Episode 16 Title
Goodbye to This Vexing Outside World!
 Japanese この煩わしい外界にさよならを!
 Romaji Kono Wazurawashii Gaikai ni Sayonara wo!
 Volume Volume 4
 Air Date February 15, 2017
• Theme Songs•
 Ending Ouchi ni Kaeritai
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 15
 Next Episode 17

Goodbye to This Vexing Outside World! (この(わずら)わしい外界(がいかい)にさよならを!, Kono Wazurawashii Gaikai ni Sayonara wo!) is the sixteenth episode of the Konosuba anime and the sixth episode of season 2.


Kazuma is surprised to discover that Vanir had an extra life and has since quit his position as a commander to work at Wiz's shop, striking up a business partnership to sell products from Kazuma's world. After making a somewhat regretful sword purchase, Kazuma and his party go on a quest to eliminate a group of Lizard Runners. However, due to various factors, Kazuma's plan ends in failure and he once again dies and finds himself in Eris' underworld. While waiting to be revived, Kazuma starts to perceive Eris as his ideal heroine and contemplates just being reborn into the real world until Megumin takes drastic measures to convince him to return to his body. 



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