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May This Mask Knight Submit! (1) (この仮面の騎士に隷属を!①, Kono Kamen no Kishi ni Rēzoku wo! 1) is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Konosuba manga series, and covers Chapter 4 in Volume 3 of the light novels.


Sena tells Kazuma that ever since he explored Khiel's Dungeon, large numbers of unidentified monsters had been emerging from it. After she heads towards the Guild to hire help for the investigation upon becoming convinced of Kazuma's party knowing nothing, Kazuma further questions his companions about it, and hears from Aqua how the magic circle she had left in Khiel's chamber is still actively repelling monsters.

Fearing that Sena may think he is responsible for the monsters if the magic circle isn't removed, Kazuma takes his party to the entrance of the dungeon, where Sena points out many monsters looking like little masked dolls are walking from. One of the dolls Aqua somehow abhors then grabs onto her before self-detonating to leave her shaken, while Darkness discovers that she can withstand the blasts without issue. Hearing of how Kazuma plans to brave the dungeon with Darkness before the other adventurers arrive, Sena hands him a sealing sticker capable of sealing magic in case he finds the magic circle used by the monsters' summoner. Leaving Megumin to prepare her magic outside the entrance along with the traumatised Aqua who refuses going back into the dungeon once more, Darkness followed by Kazuma enter the passageways, where she manages to hit the dolls that keep jumping into her attacks.

Kazuma leads Darkness straight towards Khiel's chamber, at the entrance to which sits a figure looking like a masked man in a tuxedo who is fashioning the dolls from clay. Upon being confronted by Darkness, the figure introduces himself as Vanir, a Duke of Hell who is one of the Demon King's Generals. He goes on to proclaim that he was sent to this town for investigating Beldia's disappearance in addition his goal of visiting Wiz and tasting the negative emotions of humans, then when told by Kazuma of how the dolls he made for clearing the dungeon of monsters are now heading outside, reads from their minds the embarrassing thoughts they had during the few days of Darkness' absence.

After Vanir elaborates on his plan to accomplish his death wish by constructing a formidable dungeon and allowing some raiding adventurers to destroy him, only to make them release delicious disappointment when they discover only a mocking message in his treasure chest, he talks about how he wanted to claim the ownerless Khiel's Dungeon but was prevented from entering the inner chamber by a powerful magic circle. He proceeds to delve into Kazuma's mind before discovering what Aqua is, then offers to let Kazuma and Darkness have fun in the bedroom beyond so he can go out and kill the goddess.

Darkness accordingly attacks Vanir and hacks him apart, yet it has no effect on his fake body composed of clay. Vanir next throws the mask that is actually his true body onto Darkness' face, and possesses her to Kazuma's horror.


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