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Lugkraft (ラグクラフト) was the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Elroad, as well the leader of the Devil King's Army's Intelligence Bureau.


Lugkraft looks like an ordinary man, although he wears elaborate clothing and has a dignifying look.[1] However, his real Doppelgänger form is that of a dark humanoid sporting a blob face without eyes, nose, or mouth.[2]


As prime minister of the Kingdom of Elroad, Lugkraft puts a polite and courteous facade.[1] He is also a hard-working and patient person, working hard for decades and without complaining in order to rebuild the kingdom while the royalty and nobility spent money in the cassinos and gambling.[2] Lugkraft, however, is kinda stupid, since he actually forgot his job as spy for decades while working in Elroad,[2] as well as exposing his own disguise by misinterpreting and overestimating Zesta.[3]


Originally sent by the Devil King to spy on Elroad, Lugkraft wearing a human disguise worked in civil service, but his good work ethic and earnest personality eventually got him promoted to the role of Prime Minister. He accordingly spent the last 30 years running the kingdom fairly well, saving it from financial ruin under the incompetent rule of the King and Prince Levy. After remembering his reason for being in there in the first place at long last, he used his authority and some persuasion of the prince to cut military funding for the Kingdom of Belzerg, while also trying to establish an alliance between the Devil King and Elroad.[2]

One day, Lugkraft was called to a casino for stopping a troublemaking Zesta from preaching the Axis Order, only to have the lunatic blatantly unmask his identity as a member of the Devil King's Army in addition to his funnelling of the money earned by the national casinos to the Devils. Despite wanting to dismiss it as the insane ravings of the Axis Order, Lugkraft still had Zesta arrested and thrown into his special prison, where the guards included Skeletons, Demons, and Golems.[3]

When Princess Iris made a trip to the royal castle for talks about reinstating the military funding, the Doppelgänger established a plan to ruin it by having Levy belatedly greet Iris and her escorts before openly insulting them. Lugkraft then timely walked out to greet everyone for a meagre banquet, which he staged in order to show Iris how financially difficult Elroad was, though he had a close call on the way when Aqua smelled something off with him. Yet just as he explained Elroad's inability to fund Belzerg's war against the Devil King's Army, the Kazuma travelling with Iris, whom Lugkraft initially mistook to be Prince Jatice based on her referring to him as "big brother", pointed out the financial prosperity Elroad was actually enjoying. With Kazuma insisting on hearing from Levy himself who has the final say in the kingdom's policies, Lugkraft followed them to his prince's side, and succeeded in persuading him to keep a firm stance.[1]

Following a week of Levy having to agree on reinstating the military funding for Belzerg's defence, Iris and her escorts smashed their way into the castle all the way to Levy's chamber, where they offered to eliminate the worst monster threatening Elroad in return for the military funding needed to attack the Devil King's territory.[4] Lugkraft thus persuaded Levy into letting them go against the Golden Dragon nesting in the kingdom's gold mine, in hopes that Iris would be killed in the attempt.[2]

His hopes were dashed when Iris and her companions triumphantly returned, much to the praise of the kingdom's people, so Lugkraft dismissed them with a bag of reward money, in addition to pressing Levy into refusing to provide more military funding. Yet Kazuma's ensuing days of winning streaks at the national casinos soon brought the kingdom into a financial crisis, therefore when Levy had Iris and her companions summoned, Lugkraft shocked them by revealing Elroad's intent of allying with the Devil King's Army. He was accordingly enraged by Darkness sprouting out all sorts of unspeakable acts that she expected the Devil King's Army to commit on women, and further exasperated by Aqua's admission of the Axis Order spreading slander about the Devil King. Yet the worst occurred when Levy challenged the Belzergs to a bet using further military funding as wager, which the prince ended up jovially losing. Facing total failure of his mission, the Doppelgänger deciding to eliminate Iris himself asked them to stay at the royal castle for the night.[2] He though first went to his special prison where Zesta, who turned out to be the pontiff, was imprisoned within a magic-sealing cell alongside Dust, and boasted to them his true identity before promising the pair doom once he returns from his important work.[3]

With the guests retiring to their rooms at the castle, Lugkraft shapeshifted into Megumin to seduce Kazuma into letting his guard down, following which the Doppelgänger had him bound, gagged, and stuffed inside the wardrobe. Next shapeshifting into Kazuma, he invited Darkness to Kazuma's room and tried seducing her, then at her noticing something wrong due to his lack of lewd gazes, managed to tie the Crusader up alongside Kazuma thanks to her being disturbingly cooperative. Lugkraft accordingly revealed his true identity as well as vented his frustration over the decades of work he had to perform for keeping the depraved kingdom afloat. Going ahead with his plan for tormenting the party, who had insulted the Devil King, with the revelation of him killing Iris once they were all captured, the Doppelgänger tried the same trick on Aqua and Megumin despite his dubious choice of words, though he failed to capture them. Hurriedly heading for Iris' room, Lugkraft again tried seducing the princess, yet his clearly uncharacteristic impersonation of Kazuma alerted Iris, who in one strike reduced him to a black smear on the floor.[2]


Temporary Appearance: As a Doppelgänger, Lugkraft can make his appearance identical to anyone, which even Aqua cannot fully identify as demonic.

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