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Luna (ルナ) is a supporting character in the Konosuba series. A part of the Adventurer Guild Staff, she is the go-to woman for those visiting the guild.


Luna is a well-endowed woman with fair skin, wavy blonde hair tied back in a bun, and gold-colored eyes. She is usually seen with a smile. In the anime, her outfit consists of a red ribbon worn around her neck, a white off the shoulder low-cut top that reveals a large amount of cleavage, with black shoulders and sleeve cuffs, low-rise jean shorts, and short brown boots. In the manga, she dresses more modestly, wearing a mob cap along with a laced and frilled dress, with a bow tied at the top. Her anime appearance is also seen in the manga, however she seems to be a worker at an arcade in Japan, so this may be a different character.


Luna is a very kind, caring, and cheerful young woman who has a big sisterly aura about her. She has common sense which is a rarity in the fantasy world, and always takes everything in stride.


Luna is responsible for managing the everyday activities of the adventurer guild of Axel. She is the famous receptionist who helps adventurers find quests and events. She also works overtime filing reports and documents for disasters, crimes, and the costs of reparations. Luna aspires to find a charming gentleman in her life but she knows that most of the men in the guild flirt, drink, and become lazy.

In the Vanir spinoff, Luna finds Vanir as someone who she can trust as a model citizen. It all starts when Vanir gives Luna alcohol to relax because she works too hard and is overly stressed at her job. She drinks a lot and becomes too intoxicated work the next day. As a result, Vanir serves as a substitute receptionist and quickly finds the root of her problem. The stress comes from the adventurers who commit crimes and pay little to get out of punishments because they make good income and are prioritized to protect the city of Axel. After Vanir implements a punishment for these adventurers, Luna's job becomes easier and she is thankful for Vanir's help.