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Kyouya Mitsurugi (御剣(みつるぎ) 響夜(きょうや)) is a Japanese citizen who was reincarnated to the Parallel World like Kazuma. He is one of Belzerg's mightiest adventurers who wields the legendary cursed sword Gram, as well as the leader of his own party with Cremea and Fio.[1]


Mitsurugi appears as a naive handsome young man with light brown hair, dark eyes (blue eyes in the anime) and a fit physique. He wears over a black mesh a full set of plate armor with glimmering blue color and gold gilded borders, as well as a wing motif on the chest area.

Under his armor he wears a black cape hangs from his shoulders. A loose scarf-like red collar covers his neck area, and on his head partially hidden by his hair he wears a gold circlet with a blue jewel in the center. He has his sword hanging in a black sheath on his waist. Overall, his appearance is reminiscent of a knight in shining armor or charming prince.


At first sight, Mitsurugi looks like a traditional generic fantasy story hero: pure-hearted, chivalrous, heroic, polite and well-meaning. He is a very dependable person, always ready to help the others or fight for the women's honor. Mitsurugi is also very assertive and honest, as well as devoted to his promise of saving the world from the threat of the Devil King, as well as his goddess Aqua.

However, behind his chivalrous behavior, Mitsurugi is actually a narcissist, believing himself to the chosen hero of that Parallel World, being self-righteous and self-absorbed, as he is unwilling to listen those he is convinced they are wrong[1] and unable to read the room.[2] Mitsurugi is also a clueless about the other people's feelings, as he never noticed his party members' crush on him.

Mitsurugi is also very materialistic, often trying to buy people's affection (like Aqua's) with expensive gifts[3] and even trying to convince Kazuma's party to join him by promising them top-tier equipment.[1]


For Mitsurugi's history, see his History tab.


Like most Otherworlders, Kyouya was gifted a cheat item by Aqua that allows him to stand on-par with some of the world's most powerful beings. However, this is also his primary weakness, as all of his combat power is centered around his item, and without it she is effectivelly powerless. In addition, due to having always been able to just power through his opponents, Kyouya lacks practical battle experience.

Divine Treasure Holder: As the chosen owner of the Cursed Swords Gram, Mitsurugi was blessed with a superhuman power, being able of rip open metal bars with his bare hands.[1] According to Dust, besides his high level, Mitsurugi also has abnormally high physical stats, and his class has the highest attack stats.[4] However, since his sword is the source of his power, once Kazuma overpowered him and took his sword, he became practically useless.[1]

Rune of Saber: A magical sword strike, an exclusive Sword Master class skill.


Cursed Sword Gram: The cheat item granted to him by Aqua. A legendary weapon that, according to Mitsurugi, can cut anything. Since magic blades are sentient items that choose its own masters, only Mitsurugi can use Gram magical power, which means it's a common sword at the hands of everyone else.[1]


  • Due to Billy Kametz passing, his role was taken by Stephen Fu who took over other famous roles that Billy had, such as; "Nofumi Iwatani" from "Rising of the Shield Hero" and "Alice Asmodeus" from "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun".
  • There is a running gag in the series for characters (particularly Kazuma and Aqua, much to Mitsurugi's grief) to forget or mispronounce his name. Kazuma might have started to forget it on purpose.
  • Mitsurugi's birthday is on 6th June.
  • Mitsurugi's level was 37 in his first appearance.[1]
  • Mitsurugi was at the 3rd place at Belzerg Adventurer Rank.[5]
  • The Crimson Demons were the only natives other than his party members who believed Mitsurugi's story about him being a reincarnated hero, and their praise of this "cool introduction" prompted him into further narcissism.[6]
  • While Mitsurugi is usually regarded as a spoiled narcissist who relied on his cheat item to do anything, he later matured into a true adventurer, as evidenced when he managed to survive alone for weeks on the Ice Mountain after being drained of all his levels and skills on top of Gram getting confiscated.[7]
  • In the initial web novel, Mitsurugi got Level Drained back to Level 1 after his initial defeat at Kazuma's hands, before being extorted to bankruptcy by his party when trying to retrieve Gram from them.
  • He humiliatingly lost to Kazuma twice via knockout and incapacitation.[1][8]
  • He is a person who can't take a hint that often giving a knuckle sandwich in the face from Aqua's God Blow.