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Subordination for this Masked Knight! (この仮面(かめん)騎士(きし)隷属(れいぞく)を!, Kono Kamen no Kishi ni Rēzoku wo!) is the fifteenth episode of the KonoSuba anime and the fifth episode of Season 2, which covers Chapter 4 to the Epilogue in Volume 3 of the light novels, or Chapter 29 to Chapter 30 of the manga.


A misplaced effort on Aqua's behalf results in the gang having to return to the dungeon, where they run into a new foe clad in a mask. But just who is this mysterious individual, and how much trouble are Kazuma's party in this time?


Sena tells Kazuma that ever since he explored Keele's Dungeon, large numbers of unidentified monsters emerging from it have been spreading around Axel's outskirts. Upon questioning his companions, Kazuma hears from Aqua how the magic circle she left in Keele's chamber repels monsters.

Fearing Sena may think he is responsible for the monsters if the magic circle is found, Kazuma volunteers to have his party investigate the dungeon. At the entrance, many monsters looking like little masked dolls are walking out, hugging anyone they find and then detonating. Sena, accompanied by other adventurers, hands Kazuma a talisman capable of sealing evil presences in case he finds the monsters' summoner. Aqua, traumatized by Kazuma abandoning her on their previous visit, refuses to enter any dungeon with him, and stays outside with Megumin. Darkness, followed by Kazuma, enters the passageways now illuminated. She hits the dolls that keep jumping at her and withstands their self-detonations without issue.

Leaving the other adventurers tied down by the dolls, Kazuma leads Darkness to Keele's chamber, at the entrance to which sits a masked man in a tuxedo who is fashioning the dolls from clay. He introduces himself as Vanir, a Duke of Hell who is one of the Devil King's Generals. He was sent to Axel to investigate Beldia's disappearance, but his goal is visiting Wiz and tasting the negative emotions of humans. Kazuma tells him the dolls he made for clearing the dungeon of monsters are now heading outside.

Vanir says his death wish is to construct a formidable dungeon and allow some raiding adventurers to destroy him, and make them release delicious disappointment when they discover only a mocking message in his treasure chest. He wanted to claim the ownerless Keele's Dungeon but was prevented from entering the inner chamber by Aqua's magic circle. He delves into Kazuma's mind and discovers who Aqua is, then offers to let Kazuma and Darkness have fun in the bedroom beyond so he can go out and kill Aqua. Kazuma is tempted by this, but Darkness is not, so she attacks Vanir, though she keeps missing until Vanir is unbalanced by Kazuma. She slices Vanir in two, leaving only a pile of clay and his mask.

The mask attaches to Darkness's face and possesses her, though to both his and Kazuma's surprise, Darkness's will is so indomitable that she continues to resist his control and keeps interrupting Vanir. Kazuma wipes away the magic circle, then slaps the sealing talisman onto the mask so he can bring Darkness outside where Aqua will purify Vanir. But as they run towards the exit, Vanir claims control of Darkness' body and prepares to cut Aqua down in a surprise attack, only to be hit by her Sacred Exorcism upon exiting, since Aqua sensed his evil presence even before she could see him.

Vanir taps Darkness' full prowess to dodge Aqua's Sacred Highness Exorcism as well as defeat the other adventurers closing in on him before advancing to slay Aqua. Kazuma calls on Darkness to take off the mask when he removes the talisman, which he does by casting Tinder instead of Steal. Darkness, however, is unable to take off the mask. She instructs Megumin to use Explosion on her, so Vanir will either be destroyed or purified by Aqua when he leaves her body. Vanir chooses to be blown up.

In the ruins of the explosion, they find Vanir's destroyed mask next to Darkness who survived. Her real name Lalatina spreads around town, to her utmost embarrassment, with Aqua unintentionally rubbing salt on the would by repeating her real name to Darkness. Their slaying of one of the Devil King's Generals convinces Sena that Kazuma is not working for the Devil King. She withdraws the charges of treason, and grants him the rich rewards for defeating the Destroyer and Vanir, overjoying Kazuma (and by extension the rest of his party) who not only clears his debt but now possesses tens of millions of eris.


Differences to other versions[]

  • In the light novel, Sena goes looking for Kazuma after he returned to his mansion.


  • In the initial television broadcast, the opening theme was omitted because there weren't enough air time to fit in all the themes given the amount of plot. The opening and ending themes with their footages were properly placed in their right spots in the BD versions later sold.



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