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Monsters (モンスター) are creatures that are generally antagonistic toward people. They can refer to magic beasts, animals, plants, demi-humans and even regular human beings like bandits.

Monsters and demons, in particular, are usually divided in ranks by their strength. Also stronger monsters require denser concentration of mana in the air to survive. Some monsters also possess variants, sub-types and evolved versions.

Magic Beasts[]

Creatures called monsters that infested the world. Although some of those beasts usually have low intelligence and operate primarly on instinct, some monsters are also very smart and cunning, even some with almost human-like intelligence and able to understand human language.

There also four beasts praised as "divine beasts": the Treasure Island, the Phoenix, Dragons and the White Tiger, that are based on the Four Symbols from Chinese constellations.


Dangerous humanoid races that threat humans. There have human-like intelligence, as they can communicate and use weapons. In the Orcs case, they can even reproduce with humans and other demi-human races. Most of them are soldiers of the Devil King's Army.


Undead are immoral monsters that have turned against the laws of the gods, so the power of the divine can destroy them. They can track living beings by their vital energy and gather in dark places like caves and dungeons. Since their souls seek salvation, they are attracted by the holy aura of the Gods.


Demons are creatures of hell that those opposes to the gods and live by feeding on the living's emotions. Although they can possess traits of both sexes, they actually have no gender. They possess what can be called "extra lives", which allow them to sacrifice a sort of partial soul and be reborn immediately, and are measure by their evil deeds in the living world. They have high resistance against magic attacks, however they are weak against holy magic.


Spirits are beings without one true body, so they search into the subconscious of people they met and draw on that the form they take. The Spirits of Water, Fire, Wind and Earth's forms are based in the Elementals described by Paracelsus, as the Fire Spirits takes the form of a Salamander and the Water Spirits, of the Nymphs.

Because they don't have a physical form, they are immune to damage from any source other than enchanted weapons and magical spells. The Elemental Master class creates different phenomena using sprites.


Dragons are the most powerful monster type. They are known to collect shiny items, so there are occasions where people receive a ton of treasure after defeating one. There are intelligent dragons who aren’t particularly belligerent towards humans who can make deals and trades with them.


Some vegetables are also magic beings, and will do whatever it takes to survive and not get eaten. For such reason farmers risk their lives in order of grow them. Each vegetable has their own attack method and it's the adventurers' duty harvest them. The harsher the environment, more XP the vegetable offers, and higher its price is.

Some types of fish, like anchovy, are considered and raised like vegetables, while fruits like bananas and watermelons come from rivers and sea, respectively.


Even regular animals are more powerful than the creatures of Earth, so they can look like monsters from reincarnated japanese's perspective. Animals like lobsters can be extremely aggressive and troublesome to high-level adventurers while others can use magic, like fish that have both light and dark attributes. Also, some sea animals, like octopi, live on dry land as cattle. Others notable animals include:

  • Lizards
  • Monkeys
  • Boars
  • Deers
  • Sea Lions
  • Crayfish
  • Shrimp
  • Eels
  • Turtles


Name Image Description Debut
Giant Toads
Giant Toad
Massive toad-like monster. To have strength to lay their eggs during mating season, they migrate to towns after food. They usually hibernate in Winter. They hate metal. They also have a tough, but delicious, meat. Volume 1
Vegetables able to fly and with tons of experience. Get more flavourful as the harvest approaches, but head to the sea in this season in order to die in an unknown land without getting eaten. Sometimes Lettuces may fly among them. Volume 1
Lettuce FD
Vegetables like Cabbages that are capable of flying, but are also worth much less. They sometimes fly among migrating Cabbages. Volume 1
Zombie Makers
Ghost Game
A type of evil spirit that has the ability to control zombies. They possess dead bodies of good quality, and they can also control many zombies at once. Their abilities differ depending on the corpse they've possessed, but their potential is always limited by the fact that they are ultimately just evil spirits. Volume 1
Corpses with rotten flesh that continue to walk because of lingering regrets of the like. Volume 1
Liches The No-Life Kings, mages who mastered the limits of magic, abandoning their natural bodies through an arcane ritual. They usually look like skeletons. Volume 1
Undead beings that have lost their physical body. They look like bluish-white humanlike figures. Volume 1
Headless undead riders and heralds of death whose strenght and abilities surpass the ones they possessed while alive. They're high ranked undead, under liches and vampires. Volume 1
Brutal Alligators
Large, carnivorous reptiles. With their big, strong jaws, they devour fish in the water or any small animals that enter it. They like to move in packs and will surround spotted prey before attacking. They inhabitate impure water. Volume 1
Undead Knights
Undead Knight Game
Corpses of fallen knights that rise as an undead monster. Top class zombies, using decaying armors. Volume 1
Bipedal winged dragons. They are not as strong as true dragons. They're large, capable of flight and possessing a stinger at the end of their tails that produce a powerful paralytic venom. Volume 1 Short Story
Ropers Squirming tentacle monsters that hide in dark spaces in order to attack women, doing unspeakable things to them. Volume 1 Short Story
Bamboos Plants with sharp stalks that stab up from the ground at people who try to eat them. Volume 1 Short Story
Vegetables able to fly that are grown in hot climates. Manga Volume 1 Short Story
Snow Sprites
Snow Sprite
Fluffy white ball at the size of a palm. They are weak monsters that live in snow fields. Each time one dies, the spring comes a half day earlier. Volume 2
Winter Shogun
Winter Shogun
The Lord of the Snow Sprites and Spirit of the Winter itself. Doesn't have a real body, but assumes the form a human form, wearing a white samurai-styled helmet and an intricate warrior's surcoat. Appears when Snow Sprites are killed. Volume 2
Dangerous demi-humans that walk in pack of maximum 14 members and use weapons. They are as tall as younger grade-schoolers, but violent and quick-moving. Volume 2
Beginner's Banes
Catlike creatures bigger than lions or tigers, with black fur, golden eyes, two long fangs and huge fangs. Smart monsters that hang out with goblins and kobolts and use them as bait for rookies. There are herbivorous Beginner's Bane with crimson eyes that enjoy eating wolfberries. Volume 2
Low-ranked demons with small, humanoid bodies. They pop up in places where magic power is thick, such as dungeons. Volume 2
Dungeon Mimics
They can look like a treasure chest or a pile of gold, eating anyone who steps on to reach it. They attack both humans and other monsters. Volume 2
Demons who look like busty women and feed on men's vitality, giving men erotic dreams. Volume 2
Mobile Fortress Destroyer
A colossal golem shaped like a spider and at the size of a small castle, designed by the country of Noise with magic metals to defeat the Devil King. It moves fast and has powerful barriers and golems protecting it. Volume 2
Automatons inhabited by magic with different names and shapes depending on their function. They usually have a magic rune engraved on their forehead, which is their power source. Earth Golems created by Creator class have a short lifespan. Volume 2
Bubbly Cat
Mysterious drinkable fizzy lifeforms used as substitutes for carbonation in drinks. They prefer dark areas, and have various subspecies, like Pink Neroids, Emerald Neroids, Crimson Neroids and Hell Neroids. Volume 2 Short Story
Powerful Messenger An earth spirit that looks like a tentacular monster with no visible eyes similar to an evil god of Cthulhu Mythos. Detour Volume 1
Ghouls Humanoid undead creatures capable of agile movements and that have paralyzing poison in their claws. They feed on carrion to live. Detour Volume 1
Vampires High-ranked undeads with red eyes and sharp fangs, under liches and above dullahans, those can turn those who they suck blood into undead. If someone with a pure body who has never performed sexual acts before has their blood sucked by a vampire, they will become a Lesser Vampire. Detour Volume 1
White Tigers Gigantic tigers bearing pure white fur, it's a divine beast with impressive mobility and speed, and a holy aura. Detour Volume 2
Vanir Dolls
Masked biped dolls at the size of the knee. They stick to people who are moving and explode. Volume 3
Demons The tribe from Hell who opposes the gods, don't posses a lifespan, but can have "extra lives". They survive by feeding on people's emotions. Volume 3
Sirens Female-type monsters whose lower bodies are that of a bird and sing to charm people. They're friendly sea spirits. Volume 3 Short Story
Lizard Runners
Herbivorous bipedal lizards that, once a female, called Princess Runner, are born, they compete for her by running and causing all sort of trouble. Volume 4
Red Dragons
Red Dragon
Dragons with red scales, two horns and huge wings. They have fire attribute, being resistant to fire and weak against ice. Volume 4
Running Hawkites
Hybrids of hawks and black kites. Can't fly but can run at high speeds. To impress the female, they realize the "Chicken Run", running into the hardest thing the found and avoiding it at the last second. Volume 4
Living creatures composed of stick, viscous fluid. Aside from the small ones, slimes are powerful adversaries, immune to physical attacks, highly resistant to magic and eating anything they stick on, by dissolving them on their weakly acid body. They have different subtypes, like the Poison Slime, which is toxic, and the Paralyze Slime, which secrets paralyze venom. They are also artificial variants, like the Gelatinous Slime, that can be eaten. Volume 4
One-Punch Bears
Large bears with a very violent disposition. The massive claws on its forelegs are sharp enough to behead unprepared targets. Because of this, they are not only feared by regular people, but also by adventurers. Detour Volume 1
Mine Mushrooms Small mushrooms that, in the presence of strong magic, explode violently. Detour Volume 1
Nightmares Low-ranked demons that take the form of a pitch-black stallion and bestow nightmares onto others in order to feast on their dark emotions. Detour Volume 1
White Wolves
Carnivorous monsters that walk on packs and only appear in the winter. They frequently fight with One-Punch Bears. Detour Volume 1
Great Spirits of the Storm High level spirits relatives to the water spirits, looking like a semi transparent girl with wavy blue hair. They are responsable for the storms and typhoons in the summer. Detour Volume 2
Thief Monkeys Monkeys that are notorious for stealing things. Megumin Anthology 2
Tranquility Girls
KonoSuba Vol5-2
A plant-type monster which takes on the appearance of a injured little girl in order to fool adventurers into protecting it. Victims who fall for the Tranquility Girl will stay by its side to protect it and live off its fruit, which is addictive and entirely devoid of nutritional value, thus resulting in the victim dying of malnutrition. The victim's corpse is then consumed by the Tranquility Girl as fertilizer. They're offshoot of the Alraunes. Volume 5
A race of pigheaded demi-human that possess powerful bodies and are very fertile. Because male orcs are rare, they reproduce with any humanoid male around, kidnapping them and bringing them to their villages. Because of the experience living with female orcs, the rare male ones are traumatized and afraid of women. Volume 5
Onis A demi-human race with pointed ears, dark-red skin and a single horn on their foreheads. They aren't real lesser demons. Volume 5
Artificial weapons made of other creatures' parts. They can add both organic and inorganic parts. Volume 5
Dire Bunnies / Lovely Bunnies
Fluffy, moist-eyed and horned bunnies at the size of a puppy that lives on deep wood. They are carnivorous monsters that distract people with their cuteness to stab them with their horns. Explosion Vol. 1
Gargoyles Humanoid demons with sharp claws on both hands, pitch-black fur, and wings like a bat. There are birdlike beaks on their reptilian faces. Explosion Vol. 1
A plant-type monster with strong vitality used as an ingredient for potions. They emit a screech when pulled out of the ground that can kill anyone who hears it. Explosion Vol. 1
Rare and cute duck-like monsters that always carry an onion, it's main source of food. They have curative properties and are worth tons of experience points. Explosion Vol. 1
Potatoes Vegetables able to fly. Their wild breed is a type of monster that attacks in groups, with their blue sprouts being highly poisonous. Explosion Vol. 2
Fire Drakes
Massive reptiles that move on four legs and with scales the color of flames and fire breath. Explosion Vol. 2
Giant Earthworms
Massive carnivorous earthworms without eyes and those bodies are about 5 long and 1 meter across, with pink and soft bodies. Explosion Vol. 2
Giant Bats
Giant bats at least as big as raptors. They dwell in places like caves and abandoned houses and attack humans and other animals at night. Explosion Vol. 2
Chestnut Rats
Monsters the size of a medium-ish dog whose body is covered in thorns that eat chestnuts, often invading farms in order to get it. Explosion Vol. 3
Bloody Squirrels
Flying carnivorous squirrels that live deep in the forest. They mark their victims with a smell that won't get off for a week. Explosion Vol. 3
Pandas Ferocious beasts with black and white fur that in addition to bamboo leaves also eat meat. Movie 1 Short Story
Frog Killers Large snakes that inhabit deep forests and lakesides, hunting Giant Toads. They're capable of covering ground with surprising speed, and with large muscular bodies capable of crushing a Giant Toad to death. Detour Volume 1
Ogres Man-eating demi-humans at least three meters tall with horns, and strong body and instincts. They have a very strong bond of kinship towards each other. Movie 1 Short Story
A demi-human race resembling bipedal dogs that live in nests. Not overly dangerous, but they can surround and defeat fledgling adventurers if they aren't careful. Volume 6
Giant Squids Huge squids that like to jump out to hug people's faces. Cursed Relic
Giant slimy octopus monsters that live on the sea. CD Drama 1
Kowloon Hydra A water-dwelling variety of dragon with eight heads and a lot bigger than a house that spends most of its life asleep, absorbing MP of the surrounding land for ten years. Volume 7
Adaman Snails
Giant snails that show up during the raining season. They are immune to physical attacks. Volume 7
Incubi Male dream demons. They have bat wings similar to succubus. They have overly lush and thick hair, piercings dangling from their ears, makeup faces and eye shadow. Volume 7 Short Story
Octopi Tentacle creatures that can be farmed on land and like to wrap themselves around women. They can change their colors. Detour Volume 2
Explosion Stones Rocks with a human-like face that explode when hit. Nichijou Manga Volume 1
Drim-witted, forest-dwelling behemoths, several times the size of a man, with green skin and a horn. They are known by their durability and the capacity of heal themselves. Fantastic Days Vol. 1
Owl Monsters Flying monsters looking like owls with human eyes. Fan Game 2
Minotaurs A large, muscular demi-human race with the head of a bull, armed with axes. They often live in caves and dungeons, and eat and kill intruders Fan Game 1
Weeds Creatures that explode when they are touched, firing seeds at high speed. Detour Volume 2
Dryads Spirits of Forest and Plants. They look like the translucent upper body of a beautiful green-haired girl. They can speak Elvish and are able to control plants. Detour Volume 2
Fairies Small rare creatures that look like a little naked girl with butterfly wings. There are innocent, naive and sensitive to hearts. Their wings scales are also a high-quality condiment. Detour Volume 2
Cattle Fungi Fungi that possess the animals they infest and spur them into aggression. CD Drama 2
Cicadas Insect-type monsters that live for an entire month, are louder than their Earth version and chirp all night and day. Volume 8
Stag Beetles Insect-type monsters that look like stag beetles at the size of a small dog that charge with their horns. Volume 8
Green Dragons
Green Dragon
Gigantic dark green lizard-like monsters with a large jaw lined with sharp fangs and two horns extending from the side of its head. Limelight Volume 2
Destroyer Prototype
A giant, eight legged, spider-like golem twice as big as a person, similar to the Destroyer. Limelight Volume 2
Assault Ants
Insect-behemoths that charge their foes with terrifying ferocity. They dig nests comparable to extensive cave systems. Labyrinth of Hope
Wizard Predators
Wizard Predator R Game
Mechanical serpents that are a bane to wizards and other magic users. Labyrinth of Hope
Kesaran Pasarans
Fluffy, floaty puffballs. They're cousins of the Snow Sprites, and if they are attacked, a Great Spirit appears to protect them. Volume 9
Zombie Dragons Big creatures with big wings and a huge mouth that vomited while trying to make a noise. They can't use breath, but thanks to their immortality, they're stronger than normal dragons. Volume 9
Werewolves A half-wolf demi-human who can go back and forth between their wolf and human forms. In their human form, they can blend into human communities. Movie 1 BD Bonus
Monsters the size of a horse that have wings and can fly, having the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. Volume 10
Killer Bees
Lightning killer bee
Huge bees sporting a big, poisonous sting. Volume 10
Golden Dragons
Golden Dragon
The most valuable of all dragon species. It is a electric dragon those scales got golden after eating nothing but gold. They seek out shiny objects and live in mines. Volume 10
Animated bones of those who once lived. They are small-fry undeads. Limelight Volume 4
Bell Peppers
Red magical beings. Smart creatures that play dead while being harvested, waiting patiently for the cook turns their backs on them before attack. RE:Zero Crossover
Antlions A type of monster that hides underground and attacks from below. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.1
Wraith A semitranslucent ghost with a human-like form, able to speak telepathically. Volume 11
Tranquility Queen A beautiful woman with big breasts, covered in a thin cloth made of leaves, and whose lower part are made of vegetation. Its real body is the forest, having roots scattered throughout it. It's a higher form of the Tranquility Girls. Volume 11
Manticores Subspecies wyverns, it's a chimera like beast created by enchantment. They have a human head attached to a lion's body, along with a scorpion's tail and wings of a bat. The females are stronger than the males. Volume 11
Genbu A giant docile turtle the size of a mountain that lives underground, coming to the surface once every ten years to dry out their shells. Because it lives near mineral veins and eats rare gems, it has extremely valuable minerals on their shells, and thus nicknamed "Treasure Island". It is a divine beast. Volume 13
Rock Mimics Creatures those bodies blended into rocks. They look like grey octopuses. Volume 13
Mushrooms Swarms of small and black magical beings that fly and attack using spores. Akashic Records Crossover
Cherry Blossoms Spirits They always appear completely nude when the cherry blossoms bloom. Sneaker Bunko 30th Anniversary Event
Fenrirs Big silver wolves with blue eyes that can manipulate ice. They're able to wipe out veteran adventurers' parties. They're higher forms of the White Wolves and can follow their packs. Volume 14
Mad Bomber Moguninnin A two-legged robot that looks like a ninja that uses explosion magic. It hates all humans, especially people with black hair and eyes, with harem parties. Volume 14
Alraunes Monsters that look like the upper body of a young girl sprouting from the middle of a giant flower. They immobilize their prey in order to implant their seed onto their bodies before releasing them. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
Elder Treants
Large plant-type monsters that resembled rotting, moving trees. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
Scarosaurus Large lizards with a torso the size of a cow. They absorb ice magic that they turning into their own strength. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
Magic Eaters Spirit type monsters that look like glowing lights and can consume magic. They tend to gather around strong monsters in order to feed on them. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
King Toads Special humongous frogs with the size of a small mansion and that possess regenerative abilities. They appear during particularly strong rainy seasons. It's said destroying them brings an end to the rainy season, but this may not be true. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
Crystal Ligers Herbivorous cat type monsters bigger than the Beginner's Bane, attracted to anything that shines and glitters, particularly high quality jewels. They're an evolved version of the Beginner's Banes. Explosion - Bonus Story Vol.2
White Dragons
White Dragon
Dragons on the verge of extinction with a pure white body and red eyes with a strong holy attribute, being able to use holy magic. They're fairly intelligent and docile. The bones and fangs of white dragons are said to raise luck. Limelight Volume 5
Blue-Crabs Monsters that travel long distances protected from enemies and the desiccated effects of the sun by their hard shells. Volume 16
Cerberus A monster in the form of a giant three-headed dog with the power of manipulate fire. Its fur is always warm. Volume 16
Harpies Magic beasts that are half human and half bird. Volume 16
Centaurs Demi-humans with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. Volume 16
Medusa A monster with snakes in place of the hair that can petrify people. Memorial Fanbook
Kobold Heroes An advanced variant of the Kobolds that can be trouble for intermediate adventurers. Memorial Fanbook
Grimm Reapers Floating skeletons with a scythe in one hand clad in a frayed, black robe. Volume 17
Wild Demon Salmons Unlike salmon on Earth, they don't die after laying their eggs, doing anything to protect their spawn. They inhabit rivers, prefering clean and pure water, and cause storm clouds using water magic. Blessing Artbook Short Story
Great Spirit of Summer A spirit responsable for the heat waves during summer. They will fight back if someone tries to change the weather. Explosion BD 1 Short Story
Onions A magic creature that uses tear magic to attack instead of flying away. Explosion BD 1 Short Story
Fortress Tortoises A tortoise which can store a large amount of nutrients in its shell. Detour Volume 3
Great Kings of Terror Vengeful and dangerous cockroach-like monsters with painful attacks and that those nests attack anyone who kills one of them while they sleep. Detour Volume 3
Sea Serpents
Sea Serpent
A snake-like monster that lives in the swallows seas. Like other snake-type monsters, they are poisonous. Detour Volume 3
Leviathans A high intelligent dragon-type monster with hard scales and water breath. Their offsprings are similar to the sea serpents and grow up fast. Detour Volume 3
Giant Rats Rats that grow to huge proportions. Cursed Relic
Basilisks Multi-legged reptiles that can turn other creatures into stone. Cursed Relic
Salamander Game
Little lizards that generate a lot of heat. Cursed Relic
Black Hounds Demonic dogs that brings ill omen and death. Cursed Relic
Giant Spiders Huge spiders that ensnare their prey with large webs. Cursed Relic
Arachnes Monsters that have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a giant spider. Cursed Relic
Giant Seaweeds
Giant Seaweed
A seaweed-type monster. It is a natural enemy of kelp and its favorite food is also kelp. Fantastic Days
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potato fd
A sweet vegetable that is popular in autumn. It's adorable when it jumps around. Fantastic Days
Bro-rilla fd
A brawny gorilla-type monster. It's obsessed with its daily training regimen, but notorious for never wiping down gym equipment. Fantastic Days
Giant Corns
Giant Corn fd
These ferocious vegetables are covered with delicious kernels. They're very particular about their hairstyle. Fantastic Days
Running Jaws
Running Jaw fd
A cold-blooded ocean-based gangster. It uses its two legs to walk on land. Its fin is extremely delicious. Fantastic Days
Toothed Turtle
Toothed Turtle fd
A giant sea Treasure Island. Fantastic Days

During the series, there were also mentioned: Smoke Lizards, Blood Fangs, Mermaids, Tortoises, Phoenix, Giant Gold Ants, Water Spirits, Fire Spirits, Earth Spirits, Cellar Spiders, Black Dragons, Mermen, Mermaids, Lamias, Sea Dragons, Wind Spirits, Great Spirit of Autumn, Death Paralyze Mushrooms, Matsutakes, Chestnuts.


  • Giant Toads, Chomusuke, and the Destroyer make appearances in Isekai Quartet.
    • Four Giant Toads appear as one of the traps in Principal Rudersdorf's office.
  • The Winter Shogun appears in Re:Zero: Memory Snow.
    • Kazuma's party facing the Winter Shogun appears when Subaru mentions the said monster.


  1. Since the neroid drink is called bubbly in the anime, those monsters are called Bubbly Cats in Fantastic Days.