A Good Match for This Noble's Daughter! (この貴族(きぞく)令嬢(れいじょう)良縁(りょうえん)を!, Kono Kizoku no Reijou ni Ryouen wo!) is the fourteenth episode of the Konosuba anime and the fourth episode of season 2.


Darkness suddenly returns, asking for the others' help in getting out of an arranged marriage with the Alderp's son, Walther. Secretly eager to get Darkness out of his party, Kazuma suggests that she attend the marriage meeting under the pretense of ruining it, while secretly trying to prevent her from doing so in order to earn a reward from her father. As Darkness tries to turn off Walther with her shameless behavior, she ends up having a one-on-one duel against Kazuma, whose perverted mannerisms help him win. Afterwards, the arranged marriage is called off before Kazuma is once again approached by Sena.



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