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Lia (リア) is a playable character in Fantastic Days. She's the leader of the idol group known as Axel Hearts, and is also an adventurer.


She's a young japanese woman with green eyes and black hair with lustrous locks, tied up with a golden hair band. She has a slim body, a deeper voice compared to her fellow idols and is described by Daniel as having a great pair of thighs.

Lia usually dresses a white and dark-blue short dress with blue long vest and tie, a shoulder plate on the right arm. She also uses black long gloves and stockings with leather boots, belt and gauntlets.


Lia is a thoughtful and dependable person, as well as a hard worker with a fair amount of common sense, and although she has a great sense of responsibility, as Lia was even willing to abandon the Axel Hearts because of her commitment of slaying the Devil King,[1] she can be very sloppy sometimes, as Lia is unable to keep her room clean, littering it faster than anyone could clean her room.

Lia is also obsessed with her stuffed toy, Konjiro, which she treats like not just an actual person, but as her best friend and an Axel Hearts member.


Two years ago Lia was a japanese student, member of the naginata club and of a obscure idol group, until a throat disease interrupted her career. After she died at young age in a car accident, she met Aqua in the Afterlife who gave her the choice of go to a Parallel World in order to defeat the Devil King.

After coming to Axel with a cheated item (a Magical Keyboard that creates magic barriers), she was ambushed by monsters and fell off a cliff. Losing her memory and only remembering her spear and dancing skills, Lia met and joined Cielo and Erika as leader of Axel Hearts, a group of dancers, hoping to remember her past, regaining her memory after being resurrected by Aqua.[2]


Spear: Because of her previous life training, Lia is very skilled fighting using a spear. According to Darkness, Lia is really good for someone so young, and have a peculiar fighting style (Naginatajutsu).

  • Water Rhapsody: A water-attribute naginatajutsu strike.

Idol: Like the other members of Axis Hearts, Lia has "goddess-like" singing and dancing skills.

  • Honor's Prelude: A support singing spell.


  • Divine Treasure: Lia can transform the song of her Magical Keyboard into powerful barriers, although it consumes too much mana. She also uses it to arrange the tone of her melody during her concerts. It loses the ability of creating barriers after taking a hit of one of Daniel's lightnings.[3]


  • Lia is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • "Lia" isn't her real name.
  • Her birthday is on July 4.