Konosuba Volume 11 Cover
The Archwizard's Sister
 Japanese 大魔法使いの妹
 Romaji Dai Mahōtsukai no Imōto
 Pages 296 (Japanese)
 Release Date May 1, 2017
 ISBN 978-4041049938
 Cover Megumin
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The Archwizard's Sister (大魔法使いの妹, Dai Mahōtsukai no Imōto) is the eleventh volume in the Konosuba light novel series.


While his party returns to Axel, Kazuma elects to stay with Iris, but is quickly teleported back home at the demands of Iris' guards. Upon returning, he discovers he is locked out of his mansion by Aqua, who is unhappy with his decision to remain in the capital. However, with Megumin's help (and the assistance of the police), he successfully reclaims the mansion. Megumin's sister Komekko eventually arrives in Axel to escape the Demon King, where she provides moral support to Kazuma's party and the city's adventurers.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: An Awakening for this Lolicon NEET!
  • Chapter 2: The Man's Punishment for this Roommate!
  • Chapter 3: The Goddess' Mercy for this Devout Believer!
  • Chapter 4: A Conclusion with this Villainous Monster!
  • Chapter 5: Going Back to the Roots with these Adventurers!
  • Epilogue