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Volume 4[]


Sitting beside the warm fireplace, Kazuma was slouching beside the fireplace, enjoying life with a leisurely expression. Aqua arrived and offered him a cup of red tea of the highest quality. But through the Goddess’s clumsiness, she had already purified it into pure water. However, Kazuma noted that his current self won’t feel angry over trivial things like this.

Chapter 1[]

May We Bid Farewell to This Troublesome Physical World!

As springtime approached, Megumin and Darkness are trying to convince Kazuma to leave his futon and take up a quest. 

Chapter 2[]

May There Be an Invitation for This Brazen Layabout!

Chapter 3[]

May We Sightsee in This Pathetic Town!

Chapter 4[]

May We Be Saved From This Suspicious Incident!

Chapter 5[]

May There Be a Goddess for This Impure Town!


Part 1[]

In Alcanretia, High Priest Zesta, the leader of the Axis has finished reading a report concerning the incident with Hans. He is amazed that a single person managed to purify the contaminated springs in so little time. He and his subordinate Priest agree it would have taken a team of normal wizards months to achieve results like these, and even then they might not have succeeded. A detailed description of Aqua's appearance has also been provided.

Overcome, Zesta declares that the cities believers should be told who the blue haired archpriest that visited their city really is. Although the hot springs can no longer be used, extremely potent holy water has been left in its place, which can heal even the most major wounds. With this final confirmation, the pair regret charging the main characters for the destruction wrought on the city. They decide to keep the revelation a closely guarded secret, in the hope that this will encourage Aqua to return at some point.

Promising to give her the gratitude and appreciation she deserves, Zesta sincerely thanks the goddess he worships from the bottom of his heart.

Part 2[]

With their business in Alcanretia now resolved, the protagonists finally return to their home in Axel. Reflecting on everything that has happened, Kazuma concludes that aside from the mixed baths their journey was a waste of time, and it would have been better if they had just stayed at home. Aqua quickly makes a jibe at Kazuma, who responds in kind. As Darkness goes to make tea, Aqua and Megumin, who likewise wants to forget about the journey, (even though she was the one who suggested it), start playing a board game for the favoured spot on the sofa. Naturally of course, it is a game that Megumin excels at, whereas Aqua cannot even fathom a way to win.

Kazuma and Darkness sit back in their respective chairs in silence, drinking their tea quietly. Kazuma is just starting to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere when he realises that he has just unwittingly set off another flag. Something always happens when he is a good mood.

Sure enough, just as he realises this, there is a loud knock at the door, followed by a frantic voice. It is Yunyun, Megumin's self-proclaimed rival and daughter of the Chief of the Crimson Magic clan. Surprisingly however, Yunyun isn't looking to challenge Megumin today. Instead, it is Kazuma that she has come to see. Yunyun is red in the face and clearly anxious about something. The others bring her inside, with Kazuma promising to help with whatever her problem is.

Once inside, Yunyun explains that although it is sudden, she wants to ask a favour of Kazuma. With everyone watching on, Yunyun plucks up her courage, before ending the novel ends with an unexpected and shocking declaration. One that makes Kazuma spit out his drink. Yunyun wants Kazuma to get her pregnant, so that she can have his children!

Animate Bonus Short[]

Giving Blessings of the Goddess

Toranoana Bonus Short[]

The Red-Eyed Rookie Killer

Gamers Bonus Short[]

You have it wrong, Lady Lalatina

E-book Bonus Short[]

King of Undead at the Town Carnival