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Komekko (こめっこ) is Megumin's younger sister and a member of the Crimson Demons.


Komekko greatly resembles her older sister in regards to their facial complexion, and shares the characteristic of Crimson Demons— red eyes and straight brown hair. According to Aqua, Komekko is basically a mini version of Megumin.[1]

Komekko keeps her short hair tied in pigtails with red ribbons and occasionally uses a yellow star-shaped hair-clip on her bangs. As a result of her family's financial situation, all of her clothes are Megumin's hand-me-downs, so her mage cloak also has some noticeable patch works.


Komekko has a lively and cheerful attitude. As a Crimson Demon, she also has a chuunibyou personality, being facinated by "cool" people or stuff, as her "powerful and respected" Arch Wizard sister or a High-Ranked Demon like Host, which let her amazed. Like her clan, Komekko is also very smart, demonstrated when she solved the puzzle Host had been working for days, in no time.

Because her family is too poor to buy enough food for them, Komekko became a glutton kid. She only thinks about eating, and is willing to say pretty much anything in exchange for food, even if it upsets her beloved big sister. Komekko is also quite cruel, since she is not only able to eat cute pets like Chomusuke and Emperor Zel, but also a humanoid creature like Aqua's baby tranquility girl. Komekko is willing to raise them until they gain enough weight to be a hearty lunch.

Although she is very innocent, Komekko is also devilish, calling herself as "the foremost devilish little sister" of her clan on her chuuni self-introduction. Although she doesn't do it for malice, due to her family's (and especially her sister's) rearing, Komekko became mischievous, often manipulating adults with her cuteness in order to get what she wants (usually food), believing such behavior is the normal.

Fierce Komekko

Also due to her innocence, Komekko is a very approachable, as she can make friends with anyone, even a demon, to the point of convincing him to be her familiar in the future. On the other hand, Komekko can be fierce like a beast when she is angry, enough to frighten even demons.


For Komekko's history, see her History tab.


Komekko can eat continuously, as fast as she can put food in her mouth. She is also incredibly intelligent, as show by solving the Dark God's seal puzzles.

Demon Summoning: Komekko is an extremely talented demon summoner, being able of realize extremely difficult and delicate rituals even though it would take at least a decade of hard work to summon even the weakest type of devil, being able to summon Host, a high-ranked demon, with shell of a cicada as offering.

Demon Control: According to a succubus, Komekko has an incredible talent for controlling demons, to the point the succubi couldn't leave her alone even in the Adventurer Guild, which could be dangerous to them.


  • Komekko's birthday is on 5th May.
  • Komekko is the only kid from her village of her age.[2]
  • Because of her stealing the last hit on Sylvia in the light novel,[3] her level is probably around the teens, a high level for someone her age with the complete lack of experience as an adventurer.
  • In the web novel, Vanir implies that Komekko has summoned him multiple times, before Komekko orders him to kill Megumin, which, as Vanir's summoner, would make her stronger than Megumin. It is implied that Komekko can actually create a pact with Vanir, if she has a proper offering, in this case, an orange.
    • In a light novel short story, Komekko summoned Host instead, who scolded her for summoning him without a proper offering (she used the shell of a cicada).