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Perrier is a demon who was sent to kidnap Princess Leonor under the orders of the Demon King's Daughter.


Perrier has long red hair with bangs that cover one of her eyes. She wears a revealing red evening dress and after being bullied by Dust, Yunyun, Lolisa, and Leonor she started wearing a jacket too. She has a a large pair of bat-like wings and a set of horns on her head.


Perrier is not very intelligent, by her own admission being "bad at thinking". She's willing to disobey her superior's orders because they're too difficult, and she only received her status in the Demon King Army through her strength. She thinks her red dress looks cool, but is quick to question her fashion sense when it's commented on. She initially speaks confidently and dramatically, but her interactions with the people of Axel leave her with a fatigued and sour disposition which leads to her speaking with much rougher language.


Perrier is sent in advance of the Demon King's Army to kidnap Princess Leonor to remove the Brydle Dragon Knights from the upcoming battle. She is killed by Dust after a few brief encounters with him and his companions.


Perrier claims that her strength has merited her consideration to be a Demon King General. Dust notes that despite her lack of skill, her strength and speed are monstrous.