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The Receptionist Succubus is one of the employees of the Succubus Cafe that services male adventurers in Axel.[1]


She appears as a beautiful woman with a slender body, long pink hair, cyan eyes, and pointed ears.

She wears the typical lingerie her fellow Succubi wear when on duty in the shop, but switches to more casual wear during the daytime in order to avoid rousing suspicion.


The Receptionist Succubus is usually a calm woman with a mature and charming aura. Even staying in the middle of the Adventurer Guild, which is life-threatening for her, she keeps her cool.[2]


Episode 9

She was the Succubus who first greeted Dust, Keith, and Kazuma on their initial visit to the Cafe, and after leading Kazuma to his seat explained to him the nature of their services, which practically allowed anything the patrons wanted.[1]

When Sena leading the Association for Protecting Women's Chances of Marriage launched a police raid on the Cafe, she according to Dust's idea helped pose the Cafe as a fortune telling service for consulting male adventurers, and on the day of the raid served Dust and a helmeted regular patron asked to help by the Loli Succubus as part of the act. Despite managing to fool Sena during the raid because she was successfully convinced of the town's male adventurers being gay, when the royal prosecutor returned to volunteer at the Cafe alongside Darkness on the following day, the way the crowd of regular patrons leered at her and other busty Succubi's bodies gave them away. Force to confess the truth about the Cafe with Dust and other Succubi later on, the Receptionist Succubus helped explain to royal prosecutor how they reduced Axel's crime rate by keeping the desires of men under control, before the Cafe came to a compromise with Sena by offering to make the men she likes dream about her in addition to dreams for her that depict her wildest fantasies.[3]

After Vanir settled into Axel, like many other Demons who originated from his fiefdom in Hell, the Receptionist Succubus headed to Wiz's Shop for paying her respects to the Duke of Hell, at whom she had a crush on,[4] and later waited in line to buy a photobook of Vanir's exquisite secret photos.[5]

The Receptionist Succubus was also affected by the loss of vitality when regular patrons were being seduced away by a Tranquility Girl, thus she and other Succubi invited Dust to a gorgeous dinner in exchange for him escorting them out into the forest near the riverhead lake where the sinister plant had taken root. Covering her Succubus features with hooded robes, she followed Dust and Yunyun to the area around which the patrons had established a perimeter for protecting the Tranquility Girl. Proceeding to seduce the patrons back into their fold, things got complicated when members of the lolicon organisation that Dust had repeatedly faced showed up to call the Succubi out as "old hags", though in the end the Receptionist Succubus and her kin successfully enticed their patrons out of the Tranquility Girl's allure.[6]

As part of the festivities during the Eris Appreciation Festival, the Receptionist Succubus joined her fellow Succubi in participation wearing their usual skimpy outfits, thanks to Kazuma getting a permit for women to staff the stalls wearing swimsuits,[7] and later showed up at the Eris cosplay contest.[8]

When the thunderous news of Vanir falling for Luna reached the Succubi's ears, in fear of him being labeled a lolicon due to the human being around the age of a bady demon, the Receptionist Succubus went to Wiz's Shop offering up the Loli Succubus as an attempt to make Vanir change his mind, but was nearly killed by Yunyun before Vanir pacified the situation and took her advice about using his powers.[4]

Returning to the shop asking for Vanir's help against the Yatagarasu who were trying to coerce the Cafe into handing over a portion of its earnings, the Receptionist Succubus tried using Charm on the female shopkeeper, only to discover in shock that Wiz's true identity was a Lich, following which she headed back to the Cafe with the shed skin of Vanir after he declined. A few days later, she refused the services a Yatagarasu member tried forcing upon the Cafe with the support of other male adventurers present, then a few more days afterwards fought alongside other Succubi to beat up the Yatagarasu mob that tried to attack the Cafe at night. The Receptionist Succubus and her kin, however, immediately found themselves facing Aqua who promised them all doom, though they were spared from annihilation by the efforts of Vanir, and subsequent to a furious Kazuma arriving to stop the goddess, she represented the Cafe for establishing a truce with Aqua.[9]


As a lesser demon, the Receptionist Succubus is able to feed on the men's vitality and use that power to fight.

Charm: Seduces the target, putting them under the user's control. It does not work against the undead.

Dreams: Controls with what the target dreams about. It's done by touching their forehead and casting the spell.


  • She and the Loli Succubus were depicted with markings on their skin in the light novel and manga illustrations, but not in the anime.