God's Blessing on This Wonderful Party! (この素晴らしい仲間たちに祝福を!, Kono Subarashii Nakama-tachi ni Shukufuku o!) is the twentieth episode of the Konosuba anime and the tenth episode of season 2.


Evading the angry mob, the gang discover that the source of the town's water is being poisoned by the man from earlier, who is revealed to be one of the Devil King's army leaders, Hans the Deadly Poison Slime. Learning that Hans had eaten the hot springs' overseer, violating the non-interference agreement she had made with the Devil King's army upon leaving, Wiz steps in to face Hans while Aqua attempts to purify the source, receiving help from the cultists after they realize the truth. Noticing that bodies that haven't been fully digested can still be resurrected, Kazuma lets himself be eaten by Hans so that Megumin and Wiz can bring him down to size before Aqua, with support from her followers, delivers the finishing blow. After everything is resolved, the gang end up getting kicked out of town due to Aqua's attack purifying all of its hot spring water and return back home to Axel.



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