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Rain (レイン) is a noble that hails from an unnamed low-ranking household. She serves as a teacher and retainer for Princess Iris of the Kingdom of Belzerg.


Like most nobles Rain has blue eyes and blond hair, which flows down to her chin-level. She has been described as beautiful but plain-looking.

She usually wears a common striped blue dress with black gloves, beret and corset, as opposed to the expensive clothes a lot of other nobles wear. When in the field she wears a full set of magical rings and carries a staff. Unlike her counterpart Claire, she has been described as looking the part of an adventurer.


Rain is depicted as a straight man character with a relatively high amount of common sense. She has been described as more approachable than other nobles, and as a diplomatic liaison for her partner Claire. She is also very intelligent, serving as a royal tutor who instructs Iris on subjects like history.

Because Rain came from a lower-ranking noble family, she is very insecure of her wealth. Possibly because of this fact, she does not carry herself pompously as other nobles might; compared to them, Rain is very humble when it comes to her status. She has been seen apologizing to commoners for the strange behavior of her comrades of higher-standing.

Rain has an inferiority complex due to her lower status, considering herself to be plain and unmemorable. She believes that Kazuma shouldn't have to use honorifics when referring to her despite her being a noble and him being a commoner.

Because of her poor status Rain is easily manipulated by the allure of fame and fortune.

After the events of Volume 11, Rain grew extremely terrified of Kazuma due to her finding out his true fighting prowess.


Magic: Rain is a powerful mage who can use various intermediate and advanced spells.

  • Lightning: Lightning is an intermediate spell which allows Rain to fire bolts of electricity at a target.
  • Teleportation: Teleport is an advanced spell which allows Rain to instantly travel to any destination so long as she has marked that location as a teleport point. She can also teleport other people to destinations without traveling herself.