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Aqua first met Kazuma in Heaven. As Aqua made fun of him, he wanted to get payback at her, which resulted in him choosing her to take into the Parallel World. Despite the two of them maintaining cohabitation for several months at the beginning of the series, their relationship is platonic. When ordering a sexual fantasy from the Succubus Cafe for the first time, Kazuma even requests his sexual partner be someone he knows and that she be an attractive older woman who is sexually inexperienced, without it ever occurring to him that Aqua meets this description. Due to the terms under which Aqua and Kazuma were brought to the Parallel World, the two are inseparable and Aqua even relies on Kazuma more than she admits. He thinks she is useless yet cute when she is silent and calm. They often argue and point at each other's respective flaws, which results in Kazuma usually making Aqua cry.

While under normal circumstances he would never admit it, he does value Aqua as a companion. Despite Aqua's constant frustration with him, when she was to return to heaven, Kazuma struggled internally, coming to terms with it, and eventually was able to express his feelings for her to stay in his own unique way (which was also assisted by she herself wishing to stay, having grown fond of her party and the world).

He was also willing to dropkick Serena in the face just because he didn't like how Aqua was being treated and how depressed Aqua was getting, showing how despite the fights and arguments they have, Kazuma actually cares about and looks out for Aqua. Aqua is the only girl in his party that Kazuma doesn't think or do anything perverse towards. After defeating the Devil King, when returns to Heaven, Kazuma finds Eris with Aqua in tears, which makes him use his wish to return to the Parallel World with his friends. Back at the Devil King's Castle, Aqua calls Kazuma aside while the others return to Axel. Aqua, a bit nervous, says "Thank you" with a smile, which makes his heart beat for Aqua for the first time.


Megumin considers Kazuma a contradiction at times. She described him and we as someone who is idle when wealthy, yet hardworking when in need of funds, and perverted, yet reliable during emergency situations. They enjoy a close relationship, with Megumin being the most emotional one in the party, which was shown when Kazuma didn't want to return from the afterlife. She is also the most defensive in their party when Kazuma is bad-mouthed by strangers.

After the battle against Wolbach, Megumin confessed her feelings to Kazuma, to which he confessed as well. They later entered a secret relationship as a "hidden dating". While they tried to keep it a secret, it became known to the rest of the group after Darkness confessed to Kazuma. Since then their relationship progressed a bit faster to the point where they have attempted sexual acts. In the second travel to the Crimson Demon Village, Megumin offered to give Kazuma a handjob but they were interrupted. After Aqua ran away and when they were about to leave for a dangerous journey, Megumin wanted to have sex with Kazuma in order to "not have any regrets," but after they had a passionate kiss, they didn’t go any further due to Kazuma’s own comical doing. This left Kazuma uneasy, but Megumin promised him that they would continue afterward.

In In a short story, Megumin asks Kazuma on a date on which they took a casual walk around the town. He noticed that they were followed by Yunyun, Funifura, and Dodonko. Funifura delivers a letter to Megumin stating that she couldn’t believe that she and Kazuma are an item. Kazuma, realizing that the date is the usual maturity duel she has with her friends, tells Megumin to head home with him so that they could make out, to which Funifura exclaims that she couldn't believe that they are an item and are already making babies, Megumin embarrassingly retorts they haven't gone that far yet.


While she fulfils his fetish for an "onee-san with great figure," her personality turns him off. Despite this, he often looks at her with lecherous eyes. Vanir teases them by stating that both Darkness and Kazuma have feelings for each other, but fear crossing the line of adventurer comrades, embarrassing both of them. Darkness often blurts out perverted thoughts, which Kazuma often snarks at either verbally or mentally. She seems to enjoy his verbal abuse, much to his dismay. Though he considers her "a helpless crusader," he does sincerely care for her, and vice versa. In the anime, Kazuma asks Darkness to bathe him as he thinks he is dreaming, where he went to the Succubus Cafe to have an erotic dream.

Kazuma also sees Darkness as a good friend who she can trust and rely on. Later on in the story, Darkness starts to develop feelings for Kazuma after he saves her from her arranged marriage with Alderp. She will not hesitate to punish him when she discovers his involvement with serious troublesome matters, such as him being the advisor to the Eris Festival. After the tax collection, she reveals that she loves him, and has been "obsessed with him" since he rescued her from Alderp. She even kisses Kazuma on the lips when she has a major breakdown after he rejects her, stating that he loves Megumin. In volume 13, Darkness tries to seduce Kazuma by offering to bathe him. Kazuma while being seduced, underhandedly wanted her to use force on him. Before Darkness could follow through, Megumin stops them after returning from a trip to her village.


Chris was the first person to teach Kazuma adventurer's skills, including his trademark spell Steal. Although Chris never joins his adventure party, she and Kazuma form their own separate party, with Chris as the "Big-Boss" and Kazuma as "Assistant-kun". Their thieving group, later dubbed "Silver-Haired Thief Brigade", steals magical items from corrupt nobles who intend to use them for their own selfish purposes. As a result, the pair have a massive bounty on their heads, second only to the Devil King.

Kazuma meets the Goddess Eris following his death at the hands of the Winter Shogun during his first winter in the Parallel World. In contrast to Aqua, Eris treats him with kindness and sympathy. She is prepared to send Kazuma back to Earth to start his life over, but is forced to resurrect him by Aqua. Kazuma is moved by Eris' actions, considering her to be the definition of a goddess. From that point onwards, whenever Kazuma dies, he is met by Eris.

After Darkness' Wedding, due to her appearance, advanced knowledge of divine relics and the way she scratches her cheek when nervous or uncertain about something, Kazuma suspects that Chris is actually Eris in disguise. He later confirms it by addressing Chris as Eris, to which she responds. Chris/Eris immediately swears him to secrecy.

Aside from helping her to recover divine relics, Kazuma considers Chris/Eris a close friend. He goes out of his way to help her and her Church, the Eris sect, during the Eris Festival. When they are down in the doldrums following the success of the "Goddess Aqua Thanksgiving Festival", he arranges "The First Goddess Eris Beauty Pageant", telling Chris to make an appearance as Eris in order to win back the support of her followers. Not only was the pageant a huge success, but the pair recover a divine relic. Following the pageant, Kazuma asks Chris to marry him. Chris's answer is evasive.

Although Eris's feelings towards Kazuma are not clear, Kazuma has cited Eris/Chris as his ideal girl. He considers her an important companion that he can talk to about anything. Aside from gossip about Megumin and Darkness, Kazuma also talks to her about serious issues like the stores in Japan.

After defeating the Devil King, Kazuma brings Eris back to Axel as his new cheat item, though she eventually returns to heaven.


Kazuma first met Yunyun in the fields outside of Axel, when she saved Aqua, Megumin and Sena from Giant Toads. Despite her social anxiety the pair immediately managed to get along, much to Megumin's surprise and irritation. Kazuma was also surprised to see how normal Yunyun was compared to Megumin and (later on) the rest of the Crimson Demons.

Since their first meeting, the pair have bumped into each other sporadically, usually when Yunyun is seeking to challenge Megumin as part of their ongoing "rivalry". Surprisingly, Kazuma treats Yunyun with far more kindness and respect than any of his party members (the sole exception being in the S1 OVA). This is possibly because he sees Yunyun as one of the few genuinely kind and reliable people in the world, and he takes pity on her. This has not stopped him from using her as an object of affection during his succubus dreams.

Yunyun also quickly warmed up to Kazuma. Despite her shyness, she began hanging around with him (usually when he was with Megumin) and quickly realised that, despite his flaws, Kazuma was a versatile and reliable individual. This has not stopped her from calling him out whenever he does something questionable. In spite of this, she does considered Kazuma a valuable friend, not that she would ever admit, let alone recognise it.

There are hints that Kazuma and Yunyun harbour romantic feelings for each other. As mentioned, Kazuma (usually) treats Yunyun far better than the other girls he knows, and has even invited Yunyun to join his party on quests and social activities. He also gets worried when she says something negative about him, something that rarely happens with his companions. Yunyun meanwhile knows that she can truly depend and rely upon Kazuma, which was demonstrated when she asked him to father her child (due to a huge misunderstanding) and help secure her position as the future leader of the Crimson Magic Clan. Whenever they have managed to hang out by themselves, i.e. just the two of them, the pair have gotten along very well together. Their outings can even be construed as dates rather than a social activity.

It is heavily implied that Megumin bullies Yunyun (amongst other reasons) because she is jealous/fearful about her relationship with Kazuma. Not only is Yunyun physically closer to Kazuma's ideal woman but her skills are far more useful than Megumin's explosion magic. Thus, she teases and belittles Yunyun not only to keep her and Kazuma apart but make sure that he will not replace her with Yunyun, which it is hinted Kazuma would do if given the opportunity.

Princess Iris[]

Despite the difference in their social standings, Kazuma considers Iris his precious family. She is the little sister he always wanted; a younger girl not related to him by blood. For this reason and her status as the Kingdom's Princess, he has, for the most part treated Iris with dignity and respect. He is also, however, considerably honest and forthcoming with her in private, where he ignores the social norms expected of somebody interacting with a member of the royal family. Their relationship has drawn the suspicion/jealousy of Darkness, Megumin and Claire, whom Kazuma has had to repeatedly assure that his feelings for Iris are completely platonic.

Iris, meanwhile, initially disliked and underestimated Kazuma, believing that he lied about his many accomplishments/exploits. After Darkness confirmed that Kazuma's statements were true, however, she warmed up to him. In addition to being fascinated by his stories, she treasures Kazuma's honesty and how he (unlike everybody else) treats her like an ordinary girl, rather than a princess. To the ire of her wards, Kazuma's use of cunning and dirty tactics have rubbed off on Iris. Kazuma did temporarily lose her respect after being killed by Kobolds and going too far when a magic device swapped their minds (see below). By the following morning, however, her respect and admiration for him had not only returned but increased significantly.

By the time Kazuma left the castle, following an extensive stay, Iris had developed romantic feelings for him. After learning of a plot (devised by Lord Alderp) to use the aforementioned mind-swapping relic to take over the throne of Axel, Iris realised that Kazuma, who together with Chris ploughed through her guards to save her, was only powerful but really cared about her. These feelings were further demonstrated during the trip to Elroad, when Lugkraft, a shape-shifting agent of the Devil King's Army, attempted to assassinate the Princess by disguising himself as Kazuma. Iris, however, immediately realised that the man in front of her was not her beloved "onii-chan" and killed him in turn. Following this episode, Iris, having established a romantic rivalry with Megumin, invited Kazuma to stay at the Capital indefinitely. Kazuma accepted but was eventually returned to Axel by Claire and Rain.

In light of Iris' age and status, Kazuma, knowing that he would be executed if he pushed his luck (again), is very careful on how he interacts with Iris in public. He has noted, however, both openly and privately, that if Iris asked him to marry her when she grows up, he would say yes. Ironically, Kazuma can technically be considered Iris' fiance as during the aforementioned mission to retrieve the divine relic, he accidentally stole her royal ring. He later learnt from Darkness that the royals hand that ring over to the person they intend to marry and that he cannot return it, even if he claimed to have merely found it, because the royals would kill him to conceal the theft. As such, Iris' ring resides in Kazuma's mansion and is one of his most prized treasures. Feeling guilty about this, Kazuma later bought Iris a replacement ring, from Elroad.

Iris was delighted by her gift and has treasured it ever since, even though it was cheap. Knowing that they have technically exchanged rings, Iris is extremely hopeful that one day Kazuma will be able to replace that ring with a proper one after he defeats the Demon King. By royal degree, the person who defeats the Devil King will automatically become the Prince/Princess'. Kazuma was eventually able to fulfil this ambition but (for obvious reasons) a prospective engagement to Iris has not been touched upon or discussed yet.


Despite Wiz's status as a lich, Kazuma is very courteous to her, more so than his allies. She and Vanir sell products that he has designed, so he often visits their shop to see how things are going.


Although Taylor serves as a foil for Kazuma (being a stoic and non-perverse person), the two-party leaders actually get on quite well. They occasionally meet up for a drink in secret to discuss the hardships they go through in dealing with their respective parties. Taylor once even offered Kazuma to join his party.


Dust initially disliked Kazuma due to jealousy, being unable to understand why he was always complaining despite being surrounded by three beautiful women with high-tier jobs. Dust's attitude towards Kazuma flipped after adventuring with the latter's party, truly understanding the hardships that Kazuma had to go through daily, and the pair soon became friends.

A lot of Dust's unsavory attitude and activities have rubbed off on Kazuma, the latter taking up gambling due to Dust's influence. Although Dust views Kazuma as his best friend, he still sponges drinks off of him from time-to-time and has admitted that he probably wouldn't help Kazuma out if the latter became short on cash. Kazuma has stated that he only really sees Dust as an acquaintance.

Though in reality while he will never admit he does see Dust as a good and close friend. And Dust trusts Kazuma enough to give him his trusted magic sword.


Kazuma have negative impressions about Arue as not only she was the weirdo who wrote the same ridiculous letter known as Legend of the Crimson Demon Hero and also because she was absent from the battle against Sylvia. Arue on the other hand also dislikes Kazuma not only because of his rudeness, also because he destroyed Legend of the Crimson Demon Hero 'chapter two' that she spent a week writing it. Even meeting again during a test in the Crimson Demon Village their relationships still remains strained as they constantly throwing insults at each other upon confrontation.


Serena tried to approach Kazuma, pretending to be a fan, in order to investigate him. He ended up discovering her real identity as a Devil King's Genenal, making a deal so Serena would threat him in exchange Kazuma wouldn't expose her. However, since Kazuma knew she has plans to prepare Axel for a invasion, he tried to stop her plans all by himself, but he failed and became her puppet.

However, after becoming her puppet, Kazuma ended up stealing half of her power by following her goddess too, and he not just made her life a living hell, but also ruined her plans and caused her multiple nervous breakdowns. In the end Serena went to his mansion in order to beg Aqua, Megumin and Darkness take him back, being defeated and having her level reseted to 1. Serena was arrested, escaping afterwards and following Kazuma's party in order to take take revenge, but ended up saved by him from the Axis Order by converting to their religion.