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Volume 14[]

kazuma and his party has to visit the crimson demon village to help yunyun pass the crimson demon trials so she can become the chief.


Chapter 1[]

Divine Wrath for This Holy Armor!

Yunyun is mad at Megumin for using explosion during the crimson village trials they had together so that she can become chief. Darkness offers her services as vanguard to Yunyun but Kazuma points out that she just wants to prove herself as useful after doing nothing but seducing a guy in the last volume, Darkness blushes and pouts.Megumin proclaims that she would be chief instead to which Yunyun rebutts. Kazuma reminds Yunyun that she has only one more chance to clear the trials and says, to everyone's surprise, she should take him instead, as Kazuma would never do anything troublesome. Aqua points out that he has gained too much recognition due to his recent success and that newspaper and too many adventurers are coming to challenge him so Kazuma just wants to lay low at crimson village, Kazuma gets pissed at Aqua. Aqua was raising the baby monster tranquility girl and kazuma threatens to kill it, Aqua cries.At that time someone from the guild comes by and says an adventurer from capital was looking to meet Kazuma. Kazuma declares he is going to help his important friend Yunyun for a few days, it will be very dangerous so he can't meet anyone meanwhile. Yunyun blushes at the term "friend" and the guild worker looks at Kazuma with admiration and informs Kazuma that the adventurer who wanted to meet him was a beautiful rich female and a big fan of him. Kazuma lets out an "eh".

Later they all head down to Crimson village and Aqua causes a lot of trouble for the residents. They go to Megumin's house, which is a lot bigger than the last time they saw it. Komeko denies Megumin entry and says some harsh stuff to her but cozies up to Kazuma who offers her snacks. Megumin's mom wanted Megumin and kazuma to sleep in the same room but Megumin refuses while blushing hard. Kazuma reveals that they were planning on how many children to take the other day, causing Darkness to be jealous and reveal embarrassing stuff about Megumin to her mom. Kazuma, sensing conflict gets out of there and goes to a succubus underwear bar, where he meets that ero armour from volume 8.

Chapter 2[]

The Real, True Truth for This Artificial Tribe!

Chapter 3[]

Some Rest During This Brief Normal Life!

Chapter 4[]

Closure for These Lifelong Rivals!

Chapter 5[]

And So Begins Our Epic Tale of Heroism


Toranoana Bonus Short[]

The One who Bears Blue Lightning

Gamers Bonus Short[]

The Crimson Demons' Number One Devil User

E-book Bonus Short[]

The Young Girl Sapling Cackles Innocently