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This Self Proclaimed Goddess and Reincarnation in Another World! (この自称女神(じしょうめがみ)異世界転生(いせかいてんせい)を!, Kono Jishō Megami to Isekai Tensē wo!) is the first episode of the KonoSuba anime, which covers the Prologue to Chapter 1 in Volume 1 of the light novels, or Chapter 1 of the manga.


Gamer Kazuma dies in a freak accident, and is met in the afterlife by a crass goddess, Aqua.


On his way back home from buying a game, a sleep-deprived shut-in named Kazuma Satou sees a girl about to be run over by a speeding truck. He lunges to push her out of the way, and finds himself sitting in a strange dimension, where the goddess Aqua appears to tell him that he has died.
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Oh... Well....
Episode 1

Kazuma remarks that his death was not wasted because he saved the girl, but Aqua sets the record straight for him: What Kazuma thought was a truck was actually a tractor which would have stopped for the girl anyways. Kazuma, thinking he got run over, died from shock, to the amusement of everyone, including his family and Aqua herself. Having laughed out her stress to the fury of the traumatised Kazuma, Aqua tells him that heaven is boring, and talks him into being transported to an RPG-like world in order to battle a Devil King who terrorises it to the point the local dead are refusing to reincarnate there. She next informs him of how he can be gifted any powerful item or ability upon going to that world, the language of which will be automatically installed into his head, though Kazuma notices her covering up the warning on the manual she shows him about possibly turning his brains to mush.

Yup!You're IT! You're IT You are so screwed
While Kazuma tries to select from a pile of leaflets, he is annoyed by the impatient Aqua's attitude, so out of spite he chooses her as his cheat item. An Angel accordingly appears to fill in Aqua's role of managing the dead and inform Kazuma the gods will grant any wish upon his success, before magically transporting Kazuma along with the panicking Aqua to the city of Axel. After Kazuma gets over the excitement of arriving at another world, he discovers that panicked Aqua is neither capable of providing assistance nor able to return until the Devil King's defeat.

Guild By The Wall
The pair makes their way to the Adventurer Guild where adventurers in games usually start out, yet after a Ruffian points them towards the receptionist counter, Kazuma discovers that they cannot register as adventurers without paying a registration fee. As the pair frets over what to do, Aqua who sees a priest approaches him and demands money because she is the goddess of the Axis Order, only to hear that he belongs to the rival Eris Order which worships her junior goddess Eris, though he still gives her money out of pity.


Following the payment, Luna the receptionist explains how the system with Adventurer Classes and Adventurer Cards work. However, when having their stats analysed by a crystal ball, Kazuma discovers he can only become a generic Adventurer while Aqua has the choice of being an Archpriest, since she has impressive stats which astonish the whole Guild. The two spend the following weeks working a carefree life as construction labourers, drinking bubbly with their fellow workers during dinner and sleeping in stinking stables at night, before eventually remembering that they need to do some adventuring.


Differences to other versions[]

  • In the Light Novel, the room in where Kazuma meets Aqua for the first time had a set of a desk chair and table. In the Anime, the desk chair and table are replaced with a white wooden chair and a small white table next to it.
  • Kazuma's first meeting with Aqua is slightly altered in this episode. In the Light Novel, Aqua was sitting down on the desk chair prior to informing him of his death. In this episode, however, Aqua greeted him while walking on her way to her chair before sitting down on it.
  • The scenes where Kazuma's death is shown and the staff at the hospital laughing at him are not present in the Light Novel. In the Light Novel, Aqua merely tells him about this.
  • The "Pause - Press Start Button" is not present in the Light Novel.
  • The construction work montage in the Anime only shows Aqua painting and bring drinks to other workers. The Light Novel presents this part differently: because of Aqua's high stats, she can lift more than any person and is one of the most talented builders on the crew. Later in the story, the Construction Chief is presented as having begged her to stay on as a worker.


  • Aqua's nickname for Kazuma, hikineet, is a made up word created by combining hikikomori (引きこもり, shut-in person) and NEET. Later in the Light Novel, even Kazuma occasionally refers to himself as a hikineet.
  • In the initial television broadcast, the opening theme was played at the ending, both because there weren't enough air time to fit in all the themes given the amount of plot, and also due the ending footages being unavailable at the time as a result of budgeting issues. The opening and ending themes with their footages were properly placed at their right spots in the BD versions later sold.