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Lolierina (ロリエリーナ) is a female knight of Axel who is in charge of the police station.


Lolierina is a beauty who seems to be on her twenties, who has a chesnut colored hair in a long ponytail. She usually wears a knight armor and without it, according to herself, Lolierina is "really erotic".[1]


Lolierina is a frank and, according to herself, "a surprisingly sensitive and devoted" woman. As a lower-class noble, she admires Darkness by both her status and integrity; Lolierina is even willing of help her teammates in order to get her favour.[1] Although she is a very professional police officer who always apologizes for her mistakes, Lolielina is also short-tempered, losing her patience with a cheeky suspect.[2]

Lorielina is also very desperate to find a good husband, even making a scene, yelling about how she is willing show her pants in public if that attracts suitors. Lolierina believes that since marriage is detrimental to a female knight, she must always be on the look out for a "wonderful man" who can take of her.[2] Lolierina is quite self-serving, attempting to romantically introduce herself to Kazuma upon realising how rich he is, but backing away after finding about his previous dept.[1]


Being a knight assigned to the police force of Axel, Lolierina's dedication to her job earned her the position of deputy police chief, though it also made suitable marriage partners which she desperately wants quite scarce.

After a series of explosions around the Axel area that scared hordes of monsters into the grasslands surrounding the town, Lolierina went straight for Megumin the top suspect, though she was soon baffled when the police's lie-detecting magical item proved the Explosion Maniac's denials over her involvement to be true. Despite apologising to Megumin as she escorted her back to the party's mansion, where she tried to seduce the rich Kazuma until he revealed how much debt he was in, Lolierina still maintained suspicion over the Arch Wizard, therefore chose to accompany Megumin's efforts at seeking to true culprit as a means of keeping an eye on her.[1]

With Kazuma tagging along, they went to the Guild for clues, though the troublemaking antics that the receptionist listed about Megumin as well as the wild accusations made by the said Arch Wizard for evading guilt swayed Lolierina towards arresting her anyways. She was however convinced by Megumin's dramatic inference into believing Yunyun being the culprit, but after interrogation at the police station discovered her to be innocent too. At the subsequent emergency quest against One-Punch Bears advancing on the city, Lolierina upon witnessing the Explosion cast by Megumin and its aftermath being different from the other explosion scenes was finally assured of her innocence. This all changed when Darkness and her house guards (or just Chris in the audio drama)[3] brought evidence of the explosions being caused by Mine Mushrooms that exploded in reaction to the magical power of the Explosions, which prompted Lolierina to slap handcuffs on Megumin.[1]

After being promoted to police chief, Lolierina became baffled when faced with the strange syndrome of the city's adventurers becoming puppets of Serena, and thus frantically interrogated Kazuma for clues after he drop-kicked the Priest, before expressing turmoil when hearing of his relationship with Darkness. She later interrogated Kazuma again because he flashed Serena's panties in public, and subsequent to ranting about the kind of marriage partner she is looking for, agreed with Kazuma's request to send letters addressed to Claire and Rain. Treating Kazuma as an exalted guest upon realising how he is well-connected to three noble houses requesting him to be supported, Lorielina accordingly set Kazuma free while seductively reintroducing herself.[2]


Swordsmanship: Being a knight, Lolierina has some proficiency with the sword.


  • She was first introduced under the name "Aloerina" (アロエリーナ) in the short story Axel's Explosive Detective attached to the limited edition of the second television anime Blu-Ray disc, and continued using that name throughout the main light novel series. When the story was collected into the KonoSuba: Detour anthology collection, she was called "Lolierina", but is otherwise identical in looks and actions.
    • The Memorial Fanbook describes "Lolierina" and "Aloerina" as two different characters.