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Leonor (リオノール) is the princess of the Kingdom of Brydle. She was close with Rein Chelka in the past.


Leonor is a noble girl; her appearance is like all noble with blue eyes and blonde hair. In addition to that, she has a large chest and wears a high-class green color dress. Curiously her face bears a great resemblance to Rin to the point that Dust has come to think that both could be considered twin sisters.


Leonor is a very direct girl, who gets to say what she thinks without hesitation, besides being very cunning, she shows it by deceiving people with her actions and preparing her plans to escape from the castle.

She is also a selfish girl who tends to ignore the consequences caused by her actions towards others like when she decided to elope the castle with Rein Chelka without taking into account his opinion at the beginning or when she exchanged with Rin without listening to his opinion.


Intermediate Magic: Leonor, as a girl part of the Royal family, has great magical power by being a descendant of heroes and eating foods that grant a large amount of experience, so she is very strong even when she has not been in real combat, surprising a Crimson demon like Yunyun.

  • Fireball: Create a round flaming object able to throw to the opponent.
  • Freeze Gust: Freezes a wide area.
  • Paralyze:: Makes a person unable to move.