarily switches bodies. Surprised when Iris next asked to use his body before they switched back for heading outside the castle without escorts, Kazuma despite his misgivings eventually agreed once Megumin volunteered to accompany the princess.[174]

While passing the time by strolling around the castle, the respectful bows from the maids and servants made Kazuma unable to hide his smugness, and in response to the accompanying Claire's warnings to the princess against fraternising with him, rebuked her with a declaration about Kazuma being a great man who belongs in the history books, though he accordingly became unnerved by the retainer contemplating his elimination. They next ran into Mitsurugi whose attitude annoyed Kazuma, so when the Sword Master elegantly recited his vow to protect the princess while patting her head, Kazuma ordered the Sword Master executed on grounds of disrespect,[174] and only through Claire's persuasion did he retract his order.[175]

After sending the unnerved Mitsurugi scramming, Kazuma hoping to play tricks on Darkness heard that she had gone to bathe, thus hurriedly told Claire to take him to the royal bathroom so he can wash the Crusader's back. In response to the retainer's bewilderment over the breach of protocol, he offered to wash Claire's back too, though the overblown eagerness that she expressed momentarily shocked Kazuma. Anyhow brought to the bathroom just as Darkness was dressing up to leave after bathing, Kazuma utilising Iris' cuteness talked her into taking a bath again. After the sudden sight of two beauties undressing right in front of his face made him embarrassed, the reincarnate now comprehended why did the original owner of the necklace want to switch bodies, therefore he threw all reservations to the wind while undressing himself for enjoying the upcoming paradise, only to have his vision in the next instant filled by some furious thugs ready to beat him up. Realising himself to have switched back into his own body, Kazuma was attacked by the thugs whom the Megumin by his side kept on goading, although in the end they managed to beat them up[174] (while in the anime the pair simply fled from the pursuing thugs)[176]. He proceeded to scold Megumin for picking the fight as she described to him what had happened during the outing on their way back to the royal castle, at the entrance to which awaited the extremely furious Darkness and Claire, who promptly gave Kazuma an even worse beating.[174]

Further depressed by Iris who like Megumin refused to speak with him due to having found out what he was intending to do in the princess' body, Kazuma moped at a corner of the banquet hall during the victory banquet that night, where Aqua chided him over his stupidity while nearby nobles made derogatory comments about him. The ostracised Kazuma was accordingly approached by a smug Claire mocking him with news about his party members being allowed to stay in the castle for the night, thus he retaliated by recounting how Claire eagerly bathed with Iris, though to no decisive effect. When Claire proceeded to recount how he had failed to capture the noble thief and point out about his party members being the ones who actually vanquished the Devil King's Generals, Kazuma's attempt at highlighting his importance in integrating the troublemakers was met with a forecast about the girls being transferred to the more competent Mitsurugi's party, where the kingdom's support can render their quirky flaws inconsequential. Upon being told to scram back to Axel unless he can display stronger prowess, he asked Claire to have the divine necklace sealed by Aqua only to be refused, before she ordered him who wasn't even qualified to participate in the banquet out of the royal capital by the next day.[174]

Scampering back to the inn in tears, the humiliated Kazuma raged within his room over the truth of Claire's words and the possibility of his party members really going to join Mitsurugi, then despite contemplating enjoying his riches alone in Axel, fretted over the unfinished boardgame match with Iris. He soon received another visit from Chris, thus told her about the divine necklace's whereabouts as well as refused to help with stealing it because the body switch is only temporary. Chris' shocking revelation regarding the effects turning permanent should one person die during the switch, in addition to her inferring the necklace getting sent to the royal family by the noble who purchased it to be a conspiracy for usurping the bodies of the Belzerg royalty, however, sent Kazuma into a panic. Although he frantically called for reporting the necklace's menace to those in power, Chris reasoning about the nobility and even the royalty coveting it for nefarious ends convinced Kazuma into joining her endeavour to steal the necklace from Iris through a castle heist.[174]

With the soldiers all drunk on victory and letting their guard down, Kazuma dressed in a thief outfit and covering his face with the mask gifted by Vanir headed for the royal castle alongside Chris. Briefly arguing over who gets to be the boss of their little thief gang, he agreed to settle the dispute through a rock-paper-scissors match, only to surprisingly lose for the first time in his life and ending up as Chris' assistant. Anyways utilising his familiarity with the castle's layout obtained during his stay, Kazuma Sniped a rope over the castle wall that allowed them to scale it, and led the way through the dark courtyard until they reached the castle proper. Next Lurking their way past patrolling soldiers onto the second floor, at Chris' behest Kazuma led her to check out the castle's vault, and was cautioned after they broke inside that all the rare treasures stockpiled within were rigged to sound an alarm if removed. Kazuma thus abided by Chris' warning even when he unexpectedly found some Japanese manga magazine, but quickly succumbed to the temptation of an adult magazine subsequently discovered, and as a result set off an alarm alerting the whole castle of their presence.[177]
(In the anime, the duo was discovered because Kazuma purposefully nudged Chris' breasts while they were Lurking from patrolling soldiers and made her screamed out loud, so they neither went to the vault nor fought other adventurers on their way upstairs)[176]

Fleeing alongside Chris from pursuing soldiers that he tripped over using Created Water which was accordingly Frozen, Kazuma was advised by Chris to retreat, yet realising how much he wanted to protect Iris, the usually cowardy Adventurer uncharacteristically insisted on completing the mission despite the odds set against them by going all out. With the power of the mask boosting him, he began defeating all the soldiers they ran into on the way upstairs towards Iris' bedroom on the top floor either by Drain Touching them into immobility, or through his combination of Create Earth and Wind Breath as well as Bind since he could simply replenish his magical power through draining them from the defenders. In order to downplay his part in the heist, however, Kazuma identified his duo as the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade much to Chris' chagrin. Taking advantage of the adventurers in the castle mostly dead drunk, he successfully led the way onto the second-highest floor, only to find Mitsurugi, Claire, Rain, and a band of knights in their path. Planning to demoralise the other defenders by defeating the Sword Master who had also singled him out, Kazuma feinted with a Steal pose but in actuality Froze Gram into its sheath so Mitsurugi couldn't readily draw it, then in the moment of distraction Created Water into the Sword Master's mouth before Freezing, causing him to collapse from inability to breathe until Rain thawed the ice. The two thieves proceeded to skillfully Flee from Claire and the other knights' attacks between bands of panicking nobles, then upon hearing Rain being ordered to kill them, Kazuma stopped her from casting spells by destroying her rod from afar with Snipe.[177]
(Kazuma in the anime refused to retreat when faced with Claire and Rain leading a band of soldiers as they neared Iris' bedroom, then Drain Touched the attacking Claire and other soldiers while acting like Vanir courtesy of the mask's effects. After Mitsurugi showed up, Kazuma feinted Steal as the Sword Master charged before Freezing Gram into its sheath, followed by Freezing the floor to make Mitsurugi slip over and shoving tonnes of Created Water down his mouth to leave him waterlogged, and consequently headed upstairs as Claire and Rain were busy with saving the downed Mitsurugi)[176]

Finally making it to the top floor, the pair was faced at the doorway to Iris' bedroom by none other than Darkness, prompting Kazuma to quickly shut the door and walk off, though Darkness ran out after them before quickly seeing through their disguises. Kazuma and Chris therefore loudly talked about the princess wearing a dangerous item that can end up endangering the whole kingdom, which successfully notified Darkness of their intentions and convinced her into secretly aiding their purpose. Since Megumin who followed outside did nothing but express her fascination with his mask and black outfit, Kazuma Binded Darkness[177] (as well as Megumin in the anime)[176] so they can naturally charge inside, only to have his skill Broken by Aqua now displaying untimely competence. With reinforcements from downstairs catching up, Kazuma following Chris' plan dashed alongside her past the opening Darkness left for them right into the bedroom. Facing the defencive princess at last, Kazuma and Chris simultaneously Stole something from Iris before escaping through the window into the pool below, just as Aqua cast her sealing powers at the thieves.[177]

Escaping back to his inn alongside Chris who got the necklace, Kazuma early in the morning had his head mashed by a furious Darkness and was forced to explain the whole matter, which later prompted him and Chris to heap responsibility on the other. Lectured afterwards by Darkness over the huge commotion they had caused, he was requested to accompany her into the royal castle. Next ordered to reveal the other things he had taken during the heist, Kazuma presented the adult magazine as well as the ring Stolen from Iris' finger, with the former exasperating Darkness while the latter shocked her. Kazuma was accordingly told that the ring was something presented to the royalty's future spouse upon wedding engagement, therefore he now needs to secretly keep it hidden on him.[178]

Later saddened on the way to the royal castle because Darkness burned the adult magazine, Kazuma followed her into Iris' bedroom, where it turned out that Aqua had already told the others about how dangerous the divine necklace was. Wondering if Iris had realised the thieves' identity when she suggested their goal was to save her, he became further swollen with pride because Claire, Rain, and Megumin expressed admiration and even affection towards the masked thief, so despite the jibs from Aqua and Claire ruining his mood, Kazuma to Darkness' horror attempted to reveal his identity upon the princess expressing her affection for the noble thief until she joke about liking the silver-haired one. Next expecting Iris to ask for him to stay behind, Kazuma became disappointed because Darkness cut in to declare him as the one who will defeat the Devil King and asked for the princess' blessing, which forced him into playing along, though he was eventually asked by Iris to continue their boardgame match someday.[178]
(In the anime, Kazuma let Darkness reveal about the dangers of the necklace during an audience Iris and her court held with the party, and made his vow to defeat the Devil King at the castle gates before the party left the royal capital)[176]

Later Teleported by Rain back to the party's mansion, Kazuma accused Darkness of interrupting Iris' request for him to stay by her side, before being shocked by Megumin writing a fan letter to the masked thief. He afterwards tried to take a bottle of gifted wine from Aqua, though to no success except for turning Darkness on, so Kazuma instead challenged her to a drinking contest with Michael's wine. While waiting for Megumin and Darkness to make preparations for a party toast, Kazuma took out Iris' ring as he contemplated how his life with the princess wasn't a dream, then had to keep Aqua from taking the ring in fear that she like with Mitsurugi's will play a trick to make it disappear for good.[179]

At some point during the period, Kazuma while frolicking with Chomusuke in the mansion's yard inquired about her true identity as a Devil King's General while listing her quirks that set her out from regular cats, then questioned Megumin and Yunyun when they returned from an Explosion session regarding Chomusuke's real nature, only for them to insist on knowing nothing in addition to pretending not seeing her breathe out lightning and fire.[180]

After waking late in time for a late lunch one day, Kazuma asked Darkness about the line for the perverted plays she likes only to send her into a tirade, so he turned towards the argument between Megumin and Aqua, where the latter who denied accusations of drinking the former's wine pointed out Anna's ghost as the culprit. The skeptical Kazuma consequently had Eyes of Providence cast upon him by the Archpriest so that he can see Ghosts and other to things hidden from human sight, yet still couldn't see any signs of Anna. Deciding to hit the streets because the mansion soon became too noisy, Kazuma noticed a playboy hitting on Yunyun whom he said had been loitering there all morning while oblivious to his existence, so the Adventurer gave an invitation to the loner for visiting the party's mansion anytime, before shocking the playboy with Yunyun's actual age. He afterwards noticed an unfamiliar pub inside an alley, thus headed there during the its operation hours post nightfall, and discovered it to be owned by a Werewolf who catered towards Beastmen. Thinking them to be discriminated by society much like NEETs are, he befriended the occupants of the establishment, and impressed them with accounts of him being acquainted with Liches and Demons in addition to having non-humans in his party. But just as his prior trauma from the animal-eared Orcs was being healed, Kazuma became infuriated when a customer warned the owner about an assault suspect possessing red eyes like her at large.[181]

Returning home to find Darkness also accusing the prime suspect, through threats of arrest and daily Drain Touches, Kazuma forced Megumin to go apologising to those who got affected by her assault on some newbie adventurers. He on the following night took her to the pub which was their final apology stop, and became infuriated again when Megumin explained the stupid reason for committing assault as well as the underhanded way she got off the hook with. They nevertheless spent the whole night there before returning home to sleep till dusk, then at Aqua's behest also brought her along when heading to the pub again. Yet subsequent to hearing the owner explain how the pub's sign was magically hidden from regular human sight, Darkness led a knight raid on the premises. Worried that the discriminated Beastmen will be persecuted, Kazuma pushed her outside before Freezing the door shut while instructing Megumin to take care of the knights at the back door so the customers could escape. He next explained to the owner who knew he was a regular human how the pub had healed his feelings, and after she too fled, attempted to resist Darkness once the Crusader broke inside, only to end up arrested.[182]

Kazuma was anyhow freed later on with only a misdemeanour, then heard from Darkness when she collected him from the police station that sentient demihuman creatures like Beastmen are not prejudiced against and will be accepted into society if they don't harbour ill intent towards humans. Still grumbling over Darkness ruining the establishment with her raid, Kazuma noticed Wiz talking to an unseen Ghost at the spot where he previously saw the playboy. Telling Darkness about it, however, only got him scoffed at by Crusader who boasted of walking on her hands stark naked if it was true, following which Kazuma became further vexed when Darkness blocked her ears upon Wiz verifying the playboy ghost's existence. The trio was accordingly approached by a familiar-looking woman who handed them flyers for the reopened pub "Monster's Night", so Kazuma decided to ask Aqua for the Eyes of Providence every week.[183]

Early Summer Arc[]

Displeased with Darkness criticising the handkerchief he used for polishing Iris' ring as dirty, Kazuma hit back by teasing her antics that don't match her noble status, then became surprised at her admitting him to be her type.[184] He was later summoned to the Guild where Luna reluctantly handed him the stupendous rewards for defeating Sylvia, and despite surrounding adventurers gossiping about his growth, the elated Kazuma still treated them to drinks. His mood spoiled by his party members initially thinking him to be in trouble, he anyhow contemplated gifting Iris a Vanir Doll made in his image until Darkness shot the idea down.[185]

Richer than ever even after the reward was split among the party, while still expecting further compensation from his business deal with Vanir, Kazuma during the ensuing week went alongside Aqua to various high-end restaurants, where they acted like they were rich gourmet experts even though they kept making wrong guesses. When he returned to the mansion from lunch with Aqua a week later, the pair was greeted by the sight of Megumin seducing with ice a Darkness wrapped in quilts, so Kazuma hurriedly excused himself in order to leave the two girls to their play, until Megumin frantically clarified how she was simply helping Darkness train for a heat endurance contest. Yet as Darkness accordingly asked to be untied, Kazuma still remembering how she had tormented him the time he was Binded in Alderp's manor seized the opportunity to give her a tickle torture, though it only made her happy. He afterwards heard Aqua explain that the egg she became busy warming up and pouring magic into was a Dragon's egg, which she had purchased with all her money from a visiting salesman. Although Kazuma immediately identified this as her being scammed by a chicken egg, the goddess refused to listen when he tried to point it out.[185]

Requiring days later the reluctant Aqua's presence at Wiz's Shop when he prepared to head there for claiming his portion of business earnings from Vanir, Kazuma had Megumin warm the egg of the unborn "dragon" named "Emperor Zel" by the goddess. Subsequent to pacifying the row between Aqua and Vanir upon arrival before hearing of Wiz turning crazy due to days of nonstop work, he received a considerable amount of money from Vanir, whose proclamation of Darkness venting her pent-up desires at night attracted his interest so much he interrupted the All-Seeing Demon's fortune telling session with the Crusader in an attempt to delve for details. Soon nursing a swollen cheek courtesy of the heiress, Kazuma listened to Vanir tricking Darkness into revealing some of her embarrassing secrets, followed by his cryptic prophecy of the calamity soon to befall Darkness' father and household as well as her futile sacrifice in an attempt to forestall it. Later packing up his money subsequent to the departure of Darkness, who had refused to elope with him for escaping her fate, Kazuma's intent to use the services of the Succubus Cafe was cut short because of Vanir advising him to design more products for earning more money, which the All-Seeing Demon prophesied would be needed for saving Darkness.[185]

Eating dinner with his party several nights later, the rude intrusion by a servant of House Alexei demanding Darkness to go see the governor followed by the Crusader spending the whole night outside disturbed Kazuma. He proceeded to talk with Chomusuke while brushing her on the following day, but was surprised when Darkness suddenly burst in calling for him to take a quest against the Kowloon Hydra now about to awaken from its slumber under a nearby lake. Despite vehemently refusing the suicidal quest as well as mocking the Crusader's attempts at tempting him with glory, riches, and a kiss, he eventually conceded when Darkness began tearfully pleading. Subsequently hearing from Darkness on the way about how the kingdom's knights usually deal with the Hydra by tiring it out until it had to go into slumber, he upon reaching the lake directed the whining Aqua into luring the monster out of its lair, only to discover the Hydra to be much larger than expected.[185]

When even Megumin's Explosion didn't work against the monster because it could generate the heads that it lost, Kazuma found himself swallowed before sitting in front of Eris, who greeted him with a game over line from Dragon Quest. Accordingly informed of Darkness diving into the Hydra's stomach to retrieve his body with three-tenths missing and bringing it back to the safe spot where Aqua and Megumin had fled to, he was asked not to blame Darkness over it since she had her own reasons for pushing him into vanquishing the Kowloon Hydra. Kazuma next got told that he had already met Eris when she descended upon Axel in disguise, so he blindly listed Maris or Seris to be her cover identity, but instead angered the goddess. As Aqua's Resurrection on his body reached completion, Kazuma giving up on guessing was notified of him already having done something embarrassing to Eris in her other guise, and as the goddess hurriedly pushed him back towards the living world because the conversation began drifting to her padded breasts, he noticed a familiar scar showing on Eris' face.[186]

Kazuma next woke up to find himself naked and covered in stinking slime courtesy of the Hydra's stomach acid, but nevertheless comforted the guilt-ridden Darkness and suggested her to go take a bath, though this made the other girls see him as a pervert. Covering himself with Megumin's cloak on the way back, Kazuma who ran out of ideas against the Hydra suggested leaving it to the knights, and once reaching the city quickly went back to the mansion for a bath. As he wondered if his male parts that got melted away were fully restored, the insistence of Darkness on them defeating the Hydra prompted Kazuma into agreeing to help her challenge it once more. Yet upon accompanying her to the Guild where Aqua and Megumin had reported their failed quest, they found a scene of uproar sparked by news about the knights being too busy to deal with the Kowloon Hydra because they were searching all over for the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade. Unsettled by Darkness since like the other adventurers she became tempted by the 200 million eris bounty on his head, Kazuma was further terrified when Luna told him that the thieves were divined by Soketto to be lurking in Axel, and was forced to confidently assure the receptionist, who wanted to hire Vanir for pinpointing their quarry's exact location, that he will catch the thieves so the knights can come to fight the Hydra.[186]

Proceeding to spend the ensuing days of rain cooped up inside the mansion next to Aqua so her divine aura could hide him from Vanir's skirring sight, Kazuma refused the calls of Megumin about challenging the Kowloon Hydra for a rematch, especially in the rainy season when the water-based monster held an advantage, which cumulated in a squabble over the Chomusuke he was petting. Further worried when Darkness following a few more days of taking Megumin to Explode the Hydra got herself swallowed before she crawled her way out, subsequent to the Crusader donning her armour that he had repaired for challenging the monster alone, Kazuma began forbidding her from going to the daily challenges where she suffered escalating injuries. But although he and the other girls began standing vigil outside Darkness' room, Kazuma was one morning maddened to the point he threatened to break Aqua's egg because the useless goddess dozed off on her watch and allowed the Crusader to sneak out. Anyhow letting Aqua and Darkness go collect Darkness, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands, and went treating adventurers at the Guild to meals and drinks as a means to recruit members for helping them vanquish the Kowloon Hydra.[186]

With the other adventurers at the Guild behind this back, Kazuma on the following day waited for Darkness as she made her way to the Hydra's lake with Aqua and Megumin in tow. His moving moment with the grateful Darkness, however, was interrupted because Aqua went to wake the Hydra prematurely. He nevertheless commenced his plan by directing Darkness to attract the attention of the monster for the Thieves to Bind its heads together using tough wire that the hooked arrows with trailing ropes shot by Archers latched onto, then while the physically strong adventurers pulled at the ropes to drag the Hydra ashore, Kazuma himself Lurked onto its back[186] (or was catapulted there in the anime)[187] and began Drain Touching away the magical power that empowered its regeneration. Although he did severely weaken the monster, the struggling of the Hydra threw Kazuma off onto the ground where its struggling bulk rolled over to squash him. Barely saved because Darkness threw herself atop him and held back the Hydra's crushing weight, Kazuma while continuing to drain the enormous monster in the embarrassing pose taunted the perverted Crusader into enduring the torment so he wouldn't be flattened. Eventually slipping out thanks to Dust's distraction making the Hydra shift its bulk, he witnessed the head cut off by Yunyun no longer able to regenerate, thus signalled the other magic-users to blast it with their full power, before letting Megumin annihilate the Kowloon Hydra with her Explosion. As the adventurers returned to Axel in triumph, Kazuma who was praised by all found Darkness now acting determinedly relieved, though he next had a conceited Aqua shoved to him by Dust.[186]

Kazuma and the adventurers who participated in the battle afterwards celebrated their victory and rewards at the Guild, though he and the other girls later found Darkness missing out on it. Going back home with expensive crab to cook a crab pot for dinner using his Cooking skill, he requested the two girls to hold off from eating until Darkness returned from reporting the Hydra's vanquishing to Alderp. Proceeding to discuss ways of punishing their Crusader after she still didn't return by daybreak, and heading to the Dustiness manor looking for Darkness only to have the guards turn them back, after several days Kazuma also read the letter from the heiress that declared her resignation from the party.[188]

He accordingly distracted herself with making a prototype of dynamite, which much to his dismay Megumin threw away once she heard about it used for simulating Explosion. Next teased by Aqua about designing more products just as Vanir had advised because he missed Darkness, Kazuma snatched away her egg in retaliation, before heading towards the Guild to look for a new party member for a front-liner. He however was followed by Megumin who insulted him on the way for disloyalty to Darkness, then had the potential candidates scared away because during the interviews she loudly proclaimed herself to be the notorious "crazy explosion girl".[188]

Saved from his helpless situation by Dust who proposed for them to team up, Kazuma decided to take a test quest that entailed defending a farm's crops from monsters and pests which attack during the rainy season. This soon proved tougher than expected because Kazuma's Snipe didn't have any effect on Adaman Snails, and although he managed to slow them down using Freeze, the defeat of Dust and other farmers by increasing numbers of opportunistic monsters and pests prompted him into hastily instructing Megumin to unleash Explosion, resulting in the crops also destroyed along with the monsters. Returning to the Guild to find their rewards quartered, Kazuma after being offered to team up again by Dust began contemplating how the quest wouldn't have been so desperate if Darkness was with them.[188]

Visited by Dust when he rushed to the mansion on the following day panicking about Rin having a boyfriend, despite the delinquent's stalker antics concerning him, Kazuma still agreed to help find out the true nature of the guy whom Rin had been secretly meeting at an inn, since the situation was too similar to the one he was facing with Darkness. Accompanying Dust to the room adjacent to the guy's that the delinquent had rented, Kazuma too eavesdropped on the conversation between Rin and the guy, who turned out to be a noble torn by the difference in social status keeping him from bonding with the adventurer he loves. Him subsequently begging to have a sexy photo taken, however, forced Kazuma into holding Dust back from charging next door to punch the guy.[188]

When Rin subsequently took the guy downstairs for lunch, Kazuma became horrified by Dust breaking into the guy's room before ransacking it for clues regarding his true nature. Accordingly shocked when Dust angrily uncovered a pair of red lacy lingerie that he put on before asking Kazuma to take sexy photos of him using the noble's magical camera, after getting over his initial disgust, Kazuma too soon found the situation funny, and became engrossed to the point they forgot the time. Eventually caught right in the act when Rin and the guy returned, he was also given a chiding by Rin. Next taken outside by her to leave Dust and the noble together alone, Kazuma having explained his and Dust's concern over Rin's well-being got told that the noble was actually in love with Dust, whose ensuing scream of utter terror mollified Kazuma too. Deciding to pretend how nothing had happened while planning to leave Dust alone for a few days, he accordingly heard Rin talk about Darkness' imminent marriage to Alderp, a subject he quickly pressed for more details on.[188]

He afterwards told Aqua and Megumin all about the marriage, and while not entirely trusting Vanir whose prophecy about the matter proved true so far because of his unknown ulterior motive for aiding them, Kazuma trying to emphasise how he wasn't concerned over their Crusader's well-being announced his plan of slipping into the Dustiness manor for questioning Darkness over the matter. Heading to a section outside the manor's fence late that night, Kazuma asked Aqua to cast a variety of Support Magic for boosting his stats, though he smacked her for casting Versatile Entertainer. He next Sniped a rope for scaling the fence, before sending the girls back while he sneaked inside unarmed.[189]

Although Kazuma successfully infiltrated the manor proper by quietly breaking a window through a combination of Tinder and Freeze, he had to quickly hide the signs of his intrusion followed by Lurking when the slight noise attracted the attention of Norris and another guard, who accordingly went to get a midnight snack from the chef. Next contemplating looking for Darkness' bedroom by impersonating the guards to trick the chef into sending food to the heiress, Kazuma discovered that the Versatile Entertainer cast upon him by Aqua solved his problem of mimicking the guards' voices. Proceeding to entertain himself by mimicking the voices of various women he knew to utter words of love for him, he anyhow got his act together and trailed the guards to the kitchen, then subsequent to their departure mimicked Norris' voice to place an order for food to Darkness, which he then tracked all the way to the heiress' bedroom.[189]

As soon as the food was sent away by the confused Darkness, Kazuma mimicked Norris' voice to report from behind the bedroom door about himself wanting to see her, and upon the heiress refusing, repeated the embarrassing secrets she had previously confessed to Vanir. Successfully inciting the horrified Darkness into throwing the door open, he promptly jumped inside and locked the door, before gagging the heiress and overpowering her onto the bed within. Kazuma however accordingly realised that his pose looked like he was about to enact a night raid on Darkness, so he frantically clarified his objective and asked for her to keep quiet, yet after Kazuma's gaghold on Darkness was released, the heiress while he was looking away yelled about an intruder.[189]

Immediately gagging Darkness again but too late to stop the alarm, Kazuma mimicked her voice to tell the real Norris and some other guards gathered outside the bedroom door that she simply got too excited when pleasuring herself, though in the process his arm nearly got crushed by the infuriated heiress. After the guards were embarrassed into leaving, he heard Darkness explain how her family had borrowed a huge sum from Alderp, which the governor was now calling for the ailing Ignis to pay off unless Darkness marries him. Unconvinced by her attempts to play down her disgust of the idea, Kazuma now understanding why she wanted their party to single-handedly defeat the Kowloon Hydra suggested for him or the king to pay off the debt only to be refused. Suddenly finding Darkness especially attractive and attempting to calm himself down, he was accordingly invited to take her virginity. Although Kazuma tried reigning himself by considering the awkwardness it would cause, in the end he gave up to his desires and went with the flow, yet blew it all by absent-mindedly mumbling about Darkness' obvious abs.[189]

With the heiress sent into a frenzied rage, Kazuma as the guards rushed towards the bedroom again tried to overpower and Drain Touch her, but because his voice mimicry failed to stop the guards from opening the door, he had to utilise a combination of Basic Magic to break away. Later Lurking throughout the manor away from the search parties led by Darkness now out for his blood, the retreating Kazuma wandered into a random room where he ran into an emaciated Ignis who figured out his intent, and behests to calm the heiress down as well as inquiries over the Dustiness' debt to Alderp were instead met with a plea to elope with Darkness. Becoming suspicious of the illness afflicting Ignis, Kazuma suspecting poisoning by Alderp offered to have Aqua look at the ailing lord, only to be told that her powers cannot save Ignis from his condition which was attributed to natural causes.[189]

Kazuma thus argued with Darkness after she burst in with a troupe of guards, but was unable to persuade her into elopement nor dissuade her from going ahead with the marriage, so angrily declaring how he won't help Darkness unless she comes begging him in tears, Kazuma proceeded to break out the window, a stunt that instead saw him clumsily dropping out onto the ground along with the glass too tough for him to break. Howling back at Darkness as she taunted him, Kazuma managed to hinder the approaching guards and make his way back to the party's mansion. As his injuries were accordingly Healed, he reiterated to Aqua and Megumin what he had found out, before voicing his insistence on not doing anything until the Crusader begs for help.[189]

He however didn't get a visit from Darkness, even when Alderp, regarding whom a cursory research around town uncovered tales of him forcibly marrying young women before abandoning them on top of committing other crimes that he somehow always got away with, announced the wedding to be a week away. Therefore Kazuma, who was very much aware of his inability to seek the heiress out due to the heightened security as well as the social barrier between nobles and adventurers in addition to Darkness' own stubbornness, could only immerse himself with designing more products, one of which was bubble wrap, though Megumin who had been hounding him to go save their Crusader popped all of the bubbles for stress relief, much to his dismay. Then over the next few days, Kazuma was notified by Hagen over Megumin and Aqua's harassments to House Dustiness in their attempts to stop the marriage, such as the threatening letters sent by the Crimson Demon and the performances at the manor gate by the goddess, which he had to lecture the girls over. Following Megumin's release from jail for sending House Alexei threatening letters, he didn't fall to her provocations through insults nor the enticement involving a confession of affection, and instead presented her a sandbag for relieving her stress, only for the Crimson Demon to slash it open with Chunchunmaru.[190]

On the morning of the day Darkness was going to be married off, Kazuma insulted again by Megumin for preventing her from blowing up the wedding ceremony finally snapped, and blurted out all his pent-up frustration over his powerlessness against an outwardly consensual marriage between nobles that even Iris cannot do anything about. Subsequently left alone to wallow in his helplessness after Megumin went off the deal with the problem her own way, he received a surprise visit from Vanir despite him preferring it to be Wiz. Initially skeptical over the prediction about him agreeing to sell all of his intellectual property for the sum brought along by the All-Seeing Demon, Kazuma prompted Vanir for details over the reasons behind the Dustiness' debt and Alderp's immunity from prosecution, before smacking Aqua for disintegrating the Archdemon's body midsentence.[190]

He and the useless goddess anyhow listened to Vanir how House Dustiness sold off nearly all their assets to help the party pay most of the reparations after Aqua flooded Axel during the battle against Beldia, followed by the story of how Darkness, trying to help farmers whose livelihoods were destroyed by the Destroyer, borrowed an enormous fortune from Alderp which now forced her into repaying by marrying the governor. Furiously punching the table as he finally comprehended what had been happening to Darkness behind his back, Kazuma upon hearing that the sum brought along by Vanir plus his own life savings equals the 2 billion eris owed to Alderp, determinedly accepted the deal to sell off all of his intellectual property.[190]

Taking advantage of Aqua being requested earlier by Hagen to act as the priest holding the wedding, he after receiving buffs from the goddess' Support Magic threw a hood over himself in order to disguise as her assistant, and laid in wait at the church of Eris where the wedding ceremony was to be held. Once Aqua at the altar began speaking wedding blessings that actually ridiculed Alderp, Kazuma unmasked himself to scold Darkness for bearing all of the party's debts, then in response to Alderp's arrogant proclamation of ownership over Darkness because of the 2 billion eris debt, proceeded to scatter the exact sum owed all over the church floor so the governor would be preoccupied with picking the coins up. Explaining to Darkness how he came up with the money before rendering the heiress mentally overloaded through a declaration of him now owning her, he picked up the bride-to-be and bolted with Aqua towards the church door.[190]

When Darkness jumped back to the ground for dealing with Alderp's guards in their way, Kazuma through Aqua's Support Magic mimicked Alderp's voice to trick them away. Subsequently saved from the guards standing between him and the church door when Yunyun cut away the front wall of the church to reveal a posing Megumin whose appearance outshone his exploits, he although in shock about the latter already preparing for an Explosion in the city rendezvoused with them. Kazuma next pointed at the other adventurers gathered outside the church, who were ignoring Alderp's calls to capture the five of them, as an example to chide Darkness over her taking everything upon herself. Megumin's inability to hold back the Explosion she ended up launching above the city, however, sent him into panickedly cowering behind the Crusader he was supposed to save, much to the ensuing disgust of the girls. Next fleeing from the scene as Alderp's recovering guards pursued them, Kazuma decided to treat Keith and Dust as well as the other adventurers to drinks afterwards because they started beating up the hated governor's henchmen and allowed his party to make a clean getaway.[190]

He accordingly accompanied Darkness back to her family home and straight to the dying Ignis's room, where the lord offered to have the heiress marry him instead, making Kazuma vow to take care of Darkness. Yet as the father and daughter proceeded to hold what would be their last conversation, Kazuma became dumbfounded when Aqua Broke the death curse that Maxwell had cast upon Ignis.[190]

Kazuma later on returned to the mansion with Aqua and Megumin, where they packed their bags in preparation to flee once Alderp sends his private army at them as revenge, only to unexpectedly hear from Darkness on the following morning about the governor disappearing without a trace and evidence of his numerous crimes suddenly surfacing. Although he became relieved at them not needing to live as farmers in a faraway land until things died down, Kazuma quickly had to explain himself to the furious Megumin when Aqua reiterated how he had in the church purchased Darkness who was hesitant with entering their mansion. Next accepting Darkness' apology over his sold intellectual property because he already planned to make a living by cooking Japanese food, the revelation about all the billions of eris he had paid in relation to reparations of collateral damage caused during the battles against Beldia and the Destroyer brought Kazuma into elation. After waving away Aqua and Megumin who tried kissing up to him, Kazuma told Darkness to forget what had happened yesterday, before welcoming her back to the party.[191]

Soon teased by Aqua and Megumin over his purchase of the Crusader, the reveal by Darkness about how Kazuma nearly crossed the line on the night he sneaked into the Dustiness manor forced him into a corner, though he managed to turn the tables by clarifying how it was Darkness who offered up her virginity. Seeing the Crusader still wanting to retaliate, Kazuma asked Aqua regarding Belzerg's marital system, then subsequent to her explaining how the couple will on the morning of the marriage sign the official documents, before holding to the wedding ceremony in the afternoon, used the fact that Darkness on paper was actually a married woman who got dumped by her legally wedded husband on the first night as an excuse to nickname her "Divorcedness".[191]

At some point during the period, Kazuma out wandering the city at night noticed Succubi and Incubi lining up to buy exciting nude photos of Vanir, and out of curiosity managed to purchase a copy of the popular photobook, only to be gravely disappointed upon seeing nothing but the "nude" mask of the Archdemon.[192] He was also enticed by the scanty attire of Wiz into testing out a thoughts-revealing hat that blurted out all his lewd thoughts about women on the streets as well as his own party members back at the mansion, where after trying it out on Aqua but unsuccessfully so on Darkness, Kazuma was advised by Megumin to speak out against releasing this product, as well as hear Anna who possessed a wine bottle express her thanks to he party.[193]

Eventually meeting Chris at some lonely coffee shop where he updated her on all that had happened, Kazuma questioned his boss over her prolonged absence, but only received vague answers about her being called away to deal with dead people. Next hearing the Thief talk about discovering the Divine Item used for summoning monsters in Alderp's basement, he refused Chris' petition to help retrieve other Divine Items. Suddenly noticing the way she scratched her cheek to be strangely familiar, in addition to recalling how she only referred to Aqua in a humble manner while the other person solely referred to Darkness in a friendly fashion, Kazuma trying to test his theory about those two remarkably alike characters asked Eris what did she do with the retrieved Divine Item, and Chris subsequently answering that she had sealed it under the Kowloon Hydra's lake became all that he needed for confirming his boss and the Goddess of Fortune to be the same person.[194]

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