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Mia (ミーア) is a playable character in Konosuba: Fantastic Days. She's a farmer of Samuidoh.


Mia is a young girl with short brown hair. Like other human-animal, she has animal ears, a tail, and also has a protruding tooth.

She uses a shirt, green famer overalls and an red scarf.


Mia is a reckless and impulsive child. Because of this immaturity, she's easily influenceable, and thanks to Kazuma's influence, she also became a bit greedy.

She loves to eat, to a point that she puts in her mouth things she shouldn't.


Mia is a farmer in Samuidoh, raising vegetables like cattle and selling it in other towns.

10 years ago, when Amy got really sick during a snowfall, she risked her life to go to another town to buy her medicine. Since then, Mia lives with Amy, who takes care of her like a sister.


  • Beastmen: As a beastman, Amy is able to raise incredibly delicious vegetables.
    • Superhuman Strength: Because of this heredity, Mia has an absurd amount of strength, being able of rip out and throw a large piece of the ground without much effort.
  • Spearwoman: Mia is very skilled in fighting using a spear (although her spear looks a lot more like a trident).


  • Mia is one of the original characters created for the KonoSuba: Fantastic Days game.
  • Her birthday is on April 26.