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Peace of Mind for This Labyrinth's Master! (この迷宮(めいきゅう)(あるじ)(やす)らぎを!, Kono Meikyuu no Aruji ni Yasuragi wo!) is the thirteenth episode of the KonoSuba anime and the third episode of Season 2, which covers Chapter 2 in Volume 2 of the light novels, or Chapter 14 of the manga.


A new discovery in a previously mapped out dungeon might be the first step toward Kazuma repaying his massive debt. Unfortunately for him, Aqua is determined to help.


Following days of accompanying Megumin's Explosion exercises, Kazuma realizes he and his companions cannot survive on Aqua's milk carton assembly and vegetable sales, and decides to follow a tip from Luna about recently discovered routes in the nearby Keele's Dungeon. He ignores the protests of Megumin, who cannot use Explosion inside dungeons without causing a cave-in, and prevents Dust from tagging along and increasing the competition by bribing him with a coupon for the Succubus Cafe.

Kazuma enters the dark dungeon alone, utilising the Thief Skills of Enemy Detection and Lurk for avoiding enemies and Farsight for night vision. Aqua follows him because she can see clearly in the dark and protect him from Undead, which render Lurk useless. They find the first level already emptied of treasure.

While Megumin practises her poses outside the dungeon under Chomusuke's gaze, Kazuma opens the wall covering the hidden staircase to the unexplored section. The frightened Aqua teases Kazuma as they head down. He says he is planning to ditch her inside the dungeon, before they are attacked by a Gremlin.

As they advance further into the dungeon, Kazuma is startled by the decayed corpse of an adventurer, the soul of whom Aqua divinely directs to the afterlife before it can turn into an Undead. Realizing Kazuma was completely unprepared for the undead denizens of the dungeon, Aqua mocks him for trying to go in alone. Rummaging through old furniture, Kazuma saves Aqua from falling for a Dungeon Mimic. Aqua purifies the countless Ghosts, Zombies, and Skeletons that keep crowding around them with Turn Undead and God Blow. She falls into a trap wall behind which she smells more Undead, which turns out to be the newly awakened Keele.

The Lich tells how he was once the most powerful Archwizard of the kingdom. He fell in love with one of the king's mistreated concubines, who accepted his proposal after he rescued her. The two of them fled from the kingdom's pursuers to hide in the dungeon. After indicating the remains of his dead wife, Keele asks to be purified so he can go join her, which Aqua does by drawing a magic circle to cast Sacred Turn Undead.

Leaving with Keele's treasure, Kazuma realises that Keele and all other Undead in the dungeon were attracted to Aqua's presence, so he ditches her as monsters attack, leaving her traumatised when they make it outside. When Megumin learns that Kazuma abandoned Aqua, he argues that Aqua herself is to blame because of her aura attracting the undead. Back at the Guild, Kazuma's party and other adventurers drink to celebrate, with Yunyun and Chris joining in. After stealing Chris's panties, Kazuma declares that he is no longer bothered about his debt, and is having fun. He quickly returns to complaining about his life the next morning while Aqua throws up.


Differences to other versions[]

  • The exploration of Keele's Dungeon occurs right before the party dealt with the ghost problem at their mansion in the light novels.
  • Darkness is not present with the party in the anime, while in the light novels, she waits outside the dungeon with Megumin.


  • The map of the first level in the Keele's Dungeon stage for the second PS4 game was copied straight from the one appearing in this episode.



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