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Mel (メル) is a boss and later a playable character in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. She's a lighting spirit.


Mel looks like a petite, yet voluptuous, young girl with pink eyes and green hair, with a spiky ponytail, a golden scrunchie and a lightning hairclip. She has pointy ears and a little fang. She uses a golden leather halter strep top, v-kini and yellow stockings (over another pair of black stockings), dark blue bolero jacket and platform boots. She uses two white belts on her waist and chest, and purple mini shorts. She also possesses four drums on her waist, each one with the tomoe emblem, and spike bangles on her arms and legs.

When Mel goes berserk, a pair of horns grow on her head and her eyes shine yellow.


Mel is a mischievous spirit who loves playing pranks on her friends, since she believes it strengthens friendship bonds. At first Mel was more violent on her pranks, but she learned to take it easy. Mel also has symptoms of abstinence if she doesn't prank anyone for too long. However, while Mel enjoys pranks, she is actually naive, easily falling on someone else's mischief.

Mel is also a loner who wishes, most of all, to make friends, to the point of trying to kill someone, so she could revive the same person in order to become friends. This insane line of thought was corrected by Kazuma, although Mel still lacks common sense. She was also too prideful to accept someone as her friend easily at first too. Mel is also traumatized by the time she was alone at her seal, and Mel believes no one deserves such fate.

When she goes to her emotional limit, Mel goes berserk, being capable of killing anyone, even her friends, if she isn't calmed down.


Mel was a mischievous spirit who used to cause havoc on the Northern Land decades ago, until, by Samuidoh citizens' request, Squall sealed her on Mount Wolm. However, in the present, her seal was broken by Megumin when she used her Explosion in the mountain.

After being freed, Mel started to revive monsters in for them to become her friends, including Daniel and Charlie, causing environmental havoc on the Northern Land. After her monsters were killed again by Kazuma and his party, the first, feeling responsible for freeing her, decides to help her start a new life in Axel, where she became a adventurer and started to help in a local orphanage.


According to Daniel, Mel is a powerful lighting spirit, stronger than the Thor's Hammer.

  • Lighting Bolt: Summons a powerful lightning blast from the sky. It has similar firepower as the Lightning Strike spell.
  • Electrify: Summons a less powerful lightning blast from the sky that startle it's target.
  • Spirit Javelin: Summons several javelins made of energy.
  • Flight: Mel can levitate on the air.


  • Spirit Elixir: Mel can resurrect people or monsters with a few drops of her "Spirit Elixir".


  • Mel is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Like the Winter Shogun, Mel took her human appearance because some Japanese reincarnated person imagined her to be a ferocious and cute girl throwing lightning bolts around, most possibly from the influence of Lum.
  • Her drums are a reference to the thunder god Raijin. Her drums levitate behind her back when she fights in reference to this god, those drums are also on his back.
  • Mel's birthday is on July 14th.