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Parallel World or Fantasy World (()()(かい)) is the main location of KonoSuba franchise.


The Parallel World was an once peaceful world, which is being threatened by the Devil King. It's a RPG fantasy world with magic and monsters, however it looks like a broken RPG game since, thanks the Devil King, the monsters get stronger and stronger.

Afraid of the monsters as well as their merciless pillaging and slaughtering, the people who died there didn't want to go through that again, and refused to be reborn in the Parallel World, which caused the population to decline.

For this reason, the Gods decided to send people who've died in other worlds with their bodies and memories intact, granting them anything they choose, as a powerful weapon or a special power, to slay the Devil King,[1] what happens since the Parallel World ancient times.[2]


The Parallel World is an "a bit too real-world-y" place, being similar to late Middle Ages, with a feudal society, cities and commerce.[3] The cities are governed by a Lord, as the nobility compuse the aristocracy. Duo to their social status, they can bend justice to their advantage.[4] Above the Lords, the kingdom is governed by the royalty.

Although in many ways resembling the Middle Ages, the presence of the reincarnated japanese in its history brought many Contemporary Age concepts to the Parallel World, as public baths, pipeline, justice system, board games and casinos. Schools were also implemented in the Crimson Demon Village[5] and later in Axel by Darkness.[6] There are also many magical items that replicate modern technology, like the Magical Cameras as well as other high-technology creations.

Some workers activities are oversee by govermental associations called "Guilds", whom help workers to find jobs, provide information and buy their materials. There are the Adventurer Guild, Merchant Guild, Hunter Guild and the Woodcutter Guild.

The Eris Church is the Parallel World main religion, since it's under Eris' jurisdiction. It's currency is also named after her.[3] There are also other minor gods with their own followers and churches in the Parallel World, as Eris' senior Aqua, and the Dark Gods Wolbach and Regina.

The Parallel World also possesses its own language, which can be instantly downloaded into the hippocampus and cerebral cortex of the Reincarnated's brain, but as side effect it may cause the lost of some faculties ("go poof") in rare cases.[1] The Japanese language also exist as an ancient and undecipherable language.[7] There are also other languages as the spirits' language (represented by algorithms)[8] and Elemental tongue.[9]


The Parallel World seasons are cause by the spirits' influence over the weather.[10] It is also marked by its peculiar flora and fauna's activities as well.

Summer: The Great Spirit of Summer causes heat waves[11] while the Great Spirit of the Storm absorbs too much mana and causes typhoons.[8] They fight each other, causing rains those attract fishes, eels and marine monsters looking for water at the summer.[12] The insect-type monsters like Cicadas also become active during this season.[13]

Autumn: It is the Harvest Season, which the vegetables reaches the optimal flavor. As the vegetables can fly, they careen through cities and glasslands, crossing the continent and ocean, dying in an isolated region without being eaten.[14]

Winter: It is personified by the Snow Sprites. Once a Snow Sprite is killed, the spring will come a half of a day sooner.[15] The One-Punch Bears and White Wolves vie for territory during winter.[16] There is also the Supermoon.[17]

Spring: The season which the snow melts. There are the cherry blossoms, which the Cherry Blossoms Spirits also appears completely nude.[18]


Since it's a Middle Ages society, concepts like minimum wage and fair labor standards don't exist.[3] Also any offense againts the nobility is a felony, that supports the death penalty.[4] Nobles are also punished by crimes against a higher-ranked noble.[19] Crimes using magic also have more severe punishment,[20] and thd use of Advanced Magic inside towns is also forbidden, although the use of Intermediate Magic is a minor offense and the responsible is just scolded by using it inside the town.[21]

Because of the world low lifepan, the age of marriage is 14.[22] On the wedding day, the couple send an application to the city hall in the morning, while the ceremony happens in the afternoon.[23] Polygamy and marriage between siblings is strictly prohibited,[24] however, due to the world depopulation, polygamy is tolerated by society.[12]

The first month of autumn is the end of the fiscal year, those taxes are used to support government organizations like the Adventurer Guild and schools. Those who won more than 10 milllion eris during the year must pay half of that value.[25]


Belzerg: The kingdom that borders the Devil King's territory. They lead the Devil King opposition force.

Elroad: The kingdom of the casinos. They financially support the Devil King opposition force.

Brydle: A Belzerg neighbor kingdom that provide Dragon Knights to the Devil King opposition force.

Noise: A technologically advanced civilisation that was destroyed by their own weapon against the Devil King.

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  • According to Aqua, the Parallel World is similar to the fictional games Dragon Hunter and Monster Quest.[1]