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Volume 6[]


Chapter 1[]

May We Celebrate This Bright Future!

Chapter 2[]

May I Reeducate This Intelligent Girl!

Chapter 3[]

May There Be Divine Punishment for This Dashing Thief!

Chapter 4[]

May There Be Bad Influences for This Sheltered Princess!

Chapter 5[]

May We Stop These Accursed Plans!

Once the party is over and the guests have turned in for the night, Chris and Kazuma put on disguises, in Chris's case a simple balaclava that covers her mouth. Kazuma is wearing clothes similar to his normal ones but in darker tones, and the mask Vanir gave him. Kazuma brings his bow instead of his katana because he does not wish to hurt anyone. Kazuma is nervous because although he has committed numerous misdemeanors, this is the first time he will commit a felony.

Kazuma and Chris cannot settle on aliases for each other and get into an argument as to who should be in charge. Following a match of rock, paper, scissors, Kazuma calls Chris "Big Boss", and she refers to him as "Assistant Kun" since Kazuma lost rock, paper, scissors for the first time in his life.

Although Chris has pointed out that the guards will be more relaxed following today's accomplishments, they avoid the main gate, which is still heavily guarded, and walk parallel to the sidewalls, where Kazuma uses his 'Snipe' skill to land a rope with a hook along the top of the three stories high wall. Chris is impressed and as they are scaling the wall tells Kazuma that he should quit being an adventurer and form a thieving duo with her. Tempted, Kazuma says he'll consider it.

Inside the castle courtyard, Kazuma takes the lead (since he knows the layout) as they set off towards the tallest tower and their objective, Iris' bedroom. Chris' lockpicking skills allow them to access any and all parts of the castle, whilst Kazuma's night-vision and 'Enemy Detect' allow them to evade enemy patrols. Kazuma almost gets them caught by unnecessarily clinging onto Chris when a sentry walks past them. He promises not to do so again when Chris says Eris will punish him.

Kazuma leads Chris to the treasure vault, warning her about the barrier. Chris uses a tool called the Barrier Killer that she stole from a noble to remove this obstacle. As they scour the room using Kazuma's lighter, Chris warns Kazuma that all the items are booby-trapped to set off an alarm. Kazuma's spots a Japanese manga, one he used to own back in his own world. Overcome with nostalgia, Kazuma avoids giving into temptation. Chris seems guilty for some reason and promises to get some books for him, only for Kazuma to spot another book. Considering it a priceless treasure that would get you arrested on the spot in Japan (suggesting it is a porn magazine), this time Kazuma picks up the book, thus setting off the alarm and alerting the guards. With Chris berating Kazuma, they exit the vault and set several traps to hinder their pursuers. With their cover blown, Chris decides they should abort the operation and wait for another opportunity, but Kazuma tells her they can't do that since he is due to be exiled first thing in the morning. He is unwilling to return to Axel free of Aqua, Megumin and Darkness because then he will never see Iris again.

Three guards find Chris and Kazuma, and proceed to mock the unarmed Kazuma. The Captain gives the thieving duo an opportunity to surrender. However, Kazuma grabs him by the arm and uses 'Drain Touch', then lunges at the other guards, taking them out. The pair set off again to retrieve the divine relic.

As they run through the castle, they hear shouts of alarm all around. Kazuma relishes every moment as the guards express their fear and unease at his abilities, unaware they insulted and looked down upon him mere hours ago. He is also thrilled to hear that the high-level adventurers got very drunk at the party and are now considered useless and unreliable. Utilising simple tricks like 'Wind-Breath', 'Bind' and 'Skill-Bind', Kazuma and Chris defeat every opponent in their path, enabling Kazuma to use 'Drain Touch' on them. They hear themselves referred to as the Silver Haired Thieving Group - a name Chris does not approve of since she will be targeted afterwards as a suspect, simply for having silver hair. Kazuma refuses to change the name as he does not want to be targeted either.

Chris and Kazuma run into an open area, where they come face to face with Mitsurugi, Claire and Rain flanked by several ranks of household knights. Several nobles snigger openly, since the two thieves can't hope to take out so many people at once. As Mitsurugi leads the knights forward, Kazuma consoles the distraught Chris, who has been mistaken for a boy again.

Kazuma tells Chris not to worry and declares that he is going to defeat the strongest person there (Mitsurugi) in an instant. Mitsurugi boasts that Steal will not work on him, as he has taken several precautions following his previous duel with Kazuma. Knowing that 'Drain Touch' won't work against such a powerful opponent either, Kazuma uses 'Freeze' instead. Mitsurugi's magical sword, Gram, is frozen in its sheath. Kazuma grabs Mitsurugi's face and uses 'Create Water' to force water into his nose and mouth. Kazuma freezes that water. Dropping the now suffocating Mitsurugi, Kazuma tells a horrified Claire that if they work fast they can save him, before challenging the knights. Their confidence now gone, the surrounding nobles disregard Claire's instructions. They panic and begin to flee in terror. This disrupts the knight's formation. Taking advantage of the situation, Kazuma and Chris break through, binding several knights in place.

Seeing that the thieves have defeated more than half of the palace guards, Claire orders Rain (who has finished thawing Mitsurugi's throat) to unleash her full power and kill the duo, saying that they can have Aqua resurrect them later on and question them. Chris warns Kazuma of this, and he takes the opportunity to get revenge on Iris' overseers. He uses 'Snipe' to destroy Rain's staff, which dispels her magic and renders the court sorceress useless. As the thieves make their way up the stairs towards Iris's bedroom, Claire still has no idea that it is Kazuma behind that mask.

Chris and Kazuma reach the highest levels of the palace. Chris sets up a final trap to delay their pursuers, but as they prepare to open the door, they find themselves face to face with Darkness, so they shut the door in her face. Furious at being interrupted mid-boast, Darkness opens the door again but freezes at the sight of them, seeing through their disguises. Megumin steps forward and declares that she is confident that she can take them on in a brawl, only to freeze up when she sees Kazuma's outfit, because it is cool. Realising that Megumin has not recognised their opponents, Darkness decides to help Kazuma and Chris. Recognising that she is giving him an opportunity to defeat her, Kazuma uses 'Bind' to immobilise Darkness, promising to apologise for it later on. Aqua bursts onto the scene (still carrying her wine bottle) and uses 'Sacred Spell Break'. She demands their surrender.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs behind them, Kazuma realises their time is almost up. He and Chris must break into Iris' bedroom, use Steal and then run for it. They find the Princess waiting for them on the other side of the door, holding a rapier in one hand, her accumulating magic with her magical ring in the other. However, Iris (like Darkness) freezes at the sight of them. Chris and Kazuma Steal an item each from Iris, but there is no time to check whether they were successful. Claire arrives with a group of knights and the other members of Kazuma's party. Noticing the jewelry in Chris' hand, Aqua realises what the thieves' objective was and promises that they will not escape with it. Running past Iris, Chris spots a swimming pool several stories beneath the balcony. As Aqua casts 'Seal', Kazuma and Chris jump over the terrace and into the pool below.

Chapter 6[]

To Become a True Brother

By the following morning, news of the theft has spread throughout the Capital. Kazuma and Chris, whose identities were not exposed, have been dubbed the Chivalrous Thieving Duo and become legends amongst the common folk, having pulled off a massive heist and defeated many Knights and Adventurers (whose own reputations and honour will be tarnished by the incident).

Back at the inn, they are confronted by an irate Darkness, who has her hands clamped firmly around both their heads, demanding an explanation. When they try to fob it off on each other and get into an argument, Darkness puts her foot down, and they tell her the truth about the relic. Recognising the danger posed to Iris, Darkness scolds them both for not telling her about it, promising that she would have helped them. When Kazuma and Chris argue about their responses concerning Darkness' involvement she tells them both to stop since it doesn't matter at this point. Darkness then tells Chris to make herself scarce, since her silver hair will make her an obvious suspect. Kazuma meanwhile is to accompany her back to the castle in order to pick up Aqua and Megumin. Kazuma is reluctant to do so, fearing interrogation, but Darkness doesn't give him any choice and drags him away.

After assuring Kazuma that the divine relic is now far beyond the reach of dangerous hands, Chris playfully taunts him. Kazuma counters with a comment of his own, indicating his suspicion that she is the goddess Eris in disguise. Caught off guard, Chris, in a desperate attempt to change the subject, tells Darkness that Kazuma stole something from Iris. Kazuma is forced to hand over the book, but when he produces the ring Darkness becomes fearful. The ring Kazuma unwittingly stole is one that the children of the royal family are supposed to wear at all times until handing it over to their betrothed. If Kazuma is seen with that ring (even if he claims to just be returning it) he will be executed in order to stop word from spreading about its loss and theft. When Kazuma suggests that he simply bury it Darkness tells him he can't as it is a precious item. Defeated Kazuma asks them to at least return the book, but the two girls use his lighter to burn it.

A dejected Kazuma arrives at the castle sometime later with Darkness. Chris beats a hasty retreat back to Axel. Kazuma reflects that his time with Chris was fun, and that if the situation ever calls for it, he is willing to take her up on her offer, and form a group.

By the time Kazuma and Darkness arrive at Iris' room, Aqua and Megumin have finished explaining to Claire, Rain and Iris the dangers of the divine relic. The two matrons breathe a sigh of relief, but are still confused as to the motives of the chivalrous duo. Spotting Kazuma smiling, Claire proves to be as hostile as ever.

Iris suggests that the two thieves may have simply been there to save her and they should let the matter drop. She is staring at Kazuma as she says this and Kazuma wonders if she saw through his disguise. Claire dismisses this but mutters under her breath how grateful she is, prompting Kazuma to feel a slight affection for her. As the women compliment the masked thief, Kazuma considers revealing his identity to them. When Iris indicates she might be in love with the silver-haired thief, Kazuma decides not to, though he soon realises that Iris is just teasing him. Iris asks Kazuma if she can make a request. Darkness tells her that Kazuma intends to defeat the Demon King. As Iris confirms this and wishes him luck, it draws a jealous outburst from Megumin, who almost starts a fight with Iris. When Kazuma asks what her request is, she asks him to one day settle her match for their game, then laughs at the prank.


The Voracious Noble and the Broken Demzon

Meanwhile, far away at his mansion Lord Alderp is furious that another one of his schemes has fallen through. Consulting his demon consort Max, he learns that recovering the divine relic is now impossible and physically assaults him. Recognising that he got careless, and can now no longer possess the prince, Alderp has no intention of letting Darkness escape from him another time. He tells Maxwell to grant his wish and bring Darkness to him.

Epilogue 1[]

A Hero's Reward

Iris goes to see Kazuma and his reunited party members off. Once the adventurers have gone, Claire and Rain both try to tell Iris not to get to attached to Kazuma, whilst apologising for letting her ring get stolen. The Princess assures them that it wasn't either of their fault and that she will tell her father not to punish them when he returns. Cheered up, the two women say that she handled her departure with Kazuma perfectly, admitting they feared that she would say something else. Iris tells them not to worry since she has already made a promise to Kazuma. Claire and Rain both assume that she is talking about the match, but in actuality Iris knows that Kazuma is the Chivalrous Thief and that he has her ring. She hopes that he will take care of it until he defeats the Demon King, so that when the time comes he can marry her.

Epilogue 2[]

Instead of a Dream, I Got a Ring

Back in Axel, Kazuma and Darkness get into an argument about his chances with Iris, with Darkness pointing out that they are from two completely different stations in life. Megumin sits down next to Kazuma, who chastises her for starting a fight with Iris. Megumin begins writing a fan letter to the Chivalrous Thief, prompting Kazuma and Darkness to spit out their tea. Put off by her comments, Kazuma swears to himself never to tell Megumin that he is the Chivalrous Thief.

Aqua has finally decided to open up her bottle of wine. When she refuses to share it with any of the others, Kazuma threatens to just take it from her, making her cry feebly. When Darkness gets turned on by this, Kazuma, who has now overcome his original despair, offers the goddess a compromise - he will go and buy some of Michael's expensive wine so they can have a drinking contest. He says they can consider it a celebration since they resolved the situation in the capital and returned safely. When Megumin points out that he was killed by Kobolds, Kazuma retaliates by insulting her age and telling her that she cannot drink any wine.

As Megumin argues that she is old enough to wed, Darkness offers to make some snacks, and Aqua decides to just share the wine. Kazuma decides not to tease her about this noting that occasions like this, where they are all happy and not arguing, are very rare. As the group gear up for a party, Kazuma takes out Iris' ring and ponders what would happen if Iris asked him to marry her. When Aqua asks to use the ring for a magic trick Kazuma conceals it, promising to keep it safe.

Animate Bonus Short[]

I wonder what's under the Mask

Toranoana Bonus Short[]

Our Mascot's True Identity

Gamers Bonus Short[]

Highlights of the Great Spring