A Second Death for this Freezing Season! (この(こご)えそうな季節(きせつ)二度目(にどめ)()を!, Kono Kogoesou na Kisetsu ni Nidome no Shi wo!) is the seventh episode of the Konosuba anime.


Needing money to pay off his debts despite the freezing weather, Kazuma and his party takes on a quest to kill Snow Sprites. However, their hunting attracts the attention of a powerful Winter Shogun who kills Kazuma, sending him to the world's afterlife where he meets a goddess named Eris. Just as Eris offers him the chance to be reincarnated into the human world once again, Aqua uses her resurrection magic to bring Kazuma back to life.


Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the Light Novel, Darkness' armors are broken and sent to repairs after the Beldia battle. That is why she wore her casual clothing.


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