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Mitsurugi Kyouya (御剣(みつるぎ) 響夜(きょうや)) is a Japanese citizen who was reincarnated to the fantasy world like Kazuma. He is one of Belzerg's mightiest adventurers who wields the legendary cursed sword Gram as well as the leader of his own party with Cremea and Fio.


Kyouya appears as a handsome young man with light brown hair, dark eyes (blue eyes in the anime) and a fit physique. He wears over a black mesh a full set of plate armor with slimmering blue color and gold gilded borders, as well as a wing motif on the chest area.

Under his armor he wears a black cape hangs from his shoulders. A loose scarf-like red collar covers his neck area, and on his head partially hidden by his hair he wears a gold circlet with a blue jewel in the center. He has his sword hanging in a black sheath on his waist. Overall, his appearance is reminiscent of a knight in shining armor or charming prince.


Along with his looks, Kyouya's personality reinforces his 'prince charming' characteristics even more. Idealistic, heroic, noble, and well-meaning, he has the character of a stereotypical hero of a traditional fantasy story or RPG, and is a foil to Kazuma.

In the fantasy world though, while he's successful in standard protagonist-esque endeavors such as dragon slaying, fate does not do him any favors with Kazuma and his party; many of their encounters tend to end in misfortune for him.

His chivalrous nice guy character does not do much to endear him to others either, and many of the girls he interacts with perceive him as creepy, intrusive, and self-absorbed. Due to the way Aqua presented her offer of reincarnation, he believes that he is the main character and chosen one of the story.


Kyouya Mitsurugi was originally a high school student from Japan who died under mysterious circumstances before discovering a new life in the fantasy world. Upon his death, he appeared before a beautiful Goddess named Aqua, who gave him a mission. Aqua tasked Kyouya with defeating the Demon King, a tyrannical oppressor who had been terrorizing an alternate fantasy-esque world. Aqua sent him to the fantasy world after gifting Kyouya with the Cursed Sword Gram as a gift, an incredibly powerful relic that only he could use. With Gram in hand and a suit of armor, Kyouya was reincarnated into the fantasy world to defeat the Demon King.

By the time he meets Kazuma, Kyouya with the power of Gram, had already made a name for himself as a well-regarded hero and adventurer, even becoming familiar with Iris, the first princess of the kingdom. He was officially ranked the third most powerful adventurer by the Capital, and quickly amassed an unwanted harem of a warrior girl and a thief girl, who followed him everywhere and regularly bicker over him.


Cheated Skills: Being a reincarnator, Mitsurugi has enhanced statistics and a cheat item granted to him by Aqua (Gram). Like the other reincarnators (barring Kazuma), he is extremely powerful, capable of taking down extremely powerful foes such as an Ancient Dragon in a single hit, or rip open metal bars with his hands. However, in spite of his apparent strength it seems much of his skill comes from his item itself. This mainly highlighted during his duel with Kazuma who was able to easily knock Kyouya out with a single strike to the head, using the flat side of his sword.

  • Rune of Saber: A glowing sword strike, in which Mitsurugi concentrates Gram magical power.


Cursed Sword Gram: The created item granted to him by Aqua. A legendary weapon that, according to Mitsurugi, can cut anything. Since magic blades are sentient items that choose it's own masters, only Mitsurugi can use Gram magical power, which means it's a common sword at the hands of everyone else.


  • There is a running gag in the series for characters (particularly Kazuma and Aqua, much to Kyouya's grief) to forget or mispronounce his name.