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Luna (ルナ) is a supporting character in the KonoSuba series. As the receptionist of Axel Adventurer Guild, she is the go-to woman for those visiting the guild.


Luna is a gentle looking woman with a wavy hair and "generous bosom" that gives her a mature look.[1] She is usually seen with a smile. In the anime, her outfit consists of blonde hair tied back in a bun, gold-colored eyes, a red ribbon worn around her neck, a white off the shoulder low-cut top that reveals a large amount of cleavage, with black shoulders and sleeve cuffs, low-rise jean shorts, and short brown boots. It was later adapted to the light novel.[2]

In the manga, she has a long dark brown hair down and dresses more modestly, wearing a mob cap along with a laced and frilled dress, with a bow tied at the top. Her anime appearance is also seen in the manga, however she seems to be a worker at an arcade in Japan, so this may be a different character.[3]


Luna is a very kind and caring young woman who has a big sisterly aura, taking care of the newbie adventures by doing favors and giving them advices. She is one of the few KonoSuba characters with common sense, and always takes everything in stride and holding it together. However Luna is can be very strong-willed and sly at work, as she is willing to seize the moment and even manipulate the adventurers in order to oblige them to complete difficult and outstanding quests.[4]

Although Luna always looks serene and in a good mood, due the fact she have to deal with some problematic adventurers everyday (mainly Kazuma's party and Dust), as well as complaints about them, and is always responsible by cleaning their mess, Luna is constantly frazzled, just sleeping in her free time and having no social life nor spare time, much to her frustration.[2]

Luna is also constantly jealous of her co-workers who usually retires in order to get married (leaving more work for her), being desperate for romance while she slowly becomes a spinster.[2] Her marital status is her weak spot, and making jokes about Luna being single is a taboo in the Guild, otherwise she will force the jokester to complete many impossible quests in retaliation.[5]


For Luna's history, see her History tab.


  • In the light novel, Luna started out as an unnamed and faceless Guild receptionist. After the anime adaptation designed a name and specific appearance for her, the setup was gradually adopted by Akatsuki Natsume in the novels beginning with Vanir's spinoff.
  • Receptionist Lady Manga
    The manga adaptation of the main KonoSuba story illustrated by Watari Masahito, which debuted before the anime came out, portrayed her as a nameless "receptionist lady" with a radically different design. Despite the image of Luna in the anime later cementing itself amongst fans and other manga artists of the franchise conforming to it, Watari continued to use this design in his chapters since.
  • Luna's birthday is on 15th August.
  • Kazuma chose talk to her the first time he went to the guild because he considers her the prettiest receptionist in the guild.[1]
  • According to Vanir, Luna is already "past marriageable age".
  • According to Luna, the most problematic adventurer she must deal with is Dust.[6]