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Ran (ラン) is a new adventurer who dreams of great adventures.[1]


Ran is a well-developed young woman who ties her neapolitan hair into bangs and twin-tails, and is usually dressed in a dark green undersuit beneath short overalls, along with a scarf, a shoulder-guard, long gloves, and boots with long leggings.


Ran displays a jolly personality, usually being thrilled near renowned adventurers like Mitsurugi, and acting like a fangirl. However, she has a sneaky side, pretending to be Kazuma's fan too at the service of the Guild. Ran is also very frivolous, getting too worried about her reputation with the men in the Guild, as well as impatient, asking for a bigger payment in exchange of keep enduring Kazuma's company.



Soon after signing up as an adventurer, Ran was hired by Luna to pose as a fan of Kazuma in order to motivate his party, which had been slacking off ever since becoming rich, into taking difficult quests for the Guild. Initially accepting the seemingly easy job that simply consisted of listening to Kazuma's adventuring stories before Luna timely shows up and requests him to take quests, she soon found out it was anything but when upon introducing herself to Kazuma, he forced her to down a glass of strong whiskey as a sign of being his fan. Despite being put out by the drink, Ran's presence alone managed to force Kazuma into accepting the quest offered by Luna that involved fighting a Titan Golem guarding some mysterious ancient ruins.

After Kazuma's return to the Guild, Ran had to feign admiration while listening to the apparently blown-up accounts of his battles at the ruins. She got a pleasant break when Mitsurugi, whom Ran was actually a fan of, happened upon them talking, though she was then surprised when Kazuma blurted out about him having defeated the Swordmaster once, following which Luna again used her for making Kazuma agree to investigate the interior of those same ruins.

Lan and Luna

Once more having to endure even more over-the-top boasting at the Guild from Kazuma on the night following his party's return, Ran ran off midstory to ask Luna for a pay raise due to getting tired of hearing Kazuma brag over and over again. Their conversation, however, got overheard by the said Adventurer, resulting in Ran's panties getting stolen by the upset Kazuma.

Ran later headed towards those ancient ruins for questing, where she ran into Kazuma and his party again. Although Kazuma still felt mad at Ran for making a fool of him, he eventually forgave and allowed her to accompany him on their search for the Devil-Sealing Magical Stones.[2]

Following many adventures and battles alongside Kazuma, Ran joined him in defending Axel from the attack of the Imitation Dragon, where she in the final stages Sniped its feet under Kazuma's instructions for immobilising the rampaging monster so that the killing blows could be made.[3] She consequently joined the other adventurers in celebrating their victory at the Guild.[4]

When Kazuma and Megumin brought Komekko to the Guild, Ran was one of the adventurers who agreed to feign admiration for the party in order to play along with the blown-up accounts of their exploits by Megumin in her letters sent to her family.[5]


Ran belongs to the Adventurer Class. As such, she can learn some minor skills, spells, and abilities of other classes as well as her own.


  • Double Attack: Attack twice quickly.


  • Steal: Steal a target's item at random. The item value depends on the user's Luck.
  • Lurk: Reduces the visibility and scent of the user and anyone or anything they touch.
  • Bind: Summons ropes that tie an enemy.
  • Flee: Allows user to make a quick getaway.


  • Snipe: Increases the distance and accuracy of an arrow. Damage is based on Dexterity while Accuracy is based on Luck.


  • Tinder: Creates a small flame too weak to directly harm enemies.
  • Create Earth: Produces sand or soil full of nutrients.
  • Create Water: Shoots a jet of pure and clean water from atmospheric moisture.
  • Wind Breath: Summons a gust of wind which can redirect small projectiles.
  • Freeze: Creates a chill able to freeze the surface of the target's body.
  • Spark: Generates small lightning from your fingertips.
  • Shining: Emit a small light from your fingertips.
  • Sleep: A curse that puts the target to sleep without them notice.
  • Flash: Summons a intense light that blind the opponent.
  • Paralyse: Makes a person unable to move.
  • Ankle Snare: A spell that traps the target's feet on the ground.
  • Trap Search: Reacts to the trap presence in the target.


  • Heal: Instantly heals a person's wounds.
  • Sacred Highness Heal: Greater healing spell. It can also restore erased memories.


  • She initially appears in the light novel as an unnamed newbie adventurer who admired Kazuma.[5]
  • In the original audio, her name is spelled "Lan".