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Magic (魔法(まほう), Mahō) is a type of skill that create a magical phenomenons using spells.


People in every world are born with Magical Power (MP), however, in order to use it, they must learn the spell. Those spells are divided in brands, and in order to learn some of them, it is necessary to learn their respective skill. For example, by learning the Basic Magic skill, it is possible to use the five basic elemental magic spells.

Each branch of magic requires specific prominence in some of the user's stats, as Mage classes magic requires high Intelligence in order to use its spells. Those spells require a deep knowledge on the element associated to the spell, as Explosion Magic requires a deep knowledge on both fire and air magics, amoung others (in this case, they are called multi-type magic).[1]

Magic also requires Magical Power, or mana, to be used, as it strengths magic and skills, as enhances its success chances. Once the user loses too much mana, they get tired, becoming unable to move once they run out of it. Certain types of magic require more mana than others, with the cost rising as the strength of the magic increases (with Explosion's cost being exceptionally high). Users with low Magical Power can only use weak spells, and if they try to use more powerful spells, the result will be weaker than it should be. Mages can substitute mana from Manatite crystals as mana reserves.

Magic also requires an incantation in order to activate it. Quick incantation and correct pronunciation affect the ability to control the spell. The more powerful the spell, the more intrinsic is the incantation, sometimes requiring specific gestures. Because of this, wizards need to study in a magic academy in other to learn those incantations or get a more experienced wizard to teach them. Even Holy Magic requires the correct incantation in order to use its spells.

It is possible to use specific and powerful spells the user didn't learn through the use of scolls. However they can be used just once.[2]




Basic elemental magic unable to injure or kill. Just calling their name is enough to activate them and can be learned with a single skill point.

Name User Effect Debut
(ティンダー, Tindā)
Kazuma, Lan Creates a small flame too weak to directly harm enemies. Volume 2
Create Water
(クリエイト・ウォーター, Kurieito Wōtā)
Kazuma, Aqua, Yunyun Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture. Volume 1
Create Earth
(クリエイト・アース, Kurieito Āsu)
Kazuma, Devil King Produces sand or soil full of nutrients. Volume 2
Wind Breath
(ウインドブレス, Uindoburesu)
Kazuma Creates a gust of wind which can redirect small projectiles. Volume 2
(フリーズ, Furīzu)
Kazuma, Wiz Creates a chill able to freeze the surface of the target's body. Volume 2


Elemental magic attacks those require more effort to activate them. It takes 10 skill points to learn them.

Name User Effect Debut
(ファイアーボール, Faiābōru)
Arnes, Yunyun, Kazuma, Leonor, Rin Shoots a ball of fire that detonates on the target. Volume 5
Blade of Wind
(ブレード・オブ・ウインド, Burēdo Obu Uindo)
Yunyun, Rin Creates blades of wind to violently slash the enemy Volume 2
Freeze Gust
(フリーズガスト, Furīzugasuto)
Wolbach, Yunyun, Leonor, Rin, Wiz Creates a freezing white fog. Volume 5
(ライトニング, Raitoningu)
Arnes, Rin, Rain, Yunyun, Wolfgang Crow, Kazuma Summons a lightning bolt. Explosion Volume 1
Wind Curtain
(ウインドカーテン, Uindokāten)
Rin Summons a whirlwind to act as a protective barrier. Volume 2
(スリープ, Surīpu)
Wiz, Yuiyui, Yunyun,Newbie Succubus A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice. Volume 4
(パラライズ, Pararaizu)
Wolbach, Yuiyui, Yunyun, Newbie Succubus, Leonor, Wiz Makes a person unable to move. Volume 5
(フラッシュ, Furasshu)
Yunyun, Kazuma Creates a intense light that blind the opponent. Explosion Volume 3
(ロック, Rokku)
Yuiyui Allows the user to lock or seal any object. Volume 5
(アンロック, Anrokku)
Yunyun, Kazuma Allows the user to open up any lock or unseal any object. Volume 6
Ankle Snare
(アンクルスネア, Ankurusunea)
Yuiyui A spell that traps the target's feet on the ground. Volume 5


Powerful elemental attacks those can cover a wide area. They require specific gestures and incantation to activate and it takes 30 skill points to acquire them.

Name User Effect Debut
(インフェルノ, Inferuno)
Bukkororii, Soketto, Wiz, Wolbach, Yunyun, Funifura, Host, Duke, Devil King, Headmaster Summons enormous flames that incinerate the surrounding area. Volume


(アースシェイカー, Āsusheikā)
Shikobei Summons an earthquake. Explosion Volume 1
(トルネード, Torunēdo)
Bukkororii, Yunyun, Torosuke, Pekonyan Summons a huge tornado. Volume


Crystal Prison
(凍結魔法(クリスタルプリズン), Kurisutaru Purizun)
Wiz Summons a ball of ice that encases the victim in a prison of ice. Volume 13
Cursed Crystal Prison
(カースド・クリスタルプリズン, Kāsudo Kurisutarupurizun)
Wiz, Yunyun An enhanced version of Crystal Prison spell. Volume 4
Cursed Lightning
(カースドライトニング, Kāsudoraitoningu)
Yunyun, Wiz, Devil King, Pucchin, Arnes, Hyanhyan Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning. Explosion Volume 1
Lightning Strike
(ライトニング・ストライク, Raironingu Sutoraiku)
Soketto, Yunyun, Wiz Summons bolts of lightning from the sky to strike their opponent. Volume 5
Energy Ignition
(エナジー・イグニッション, Enajī Igunisshon)
Yunyun, Pucchin A spell that sets the victim on blue-white flames. Volume 3
Bottomless Swamp
(泥沼魔法(ボトムレス・スワンプ), Botomuresu Suwanpu)
Wiz, Wolbach, Yunyun Creates a dark-purple goo swamp that swallows anyone above it. Volume


Light of Saber
(ライト・オブ・セイバー, Raito Obu Seibā)
Bukkororii, Wiz, Yunyun, Pucchin, Chekera, Shikobei, Chakamiya, Torosuke Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target. Volume 3
Light of Reflection
(姿消しの魔法(ライト・オブ・リフレクション), Raito Obu Refurekushon)
Bukkororii, Yunyun A spell that uses light refraction to turn the target invisible. Volume 5
(サイレント, Sairento)
Yunyun A spell able to prevent anyone to hear a conversation in the user's area. Volume 15
Freeze Bind
(フリーズバインド, Furīzubaindo)
Pucchin, Chekera Traps the targets in the surrounding area on ice. Volume


Call of Thunderstorm
(コール・オブ・サンダーストーム, Kōru Obu Sandāsutōmu)
Pucchin, Chakamiya Summons a powerful thunderstorm. Explosion Volume 1
Control of Weather
(コントロール・オブ・ウェザー, Kontorōru Obu Wezā)
Yunyun A long term spell that grants one the ability to control the weather up to a certain range. Explosion Volume 1
Magic Canceller
(マジックキャンセラー, Majikkukyanserā)
Scoll Neutralizes a target magical effect. Explosion Volume 3
Burning Flash
(バーニーング・フラシュ, Bānīngu Furashu)
Hiropon, Pucchin, Shikobei, Chakamiya, Bukkororii Shoots a tornado of lightning capable of annihilating everything in its path. Volume 5
Crimson Laser
(クリムゾン・レーザー, Kurimuzon Rēzā)
Duke, Headmaster Shoots a red beam of heat. Volume 13
Lava Swamp
(ラーヴァ・スワンプ, Rāvu~a Suwanpu)
Duke Creates a large molten swamp. Volume 13
Dimension Hell Break
(ディメンション・ヘルブレイカー, Dimenshon Herubureikā)
Pucchin Shoots an explosive dark energy sphere. Explosion Episode 2
Meteor Drop
(メテオドロップ, Meteodoroppu)
Crimson Demon Draws a random meteorite from the sky. Explosion BD 1 Short Story

Teleportation Magic[]

Magic spells that can transport objects and people to different locations instantly.

Name User Effect Debut
(空間転移魔法(テレポート), Terepōto)
Rain, Soketto, Bukkororii, Wiz, Wolbach, Yunyun, Yuiyui, Kazuma, Devil King Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation. Volume 4
Random Teleport
(ランダムテレポート, Randamuterepōto)
Wiz A spell which sends the target to an undetermined location. Volume 2
Forced Teleport
(強制テレポート, Kyōsei Terepōto)
Scoll A spell that forcibly teleports every living being in the area to another location. Consulting With This Masked Devil!

Detection Magic[]

Magic used in dungeon exploration, to locate enemies, traps and treasures.

Name User Effect Debut
Trap Search
(トラップ・サーチ, Torappu Sāchi)
Wiz Reacts to the trap presence in the target. Consulting With This Masked Devil!
Enemy Search
(エネミー・サーチ, Enemī Sāchi)
Wiz Reacts to the enemy's presence in the target. Consulting With This Masked Devil!

Detonation Series[]

Specialized branches of magic, outside basic, intermediate and advanced magic. Those spells boast immense power, but they are difficult to learn and inefficient in battle.

Name User Effect Debut
(炸裂魔法(ブラスト), Burasuto)
Summons a lesser explosion that can split boulders. Volume 8
(爆発魔法(デトネーション), Detonēshon)
Summons an explosion capable of one-hit kill almost any monster. Volume 8
(爆裂魔法(エクスプロージョン), Ekusupurōjon)

Megumin, Wiz, Wolbach, Kazuma

Summons a single beam of light, that detonates at the target, creating a devastating blast of pure magical power. Volume 1

Holy Magic[]

Magic whose power source is the caster's devotion to a deity. It can be used by Priest, Arch-Priest and Crusader classes. Advanced classes can add the "Sacred" and "Sacred Highness" scripture to their spells in order to strengthen their effects.

Healing Magic[]

Magic used to restore HP. However, it has the opposite effect on undead.

Name User Effect Debut
(回復魔法(ヒール), Hīru)
Aqua, Seresdina, Zesta, Kazuma, Cielo, Cecily, Melvillei Instantly heals a person's wounds. Volume 1
(復活魔法(リザレクション), Risarekkushon)
Aqua Revives a recently-deceased person. Volume 1
Turn Undead
(ターンアンデッド, Tān Andeddo)
Aqua, Rosary, Zesta Creates a light that sends the undeads to the afterlife. Volume 1
(サンクチュアリ, Sankuchuari)
Duke Creates a large magic circle that produces particles of light which causes damage to the undead. Volume 13

Evil-Dispelling Magic[]

Offensive and defensive magic, effective againts demons.

Name User Effect Debut
(退魔魔法(エクソシズム), Ekusoshizumu)
Aqua, Rosary, Zesta Summons a pillar of light that drives away demons. Volume 3
Sacred Shell
(セイクリッド・シェル, Seikuriddo Sheru)
Rosary A spell that seals a demon in a pre-prepared enchanted object. Consulting With This Masked Devil!
(リフレクト, Refurekuto)
Zesta A spell that reflects an opponent's attacks back at them. Explosion Volume 2
Force Fire
(フォルスファイア, Fosufaia)
Aqua Draws the attention of monsters towards the user. Volume 4

Recovery Magic[]

Magic used to remove status ailments.

Name User Effect Debut
(浄化魔法(ピュリフィケーション), Pyurifikēshon)
Aqua Purifies water from dirty and poison by touching. Volume 1
Break Spell
(ブレイクスペル, Bureiku Superu)
Aqua, Zesta A spell that dispels magic and curses. It can also break magical barriers. Volume 1
Cure Poison
(キュアーポイズン, Kyuāpoizun)
Aqua A spell to detoxify a person. Detour Volume 2
(リフレッシュ, Rifuresshu)
Aqua A spell that lowers the person's body temperature. Detour Volume 3

Support Magic[]

Buffs used to improve someone's stats or resistance.

Name User Effect Debut
(祝福, Shukufuku)
Aqua, Cecily, Zesta, Eris A spell that increases luck. Volume 4
(パワード, Pawādo)
Aqua, Zesta, Eris A spell that increases strength. Volume 4
Eyes of Providence
(プロビデンスの目, Purobidensu no Me)
Aqua A spell that allows the targeted humans to see things they usually aren't supposed to, such as Ghosts or objects magically cloaked from human sight. Movie 1 BD Bonus
Versatile Entertainer
(ヴァーサタイル・エンターテイナー, Vāsatairu Entāteinā)
Aqua A spell that makes the target a multi-thread talent, able to mimic anyone's voice. Volume 7
(ヘイスト, Heisuto)
Aqua, Eris A spell that increases speed. Volume 17
(プロテクション, Purotekushon)
Aqua, Zesta, Eris A spell that increases physical resistance. Volume 16
(レジスタンス, Rejisutansu)
Aqua, Eris A spell that increases magical resistance. Volume 17

Regina's Magic[]

Special magic granted by the Goddess of Puppetry and Revenge to her followers.

Name User Effect Debut
(傀儡(かいらい), Kairai)
Serena Brainwashes anyone who felt in debt or thankful with the user. Volume 15
Marionette (マリオネット, Marionetto) Serena Turns dead corpses into puppets. Volume 14
(デス, Desu)
Serena A spell that instantly kills the target. Volume 15

Creation Magic[]

Magic spells those create golems, manticores and other artificial life-forms. It can be used by both Creator and Arch-Wizard classes.

Name User Effect Debut
Create Earth Golem

Kurieito Āsugōremu)

Kazuma, Devil King, Wiz Creates an earthen golem from the ground soil. Volume 2
Create Earth Wall
(クリエイト・アースウォール, Kurieito Āsuu~ōru)
Wiz Creates a earthen wall or shield from the ground soil. Detour Volume 3

Other Spells[]

Name User Effect Debut
Fire Resist Wiz Grants the user resistance against fire-based attacks. Volume 13
Change Shape Yunyun (Plans to get) Allows the user to assume someone else's appearance. Explosion - Bonus Story Volume 2
Appraisal (鑑定(かんてい)) Devil King's Army Soldier Allows the user to spy on the target's class and stats. Limelight Volume 7


  • Some people on Earth used to know how to use magic, but they just forgot how to do it at some point.[3]
  • Crimes involving magic, like teleportation or light-bending spells, are punished far more severed than than ordinary offenses.[4]
  • Support spells from people of different faiths are added to each other, enhancing even more the target.[5]
  • Advanced Magic and other more powerful spells as Explosion Magic are forbidden inside Axel. However the use of Intermediate Magic and weaker spells are not forbidden, and the user will probably just get scolded for using it.[6]