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May I Go to a New World with This Self-Proclaimed Goddess! (この自称女神と異世界転生を!, Kono Jishō Megami to Isekai Tensē wo!) is the first chapter of the KonoSuba manga series, and covers the Prologue to Chapter 1 in Volume 1 of the light novels.


Kazuma Satou, following his untimely death at sixteen, is reincarnated with Aqua into another world looking like a fantasy game. While he becomes excited at the prospect of a new world, the moment was quickly turned sour by the latter. Even though he tries to apologise, she continues to whine about his accountability.

Kazuma then flashes back to how during his previous life, on his way back from buying a video game, he saw a female student about to be hit by a unknown vehicle, so he dashed forward to pushed her away, following which it all turned dark until he found himself sitting in a white room, where Aqua informed him that he had died. Although Kazuma thought his action was heroic, Aqua instead laughed and explained how he had actually died from shock while pissing himself, thinking he got run over by the vehicle that turned out to be a chugging tractor. After the frustrated Kazuma hit Aqua, the goddess of water introduced herself and offered the suspicious Kazuma a deal, which entails reincarnation to another world terrorised by an evil Demon King invading many kingdoms and killing many people. Since the traumatised dead refused to be reborn into their world again, to solve the problem with depopulation, people from other worlds who died at a young age were transferred there with any powerful cheat item of their choosing, where they can defeat the Demon King. Yet instead of some divine weapon, Kazuma instead chose Aqua to be his cheat item. An Angel accordingly appeared to take over the duties of the panicking Aqua, who was magically transported alongside Kazuma to Axel, the starting town of the other world.

When Aqua gets over her initial panic, Kazuma discovers how the useless goddess doesn't know much about the world's details. They head towards the Adventurer Guild hoping to sign up as new adventurers, yet they don't have money for the registration fee the receptionist lady asks for. Then Aqua upon seeing a priest approaches him and demands money because she is the goddess of the Axis Church, only to hear that he belongs to the rival Eris Church which worships her junior goddess Eris, though she still gets paid out of pity. Following the payment, the receptionist lady explains how the system with Adventurer Classes and Adventurer Cards work. However, when having their stats analysed by a crystal ball, Kazuma discovers he can only become the generic Adventurer while Aqua can choose to be an Archpriest.

The irritated Kazuma immediately drags Aqua to start their first quest, but soon finds himself running for his life in the grasslands outside the town from one of the Giant Toads he has to defeat. Aqua who looks on giggles in amusement, though when she lists out the terms for saving him, the Giant Toad switches directions and snaps her up instead. Kazuma manages to slay the Giant Toad while it stayed still as it slowly swallowed Aqua, and becomes revolted at the goddess covered in stinking slime who whines about her being defiled.

When Kazuma grumbles back at the Guild about the meagre rewards and their lack of attack power, Aqua suggests they recruit new party members despite his misgivings. They post a recruiting advertisement for somebody of an advanced Class without getting a response, until a petite girl with red eyes identifying herself as the Archwizard Megumin of the Crimson Magic Clan in a display of pompous chuunibyouness offers to join, before she collapses in hunger. While Kazuma gives Megumin food, Aqua explains how Megumin's clan are all powerful mages with weird names and personalities.

In order to prove her power, Megumin accompanies their quest against the Giant Toads outside town. Generating a powerful explosion with her Explosion Magic, Megumin obliterates several Giant Toads in an display that awes Kazuma. However, when Aqua gets snapped up by a new Giant Toad, Kazuma finds Megumin limply laying on the grass because she used up all of her power and thus unable to move for a while, to his dismay.


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