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Melissa (メリッサ) is a playable character in Konosuba: Fantastic Days. She's a world-renowned treasure hunter.


Melissa is a voluptuous beauty with yellow eyes and long black hair, covering her right eye. She uses black leather collar, v-neck top, belt and boots, alongside a mini jeans short, a purple bolero jacket, fishnet stockings and dagger on a thigh-belt.


She tends to be greedy, and a bit sadistic with other people, and have pride in her skills as a treasure hunter.

Despite her pride and high esteem, she likes fluffy things such as cats or dogs and her way of talking changes vastly when she's in those situations.


Melissa is a famous treasure hunter who travels around the world taking recovering jewelry mainly, being also a very rich person.

Since she was a kid she loves animals, like dogs and cats, but they usually dislike and run away from her (Kazuma theorized that they can sense her personality).


  • Dagger-Wielding: As a ranger, Melissa is a very skilled fighter using daggers.
  • Steal: Steals items in an area; what the user gets is random. The chances of better loot increase based on the luck of the user.
  • Treasure Detection: It detects treasures.


  • Melissa is one of the original characters created to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Her birthday is on October 28.
  • She never uses panties on her day off.