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God's Blessing On This Wonderful Choker! (この素晴(すば)らしいチョーカーに祝福(しゅくふく)を!, Kono Subarashii Chōkā ni Shukufuku wo!) is a special OVA episode of the KonoSuba anime and the eleventh episode of Season 1. It was released alongside the limited edition copy of Volume 9 of the light novel on 24 June 2016.


The party ends up running into Megumin's self-proclaimed rival, Yunyun, during a trip to Wiz's shop. Annoyed at the increased noise level brought on by additional company, Kazuma notices a choker at his feet. After trying it on casually, he runs into big trouble: it's a magical choker designed to make wishes come true, and until his wish does come true, it's going to keep tightening around his neck until he's strangled to death! The others work hard to help make his "dreams" come true so that the choker will come loose, with Wiz offering her thighs as pillows, Darkness doing push ups to make her chest sway, and Megumin and Yunyun engaged in strip rock paper scissors... while Aqua runs errands. But will even that be enough to make the choker come off?


Kazuma brings his party to Wiz's Shop, where Yunyun peers at them from behind some shelves before jumping out to challenge Megumin. Upon Wiz revealing Yunyun hangs out at the shop solely in the hope of bumping into Megumin, Yunyun in embarrassment randomly pulls out a choker from the shelves in an attempt to pretend to be a customer. Darkness invites Yunyun to visit their mansion, and Yunyun asks if she is just being polite. Megumin loses her patience and starts shaking Yunyun, causing her to drop the choker and sending things flying at an exasperated Kazuma who wants some comfort. He picks up the choker, said to grant wishes. While Megumin and Yunyun scuffle, and Darkness is occupied with serving tea to an indignant Aqua and answering Darkness's questions about a potion that attracts monsters, Kazuma tries on the choker. A dismayed Wiz informs him that the choker, which is popular among women on diets, cannot be taken off until the wearer's wish is fulfilled. Otherwise it slowly tightens, choking the wearer to death in 4 days.

With Kazuma having no idea of what wish he made, all the girls blame themselves and promise to help remove the choker, except for Aqua, who points out she did nothing wrong and can just resurrect Kazuma if he dies. Kazuma counters that after dying he will reincarnate instead of coming back to fight the Devil King and pay off their debt, so Aqua declares that they will do whatever he wants in hopes of fulfilling his wish.

Back at the mansion, Kazuma takes advantage of the situation, ordering Wiz to let him nap on her lap (in Japan, this activity is commonly associated with lovers), Darkness to do push-ups and sit-ups without armour, Aqua to buy him yakisoba bread and bubbly, and Megumin and Yunyun to play strip rock-paper-scissors. Megumin and Yunyun begin purposefully tying every time, but Kazuma decrees that further ties will result in their both striping an article. Yunyun loses the next round, and furiously starts tearing off Megumin's clothes.

At the end of the day, the choker has not loosened. Kazuma continues to make obnoxious requests the following day, lounging on Wiz's breasts with Aqua fanning him while Darkness does squats and Yunyun and Megumin respectively cosplay in bunny girl costume and school bloomers. The next day Kazuma makes Wiz, Megumin, and Yunyun wash him and Aqua conjure up a natural hot spring in the bathroom while watching Darkness bathe. As he harasses Megumin, the hot spring spouts beneath him, scalding his genitals.

That night, Kazuma demands Wiz kiss him, but the girls decide they have taken enough. Aqua angrily tells him that with just one day left before the choker kills him, he needs to start taking the situation seriously, but Kazuma cannot think of any wishes other than petty degrading requests. Some hours later, Megumin tells Yunyun privately that Kazuma is a friend, making her determined to remove the choker.

On the final day, a placid Kazuma bids his last farewells to the girls, causing them to all sorrowfully hug him in a healing embrace. Kazuma then makes a last confession, telling each of the girls that he values them only for their breasts, and telling Aqua about how he used to stare at her sleeping while they were living in the stable. When he is shaken by the distraught Aqua, it is revealed that the choker had already come loose because his wish of being comforted was fulfilled by the hug. The enraged girls then propose putting the choker on Kazuma again, which ends up with him sent off to an exasperated Eris.


Timeline paradox?[]

Being an OVA, the episode clearly doesn't take place before Season 2. The crew already knew who Yunyun was, so it must have taken place after Season 2 Episode 2. The whole party is present, so it must have also taken place after Season 2 Episode 3, as Darkness was absent before then. Season 2 Episode 4 takes place immediately after Episode 3, so it couldn't have occurred between them. The party’s debt is also mentioned, which means the episode must have been before Season 2 Episode 5 where the group's whole debt was paid off. Since Season 2 Episode 4 was immediately followed by Season 2 Episode 5, the OVA couldn't have took place in between. Vanir Ⅱ isn’t present at Wiz's store, and it's implied that the party met Vanir Ⅱ the first time they visited Wiz after the original Vanir's defeat (to inform her of his "death").

The only possibility is that the OVA was after their battle with Vanir but before the award ceremony, which took a few days to announce; that would've been unlikely as Kazuma and Darkness should have already told Wiz about Vanir's "death" in this episode instead of waiting till Season 2 Episode 6, but this is so far the only plausible time in which this episode could take place.


  • In the pachinko slot game's Assist Time known as "KonoSuba Rush", which heavily utilises elements from this episode (such as Aqua's bread buying, Darkness' push-ups, Wiz's lap pillow) during the "Choker Challenge" in a theoretical scenario where Chris was also present, there are revealed some requests made by Kazuma that were not shown in the Anime, including:
    • Megumin downing multiple bottles of milk to help her breasts develop
    • Yunyun ropeskipping as her juggling breasts interfere
    • Chris riding on him like a jockey as he bucks
    • Aqua helping him capture the intruding Newbie Succubus
    • Aqua and Wiz in bikinis playing watermelon splitting
    • Megumin and Yunyun in bikinis playing balloon popping between their chests
    • Darkness and Chris in bikinis playing twister




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