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Mia (ミーア) is a playable character in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days. She's a farmer of Samuidoh.


Mia is a young girl with short brown hair. Like other human-animal, she has animal ears, a tail, and also has a protruding tooth.

She uses a shirt, green famer overalls and an red scarf.


Mia is a gluttonous kid, who eats so much on impulse that she sometimes forgets what she already ate. Mia is also very impulsive and reckless, never reflecting about the risks of her own actions. However, she is very lively, approachable and compassionate, since Mia usually risks her own life in order to help those who are important for her, like her big step-sister, Amy.


Mia is a farmer in Samuidoh, raising vegetables like cattle and selling it in other towns.

10 years ago, when Amy got really sick during a snowfall, she risked her life to go to another town to buy her medicine. Since then, Mia lives with Amy, who takes care of her like a sister.

She settle in Axel after opening a cafe that sells Samuidoh vegetables, working her waitress.


  • Beastman Abilities: As a beastman, Amy is able to raise incredibly delicious vegetables.
    • Superhuman Strength: Because of this heredity, Mia has an absurd amount of strength, being able of rip out and throw a large piece of the ground without much effort.
  • Spear: Mia is very skilled in fighting using a spear (although her spear looks a lot more like a trident).


  • Mia is one of the original characters created for the game KonoSuba: Fantastic Days.
  • Her birthday is on April 26.