An Invitation for This Knucklehead! (このふてぶてしい鈍らに招待を!, Kono Futebuteshii Namakura ni Shoutai wo!) is the seventeenth episode of the Konosuba anime and the seventh episode of season 2.


Vanir gives Kazuma the choice of either selling the intellectual rights for his real world products for a one-off payment of 300 million eris, or maintaining a profit-sharing contract of 1 million eris a month. Not wanting this new sense of wealth to distract him from adventuring, Megumin proposes that everyone go to the famous hot springs located in the town Alcanretia to heal Kazuma's previous injuries. Joined by Wiz, the group set off via wagon alongside a baby red dragon, only for Darkness' "hardness" to wind up attracting a stampede of Running Kite Hawks.



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