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Belzerg, officially the Kingdom of Belzerg (ベルゼルグ(おう)(こく)) is the country where nearly all of the events in the KonoSuba story take place.


As the Kingdom of Belzerg is the only country whose borders overlap those of the Devil King's Territory, their border is heavily protected. In order to help them, surrounding countries send soldiers to join the border guard, with Elroad being the only exception, assisting with defense costs instead because of their country's wealth.[1]

The Belzerg royal family consists of the king, the first prince, and Iris.


Belzerg emblem

The emblem of Belzerg consists of two unicorns facing away from each other over a blue shield under a crown.



  • Belzerg was unnamed until Volume 10 of the light novel.
  • In the original Japanese pronunciation, "Belzerg", deliberately sounds similar to the word "berserk". The country is considered to be full of barbarians by many citizens of foreign nations, such as Elroad.
  • Some parts of its territories, such as the Crimson Demon Village, used to belong to the Kingdom of Noise.