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Levy (レヴィ) is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Elroad.[1]


Levy is very tall for his age, being around the same height as Kazuma who is his senior by about five years. He has shaggy chin-length red hair as well as a freckled face, and at times wears a small crown on his head to indicate his position.


As the prince of the Kingdom of the Cassinos, Levy is a competitive player, as well as a sore loser. He is so addicted to gambling that he leaves aside his job as prince of Elroad in order to play at the cassinos. Levy also have a bad reputation of being a spoiled and selfish playboy, even being known as "Idiot Prince", although he is actually a decent person deep down, just being haughty and disrespectful in order to call off the wedding without hurt anyone. Levy was even grateful for Kazuma and Iris had saved his kingdom, and was heartbroken by being "friend-zoned" by the last.


Born as the first prince to the royal family of Elroad, Levy took his betrothal to Princess Iris badly, due to the Kingdom of Belzerg generally regarded as a kingdom of barbarians. Despite given the power for determining policies during the king's absence, he spent his days playing around and left the governing for Prime Minister Lugkraft to handle.[1] Thus he didn't oppose Lugkraft's suggestion of cutting military funding to Belzerg for the war against the Devil King's Army, instead seeing his kingdom taking the stance of neutrality as an opportunity to call off his betrothal with the barbarian princess.[2]

When Iris accompanied by some companions visited the royal castle for talks about reinstating the funding, Levy and his escorts openly insulted and jeered at her. Yet as he moved on to mock her escorts, his ignorance about Crimson Demons nearly incited Megumin into blowing them all up. Subsequent to him placating Megumin with an apology, Levy turned on Aqua only to discover her to be a troublesome follower of the Axis Order, then got told of Darkness' identity as the heiress of House Dustiness. Later following Lugkraft's plan of feigning financial difficulty with a meagre welcoming banquet so that they could have an excuse to refuse Iris' pleas, the prince was surprised when the young man travelling with Iris, whom he had taken to be a porter, introduced himself as Iris' big brother. Levy anyhow stayed adamant with refusing the funding in addition to declaring the betrothal cancelled, and only allowed Iris to bring her big brother along when she planned to visit daily until he changed his mind.[1]

The playful prince thus decided to challenge Iris into defeating his best knights in exchange for the talks to continue, which she shockingly did with little effort. Initially claiming of only agreeing to continue talking, Levy was spared from being buried alive by Iris' big brother thanks to the princess still needing him for the funding, which he accordingly agreed to reinstate 10% for every bout the Belzergs win. He proceeded to demand Iris defeat a Griffin when she returned the next day, only to be forced into agreeing to reinstate up to 15% of funding upon her bisecting it. Refusing to reinstate up to 20% even at swordpoint, Levy was next challenged to a gamble by Iris' big brother, so the prince agreed to increase the funding if her big brother wins a round but zero it out should he win. Yet after Iris' big brother stated the gamble to be one where Levy had to guess where did he hide a brandished coin, Levy lost the first round by choosing one of the big brother's outstretched fists that turned out to be empty.[2]

On the following day after Iris defeated a horde of Golems, he again failed to guess where the coin hidden by her big brother was, and so had to reinstate up to 35% of the funding. Soon lacking more monsters for Iris to fight, the stubborn prince instead chose to challenge the big brother twice every day, yet by the time a week passed, he ended up having to reinstate the full funding originally provided for Belzerg's military defence. When asked to provide extra funding for attacking the Devil King's territory, however, Levy refused to provide further aid, even when the big brother provoked him by revealing how he had never hidden the coin in either fist from the start.[2]

Startled by an Explosion outside the city during the night, Levy was further terrified the next day when Iris with her companions in tow smashed their way into the castle and into his chamber. At first panickedly stammering about war, he instead heard Iris offer to eliminate the worst monster threatening Elroad in return for more military funding.[2] With the Golden Dragon nesting in the kingdom's gold mine initially coming to mind, Levy out of conscientiousness tried to sway Iris from going, yet at Lugkraft's suggestion had to let her head out.[3]

Subsequent to Iris and her companions returning in triumph, Levy began having a different view of the "Dragon Slayer" princess, and protested when Lugkraft simply trying to dismiss them with a bag of reward money. Pressed anyways by the prime minister into refusing to provide more military funding, he tried to cheer the downhearted Iris up by suggesting her enjoy herself at the casinos. This however drove Iris' big brother to the national casinos where he began his days of winning streaks, bringing the kingdom into a financial crisis and forcing Levy to summon them before begging them to leave. With Iris dejected after Lugkraft revealed Elroad's intent of allying with the Devil King's Army, Levy proceeded to soothe her with blessings for Belzerg's victory, before going against Lugkraft's advice to strike a bet with her that used further military funding as wager.[3]

The prince further displayed his fondness for Iris by throwing a grand banquet following his loss, yet he was shocked the next day to learn how during night when Iris and her companions were staying at the royal castle, Lugkraft whose true identity was a Doppelgänger working for the Devil King attacked them only to be slain by the princess. Kneeling in apology to Iris, Levy pledged support to Belzerg and hinted future marriage to her. He was subsequently puzzled to discover that the unamused big brother of Iris, whom he thought to be Prince Jatice, was actually Satou Kazuma, before turning awkward when Aqua reminded them of him cancelling the betrothal and Iris maintained that they were simply friends.[3]

After Iris and her companions returned to Belzerg, Levy worked on honing his gambling skills while ordering to have any remaining accomplices and hideouts of Lugkraft uprooted. His kingdom however soon faced a new problem involving Zesta and Cecily, who led bands of Axis followers in protest at the national casinos over the pontiff's illegal imprisonment by Lugkraft, and threatened harassment of casino staff unless the Axis Order was made the state religion. Another issue emerged when Rin, Keith, and Taylor repeatedly visited the police station over the disappearance of Dust, so out of concern that the adventurers would join forces with the Axis Order, Levy had them put under house arrest at their inn. He later heard of the Loli Succubus getting taken into custody by his knights, and thus contemplated turning her over to the Axis Order as a way to placate his people and the cult.[4]

Yet soon receiving reports of Dust being discovered exiting a special prison established by the late infiltrator, in addition to him being acquainted with both the Loli Succubus and Kazuma, the prince ordered the Succubus, Dust as well as his party members brought to a national casino. Explaining to Dust the situation, Levy offered to free the low-level Demon in exchange for weaknesses and other information of Kazuma, whom he saw as both a benefactor and a love rival, though the reiteration of him being dumped by Iris struck blows to his heart. With the refusing Dust next offering to bet his sword on a gambling match in exchange for the Loli Succubus' freedom should he win, the prince found his antics quite similar to Kazuma. Keeping his royal identity secret in front of Dust's party members, Levy was accordingly surprised by them only being concerned with the Loli Succubus' release, and more so after they stared daggers at him following Dust covertly explaining to them what had happened.[4]

Having agreed on releasing the Loli Succubus should Dust's party simply win one game against him, Levy with the aid of the casino staff's cheating setups scored round after round of victories over Dust's companions. With Keith and Taylor reduced to their underwear and Rin forced to dress up in lingerie like the Loli Succubus, the jubilant prince proceeded to finish it off with a card game suggested by Dust, where the rules involved picking from a set of cards a number larger than the other party in order to win, with the exception being the smallest card trumping over the largest card. Through the manipulations of the staff, Levy was able to pick out the largest card, only to have Dust against statistical odds pick out the smallest card. Defeated in both the game and spirit, the dejected prince was comforted by the Loli Succubus whom he planned on releasing anyways, though he next considered the breasts she offered up not worth fondling,[4] before paying Dust's party a huge sum as reparations for their troubles.[5]