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Leonor (リオノール) is the princess of the Kingdom of Brydle. The famous Dragon Knight Lain Sheyka was her bodyguard in the past.


Leonor, as a member of royalty, is like all noble, with blue eyes and blonde hair. In addition to that, she has a large chest and wears a high-class green color dress. Curiously her face bears a great resemblance to Rin to the point that Dust has come to think that both could be considered twin sisters.


Leonor is an artful girl, who is polite when needed and ill-mannered with those she is intimated. Leonor is also very cunning, which she shows it by deceiving people with her actions and preparing her plans to escape from the castle. Leonor is very irresponsible too, often ignoring her duties as princess, doing what pleases her instead. For such reason, she has bad manners for a member of royalty, being a dirty mouth. Such attitude also makes her a headache for her employees and family.

Leonor is also a reckless girl who tends to ignore rules and even other people's will, like when she decided to elope the castle with Lain Sheyka without taking into account his opinion or when she exchanged with Rin without her consent. Leonor, however, feels remorse when her actions have negative consequences on those dragged by her will. She even agreed with another arranged marriage in exchange of Lain gets a less severe punishment for going along with her gateway.


Intermediate Magic: Leonor, as a member of royalty, has great Magical Power, by being a descendant of heroes and eating foods that grant a large amount of experience. She also studies magic instead of subjects like etiquette and history. As result, Leonor became a talented spellcaster, capable of using multiple types of spells. With her high Intellect and Magical Power, alongside Luck, she is qualified to became an Arch Wizard, and Yunyun compared her Intermediate Magic level to the Crimson Demons'.

  • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target.
  • Freeze Gust: Creates a freezing white fog.
  • Paralyze:: Makes a person unable to move.


  • The story about Lain and Leonor "getaway" before the later's wedding became a famous love story among nobility and young maidens from another countries.