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Pucchin (ぷっちん) is a member of the Crimson Demons, and was also Megumin and Yunyun's homeroom teacher at Red Prison.[1]


Pucchin is a middle-age man with black hair, red eyes, and some stubble on his face. His attire consists of a tunic, trousers and leather boots. On days where he takes his class training in magic, he wears a cape and wields a magical rod.


Like the rest of his clan, Pucchin has a chuunibyou personality, making him an attention seeker who has rude manners. Therefore whenever teaching, he often enacts and encourages his students to speak out while flaunting a cool pose. And despite being a strict teacher who likes sticking to the rules, he is also ready to relax on them if the students give a chuunibyou enough excuse.

Pucchin repeatedly mentions his wish to one day usurp the Headmaster's position as Red Prison's principal, and is described as one of the worthless citizens of the Crimson Demon Village.[2]


Having taught at Red Prison for years and gaining an ambition to become its principal one day, Pucchin eventually became the homeroom teacher of Megumin's class, though during the commencement ceremony he made the decision to have the Headmaster dragged away so that his commencement speech would be stopped before it drones on until the next day.[3] He soon took interest in Megumin and Yunyun who respectively came first and second on grades, though when it came to philosophical questions regarding the clan's behaviour and use of magic, Arue who emphasised coolness had his favour. And during physical education lessons where his 11 students formed pairs for exercises, Pucchin regularly had to pair up with the loner Yunyun who kept having trouble finding a partner among her classmates.[1]

At school after classes ended on a hot summer day, Pucchin having joining in the villagers' effort to make it snow overnight for lowering the temperature figured out how his students would be too distracted by the snow to show up for classes on time, and thus informed them that classes would start an hour late tomorrow. His prediction proved true when despite arriving at school on time, Megumin became engrossed with fighting off the snowball barrage from Funifura, Dodonko, Arue, and Yunyun before the girls enjoyed the shaved ice Nerimaki sold them, while the rest of the class didn't even show up. The quick retaliation by the Great Spirit of the Summer who sought to bring the hot summer back to the village, though, forced Pucchin to declare an early summer vacation because he was needed for fighting it off. During the following weeks, Pucchin and other villagers managed to let snow accumulate on days they gained the upper hand, but suffered sweltering heat on days they didn't, especially in the period when the Great Spirit of the Storm temporarily joined the fight against them. After the continuous battles which caused a cloudy sky, a display of fireworks, and even a shooting star, the season when the summer heat was at its worst passed, thus the fighting soon petered out and summer vacation came to an end.[4]

As school restarted, Pucchin during one class gave a lecture regarding special magic of the Detonation Series, and answered Megumin's query about the omitted Explosion Magic by explaining how it was a useless and impractical spell because it took too much time and effort to learn but couldn't be effectively wielded on adventures and battles. At a subsequent physical education lesson, Pucchin cast a spell towards the rainclouds above, which he had used potions to generate beforehand, for demonstrating how to coolly enact magic. As the students under his instructions paired up for devising cool introduction phrases and poses, he allowed Megumin to head for the sick bay because she claimed of a forbidden power awakening within her, and for once he didn't have to partner up with Yunyun. An ensuing downpour that he identified as the doing of the Dark God sealed in the village, however, cut the class short[1] (especially when in the anime, the tulips grown by the Headmaster ran off in the rain, forcing him and Megumin along with the rest of the class to run around catching them)[3].

Following some investigations by the Headmaster into the disturbance while Pucchin's class performed self-study, it was discovered that the seal at the Tomb of the Dark God got tampered with, so Pucchin went back to dismiss the class early and order them to go home in groups. The next day he was approached by Megumin who asked for permission to let her bring a little black cat with wings to school, something Pucchin initially forbade, before allowing it upon hearing Megumin claim of it being her familiar formed from the violent aspect of her soul.[1]

After a few more classes cancelled because he was requested by the Headmaster to lead villagers who have time to burn on hunting missions against nearby monsters that recently became aggravated, Pucchin led his class into the forest for field training. Starting out by demonstrating how to coolly lift up oversized weapons through magic and penalising Yunyun who pointed them out to be mock weapons made of light wood, he proceeded with the "farming" by Freeze Binding any weak monsters he could find in order to let his students deal the fatal blow and earn the experience points. Yet during the lesson, he was alerted by Funifura and Dodonko of a demonic monster attacking Megumin and some others, thus he laid low in the vicinity before blasting down that Servant of the Dark God with Cursed Lightning in a cool display of rescue-just-in-time, before dismissing the class early again.[5]
(In the anime, Pucchin and the Headmaster hurried to a hill overlooking the village when the Gargoyles petrified by the Headmaster and some other villagers reverted to normal and began causing havoc. Meeting Megumin and 5 of her classmates who had ran there after their field training was interrupted by the Gargoyle attack, the school faculty was joined by Chekera, Shikobei, Chakamiya, and Torosuke. Together the six men unleashed a magical barrage that tore through the Gargoyles as well as the village, with Pucchin later declaring the destruction as the work of the Dark God, before he had to help rebuild the village overnight under the repeated complaints from his students' parents)[6]

A day after he announced Yunyun peculiarly not scoring it into the top 3 of the class on a test, Pucchin informed his students, whom he ordered to head straight home after school, of him and other villagers planning to attempt sealing the Dark God by force at dusk, though in truth he personally hoped that it would fail and cause Servants of the Dark God to overrun the village, which in turn will allow him to show off his secret weapon. Next commencing the first lesson that involved creating magic items, he was surprised when the money-grubber Megumin asked for ways to make a medicine capable of healing any sickness without charge. Pucchin anyhow provided her with a formula as well as the Fire Drake's liver, Mandrakes, and Duxion needed as ingredients.[7]

Following the failure of the sealing ritual, Pucchin joined in fighting against the hordes of Servants of the Dark God that swarmed the village, before an Explosion on its outskirts wiped the Demons out. He accordingly heard Megumin and Yunyun confess about them having ran outside to look for the missing Komekko, cumulating in Yunyun learning Intermediate Magic for fighting off the Demons threatening the little girl, followed by Megumin learning Explosion Magic. Despite reprimanding them both, Pucchin agreed to keep what occurred a secret, as well as hold a graduation ceremony just for the two of them.[8]
(When Arnes later showed up in the anime at Megumin's home, he was one of the worthless men attracted there by her bracelet, and teamed up with the other similarly worthless village men into chasing the traumatised Demon off)[2]

Pucchin later became one of those who regularly battled against the Devil King's Army led by Sylvia, and fought furiously to hold back the Devil King's General as she razed the village.[9]
(Forced to retreat in the anime when his magic was nullified by the Mage-Killer, Pucchin later transferred his magical powers to Wiz so that she could pass it on to Megumin and Yunyun)[10]

Upon Megumin and her party returning to the village seeking the replacement part for the cursed relic, Pucchin may either agree to let her participate in the "farming" with other students so that she could relearn Explosion, or simply listen to her inquire about the replacement part.[11]


Advanced Magic: Like all Crimson Demons, Pucchin is a powerful Arch Wizard who mastered Advanced Magic.

  • Call of Thunderstorm: Summons a powerful thunderstorm.
  • Freeze Bind: Traps the targets in the surrounding area on ice.
  • Cursed Lighting: Shoots a piercing bolt of black lightning.
  • Burning Flash: Summons a tornado of lightning capable of annihilating everything in its path.
  • Light of Saber: Creates a beam of light that cleanly slices the target.
  • Energy Ignition: A spell that sets the victim on blue-white flames.
  • Dimension Hell Break: Shoots an explosive dark energy sphere.


Magic Rod: A staff with a crooked curve on the top, which boosts the power of spells cast like a magic wand.


  • In the light novels, Pucchin is a woman.