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Mammon was the Commander of the Royal Guard entrusted with the great hall that leads to the Devil King's chamber.


Mammon is a particularly large monster carrying a two-handed ax with a goat-like head and yellow-tinged eyes. According to Kazuma, he looks like boss character of his own.


According to Kazuma, Mammon sounds like a third-rated villain. Although he dislikes, he has no problems about using underhanded schemes. He also has a pervert side, noted while Kazuma was stripping Darkness in front of him and his subordinates.


Mammon and his subordinates met Aqua and Kazuma while the same was using an armor taken by a defeated Dark Knight. Pretending to be that same knight who captured Aqua, they both followed him and his subordinates as Mammon interrogated Aqua about her allies.

After making the other ones to surrender, Kazuma took advantage of the chaos while stripping Darkness of her armor to stab Mammon at his neck, killing him.


As commander of the Royal Guard, Mammon is the topmost level of the Devil King's Castle. According to himself, Mammon could face down even the generals in a straight fight.


  • "Mammon" is a biblical term for riches, often used to describe the debasing influence of material wealth.