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Regina (レジーナ) is a minor goddess that presides over manipulation and revenge. As of Seresdina's conversion to the Axis Faith, she no longer has anymore known followers and has presumably been wiped out of existence.


Regina used to be sealed at the Crimson Magic Village due to the clan stealing the relic she was in as a part of a collection to show to tourists. She was later unknowingly released by Megumin when the latter first used Explosion magic, and fled to an unknown area after release.


  • Her sister Zenarith appears in Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, another series by Natsume Akatsuki.
  • She has an abandoned church on the outskirts of Axel, near a mountainside.
  • She was once followed by a spectre named Lucy, who died a priestess for Regina but remained a ghost to preserve her deity's existence.
  • One of the central teachings in her religion is; "Do as is done unto you", reflecting her authority over vengeance.