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Nerimaki (ねりまき) is a member of the Crimson Demons and a former classmate of Megumin and Yunyun who currently works as barmaid at her family's pub.[1]


Nerimaki like other Crimson Demons has red eyes and dark hair that she grew to waist-length. When she studied in the Red Prison, Nerimaki wore the school uniform, consisted of a pink shirt dress, a knee-length black cloak and a red and orange-striped tie, alongside black stockings and boat shoes. While working at the pub, Nerimaki wears a waitress outfit.


As the proud daughter of a pub owner, Nerimaki has a great business acumen, seizing any opportunity to make profit. She is greedy as well.[2] Futhermore, as a barmaid, Nerimaki is very patient about harassment, since she suffers it daily from the drunk clients of her family's pub, often ignoring or countering it.[1]

Also, like other Crimson Demons, Nerimaki has a chuunibyo personality, as she often practises her poses during her free time.[3]


Helping around since a young age at Bar Succubus Lingerie which was run by her family, Nerimaki still maintained the highest grades at school after Megumin, Yunyun and Arue,[4] though she wasn't as close to them as Funifura and Dodonko were. She somehow enlisted Yunyun's help with practising her poses during one school holiday when the loner was wandering around the Crimson Demon Village alone.[3]
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On the morning Pucchin along with other villagers summoned snowfall during summer, she sold her classmates who made it to school some shaved ice through bait-and-switch, driving the final nail into them being an hour late for classes just as Pucchin had expected. After summer vacation came early, on the days when the Great Spirit of the Summer overpowered the villagers resisting it and restored the summer heat, Nerimaki would travel to Demon's Hill for harvesting wild vegetables, and on the first of such trips to get wild Onions, she ran into Megumin and Komekko who were harvesting wild Tomatoes, prompting them to a game where both sides pit the vegetables they caught against one another. However, Nerimaki got humiliated to tears a couple of weeks later, when despite being the daughter of an eatery, she got beaten by a swarm of Cabbages.[2]

Nerimaki finally realised on the last day of summer vacation that she didn't do her summer homework, and heading to Arue's home for help only informed her about Arue, Megumin, Funifura, and Dodonko also being in the same situation. The five of them next headed for the chief's home, where it turned out Yunyun had finished her homework at the start of the vacation. Guiltily accepting Yunyun's offer of letting them copy her homework, Nerimaki commented how an ensuing quarrel between Megumin and Yunyun looked like one between a couple. Upon completing the copying by nightfall, she joined the others to Demon's Hill for fulfilling Yunyun's wish of watching stars with friends, though they ended up only looking at the fireworks under a cloudy sky courtesy of the villagers battling against the Great Spirit of the Summer. The girls soon witnessed somebody summoning a shooting star, so in accordance with Dodonko's belief about wishing upon a star, Nerimaki made a wish for her family's pub to have great business.[2]

In the anime, Nerimaki escaped in panic alongside Megumin's team and Yunyun's team when a Gargoyle attacked the class during field training in the forest, and was subsequently rescued by Bukkororii after they jumped over the pit he had gotten himself trapped in, though his ensuing stalker antics disgusted Nerimaki so much she joined the other girls into abandoning him. As the girls later reached a hill overlooking the village, Nerimaki witnessed Pucchin and the Headmaster along with other villagers blasting away with their magic at the flocks of Gargoyles attacking it, only to be horrified once she realised that her family's pub was caught in the crossfire. With her pleas for Pucchin to stop indiscriminately firing away falling on deaf ears, she could only helplessly watch on as the pub got blown up. Nerimaki was accordingly further heartbroken when her favourite billboard figure she had salvaged from the rubble broke up in her hands, though it got better the following morning as the pub along with the figure was rebuilt overnight.[5] Some days later, she assisted other classmates with burying Bukkororii in books after he Teleported into the library they were studying at and began listing how he stalked Soketto.[6] Then upon Megumin leaving for Arcanletia, Nerimaki along with Arue, Funifura, and Dodonko saw her off at the Teleportation station.[7]

Following graduation, Nerimaki worked as a barmaid at her family's pub, where Aigis stayed at during its runaway. When Kazuma paid the pub a visit, she treated him to a drink so he would talk of what Megumin and Yunyun were up to in Axel, only to be shocked to learn about Yunyun making male friends and Megumin getting intimate with Kazuma, before trying to scrape bits of Aigis off upon it revealing itself to be made of precious Orichalcum.[1]


  • Nerimaki had thought Megumin and Yunyun to be a yuri couple in school,[1] often teasing them for their relationship, alongside Arue.[2]
  • Nerimaki seems to be a closer friend from Arue, who usually asks Nerimaki to read her manuscripts.[2]