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Keith (キース, Kīsu) is an archer and a member of a party consisting of Taylor, Dust, and Rin, whom resides in Axel, the Town of Beginners.


Keith appears to be a fit young man with black hair and black eyes. His outfit consists of a long, black coat with white furs.


Keith is a bohemian and a punk similar to Dust and Kazuma. According to Rin, he is a thug at the same level as Dust as well, scamming alongside the later outside the Darkness' wedding.[1] Keith is also a womanizer, to the point of practicing kiss in the mirror and change his underwear everyday in order to get ready for any girl.[2] He is a jokester too, often making fun of his party members.

During the temporary party transfer of Kazuma and Dust, Keith was too prideful to rely on a weaker class adventurer at first, however after being saved by his quick-thinking and inventiveness twice, Keith started to admire Kazuma, even playfully praying to the later's adventurer card after discovering how high is Kazuma's Luck.[3]


For Keith's history, see his History tab.


As a member of the Archer class, Keith can use a variety of skills that help him with his archery. Because he is from a specialized class, his Archer skills are superior than Kazuma's.[2]

  • Bow: Raises proficiency with bow and arrows.
  • Foresight: Allows a user to see far into the distance. Also gives the user night vision.
  • Snipe: Increases the distance and accuracy of an arrow. Damage is based on Dexterity while Accuracy is based on Luck.


  • Keith's birthday is on 13rd March.