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Keith (キース) is an archer and a member of a party consisting of Taylor, Dust, and Rin. He currently resides in Axel, the town of beginners.


Keith appears to be a fit young man with black hair and black eyes. His outfit consists of a long, black coat with white furs.


He has a perverseness similar to Dust and Kazuma. During the temporary party transfer of Kazuma and Dust, he got along with and gained respect for Kazuma due to the latter's cleverness and quick thinking, despite privately scorning him prior because of his weak job.


As a member of the Archer class, Keith can use a variety of skills that help him with his archery:

  • Bow: Allows the usage of Bow weapons.
  • Farsight: Keith can use the skill Farsight. Farsight allows the user to see far away objects up close and gives the user night vision. Furthermore Keith's version of Farsight is superior to Kazuma's.
  • Snipe: Snipe is a skill that fires an arrow from a bow, this arrow will have varying accuracy and power depending on the user's luck characteristic.