Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Wiki

The Newbie Succubus, also known as the Loli Succubus and Lolisa (a name given to her by Dust), is the youngest employee of the Succubus Cafe. She is introduced when she was captured by Aqua, after having been on her way to service Kazuma.


Lolisa is a succubus with dark pink eyes and free-flowing chin-level light pink hair. Reflecting her age, Lolisa has the body of a young girl with barely any growth, a fact that she is insecure about. She has several demonic features such as small pink bat wings sprouting from the top of her head and an arrow-tip shaped tail; although these features can seemingly be hidden by Lolisa at will.

While on duty at the succubus store, Lolisa will wear a highly erotic and risque lingerie-esque outfit just like her more developed peers. When not on duty Lolisa will usually wear a plain green and white one-piece dress. Whenever she accompanies Dust on an adventure she tends to wear a witch's hat and a long dark cape in addition to her dress; she also carries a mage's staff.


When she first debuts, Lolisa is very timid and introverted, often worrying about her performance as a succubus compared to her colleagues. Despite this, she is hardworking, showcasing a willingness to improve herself via taking advice from and going on adventures with Dust to learn what constitutes a lewd dream. While she was initially naive and easily manipulated, she has become much more savvy about the world and more willing to trick and deceive others due to her time spent with Dust.

As with other low-class demons, Lolisa is infatuated by any higher-class demons; she is obsessed with Vanir and will do anything she can to spend more time with him or gain his favor.


Charm: Allows user to appear more attractive and appealing to the target. It does not work against liches and the undead.

Dreams: As a succubus, she can put people to sleep and make them dream as she wished. She does this by touching them and casting the spell.

Flight Ability: As a succubus, she has the ability to fly in the sky, using wings.

Intermediate Magic: As a low-ranking demon, Newbie Succubus can use intermediate magic:

  • Paralyze: An intermediate spell which instantly makes the target unable to move
  • Sleep: An intermediate spell which quietly puts a target to sleep.