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Khiel (キール) was a former Arch Wizard who later became a Lich to save his love. Aqua later sends him and his wife to the afterlife after hearing his story.


His past appearance was a handsome young man with long green hair, brown eyes and he wears his purple mage robe with a large gold chain on his neck.

By the time Kazuma and Aqua arrive at his dungeon, he retains his cloak but his body had already decomposed up to his bones.


Despite being constantly on the run, Khiel retained a jovial and upbeat personality, recalling even fighting off an entire kingdom with a sense of nostalgic happiness.

He was very devoted to the princess he fell in love with. After seeing her situation, he chose to elope with her even if it meant making the entire kingdom his enemy.


An arch-wizard, he fell in love with a daughter of a nobleman, and because of their difference of social position, Khiel devoted himself to magic to the point of became known as the greatest arch-wizard of the kingdom. However, she was given to the king as concubine to carry favor.

During a banquet in his honor, when the king asked if Khiel wished anything, Khiel took his beloved, as the king didn't love her., and neither of the other concubines liked her. He chose to runaway, making himself enemy of the entire kingdom.

In order to protect her, Khiel created an maze to hide themselves and became a lich. Years after her death, Kazuma and Aqua enter on his maze and Khiel asked to be purified in order to rejoin his beloved in the afterlife, giving his treasure in exchange.


Magic: Khiel's possession of magic has been mastered already have an advanced magic enough to protect his lover against the entire kingdom who attempt to rescue the princess.


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    Khiel has a different design in the manga.