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Skyrain Kourusurou (コールスロー・スカイレイン) usually known as Rain (レイン) is a noble that hails from low-ranked Kourusurou House. She is an Arch Wizard who serves as retainer (alongside Claire), as well as tutor, for Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Belzerg.


Like most nobles, Rain has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, which flows down to her chin-level. She has been described as beautiful, but plain-looking.

She usually wears a common striped blue dress with black gloves, beret and corset, as opposed to the expensive clothes a lot of other nobles wear. When in the field she wears a full set of magical rings and carries a staff. Unlike her counterpart Claire, she has been described as looking as an adventurer.


Rain is depicted as a straight and gentle person with a relatively high amount of common sense. For such reason, she is more approachable than other nobles, serving as a diplomatic liaison for her partner Claire, but gets easily frustrated by the lack of common sense from those around her. Rain is also very intelligent, serving as a royal tutor who instructs Iris on subjects like history.

Since she is from a less prestigious noble house, with less wealth and properties than households like Dustiness and Symphonia houses, Rain is very obedient to her superiors, as Claire, even if she doesn't agree with their decisions, which also frustrates her regularly. Rain, however, can be tempted to disobey them by the allure of fame and fortune.[1] She may also disobey them in secret, as when Rain indulges Iris.

Rain also has an inferiority complex due to her household low status, as she considers herself to be plain and unmemorable. Rain is also very insecure and wears a more plane and humble look so she won't draw attention. For such reasons, Rain believes that Kazuma shouldn't have to use honorifics when referring to her, despite their different status as noble and commoner.[2]


For Rain's history, see her History tab.


Magic: Rain is a powerful mage who can use elemental, teleportation and healing magic.[3]

  • Intermediate Magic: Rain tries to use an internediate spell against the Silver-Haired Thief Brigade:[4]
    • Lightning: Summons a lightning bolt.
  • Teleportation Magic: Rain uses this spell in order to transport Iris, Claire and guests in or out of the Castle:
    • Teleport: Instantaneously transports up to 4 targets to a marked locations. Each user can have 3 marked locations for teleportation.
  • Advanced Magic: Rain uses advanced spells in Fantastic Days game:
    • Cursed Crystal Prison: A spell that instantly encases the victim in a prison of ice.
    • Call of Thunderstorm: Summons a powerful thunderstorm.


  • Rain's birthday is on 26th November.
  • Based on her surname ("Kourusurou") being the Japanese rendition of the word "Coleslaw", Rain might be a descendant of a Reincarnated Japanese.