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Kingdom of Elroad (エルロード(おう)(こく)) is a country that borders the Kingdom of Belzerg. It was ruled by the Prime Minister Lugkraft and later Prince Levy.


Elroad is the kingdom of casinos, and, while financially strong, is militarily weak due to its massive focus on its economics. Therefore, on the matters of Belzerg's defence, instead of soldiers they provide monetary compensation.[1]

The first king won a large amount of money through gambling, and this money was used to fund the nation for decades. However, due to the royalty and nobility constantly gambling, the country was quickly losing money until Lugkraft came and stabilised the situation.[2]



  • Elroad doesn't exist in the initial web novel, though some parts of its story arc was based off the web novel events that occurred in the Belzerg city of Doris.