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Keele (キール) was a former Arch Wizard who later became a Lich.[1]


His past appearance was a handsome young man with long green hair, brown eyes and he wears his purple mage robe with a large gold chain on his neck. Yet by the time Kazuma and Aqua arrive at his dungeon, he retains his cloak but his body had already decomposed up to his bones.[2]


Despite being constantly on the run, Keele retained a jovial and upbeat personality, recalling even fighting off an entire kingdom with a sense of nostalgic happiness.

He was very devoted to the princess he fell in love with, and after seeing her situation, chose to elope with her even if it meant making the entire kingdom his enemy.


A prodigy Arch Wizard, Keele fell in love with a daughter of a nobleman, though because of their differences in social position, he devoted himself to the study of magic. Keele eventually reached the point he became known as the greatest Arch Wizard of the kingdom, but by that time, the woman he loved was given to the king as concubine to carry favour.

Khiel's Past Battle the Kingdom

Later at a banquet held in his honour, upon the king inquiring him if he wished for anything, Keele asked to have his beloved woman, whom neither the king nor the other concubines loved. The king however refused out of pride, so Keele went and broke her out of the royal castle. Despite the two of them lovingly marrying soon afterwards, Keele who had made himself an enemy of the entire kingdom faced endless pursuers sent by the king, and spent a life on the run with his wife.

Mortally wounded on one instance, but still hoping to protect his wife, Keele turned himself into a Lich, and built a dungeon where the couple could hide themselves within. But after his wife passed away, the Lich found himself unable to join her now that he is an immortal King of Undead who cannot commit suicide, and could only slumber in their hidden master chamber where her remains lay.

Many years later, Keele was awakened by the divine aura of Aqua as she approached his chamber with Kazuma. Once the Arch Priest agitated from seeing a Lich calmed down, he explained his life story and showed the pair his wife's remains, before asking Aqua to purify him so that he could rejoin his wife in the afterlife, a favour which he promised paying with his treasure in exchange. Aqua proceeded to draw a powerful holy magic circle in the middle of his chamber, then went ahead and purified him from the world, while also advising him to ask Eris for letting him to reunite with his wife in their next life.


Magic: Keele had already mastered many powerful magics since his days as a human, and turning into a Lich further enhanced his magical might.


  • Keele Manga
    Keele has a different design in the manga.[3]
  • In the light novel, his name was translated as "Khiel".