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The Newbie Succubus (新人サキュバス, Shinjin Sakyubasu), also known by the nicknames of Loli Succubus (ロリサキュバス, Lori Sukyubasu) and Lolisa (ロリーサ, Rorīsa), is the youngest employee of the Succubus Cafe.


Lolisa is a succubus with dark pink eyes and free-flowing chin-level light pink hair. Reflecting her age, Lolisa has the body of a young girl with barely any growth, a fact that she is insecure about. She has several demonic features such as small pink bat wings sprouting from the top of her head and an arrow-tip shaped tail; although these features can seemingly be hidden by Lolisa at will.

While on duty at the succubus store, Lolisa will wear a highly erotic and risque lingerie-esque outfit just like her more developed peers. When not on duty Lolisa will usually wear a plain green and white one-piece dress. Whenever she accompanies Dust on an adventure she tends to wear a witch's hat and a long dark cape in addition to her dress; she also carries a mage's staff.


Lolisa is a diligent and humble succubus, who was willing of let herself being exorcised in order of not cause any problems to her clients.[1] Although she is also prone to panic, Lolisa is determined enough to confront her fears and even face Aqua in order to buy time.[2] Also, has a succubus, she is more disinhibited, using lachivous outfits without getting embarrassed.[3]

Futhermore, like the other succubi, Lolisa is infatuated by Vanir, who is almost like an idol for whom she cheers. Lolisa is willing to anything in order to spend time with Vanir or to draw his attention, even if it means joining the Axis Order to get his hate.[4] Although, as a demon, she is genderless, Lolisa seems to feel sexual attraction for him, bleeding from her nose after see his "nude" photos (actually the back of his mask).[5]

Also, although at first Lolisa was more naive and innocent, being easily manipulated by Dust, thanks the time she spent with him, Lolisa became more cunning, and able to both manipulate and trick the men, by using her dream skills, her innocent look or through rumors.


For the Newbie Succubus' history, see her History tab.


As a lesser demon, Lolisa is able to feed on the men's vitality and use that power to fight.[3] Also, as a succubus, Lolisa is specialized in infiltration.[6]

Charm: Seduces the target, putting them under the user's control. It does not work against the undead.

Dreams: Controls with what the target dreams about. It's done by touching their forehead and casting the spell.

Flight: As a succubus, she has the ability to fly in the sky, using wings.

Intermediate Magic: As a low-ranked demon, Newbie Succubus can use mind-affecting intermediate spells:

  • Paralyze: Makes a person unable to move.
  • Sleep: A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice.


Lightning Orb: Lolisa used a magic tool that allows the user to employ the Lightning spell, but just towards the ground, while she and Dust ambushed the lolicon gang.[7]


  • Lolisa's birthday is on 23rd June.
  • Once Vanir pretended to be a grateful Lolisa in order to extract ill feelings from Kazuma.[8]
  • In the manga she appears with a different design,[9] returning with her recurring design later in the manga.[10]
  • "Lolisa" is a nickname given by Dust with the initials of "Loli Succubus".[11]