Episode 2 Title
An Explosion for This Chuunibyou!
 Japanese この中二病に爆焔を!
 Romaji Kono Chuunibyou ni Bakuen wo!
 Volume Volume 1
 Air Date January 20, 2016
• Theme Songs•
 Opening fantastic dreamer
 Ending Chiisana Boukensha
• Anime Chronology•
 Previous Episode 1
 Next Episode 3

An Explosion for This Chuunibyou! (この中二病(ちゅうにびょう)爆焔(ばくえん)を!, Kono Chuunibyou ni Bakuen wo!) is the second episode of the Konosuba anime.


After struggling to defeat some giant frogs, Kazuma and Aqua seek out members to join their party. They are soon approached by Megumin, a magician capable of performing powerful explosion magic. However, they quickly discover that she becomes incapacitated immediately after casting her Explosion spell and is too stubborn to learn anything else. Reluctantly keeping Megumin in his party, Kazuma is then approached by a crusader named Darkness, who also seems to have a dubious quirk.



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