Newbie Succubus LN
Newbie Succubus
• Characteristics•
 Race Succubus
 Gender Female
 Hair Color Light Pink
 Eye Color Reddish
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Succubus Shop
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Nanami Yamashita[1]

The Newbie Succubus, also known as Loli Succubus and Lolisa (name given to her by Dust), is the youngest employee of the Succubus Cafe. She is introduced after being captured by Aqua, after having been on her way to service Kazuma.


She is a petite and slender succubus with light pink short hair, two wings coming out of the top of her head, and red eyes. When on duty, she wears the lingerie-esque erotic outfit typical of her fellow succubi, but during the day her wear becomes much less risque and more casual.

Personality Edit

When she first debuts, Lolisa is very timid and introverted, often worrying about her performance as a succubus compared to her colleagues. Despite this, she is hardworking, showcasing a willingness to improve herself via taking advice from and going on adventures with Dust to learn what constitutes a lewd dream.

As with every other lower level demon, she is very infatuated with Vanir because of the fact he is a very high class of devil.


Charm: Allows user to appear more attractive and appealing to the target. It does not work against liches and the undead.

Dreams: As a succubus, she can put people to sleep and make them dream as she wished. She does this touching them and casting the spell.