Episode 10 Title
A Final Flame for this Ridiculous Fortress!
 Japanese この理不尽な要塞に終焔を!
 Romaji Kono Rifujin na Yousai ni Shuuen wo!
 Volume Volume 2
 Air Date March 16, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening fantastic dreamer
 Ending Chiisana Boukensha
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 9
 Next Konosuba OVA

A Final Flame for this Ridiculous Fortress! (この理不尽(りふじん)要塞(ようさい)終焔(しゅうえん)を!, Kono Rifujin na Yousai ni Shuuen wo!) is the tenth episode of the Konosuba anime and the last episode of season 1.


With their members being perfectly suited for the job, Kazuma's party, along with Wiz, are chosen to lead an attack against the Destroyer. Meanwhile, Darkness tells Kazuma that her true name is Dustiness Ford Lalatina, the daughter of a well-regarded family. Using Aqua's barrier breaking spells and Megumin and Wiz's explosion magic, the party manage to take down the Destroyer, only to set off a self-destruct sequence. Heading inside to find a way to stop the Destroyer from exploding, Kazuma manages to find the power source and has Wiz teleport it elsewhere, before Megumin uses a powered-up explosion to destroy the fortress.

Afterward, Kazuma reminisced about all their adventures and accomplishments, and looked forward to their next adventure. That is until the special prosecutor Sena showed up to arrest him, because they had randomly teleported Destroyer power core away to prevent its first self-destruct, and the core exploded and destroyed the local governor's mansion. So the first anime season ended with Kazuma as one of the most wanted criminals in the Kingdom, and he retracted any good thoughts he had about this fantasy world.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • Many of the funny scenes from Axel strategy meeting and Head Researcher's diary were either condensed or cut out entirely.
  • In the Light Novel, Mitsurugi is present at the strategy meeting to fight Destroyer, but Chris is not.
  • In the Light Novel, Darkness did not reveal her real name or background until the next volume (Volume 3).


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