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Professor Burton is a somewhat famous wildlife biologist specializing in rare monsters. He wrote the book Professor Burton’s Biology for Dopes.


Burton is a youthful looking man with light colored hair and glasses. He is usually wearing a light colored coat.


Burton is completely fascinated by magic beasts, being interested in trivia like why cabbages fly or anchovies grow in fields, instead of just their weaknesses. He is so mesmerized by those beasts and anything related to them that Burton sometimes puts himself in danger by trying to approach or observe them closely.

Although he is a biologist, however, Burton doesn't applies the scientific method on his work, basing his theories in intuition. He dislikes questions since they point out the errors on his theories. Even though, Burton became a famous and best-selling author, which made him grow conceited, just answering by the name "Professor Burton".

He is also a simp for his older childhood friend Barbara, doing anything for her to the point of letting himself being explored by Barbara, spending a fortune in expensive gifts and jewelry although she had no interest in a serious relationship.


When Burton was a child he was close friends with Barbara. She eventually took on her debt-ridden family bar and he became washed up and largely unsuccessful researcher. Barbara frequently flirts with and dates other patrons of her bar, but Burton is always turned down.

He meets Megumin, Yunyun, and Iris at the Adventurer's Guild in the Capital. He recruits them to hunt down a rare and previously unseen variation of the Giant Toad called the King Toad, who's death will clear up the weather (according to Burton) and allow him to take Barbara on a date. His discovery of the King Toad leads him to become famous. He employs Megumin's group again for relationship advice, and together they search for the rare Crystal Liger to make an engagement ring. During the process Iris' necklace, a national treasure, is taken by the Liger. Megumin and Burton gets Kazuma, Aqua, and Darkness to retrieve the necklace. Burton is seen offering the ring to Barbara, and Megumin notes they both look very happy.


  • In the manga, Burton is often show acting as a "cool shades" guy.